This is so ugly. I can’t believe y'all had the nerve to do this after bragging y'all asses off how y'all are a bunch of English majors, talking bout subtext, how y'all ship is the intended romance for this generation and shit. Like get the fuck outta here with y'all bullshit. Everytime when I see y'all ugly ass meta and shit I just cringe beyond belief…like y'all actual believe what y'all saying. Y'all stupiditly live in your own bubble of denial and than start bitching to other people when they start spilling the truth tea to you and that stupid bubble of yours pop. Wake Up you ugly ass reylo Stan’s!! Your ugly ass ship isn’t gonna happen it was never gonna happen and it never existed in the first place.

Y'all consistently remove Finn from his own story and give it to y'all ugly ass white boy. Y'all diminish Rey’s storyline to fit y'all ugly ass version for your pasty cream nazi white boy. Than one of y'all had the nerve to create a video placing your nazi white boy in scenes that is Finn’s after y'all kept on bitching that Finn isn’t important to the storyline and he and Rey aren’t the intended romance for this generation.

Get the fuck outta here. Y'all are a bunch of idiots and y'all ugly ass crack ship is fucking ugly .

And fuck all of y'all who liked this video and support it.