Dysfunctional mess you call a man?

What a situation she is in….

He leaves his “girl” that he has just acquired 2 days ago for his own pleasures to be with the girl that he’s been talking to for not even 3 weeks.

The ex ends up calling this girl saying “ You need to leave my MAN alone.”

What? Are you serious? So he’s a man?

Ugh…… DRAMA that even ya mama can’t handle.

Not even just one situation…nooo

This hoe thinks every man wants her…. Get one and stick to it. Can’t commit and you are how old? I’m not saying get married. But get your head out of the toilet and stop drink that delusional sh*t water.

Girls grow up. Give up the bull and focus on something else….MAYBE SCHOOL?… Being boy crazy isn’t the way to go…. AT ALL, especially if they don’t want you.. they want what makes you a women.. and they’ll be glad to take it any kind of way. So stop believing that you are their topic of conversation….once they get what they want…. you won’t be the product they are demanding anymore. I know there is always that ONE who is different from the rest. But don’t treat them all like that. Give and take respect.. 

Whatever… just me venting again… its personal so w.e. I am not saying all girls are like this because some are actually smart and not ignorant. Some girls actually have strong heads and don’t let people disrespect them. Some girls actually don’t get on my nerves :).