I try not to just dismiss entire groups of voters as stupid

but my god the people bitching that the moldy cheeto they voted for is being exactly the same asshole he was the entire time are about the stupidest i’ve ever seen

Regrexiters and Trumpgreters need to be voted onto the same island

we will name it Stupidhead Island

and the rest of us will go on having a functional society where we understand how political processes work


Just for fun, let’s do one where we pretend that the Warehouse came back from the explosion and everybody lived happily ever after… this can probably go into my “they made Helena a Regent” bucket. For some vague sense of consistency. Anyway, if that had happened, some agent and some Regent might have gone on vacation together every now and then. But just because you’re living happily ever after in a general sense, that doesn’t mean your vacation will go as planned, right? This should be another one that’s reasonably short and, one hopes, a bit sweet: an interrupted vacation, an artifact, maybe a friendly wager. People talk to each other. Nothing of great import. (This is in fact for @blackfoxreddog​. Down payment of sorts on an IOU.)


It is not, Helena tries to admonish herself into believing, that she minds seeing Pete and Claudia. It is not that at all. It is not even that she minds eating lunch with Pete and Claudia, despite the abysmal table manners exhibited by both of them. It is simply that she and Myka have been alone for four days, and had anticipated being alone for four more. Yet here Pete and Claudia are.

She hears Myka tell them, “San Francisco is lovely. We’re enjoying it.”

“San Francisco is lovely,” Helena affirms. “We are enjoying it.”

They gaze across the table at Pete and Claudia, who both wince. Claudia says, “If you’re gonna be all weird and formal, you should’ve just told us to buzz off. We would’ve understood.”

“That would have been impolite,” Helena points out.

Pete snorts. “Like that ever stops you.”

Helena entertains the notion of proving his point by stabbing him with her butter knife, but Myka grabs her arm and says, “It’s just that, you know, we’d sort of gotten out of the whole Warehouse… thing.”

“It’s not like anybody planned that ping in Cupertino,” Claudia says. “And you should probably be happy that Artie didn’t make you two take care of it, seeing as how you were already left-coastally located.”

“We’re on vacation. We wouldn’t have taken care of it,” Myka tells Claudia. Helena is gratified by the speed with which that response came. She sets her butter knife down and takes Myka’s hand. She is gratified once again by the speed with which a smile engulfs Myka’s face.

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Madara be like...
  • Obito//to Madara//: "Are you okay, Maddy?"
  • Itachi//to Madara//: "You look tired, Madara"
  • Izuna//to Madara//: "You seem angry, Nii-nii."
  • Shisui//to Madara//: "You seem sad, 'Dara?"
  • Sasuke//to Madara//: "Did ya get enough sleep, asshole?"
  • Madara//Flips table//: "FOR GOD'S SAKE PEOPLE! THIS IS JUST MY FACE!!"

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"Not subtle at all" Hmm, i'm not sure WHAT you're talking about in the slightest. I also made that comment as a comment before realizing it was on my own post. go me. I had to send it though because my sarcasm levels are too high not to share.

I liked your dumb fic and gave you your dumb compliments now leaf me a bone stupidhead!

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Dear *anyone*,

frisk writes letters // ACCEPTING


… Hey, dude. Please don’t throw this letter away, I mean — assumin’ you even find it under all that junk mail o’ yours. Maybe it’s for the best if you don’t, actually? See, not even a paragraph in and I super regret this. We’re not even talking so why I think this’d be any different is beyond me.

Erm. I guess this is a letter to say sorry? Sure, let’s go with that. Look, I jus’ wanna be clear — I never asked for the power to wipe the stupid world clean. Never asked a buncha random monsters to come over and start tryna brawl when I fell Underground, acting like I wouldn’t… do anything back. First run through I was scared, maybe you could’ve forgiven me.

The rest of ‘em? I was being a asshole stupidhead. A stupidhead little brat who can’t control her idiot temper and — and, even though it was to try and do better and get the happy ending, the proper one — I didn’t have no right to RESET so much. Like it was nothing, like that made it all better. I’m sorry you have to remember.

… Look, I know it’s bad for you. Can’t even imagine. On my end, it’s a lot of nightmares, I haven’t slept in so long, man. And I can’t stop feeling like dust’s still clinging to me, and it’s fucking horrible. And my SOUL’s splitting apart at the seams and I can’t stop it, am I dying? So it’s not like I’m… all happy and smiley, m’self.

I’m the worst kinda pacifist, the worst ‘angel’ or whatever this timeline coulda got. Sorry you got the short end of the stick. But maybe when you promise to protect the eight year old half blind kid, you at least fucking try, buddy?

… I can’t finish this imsosorry.

[ Another letter is crushed into a ball shape and tossed aside furiously. ]

A handy reminder

Personal insults during a debate are only Ad Hominem if you’re using them as the basis of an argument or rebuttal. Openly mocking someone while countering their positions based on evidence and logic is not ad hominem. Saying “You’re wrong because you’re a stupidhead!” or “Bob is the epitome of all evil in the universe, therefore the sun rises in the west” or, say, dismissing someone’s arguments out of hand without actually addressing them by suggesting they’re a hypocritical baby is.


This is a JOKER blog. I love Harley and Batman and Deadshot as well, but unless the purple-clad stupidhead is in it, your submission is getting deleted.

It’s Fuck Yeah Joker, not Fuck Yeah DC Villains.


Dear Kids

By now, I think you know what Marvel Comics has done to our favorite hero, Captain America.

They made him Hydra. Not a brainwashing thing, not a weird different dimension thing… but actual Steve Rogers as a for real Bad Guy.

I know you’re sad and you’re angry and hurting, even if other people tell you Cap is just an imaginary person and all this is just comic books.

But listen.

This whole Captain Hydra thing? It’s just another story, written by a guy who’s a real stupidhead. You and I know that this is not and will never be our Cap. Not in a million years.

Listen. You remember this. You remember how they tried to tell us this story, this hurtful thing, this great big lie and remember that Captain America, the hero we all know and love belongs to all of us.

You can tell Cap’s real story. You can tell us how Cap is the real hero, the one who stands up to the bullies, the one who tells us we can be brave and true and be better than we think we are. The one who is a loyal friend, who fights against the monsters, who punches Red Skull and Hitler in the face and shields us from harm.

You know all of Captain America’s stories. The true ones. Not big fat hurtful lies.

When you grow up, tell the world the true Cap story, the hero that he was for you.

And I’ll go tell some true Cap stories too. For you.

Keep on dreaming, fellow true believer!

- D. Stitch

i remember when I was 16 i decided to come out to my dad because i’d been with my high school gf for about 6 months and i felt like i was lying to him right and so i’m terrified out of my mind and we’re cleaning up the garage and i’m like so guess what i’m bi and he stops what he’s doing and just looks at me for like a full minute and i’m like holy shit wtf and then he gives me the most unimpressed look and he’s like ‘i kno. do u think i’m an idiot’ and i started crying because i was so relieved and he was like u stupidhead and gave me a hug and that’s the story of how my dad is the best dad