stupidest decisions ever

The Dark Side

Summary: Sam x Ruby 2.0 x Reader threesome with blood kink.

Warnings: Threesome, smutty smut, blood play, knife play

Word Count: 3500 (I can’t do anything short anymore!)

A/N: This one is dark and intense, y’all. And I’ve never written anything like it, so feedback is appreciated.

This was by far the stupidest decision you’d ever made.

You’d heard about the Winchesters, of course. Was there anyone involved in the hunting life that hadn’t? Last you’d heard, Dean was dead and Sam was off the rails, out of his mind with grief.  There were even a few stories floating around that Sam was running around with a demon. You’d never met them, and while you could empathize with losing someone you loved, the Winchesters just felt like some story to you. Some hunter urban legend about the dangers of making deals with demons.

The legend became real when you met Sam.

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Fresh Orange Ricotta Honey Cake

Based off of this post.

Castiel bounces on the balls of his feet anxiously, heavy boots crunching in the snow as his blue eyes scan the street. He’s bundled up in his peacoat and bee-themed scarf, mitts and hat, and focuses on the way snowflakes gently land on his covered hands to keep himself calm.

“Cas, hey!”

This is by far the stupidest decision he’s ever made.

Dean approaches with a spring in his step and a wide smile on his face, freckles standing out starkly against his winter-pale skin. His eyes are big and green and he winks as they stand in front of A Little Something Bakery, his hands stuffed into his pockets. “So, you ready?”

Castiel clears his throat, sucking his bottom lip between his teeth as he nods. The truth is that no amount of preparation will ever make him ready to pretend to be Dean’s fiancée for two hours, even if that venture is in the quest for free wedding cake samples.

Especially if that venture is in the quest for free wedding cake samples.

This is because Castiel is, in no uncertain terms, completely enamoured of his best friend. So, when said friend begged him to play fiancées in order to get free cake, Cas was a little bit powerless to resist. How bad could it possibly be, right? He gets to eat cake and pretend he’s engaged to Dean Winchester.

Unfortunately, in the time between saying ‘yes’ and arriving at the bakery, Castiel has come to his senses. He’s also been struck dumb by the fact that they’re actually doing this, and he’s spending more time sweating and trying to slow his heart than actually listening to what Dean is saying.

“…That sound good?”

Cas feels heat rise to his cheeks. “Sorry, what?”

Green eyes roll good-naturedly. “Just follow my lead, ‘kay huggybear?”

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There’s one thing about Gondolin that really, really bothers me. A question I can’t stop thinking about.

Why didn’t Idril tell Turgon about the secret tunnel? Didn’t she trust her own father?

And the thing about this is. How many of Gondolin’s warriors made suicidal last stands because they didn’t know that there was any hope? How many civilians were cornered because they didn’t know where to go? How many parents hid in their houses with their children because they didn’t know how to escape?

I mean holy shit, that’s not how you do an evacuation. An evacuation route only benefits people who know that it exists. If you’re really worried about spies, you don’t just make one route and hide it from everybody, you make multiple routes. Away from likely breach points, with a few secret ones branching off into undisclosed exits. At the very least, people should be trained how to safely escape their houses and get to secure locations. A single secret route isn’t meant to save others. It’s just for you and yours.


Coming to the end of Gravity Falls is not fun. I won’t lie and say something about how it’s better for everyone. It’s not. Gravity Falls was the last good show on Disney, and it was my last childhood show. I’ll miss it so much.
I agree with Alex Hirsch, that it IS time to end it. Dragging out a show like Gravity Falls until it’s not good anymore would be the stupidest decision ever made. Gravity Falls is a masterpiece fully contained in two seasons. I love everything about it and can’t wait to find out the final secrets.
As this chapter of my life closes, I’ll remember all the laughs this show has given me. It’s taught me to trust, and have fun, to hold onto childhood and to maintain friendships. I learned that family is always there and no matter how weird something gets, there is always a logical explanation. I will never raise the dead at a party or become a gnome queen, but I will make the most out of everything I’m given, and never stop looking for adventure.
Thanks for everything, Gravity Falls.

The End

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Fandom: Teen Wolf

Pairing: Isaac x Reader

Author: (me) multifandomimaginesandstuff

Word Count: 2164

Old houses were never something that interested you, especially not when the house was abandoned in the middle of the woods. It shouldn’t have scared you as much as it did, since you were friends with a group of supernatural kids, but for some reason you just had a bad feeling about all of this. But, you went anyways all because your boyfriend, Isaac, had pulled the I-didn’t-have-a-childhood-so-you-are-obligated-to-do-this look on you. You could never resist that.

So, here you were, out in the middle of the woods as the sun was starting to set, surrounded by a bunch of supernatural teenagers; and of course Stiles. Your friends were great and they would protect you, but there was no doubt that this was the stupidest decision that they had ever made in their lifetime. “C’mon, Y/N, it isn’t that bad.” Scott had said as the group had hiked into the middle of a clearing.

But oh yes, it was that bad for you. There were spiders and snakes and other creepy crawlies that you didn’t want to think about. And there was no telling what psychopath could have been hiding in the woods, especially in Beacon Hills. It seemed like there was some type of supernatural problem around every corner and this wouldn’t be any different.

“Y/N, are you coming?” You looked up at Isaac and smiled warily.

He could tell that you didn’t want to be here, everyone could, but still you went with it. “I won’t let anything happen to you, okay babe?” You nodded your head and slowly made your way up the stairs, cringing every time one of them groaned under your feet.

He took a hold of your hand and lead you to the middle of the house where everyone was gathered. It was quiet, the only sound that was heard was the breathing of the others. It made you feel uneasy and you couldn’t help but jump as Stiles’ voice reverberated off of the decaying walls, “So…are we going to look around or just stand here?”

“Yeah, let’s split into groups and pick our places to sleep tonight, it’ll be nice to look around too.” To say that you thought Scott’s idea was a stupid one would have been the biggest understatement of the century, but regardless of the ungodly amount of idiocy you paired up with Isaac and went anyways.

The house was creepy, but it was also beautiful. The attention to detail in the woodwork was phenomenal and the giant hanging chandelier on the second floor was prettier than anything that could have been made in this century. It was breathtaking. “Y/N, what are you thinking about?” You looked up at the tall blond and shrugged your shoulders.

He smiled down at you and laughed. You couldn’t keep your own smile at bay as you looked into his ocean blue eyes. To see them so full of life made you the happiest person on the planet. You knew how hard it was for Isaac to show himself so fully to someone and the fact that he chose you made you feel complete.


The night was halfway over and you were starting to calm down, though you were still on high alert. Lydia and Stiles were curled up in a corner, Scott and Allison were of course holding hands and that just left you and Isaac to sit on the couch that was left behind by the people who abandoned it.

“Why don’t we tell scary stories? I mean it is almost halloween…and what do we have to lose?” Your body instantly tensed up at Allison’s suggestion.

Isaac pulled you close to him, but didn’t disagree with the plan that had been stated.

Isaac moved the two of you to the dusty floor. You snuggled into his side, not wanting the others to know of your discomfort with the situation, even though you knew every werewolf in the room could hear your heart racing. Isaac pulled you closer to his chest and you sighed, leaning into his strong form. You felt safe when he was around. He was your big bad werewolf. He would always protect you. “So…who wants to start?” Lydia’s voice wasn’t loud, but in the dead quiet of the old house it sounded as if she screamed it.

“I will!” Stiles’ had fallen over as he tried to volunteer as quickly as possible.

Lydia rolled her eyes but nodded at him anyways, giving him the go ahead to start talking. He cracked his knuckles and grabbed a flashlight, illuminating the grave look that he had plastered on his face.

“This house, there are things that we don’t know about it. It isn’t just some old house that was abandoned in the middle of the woods. Hasn’t the thought crossed your mind that maybe it was left for a reason? That maybe there was something going on here before the people left, or maybe they didn’t leave at all, that maybe they were MURDERED!!” Everyone jumped as Stiles’ said the last part. Everyone was laughing at Stiles’ silliness, everyone except for you.

“So, back to the story. There used to be a couple that lived here alone. A pair of newlyweds trying to forget the world. They just wanted to be alone and spend time together,” Stiles’ sent a pointed look to Allison and Scott, which they waved off with a laugh. “They were happy here, at least for the first year, but then things started going downhill. They started having fights for no reasons. They started physically abusing one another and finally, they ended up killing each other. It was an ‘accident’ of course.” Stiles’ made sure to add exaggerated air quotes around the word just to make everyone feel a little uneasy.

“One night they were fighting and the husband was filled with rage. He grabbed the nearest object and bashed her head in. When he realized what he had done he had to hide the body. No one would know that his wife was missing. She wasn’t known by many people, especially since they almost never went into town. So he buried her underneath the house. He moved soon after and as far as I know the body was never found.” Stiles leaned back on the couch with his hands cradling his head, looking satisfied with himself.

“That was the dumbest story I’ve ever heard!” Scott laughed as he pushed Stiles.

The two boys started to wrestle on the floor. They were just two little kids trapped in the bodies of teenage boys.

Soon enough Lydia and Allison suggested to go to the rooms that you had all picked out. Everyone agreed, well everyone but you. You didn’t want to split up. It was stupid to say but Stiles’ story felt as if it actually held some weight. You knew that he was joking around, but the feeling of impending doom just wouldn’t stop nagging at you. You felt Isaac’s hand run along your back. You looked up at him and smiled. It was nice for him to try and soothe you, but nothing seemed to be working. As long as you were in this house you would never stay calm.


The bed that you were laying in was comfortable, but it was weird. Someone else could have slept in that bed and here you were, acting like it had been yours for years. You heard the floor creak and your body tensed. Isaac’s grip tightened around you, keeping you pressed firmly to his side. The sounds of this old house were making you go insane. The groans and the creeks, they were unsettling. It made you feel as if something was there, watching you.

“Isaac, does this house feel…off…to you?” Isaac looked down at you with a puzzled expression.

“It feels normal to me. It smells a little weird, but other than that it feels just like I’m at Scott’s house. A little bit darker maybe.” You looked up at him, an uneasy look still stuck on your face.

You felt a pressure on your head and you smiled when you realize it was Isaac’s lips. “You’ll be okay; I won’t ever let you go.” You smiled and turned your head to peck his lips, but when you did you were instantly filled with concern.

His face was pale, paler than it usually was. He looked sickly, but how could he be? Werewolves didn’t get sick, at least not as far as you knew. “Isaac, let me feel your head.” You couldn’t help the maternal instinct that had taken over. You had to see if there was anything that you could do to help.

He shook his head and mumbled a faint ‘I’m fine’, but you knew that was a lie. No one that pale could be ‘fine’ it was just impossible. Your point was proven when he jumped off of the bed and ran to the bathroom. You ran after him and cringed when you saw him with his face in the toilet bowl. Nothing in this house had worked for years and everything was disgusting, but you would rather have him puke in the old comoud than on the floor.

You rubbed his back in a soothing manner as he wretched. You couldn’t help the feeling of dread that was washing over you now. Isaac never got sick, but then you come to this house and all of the sudden here he is throwing up the contents of his stomach in the bathroom. It just didn’t seem right.

When his stomach had been emptied you helped him up and slowly took him back to the room. He fell back on the bed with a groan. It pulled at your heartstrings to see him curl up into a ball, clutching his stomach in pain. “Isaac, baby, I’m going to go and get Scott, okay?” He nodded as a response.

You walked out of the room and into the main hallway of the second floor. It was pitch black in the house, but you knew that someone had to be awake and if not, well, you would just have to bring them back to the land of the living. “Scott.” Your whisper sounded like a yell the way it bounced off of the walls.

“Y/N, what is it? What’s wrong?” You sighed in relief as Scott exited the room that he shared with Allison.

“It’s Isaac, I don’t know what’s wrong with him.” Scott’s eyes widened in concern.

He ran past you into the room where your boyfriend still lay, curled up in a ball, clutching his stomach for dear life. You looked over at Scott. You were frantic, but you couldn’t help but stop when you saw Scott’s nose scrunch up in disgust. “What, Scott, what is it?” He didn’t answer you.

He slowly walked to the bathroom, sniffing the air as he went. He stopped in front of the toilet and his face distorted just a little more, if that was even possible. He lifted up the lid that had been put down after Isaac was done retching into it.

“Y/N, this is wolfsbane.” His voice was grave and the look on your face was one of complete horror.

“How could it be wolfsbane, Scott? No one went outside, we ate before we came here, you’re fine so what the hell is happening?” Scott shrugged gravely at you.

You looked over at Isaac with sad eyes as you heard him whimper. You hated seeing him in the much pain. Your eyes shot back over to Scott when you saw him moving towards Isaac, but you let out a sigh of relief as you saw the black veins crawl up his arms. Scott gasped and you couldn’t help but make him stop as the veins reached his face. You whispered into his ear a faint ‘thank you’ on Isaac’s behalf.


Scott had decided to stay in the room with Isaac for a few hours to take away his pain as it was needed. But, all of you were shocked out of your now comfortable silence by an ear piercing scream that was coming from the room that Scott shared with Allison.

Scott shot up out of his seat and ran to the room. You and Isaac followed close behind. You were all shocked to see Scott on his knees with Allison’s unmoving body in his arms. Your hand shot up to cover your face. You heard a groan come from beside you as Isaac fell to his knees, once again clutching his stomach.

You heard the loud thuds of Stiles’ and Lydia’s feet hitting the wooden floor of the old house. “What happened?” Stiles’ voice was full of concern. Lydia fell to the floor when she saw Allison’s body and sobbed.

You looked over at Stiles’ with wide eyes. You knew now that tonight was about to get much, much longer.

(OMG!!!! I finally posted an imagine you guys! I’m so sorry for not posting for so long. It’s the month for band competition though, and government sucks…but I hope that you all like this, it will be more than one part though, I’m just not sure how many yet. Also, no place like home will have a part three coming up soon. I hope that you all have a nice day/afternoon/night/whatever it is where you are!) 

  • Henry: I'm not a squire, I'm a writer.
  • Sir Morgan: When the ogres attack will you protect the town with your pen?
  • Henry: Actually yes. It's a very powerful pen.
  • Henry: Well, it was until I broke it.

I have to say it. I still love the SNS dynamic, but Stormpilot is just. So. Fucking. Awesome. 

Also, it makes me laugh at shitty moves like WSJ banning actual Naruto fans from Jump Fiesta simply because they are not NH/SS shippers. 

Yes, you read it right. WSJ BANNED the NS/SNS Naruto fans from its annual event, JUST BECAUSE THEY DON’T SHIP NH/SS. 

It’s the STUPIDEST business decision I’ve ever seen a media company make, and bro, I was there for the Prequel that Cannot be Named.