happy birthday @positivegrace !!
i have literally been counting down the hours till it’s the 23rd in the US, (it’s 2pm here), but it’s finally your birthday!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
so I know there is many thousands of miles between us but you’re still one of my closest friends. i don’t even remember how we started talking, I just feel like you’ve always been there as long as I’ve had my tumblr (which is a long time, trust me). I remember secretly sending you messages on my phone at the hospital ward even though phones were prohibited, and I remember setting my alarm early because of stupid time zones so i got to talk to you. I remember literally laughing out loud at your lame but absolutely hilarious jokes. there are so many memories i have with you, and then a few months ago i got snapchat and that literally took our friendship to a new level. i love love love waking up every morning and seeing all your photos and videos. i know this past month has been pretty rough for both of us, with school for me and with friends for you, so we haven’t been as active as we once were. but grace i have a week left of exams and then i am determined to reach and beat our 60 day streak!!
i envy the people who get to see you in real life, but i also am kinda annoyed at them because they don’t treat you right, they don’t give you the love you deserve. and i wish they did because you are so talented and brave and beautiful. they’re missing out, truly.
the progress you have made in the past year has been incredible and i am honoured to say i have witnessed you slowly enhancing yourself.
so happy birthday gracie!! i wish i could hug you and hold on for longer than is socially-appropriate. i hope you have an amazing day!!! i love you lots and lots!!!