Ok, is2g if I see another post about age difference I will slap you in the face.
I wouldn’t step in since laughing at this fandoms exaggerated posts or ignoring became a hobby of mine but since its making most my friends uncomfortable I set my foot in fanalis style and crack your guys dash to say eniugh;s enough.

I’m not saying this as an alimor fan myself nor hakumor but the whole age difference brought now is bull shit since girls Morgiana or Kougyoku’s age in this series are offered as brides to men as old as Sinbad or Kouen.

Wake up fandom its just a fiction reality!Why take this serious and compare to real life matters? ITS NTO A REAL LIFE CRISIS ITS AN ANIME!
Also since when shipping Mor with either boy’s became a crime? whether Alimor, Hakumor or Massmor? You are  just ruining other people’s ships or like in said character and in this is Morgiana herself.
I know she’s young and I know she’s a former slave which is why it makes her unable to comprehend love or maintain a relationship since it never crossed her mind! Cause who’d date a slave? LMAFO

But whoever she ends up with OR if people ship a ship LET IT BE AND LET IT GO!

If you want a ship based on same age then the most canon thing would be her and the Toran guy she met.

I mean




where the fuck have you been? It’s been canon since Vriskagram

Jasprose said Karkat was “currently taken in that quadrant” referring to Nep having red feelings for him

and Vriska before that said “I’m happy for those two whatever quadrant they ended up in”

Let me explain why this graphic is bullshit and you people are stupid: tl;dr they’re all The Joker. One is not more or less than the others.

This not only continues but enforces the “Mark Hamill is teh only Joker” circlejerk that is so strong in people who grew up with B:tAS. Yes, he gave a phenomenal performance the can’t be topped but let’s examine why: A) He’s Mark Hamill B) He had the creative forces of Paul Dini, Bruce Timm, and Andrea Romano behind him and C) He had DECADES to flesh out a character that every other actor only had a single movie/game/episode or one fourth the amount of episodes.

Don’t even try to say this isn’t promoting Mark as “the one true Joker” because that’s bullshit. The nostalgia goggles are on full force. Just look at the names of the other ones: “The Demented Hobo” maybe watch past the first season and realize he’s actually not. “The Toy” because it’s a LEGO? “The Anarchist” more of a nihilist. “The Clown” who, at the time, was the most faithful adaption we could ever hope for and was THE Joker. But the biggest telling is Troy Baker “The Mimic” That just says “imitating Mark Hamil but still not The Joker because only Mark Hamill is The Joker”. Fuck off with that bullshit. Troy Baker had one of the most phenomenal performances regardless of being a prequel to Mark in the Arkham series.

Yes, Brent Spiner’s ONE episode was as a poorly written version, Kevin Michael Richardson was the next immediate Joker after Mark so dear god forbid he went a different route, Leto looks like a Hot Topic-er, and this version was more one way while that version was less the other way. In the end, it’s still The Joker, you not having as strong of an emotional attachment to the incarnation changes nothing.

Try this, replace The Joker with The Doctor. Go ahead. Put Tom Baker in the middle as THE DOCTOR with all the other actors around him. John Hurt “The Anarchist”, Christopher Eccleston “The Fighter”, Colin Baker “The Demented Hobo”, Peter Cushing “The Forgotten”, etc etc. And you know what? It’d be ridiculous because they’re all The Doctor. One is not more The Doctor than the other, that’s literally impossible as he changes over the last, oh, I dunno…50 or so odd years the character has existed? The individual portrayal differs but the core character remains the same.

I love Mark Hamill’s Joker, I really do. It is unarguably the favorite for a reason. However that does not put the crown on his head to make him emperor Joker, he’s just a court jester the same as the rest.

It’s all a joke, it’s all one big joke.

RP: Bronies are gay autistic pedo horsefuckers because potato, they should be nuked!

YT commenters: *applause to the person, give them a bunch of upvotes and add their own portion of brony hate*

RP2: Anti-bronies are hateful, close-minded bigots who don’t create anything positive as a community and only cause pointless drama. They should be wiped out.

YT commenters: *spam angry “anti-bronies are human too!”, “that’s why we hate you, rabid bronies, you want to kill us because we don’t worship MLP!”, “that’s cruel and inhuman to kill a person for anything!” and “anti-bronies don’t do anything wrong, they are victims!” replies*

What the fuck is wrong with that site.