A black character: * has those grey morals white people are always nutting over, has Deep Issues and enough Tiny Expressions to fill a book*

the yts: :/ wow he’s :/ he’s really toxic and violent, isn’t he? i :/ i’m very uncomfortable with how he raised his voice to my pure, white angel uwu

A white demon: *is an actual demon, kills people, blinked once*

the yts: !! this ! he’s so pure! did you see how he blinked ? ohmygod give this man an oscar already! look at how his eyes closed for one second and opened the next!! do you know!! do you know what that means!!

…. I’m just gonna ask this again… where the hell is Maleficent? Lily? Roland? Why did Leroy disappear? Where did Whale come from? Why does it look like Maleficent and Regina had sex? Why does that one nurse never leave the hospital? How did Mulan come out of nowhere? Why are there so many plot holes? Why do all non-white characters die within one episode?? Why is there so much queerbaiting? Why is Belle suddenly bffs with Hook? Magic can’t bring back the dead? Why does Mulan keep using them/they pronouns? Onion rings make you give birth faster? Emma doesn’t care about Snow almost dying? Why do some characters, like the ones they promoted, have less than 4 lines per episode? Why bring back Mulan and Ruby for like 3 episodes? Where is the Swan Queen hug? Why is there no Rumbelle, it’s one of the biggest ships? Why does Merlin have to be a slave? Neal??? Why do ya’ll don’t give a shit about SQ but when we’re in a famous poll, suddenly we’re useful to you? Why does-


more 2013 keeks to ruin ur life x

stupid stupid giggly cute boys

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stupid tanned attractive competitive boys

stupid immature shopping date boys

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stupid lad lad lad lad gym lad boys

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one time i was reading a novel then my parents suddenly said that reading novels can make you stupid and better to just study your lessons.

don’t get me wrong, i love my parents, but that comment just made me want to hit them with all the seven harry potter books.

Going into the Bruce Banner tag, hoping to see cute edits and drawings:

Seeing nothing but tagged Bruce Banner and Mark Ruffalo hate in relation to Brutasha:

enemies: *do enemy things*
killjoy fans: oh my god an abusive relationship

 EDIT: guys the whole point of this post was that it being abusive is OBVIOUS??? hence “*does enemy things*”

 !! ps i dont ship reylo for the many people who seem to think i do, doesn’t mean im gonna join the assholes and bash the poor souls that do

have a nice day drama starters that jump to conclusions lmao

Okay, but can we stop pinning Supergirl and Jessica Jones against each other? In this (honestly a bit pathetic) DC VS Marvel war it is so easy to try and make two new shows compete, but we forget the fact that WE ARE GETTING TWO NEW SHOWS WITH FEMALE LEADS! Seriously, two superhero shows with almost completely different story lines with two very different ways to empower women. Supergirl will be (at least begin as) a light hearted action-comedy about a girl finding her place in the universe and getting to know herself and her role as a superhero, while Jessica Jones will be about a woman who’s been there and done that and is trying to defeat her inner and literal demons. 

Can’t we all just get along and celebrate precious shows with precious female leads?

With love

Queen Alice of Hearts

oh wow, so when there was theory’s of Hinata being pregnant in the Last Naruto Movie, NS fans said that it’d be disgusting because they’re too young etc but now they’re theory’s saying Sakura might have a son with Naruto and all of a sudden the NS fandom think it’s the best thing ever and it’s good timing?


Vent train time! Again!

“Look at all the brony tears! I bet they are ju-” Imma let you finish, but HOW DARE YOU. Do you even realize what you are doing by saying brony? By saying that you are making fun of an entire FANDOM. 

“Oh! But bronies are just jackass men claiming a show for themselves!”

First off… Stop. Bronies are not, and I REPEAT, are NOT ALL THE SAME! You are blaming a WHOLE FANDOM based off of a FEW spoiled jack mules who don’t know how to MOVE ON. Wooptyfukindoo Molestia is down and people are outraged so that means we can make fun of them now right, but wait, did you know MAKING FUN of OTHER PEOPLE doesn’t help A. GOD. DAMN. THING. 

“But they deserve it for reading Molestia in the first places!”

They deserve it? People who read a FAN FICTION deserve to be made fun of? OH! So I guess that means Hitler was right about jews then?!?! Because, ya know, Hitler thought Jewish people as a whole deserved what they got! So he must be right! Right? I mean that is what you are telling me right? That the WHOLE FANDOM deserves to be abused back? Oh golly gee williker! OH! But… I think I have an idea…. HOW ABOUT WE ALL GROW THE FUCK UP, LEAVE EVERYTHING BE, STOP GENERATING MORE HATE, AND BE FUCKING HAPPY THAT WE ARE ALL ALIVE AND WELL!?!? I mean, it isn’t like mlp fim supports love and tolerance right? RIGHT? Forgive and forget right?! RIGHT?!?!

  • Malia : *growls at stiles once in S4*
  • Fandom: OMG! She is such a bitch and she is an abuser!11! Stalia is toxic. She's still a fucking coyote.
  • --------------
  • Derek: *physically harms Stiles (in earlier seasons)*
  • Derek: *threatens to kill Stiles (in earlier seasons)*
  • Stiles: *shows a dislike for Derek (in earlier seasons)*
  • Fandom: OTP! That is so gay.... Not abusive or toxic at all. :3 :3 :3 I love tw they are soooo in love. Derek is such a cute sour wolf
  • --------------
  • Me: What???
Friendly reminder that Undertale characters supporting Down With Cis is not, and never will be, canon.

Honestly, it just seems extremely out-of-character for Frisk and the underground inhabitants to be against cis people, wear Down With Cis shirts, and other hateful things like that.Here’s an explanation to those that don’t get it:

  • Regardless of Frisk’s real gender, they wouldn’t support Down With Cis because they are too young to know about these types of social agendas.Even if they WERE old enough to know, they’re too nice to encourage it. Same goes with Asriel and Monster Kid.
  • Characters like Papyrus, Undyne, Toriel and Asgore wouldn’t support it because of how extremely kind-hearted they are.It’s just impossible to see them being so spiteful.
  • Alphys is too into science work and anime plus is really awkward around others to sustain it.
  • Sans is a relaxed type of guy, only becoming dangerous if the world is in danger. He doesn’t prefer to be involved with agendas.
  • As hateful as Flowey is, I’m sure he’d rather taunt you about what choices you make rather than what gender you identify as.
  • Mettaton’s built purpose is to entertain, not to act hateful.
  • Everyone else in the underground seems to act pretty chill and have their own problems to focus on. For example,Bratty and Catty, Burgerpants, the Nice Cream Guy and the other vendors have profits to worry about. Woshua still has folks to clean.The two Royal Guards have their private relationship to look forward to.The dog characters are busy…being dogs. Muffet and the spiders have their priority on their baked goods.Napstablook has music to make.And much more that I didn’t list.

Let’s face it. If any of the Undertale characters learned about the Down with Cis campaign, they would either be completely disgusted or treat it like it’s none of their business. I’m also sure that their creator, Toby Fox, would be sickened by the fact that people are using his game for their crappy political agendas.

Of course, you guys would know about it if you actually played the game and bothered to notice their dialogue and actions.

Plus, don’t you even know that many of these characters are, in fact, CIS?

Just a PSA. Spread love, folks.

exo-l’s never hated on bts when they came back or did anything at all exo-l’s never try to shit on another groups comeback why ya’ll gotta do us like this. LET US ENJOY OUR COMEBACK. STOP ATTACKING EXO AND FANS FOR DUMB REASONS LIKE JONGINS 2ND TOE ON HIS RIGHT FOOT IS THE SAME AS JHOPES IN THE BAEBSAE DANCE PRACTICE…….PLAGIARISM!!!!!

It must be nice to get something nice for your ship and NOT have to deal with whiny little bitches calling you every name in the book and sucking the joy out of everything …

Funny how YOU guys get that, but no one else does …

Wonder why that is … 

I mean … think about it really long and hard, I’m sure you’ll come up with the reason soon

it’s soooo fucked up how queen queen has people cheering her on wanting her to find her fucking happy ending  AFTER SHE DESTROYED SO MANY PEOPLE’S. she tried to kill snowing, she tried to kill emma, she was just terrible to them but they still cheer her on and want her to be happy. and then you have hook who has NO ONE. outside of emma who does he have? is there someone out there wanting him to get his happy ending? huh? no. he may have done some horrible things in the past but nothing compared to the shit regina has done. but no according to this fucked up fandom he’s the worst of them all. yeah, yeah stfu.