Showtime with mamamoo and gfriend: completely lacking overt heteronormativity while simultaneously supporting girl groups

Seeing Chanyeol limping and in obvious pain makes me so sad. He doesn’t need to perform. Point blank. Exo is enough of a professional group to be able to pull off minor choreography and vocal part changes. You don’t want to aggravate an injury for a stupid music show. Sm better not fuck this and him up.

“Well, love is insanity. The ancient Greeks knew that. It is the taking over of a rational and lucid mind by delusion and self-destruction. You lose yourself, you have no power over yourself, you can’t even think straight.”
—Marilyn French

i’m gonna need a season 3 because, they left several unfinished stories in this season PLUS the way it ended, like?? obviously Miguel and Maggie knew each other, and obviously helped Brandon after he was shot on the dock that night BUT, WHY DID THEY MENTION THAT FOR SUCH A SMALL MOMENT, AND THEN NOT TALK ABOUT IT ANYMORE AFTER THAT?? AND I MEAN THAT ENDING !!! but i’m hoping, that (knock on wood) if there isn’t going to be a third season, that this Halloween special ties up all the lose ends?? 

It really pisses me off when people say that every show needs an lgbtq character. I do agree there should be more lgbtq shows, but ALL shows need a gay character? No. Shows are for entertainment. If you’re going to hate a character because he’s not gay or trans or lesbian, you’re just as bad as a homophobe or racist.
Call me a homophobe, go ahead, tell my family their pansexual daughter is against her own sexuality.

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I just love the thought of misaki asking fushimi random (but not stupid) questions, and fushimi having to answer them, (cause he smart):)

It’d be cute if this was like a regular thing between the two of them. It starts when they’re adorable middle schoolers, one day Yata’s just flipping through a comic and he ends up wondering about the plausibility of something that happened. Fushimi gives him this perfect detailed explanation in reply without even really thinking about it, like he doesn’t even look up from his PDA until afterward and then he sees Yata staring at him with sparkling eyes all ‘that’s so cool Saruhiko!’ After that every now and again Yata will ask him fun random questions, like they’re walking home and see a neat-looking cat and Yata asks if there’s a reason it only has a tiny bob tail, or they’re talking about building a rocket ship again and Yata asks him to explain how exactly the engine works anyway. Fushimi always answers him without complaining, even if Yata gets really into it and starts asking questions about the answer Fushimi will still reply. Yata thinks it’s amazing because Fushimi’s really smart and knows everything and Fushimi always gets a little red-faced about it, like he pretends that it’s nothing but of course really he loves being praised by Misaki.

Then maybe once they join Homra Yata stops asking him things because Yata doesn’t want to look stupid in front of the Homra guys (but then sometimes he’ll ask questions to Kusanagi or Totsuka and be amazed at the answers, and Fushimi just sits there in the corner alone clicking his tongue). Post-ROK maybe things are still kinda awkward between them, like they’ve made up but they both still don’t quite know how to get back into their old rhythm of being friends. One day Yata convinces Fushimi to go drinking with him and just hang out, Fushimi’s sitting there at the bar counter nursing his drink while Yata talks and mostly he nods or clicks his tongue in response to anything Yata says. Yata stares at him for a minute and then finally he’s like ‘So, how did the age you’re old enough to drink alcohol get decided, anyway?’ Fushimi kinda looks up and then averts his eyes, muttering about why would Yata ask that and Yata just smiles and says that he’s asking because Fushimi knows everything, after all. Fushimi’s face gets extra red and he still can’t really look Yata in the face but he starts giving the answer anyway while Yata leans against his shoulder.