Keep calm! Jonsa is endgame!

Okay, so I know the whole fandom is  starting to panic because of what happened in episode 6 … or maybe just because of this season entirely. But we can’t forget ALL the little Jonsa moments and subtle clues that have made us believe that Jonsa will happen… SUCH AS: 

1. So many Ned/Cat 2.0 parallels:

2. Jon threatening every male to bring up Sansa…

3. The OMFG realization looks from LF and Davos…

4. The camera zooming in on every time Sansa touches Jon… 

5. The Brienne and Jaime Parallels, (okay I actually saw this on another post from @lyannas-loves so I don’t want to take credit for this idea, she noticed this little piece of brilliance…. but just look!) 

“The subtext is it’s almost like saying, “You keep my heart. It’s yours. It’s always been yours” - NCW …. and let’s not forget that Jon said the North will always be a part of him… so he technically gave Sansa a part of him/his heart

6, Their incredibly emotional reunion…



…I dead ass thought he was gonna kiss her in this scene, and this was BEFORE I was a Jonsa shipper, so I did not have shipping goggles on…I actually felt really weird watching it for the first time cuz I thought they were siblings and this scene DID NOT feel siblingly at all!  (but post R+L=J confirmation I was a happy shipper)

…Moving on…

9. The tent scene… with heavy breathing…in candlelight… and the crazy tension that you can practically cut with a knife…

10. The fake Starkbowl…

This was definitely done on purpose to throw us off…definitely a red herring to cover up the romance between the two so its not too obvious yet. 

11. Him looking back at Sansa but not Dany… 

12. She gave him a Ned 2.0 cloak which he has pretty much never. taken. off. …and cloaks of protection are used in wedding ceremonies..  

13. “I will protect you I promise”

…Promise me Ned…Promise me! 

14. After Jon and Jorah talk about Jon’s children, the STARK theme started to play and the scene cut to SANSA when it could have easily cut to Dany talking about her children with Tyrion (which would have better foreshadowed the Targ baby). 

^^^Future mother of his babies right here… and let’s not forget that in his original draft, GRRM had Jon and Arya fall in love, so he seems pretty open to the whole “fall in love with your sibling, but you can’t do anything until its revealed you’re actually cousins” idea. 

15. And just the way Jon looks at her… I can’t…


16. OH and Jon likes redheads!!!!

Sorry for the long ass post Lol, hope you’re all still with me! Anyways… this can’t all be a coincidence… there is too much going on… like even if Kit and Sophie’s insane chemistry is purely coincidental, they had to go out of their way to make the Ned/Cat parallels, make the “Oh shit” looks from LF and Davos, and make Jon want to kill every person who brings up Sansa and so many other things.. Keep faith Jonsa shippers, this was meant to be! I know with boatbang around the corner you’re loosing a bit of heart, but have no fear! Sex doesn’t mean he loves Dany more than Sansa AND Dany still needs to be betrayed for love…and look at all this Jonsa forshadowing, they would be absolutely stupid to have the show go in another direction! Just have hope for a few more days until episode 7 airs! Hang in there guys! Jonsa will come. Jonsa is endgame!  

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this is going to sound so stupid, but, who is show pony? i was reading some of your DD prompts/stories and i was a little confused. i mean i haven't read the comics yet so i am guessing show pony makes an appearance there?

lol he actually doesn’t show up in the comics! show pony is the rollerskater in Na Na Na, played by ricky rebel

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Maybe you should keep your trap shut about your opinions on Maddie and stick to what you're good at - Not acting your age and posting stupid shit about Nickelodeon shows

wooooow someone is an angry anthony tonight 

For those who still don’t know of The Challenge, or have yet to watch it, this season is still only in it’s 5th episode (it’s 6th episode is airing right now) and if you need a new show to watch, I would suggest this one!

It was already renewed for a 31st season and it has a spin-off (it’s second one) currently filming. MTV has recognized who their cash crop is now that Teen Wolf is ending, so this spells good news for us Challenge fans!

To any new people, please join us in making a Challenge fandom as it’s very small at the moment. You can catch me at my Challenge blog @johnnybananasbackpack.

And if you guys want to check out the older seasons (they’re LQ but you won’t find them anywhere), please message me and I’ll give you a link.

Okay guys, my friend who plays Swtor with me is being tortured by a stalker in game. We thought that he was able to find her new characters because she mostly hangs out in one particular stronghold and her names are often similar. Of course in a guild since they instigated that stupid ass showing legacy function which makes stalkers lives easy, he is able to see her name and track her down.

This time though he found her on a new character with a very different name and not in any of her SH’s or in a guild. She said he tracks her by legacy name in the “Who” search but I have tried everything and I can never find her that way. Does anyone know how he is able to find her new toon’s so easily? I am livid but she is so used to the asshole she is being calm about it. Anyway, does anyone know how he might be tracking her? Just thought I would ask here in case anyone knew something.


                                  “Okay, should we get some coffee? Sure. Where?”
Chandler and Monica walk over to the kitchen-counter and leave their keys. Then the other four pick out their keys and leave them as well. They all leave the apartment. Joey helps Chandler with the stroller in the hallway, while Monica and Rachel have their arms around each other. Everybody walks downstairs to Central Perk. The camera goes inside the apartment again, and it pans around. We see the keys on the counter, and the final shot is of the frame around the peephole. The screen fades to black. (Friends, 1994 – 2004)

This episode made me 95% sure that Sansa and Arya are working together.  I don’t think Arya or Sansa’s character was being compromised at all.

They made a whole point of showing Arya disappearing under the noses of the Winterfell guardsmen, and her and Sansa joking about needing better guards.  They showed Sansa and Arya connecting in a very secret, enclosed space.  They showed Arya (as well as Sansa in several episodes) judging Littlefinger closely.  They’ve got their eye on him.  

So how is it that Arya is that clumsy?  To get caught like that?  She was fumbling around like an amateur there.  Unless she wanted to get caught.

Neither of them are stupid, and the show is banking on us pitting them against each other, just like Littlefinger wants.  I think they’re playing Littlefinger tbh and I can’t wait for them to take him down together.