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can we see how Michael helps his s/o on her period? :3 If you're not too busy, can you also do this scenario for Jeremy as well?

heck y e s this is a great prompt because??? im dying rn babes

i’m just gonna do short lists for both if that’s cool!!


  • u can text him like ‘babe i need tampons/pads n chocolate’ and he’s IMMEDIATELY on it
  • he brings you ur fave chocolate!!! like, snickers??? he got it. u like chocolate ice cream the most??? he got u some
  • he just comes up to ur room and he sets down the bag of stuff
  • it’s like the play with “michael makes an entrance” like its that amount of happiness
  • “how are you feeling?” “dead”
  • michael cuddles with you… a lot…. it’s gr8 because he’s warm
  • the two of u watch ur favorite movie and he just offers to do anything he can because periods sound like hell
  • he peppers!!! kisses!!! all over ur neck and cheeks!!!!
  • he’s just v cuddly and sweet and just wants u to be happy because periods???? terrible.


  • i think he’d be cool with buying u whatever u need but theres also the small internal voice like ‘shit what if someone makes fun of me for this’ even tho u assure him that no one would make fun of him and if they do they can face ur wrath
  • jeremy also cuddles with u on ur couch and u watch reruns of the office together probably
  • u text him one day like ‘im dying’ and he just knows because thats what u always text him when cramps are shitty enough and he comes by and brings you whatever ur preferred medicine is
  • probably the kind of dork who googles stuff like how to do shit and then gets kinda frustrated with articles say stupid obvious shit like wow she’s on her period and emotions exist like ye
  • he knows. he just wants to know if there’s anything in particular he could do???
  • sometimes when u cuddle he just plays with ur hair and sometimes he’ll braid it (if it’s long enough!!) and he’s just a sweet dork
  • rly gentle forehead kisses

that’s all i got but thank u nonny

People suddenly finding themselves lacking the ability to verbally abuse other players, throw racist and sexist remarks all over the place, create alts to follow people, and try to force others off of a game made for nothing more than personal enjoyment in an angry mob of stupidity: wow blizz shitting on free speech. worse than south korea. im unsubbing

some of you reblog the weirdest shit like i’ll be replying on the dash having a one on one conversation like

friend replied to your post “stupid personal shit…”
“wow i can’t believe they said that”
“lmao right?!”

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