Things no one talks about so I'm afraid it's a stupid question #1

When cleaning egg shells to crush for witchcraft what do you do with the weird thin layer of…membrane? Idk skin? On the inside of the shell?

Like do you toss it out because it makes crushing it easier?

Or do you use it as well as it is still a part of the shell?


I’m in a weird place where I hate all my projects in progress right now. So I don’t know this is probably a long shot. But um. Is there anyone very lazy out there, with (like) a simple story in mind, who would like to see it animated ? I know there are many people doing concept arts and stuff but still hesitate to jump into the 24fps marathon.
I mean, for free, of course, you’d actually be doing me a favor, I totally crave drawing and I’m just stuck in that place…
The plot may be defined or undefined, really, and the characters just the same. If you want to do the backgrounds yourself, maybe if you’re a painter or such or if you know a guy you can, same for the music and the voices and all, it’s a very open demand. I’m aiming for a 0-to-10 minutes project that would keep me busy for a while. I’ll just repeat that in bold.

Does anyone (lazy / dreaming) has a (simple / awesome) story they would like me to animate (for free / fun) ?

Um so...

Would anyone want to do a Drawn to Life roleplay? Not necessarily on the tumblr platform but… I dunno I kinda wanted to do a DTL roleplay. It would be safe for work, of course. Like I dunno just send me an ask/message if you’d wanna do that or whatever. Anyway, I’ll go now… *slinks back into DTL hole*

P.S. Followers don’t worry, I won’t be posting the roleplay on my blog unless you really wanted to see it for some reason because I know that would be annoying.