Thorki ~ Tarzan & Jane AU

  • “For, man or beast, I am yours.”

“It would be my pleasure.”


Return On Investment

AU in which a small investment brokerage firm, run by a brilliant young stockbroker, becomes a problem of sorts to a market giant and the relentless mogul it’s owned by. When his offer of acquisition is turned down by the newcomer, the man himself pays the novice a visit, aiming to drive the potential competition out of the market by any means possible. But the moment his gaze falls upon the young man, fast asleep over a stack of files, he forgets what he was there for.



“I’ve found him. Captain Callahan. He’s here. But he is not himself. He holds no memory of his past. He does not remember who he is. The tribe… he lives among them. As one of them. As their leader… their protector.”

“You will bring him home, Lieutenant. No matter his state. No matter the circumstance. Initiate contact. Make him remember.”


Triple DireSherlockHannibal Crossover

***Brothers AU. Thought I should bring the characters of Mads & Lars together and give them an onscreen baby brother. *goes into hiding* Please don’t hurt me.


“I don’t know what made you swing out of our candlelight dinner. I made a three course meal for us. All you had to do was take your clothes off and sit on my lap so I can feed you some home-cooked food. I even tied a pink bow around the dessert, which is now squished in my pants.”

Lover’s Curse

“For one man, you have abandoned heaven. And so you shall follow his footprints… until… they lead you back to the flames.”