“I don’t know what made you swing out of our candlelight dinner. I made a three course meal for us. All you had to do was take your clothes off and sit on my lap so I can feed you some home-cooked food. I even tied a pink bow around the dessert, which is now squished in my pants.”


The Devil’s Guard ~ Hannigram AU (I, II

Spoiled Millionaire + Assassin turned Body Guard Trope

“A man of your worth mustn’t be seen cruising the godforsaken streets of this city. Nor should you be seen loitering about the hotel lobbies and corridors looking for a lay. It does not damage your reputation alone, but it makes you an easy target. Oh! And the phone tapping system leaves significant beeps; so I’d suggest we replace that too.”

“Among eighty or so candidates, I had handpicked you. I knew I wouldn’t go wrong with my choice.”