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No, I agree. I try to give them “feline qualities” but they’re SENTIENT PEOPLE, not oversized tabbies that do stupid pet tricks.

Yeah, especially given how often you can hear Imperials, and frankly, even a lot of Republic people, going on about “hairy savages” and calling them “things” and “animals.” 

Like, I know people draw Jorgan curled up like a sleeping housecat all the time or chasing a laser pointer or whatever but you gotta imagine you tried that shit on him in-game and he’d just…. immediately turn around and report you for racial insensitivity lol.

Once The Swan Has Sung

Once The Swan Has Sung

Characters/Pairings: endverse!Dean x Reader, Sam, Lucifer, Cas

Summary: In which it’s after the end, and you and Dean accidentally convince each other there’s still hope.

Word Count: 1986

Warnings: Major character death, violence, mentions of torture, possession, angst, slight implied smut (there’s one line where it’s mentioned).

a/n: I rewatched Swan Song (like that was a good idea) and then I kept thinking about an endverse idea I had, then modified it. I apologize profusely in advance.

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Yes!” Dean screams into the air. “Yes. Please!

You watch from outside the cabin you share with him and the former angel as Dean cries out for Michael to take him. The porch is cold against your feet, and the scratchy blanket doesn’t do much to keep in the heat. Dean needs to come inside before he catches hypothermia, but you don’t have the heart to call him back in.

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apparently laser pointers are just as fun with birds as with other pets


This is Ethan. The best dog goalkeeper in the world.

The David Letterman Show premiered on 23 June 1980 and aired at 10 am (est) on NBC. It was originally scheduled for 90 minutes, but was quickly cut to 60. Low ratings, corporate meddling, and a naive desire to have a quirky, smart, self-aware (lettermanesque) show during the day made Letterman and his staff realize that their days were numbered and the introduced a segment called “Cancellation Sweepstakes,” where viewers guessed the date that NBC would finally pull the plug.

The show only lasted for 90 episodes, but introduced many of the signature elements that Letterman would take to late-night, including “Small Town News,” “Stupid Pet Tricks,” and elevator races.

The show earned 3 Emmy awards (Outstanding Host or Hostess in a Variety Series, Writing, and Art Direction), but was canceled in October.

According to some staff members, Letterman was devastated. “He told me that would be the last time he’d ever work in television,” recalls director Hal Gurnee. Letterman’s dejection was momentarily alleviated when he received a telegram: “You have been a source of relief and inspiration for all of us,” it read. “We are deeply upset that your show has been canceled.” It was signed, “Martin Scorsese and the cast of Raging Bull.”

16 months later (1 Feb. 1982) Letterman was back with Late Night with David Letterman.

"Where's the cat?"

One of the tricks we’ve taught Oscar is to find Mittens. We started doing this because Oscar would always go looking for Mittens right before dinnertime, to make sure she wouldn’t be fucking up his dinner action.

Apparently he’s gotten too good at it, because last night we said “OSCAR WHERE’S THE CAT!!!?!?!?” and he ran into our room, slithered under the bed, and pulled out the cat bed with Mittens still sitting on it.

We should probably give that trick a rest for a while.