Dream on

I enjoy going through Craigslist and looking at apartments that I know Mike and I can’t afford because we work dumb retail jobs and we are broke. Broke broke broke. After almost 3 years of looking for a place to live, we hate everything. Maybe we are picky, but dang, its not our fault every apartment or house for rent in this city is lame. I want to move out already and bug mike all the time with Ripley and Gypsy as my pet sidekicks. Plus, if I move out that means I’ll have even less money. The less money I have, the less ill go out to eat. The less I go out to eat, The more weight i loose. Win win.


why.. why must you be so freaking expensive? really 90 grand to get an education? at a STATE SCHOOL.

you have got to be kidding me..

I am applying to 5 colleges and this is the average it’s going to cost me, $75,341.70

that is just the fucking average.

I am poor. My family is poor. I have a twin brother. My parents have to pay for college for 2 kids at one time.

I just need to accept the fact that I am not going to college and I will just become a hooker or stripper.

*sigh* I have some people I really want to commission art from but I am so broke right now and won’t have spare money for almost another month. Ah well, another time I guess. Any money I get from relatives for Christmas and from the fantasy football league I was in are going straight to bills cause I totally forgot I’ve got my car loan payment due at the end of the week.

Ah, I didn’t pass my driving test - one stupid mistake. But I think I’d rather make that mistake than accidentally crash into someone. 

Oh well. Hopefully I can get a new try next week. (because if I don’t, it will be almost September until I can retry asdfgh)

BUT! I did finish the patterns for Hubert! Yessssss. Only, the fabric I have for the coat is one shade too light and all the fabric dyes cost about 9,90. I’m that 90 cent short oTL SO YEAH that kind of bothers me more than not passing the test.

Wow. I really hate the way I spend money. I don’t hate myself for it, though. Perhaps I should, but what good would that do? I would still continue spending money the way I do now. Only I’d hate myself for it.