and i’m proud to say I sobbed my face off during the whole performance

Business and Pleasure - Part 15

Summary:  Bucky AU. After a major deal falls through, your father’s business almost falls apart. In a desperate attempt to save his livelihood, he seeks the help of his oldest friend, George Barnes, who happens to be the CEO of one of the most influential businesses in New York. He agrees, but on one condition. You have to marry his son.

Word Count: 1,833

Warnings: Swearing, angst

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By the time you arrived back in New York, you were pretty sure that you had cried out all the tears your body could possibly produce. Your eyes were dry and bloodshot, and you couldn’t stop the constant shivering that had started sometime during the flight back. You spent the entirety of the flight trying not to cry. You hugged your knees to your chest as best as you could in the cramped plane and stared out the window. Thankfully, you had plenty of music on your phone, so you simply plugged in your headphones and tuned out the rest of the world.

Once you landed and collected your baggage, you realized just how late it was. The sun had set during the flight, and it was now well past midnight. You could have easily called a taxi, but you weren’t sure that you could handle being stuck in the back of a taxi for the ride back home. You didn’t want to have to make awkward small talk. All you wanted was to curl up in bed and sleep. 

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Of Course Pt. 3 (Kim Seokjin)

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“You should know we’ve been fucking horrible.”

Word Count: 1,299

Genre: Angst


Sorry, this took so long, I hope you enjoy this <3

|Part 1|~|Part 2|~|Part 3|~|Part 4|~|Part 5|~|Part 6|~|Part 7|~|Part 8|~|Part 9|

“The saddest thing is that we fell apart so suddenly even though we did everything right.”  

“Hyung please!” Jungkook screamed at Jin.

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Lighten Up

Summary: Dean and the reader’s relationship is strained because of the Mark of Cain. He decides to make the reader have some Winter fun.

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,334

Request by: @chaos-and-the-calm67

“Who ate all my Oreos?” You whine dramatically moping into the bunker’s library.

“Guilty.” Sam chuckles making you smile and roll your eyes at the handsome dork. You then glare at Dean who’s purposely ignoring you as he plays some stupid game on his iPhone.

“Not cool, Dean!” You shout loudly making his head snap in your direction.

“If only there was a magical place that you could drive to that has cookies for sale. It’s a shame there are no more cookies left in this world.” He mocks you.

“Keep it up, Winchester. I’m close to throwing all of your junk food out then replacing it with fruits and vegetables!”

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With a Lack of Pets, Wild Life Photographer Phil Settles for Dan | Phan Tweet Dabble

Summary: They were both sentimental fools who didn’t want to throw anything away and thus their new home now mostly consisted of boxes but Phil found a way to amuse himself.

Warnings: A little bit of swearing

Word count: 1k

Read more from the collection of tweet-based Phan dabbles here

Based on the following tweets:

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26th of April 2017:

Dan and Phil had blissfully forgotten how damn exhausting it was to move house.

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So crescentwrenches had an awesome idea for theater/AV techs to post their gig bags, tool boxes, etc. Here’s mine. I work in live audio (at a venue and freelance with my own small PA) and do field recording for broadcast. I’ve given everything in the pictures above a number, so look down below for a description and comment about each item!


1. Stanley tool bag: I got this for like $10 on Amazon a while back and it’s held up well. Holds what I need, durable enough, and looks professional.
2. Lutz interchangeable ratcheting screwdriver: I bought this when I interned for an IT department. I’ve used it for everything from rebuilding computers to repairing refrigerators to building props.
3. Kobalt adjustable wrench on tool tether: Every theater tech should have an adjustable wrench in their gig bag. I’ve been using this one for about four years and I love it.
4. Mechanix work gloves: For unloading trucks during load in, pushing cases, rigging, focusing lights, etc. Not very happy with these, but they do the job for now.
5. DeWalt belt tool holder: I don’t use this very often, but during big shows I can put this on my belt and hold an adjustable wrench, sharpies, flashlight, etc.
6. Various screwdrivers
7. Various pliers and a very mediocre set of wire cutters that need to be taken out of my bag
8. Scotch super glue: I stuck this in my tool bag because I found it on the floor one day and it’s saved me on about four shows since then.
9. Various adjustable wrenches to loan out to stagehands or when I need another one to hold something in place
10. 120v outlet tester: Checks for messed up ground, etc.
11. Crappy extra batteries: I usually have a few procells but I used them all up.
12. No contact voltage detector: I never use this, but it’s here if needed. I think the batteries are dead. It’s been months since I’ve touched it.
13. Crappy multimeter
14. Stanley precision screwdrivers: BEST $3 I’VE EVER SPENT
15. Ebtech cable tester: Everyone should have a cable tester in their bag. I happen to have this Ebtech. Nothing special. Works fine, but doesn’t test NL4.
16/17. Gerber multitool and holster
18. MagLite MiniMag LED and holster: Currently my favorite flashlight
19. Gerber Crucial multitool: Look it up. The black version is great.
20. Crappy flash drive
21. Crappy pocket knife
22. Really nice scissors: because nobody can ever figure out what happened to the venue’s scissors
23. Various lead and lead free solder
24. Wire strippers
25. Solder sucker
26. Mediocre Weller soldering iron
27. Tire pressure gauge: I work with a lot of carts and things
28. Pen with a bunch of different colored ink
29. Various sharpies
31. King Size Sharpie:
I don’t actually use it. It’s solely for bragging rights.
32. Metallic Sharpie: For writing on gaff and stuff. I love this thing.
33. Drum keys: Because drummers don’t know how to tune their own drums
32-36. Electrical tape in various colors: For labelling handheld mics, usually
37. Band-aids
38. Lexicon-branded lanyard:
As an emergency backup tool tether


39. Behringer UCA222 Audio Interface: This thing is technically a really mediocre interface, but it’s gotten me out of so many difficult situations since the headphone output on my MacBook has a grounding issue. Easy the best $25 I’ve ever spent.
40. (2) RCA to ¼ cables: The set that’s usually in my bag is still at work, so there’s a normal set of RCA cables holding it’s place in this picture. I use these for the UCA222 interface.
41. 1/8 to dual ¼ cable: For connecting a phone to the board
42. Adapter case (more on that below)
43. Sennheiser HD280 Pro Headphones
44. Mediocre Passive Behringer DI Box:
Hate on Behringer all you want, but this DI has gotten me out of dozens of difficult situations and doesn’t sound horrific, so I keep using it. (Yes, I have much better DIs for my PA, don’t worry)
45. HP Stream 7 Windows Tablet: This thing cost like $60 with a few discounts, and it’s great for looking up manuals and emails and stuff. I love Windows tablets. neotrotsky would be proud. Still running Windows 8 because 10 was giving me driver issues with the accelerometer, but it still works fine.
46. Kmashi 10,000mah battery: Because my stupid iPhone lasts two hours
47. Micro USB cable: Charges Stream 7 and my iPhone (with battery case)
48. (4) 6′ TRS to XLR Male cables: I get a lot of questions about why I carry these. I work on analog boards a lot with ¼ outputs. I usually don’t end up using all four of these, but they’ve saved me more times than I can count.

49. (6) XLR female to female turnarounds: Yes, I’ve used all six at the same time.
50. (6) XLR male to male turnarounds: Yes, I’ve also used all six of these at the same time.
51. NL4 to ¼
52/53. ¼ to XLR adapters
54. Mic stand parts and thread adapters
55. Mini DisplayPort to VGA adapter
56. (2) RCA to ¼
57/59/60/62/61/63. Various AV adapters and things
58. TRS couplers
64/65. Barrel DIs
66. Whirlwind Little IMP:
 generally used to get mic level signal into guitar pedals
67/68/69/70. XLR splitter, 1/8 female to dual ¼, stereo RCA to mono ¼, other RCA adapters

Sorry this was so lengthy! Please ask if you have any questions or want details about any of these items! I love to talk gear!

After Work

A quick g!p Elsa one-shot.

   As Elsa dragged herself up the stairs and walked into her room, she flopped face down on the bed and pulled a pillow over her head, waiting for the pitter patter of Anna’s feet as she ran up the stairs after her. Oftentimes Elsa would get home from work and go straight up to bed so Anna would have to run upstairs in order to greet her properly.

   This time, however, Anna, who had been waiting all day for Elsa to get home after thinking about certain things all afternoon, walked up the stairs slowly and poked her head in the room, smiling to see her dork already in bed-exactly where she wanted her.

   “Hi, cuddlebutt.” Elsa said, her voice muffled underneath her pillow, “How are you?”

   “Wonderful now that you’re home.” Anna said turning the lights down low and closing the door behind her as she walked in. Elsa lifted the pillow off of her head and sat up, smiling, expecting a hug, but what she got instead was the start of a strip tease.

   “Someone missed me.” Elsa smiled as Elsa lifted her shirt over her head and slid her pants down slowly, stepping out of them into only a bra and panties.

   “Have a good day at work?” Anna asked, taking her braids out and shaking her hair about her shoulders.

   “It was alright.” Elsa sighed, spreading her legs suggestively, “Slow day. Nothing more.”

   “Oh that’s good.” Anna said, playing with her bra strap, sliding it down over her shoulder teasingly, “So…I was thinking about you today.”

   “In more ways than one?” Elsa asked.

   “You could say that, yes.” Anna said, reaching up to undo her bra, “I couldn’t wait for you to get home.”

   “That’s lovely…You look like you need some help with that underwear.” Elsa said, gesturing towards herself.

   As Anna slid her bra off of her chest and her breasts fell free, Elsa’s mouth began to water. Anna walked forward and allowed Elsa to place her hands on her hips. Anna played with Elsa’s shirt and the blonde laid her head on Anna’s bare chest, pulling down her panties, slowly.

   “So on average, how many people were jerks to you today?” Anna asked, running her fingers through Elsa’s hair.

   “Above average.” Elsa answered, peppering Anna’s chest with kisses, “But what does it matter?”

   “True.” Anna smiled, stepping out of the pantie’s Elsa had pulled down for her. She took a few steps back and stood in front of Elsa in order for her to see.  As the older woman looked her girlfriend up and down, she began to feel a sensation in her jeans, tightening up and getting hotter.

   “I missed you.” Said Anna in a low tone, making Elsa’s bulge react more harshly, hardening in an uncomfortable angle in her pants, making the blonde bite her lip in desire for it to be let free. Anna let Elsa’s bulge grow to a noticeable size before she leaned down and undid Elsa’s pants button, slowly sliding the zipper down and reaching inside to pull out Elsa’s halfway-hard ten inch penis.

   “I missed him too.” Anna added as she began to lovingly stroke Elsa’s dick. Elsa, loving the feather light touches, leaned back slightly on the bed, using her arms for leverage if she should give out. Elsa’s soft hums were encouragement enough for Anna, who stroked faster.

   “Did you miss me?” the redhead purred.

   “I missed you a lot.” Elsa said breathily, “More so than usual.”

   “Why is that?” Anna asked as she leaned down and began to blow on the head of Elsa’s penis. The sharp, cooling sensation made Elsa’s cock shiver and twitch with a sweet sensation that burned intensely through her spine.

   “You’re…just the most sane thing in my life right now.” Elsa answered quickly, her breathing becoming more rapid as Anna began to pump the blonde’s penis faster in her right hand while her left hand cupped her balls, squeezing them gently. Elsa felt herself beginning to heat up and her clothes were becoming too hot for her. She unbuttoned her uniform shirt and took it off. Anna abandoned Elsa’s penis to help her undo her bra. Elsa moaned in pleasure as Anna pushed her back against the bed, and began nuzzling breasts and taking a hardened nipple into her mouth, fondling the other breast with her left hand, using her right to pump Elsa’s dick.

   Elsa shut her eyes and let out moans of pleasure, wordlessly telling Anna that she was doing an amazing job. It felt so good it was almost painful. Then, when Anna sensed Elsa was about to reach her limit, she stopped pumping and crawled atop of her.

   “H-hey!” Elsa asked softly, “Why did you stop?”

   “Because.” Anna said, flipping her hair back and grinding her hips against Elsa’s, her dick nestled between Anna’s bottom, “You have to tell me how your day went in detail.”

   “I got to work.” Elsa began in a hurry, “I put on my uniform, people started asking me stupid questions, I had to answer all of them like I gave a shit.” Anna moved her bottom so that Elsa’s dick rubbed against her pussy and Elsa talked even faster, “And then at lunchtime I realized I didn’t have any lunch so I had to buy something from the snack machine and it tasted like shit but what could I do, you know? It was still food. And then there was this dude that came in after my break and kept harassing me about his stupid iphone and how it wouldn’t do what he wanted it to do.”

   Anna took Elsa’s dick and lifted her hips so that the tip of Elsa’s dick pressed against Anna’s pussy.

    “And?” Anna asked, rubbing the dick on her clit.

    “And then nothing else happened and I came homewalkedupthestairsandwe’rehavingsex NOW FUCK ME PLEASE!”

   “Good girl.”

   And then Anna slammed her hips down on Elsa’s penis and Elsa threw her head back, her back arching high off of the bed in a scream of ecstasy. Anna sat still, much to her discomfort, but the look on Elsa’s face was worth it. Elsa reached forward and took Anna’s legs, rubbing the inside of her thighs and reaching forward for her clit. Anna gave a gasp as Elsa licked her finger, then placed it on her clit and began to rub slowly, delicately. Anna wanted to thrust up and down, but she resisted.

   Elsa wanted Anna to fuck her so badly, but she wouldn’t be reduced to a moaning, whimpering girl in front of Anna so she just fought back the urge to scream and said, “You love it when I rub your clit, huh?”

   And Anna shook her head up and down, moaning and leaning forward, gasping.

   “You like it when I circle it like that. Yes you do, you dirty girl.”

   Anna leaned forward even more and placed her hands on Elsa’s chest. The more Elsa played with Anna’s clit, the harder she squeezed around Elsa. The white hot pleasure surrounding Elsa’s dick made both of their bodies crackle with electricity, lust, and desire.

   “You like it when I talk dirty to you too, don’t you?” Elsa continued breathily, flicking Anna’s clit with her thumb, “You love it when I tell you how naughty you are.”

   “Yes!” Anna gasped, a thin sheen of sweat making itself known on her body in the low light, “YES!”

   “Now, tell me how much you want me.”

   “I want you!” Anna gasped desperately, “I want you! I want you inside of me!” And she began to fuck Elsa’s dick as hard and as fast as she could shouting, “I need you!”. The blonde threw her head back in absolute mind blowing pleasure as Anna thrust herself up and down as hard as she could on Elsa’s cock. Elsa watched as her dick would almost entirely disappear inside of Anna before she thrust out almost to the point where it would pop out of her, but then she would slam back down, sucking Elsa’s penis into her pussy once more.

   “Oh! Anna!” Elsa gasped, laying back on the bed, “Yes!”

   The redhead fucked her girlfriend so hard, her tits bounced and her screams of pleasure filled Elsa’s ears. The blonde reached up and placed her hands on one of Elsa’s breasts and squeezed gently, causing Anna to nearly explode.

   “It’s so thick, Elsa!” Anna moaned, going as hard and as deep as she could, “It’s stretching me so far.”

   “YES!” Elsa moaned, bucking her hips to meet Anna every time she thrust down onto Elsa’s hips, causing Anna to nearly spasm with pleasure, “I love you, Anna!”

   “I love you more, Elsa! Give me more! I need more!”

   So Elsa, using her superior strength, pulled out of Anna pushed her back onto the bed, lifting Anna’s legs up over her shoulders and thrusting her dick inside of Anna again, bucking as fast as she could. Anna, with every thrust cried out for more, clutching at the bed sheets and looking at Elsa with lust in her dark green eyes,

   Elsa took Anna’s hips and shoved Anna onto her every time she bucked into her. Anna threw her forearm over her eyes and opened her mouth wide in dazed screams of ecstasy. Elsa, loving the sounds, went even faster, stopping after little sprits, making Anna beg for it, then she would resume harder and faster than ever. Anna was nearing her limit and so was Elsa, but their session wasn’t over yet. Elsa pulled her dick out of Anna’s pussy before she could cum and listened to Anna’s cries before leaning down and licking up Anna’s pussy, flicking the clit with her tongue and sticking her fingers inside.

   “It’s not good enough!” Anna cried, grabbing Elsa’s head, “I need your dick in me! Your fingers won’t do it! Elsa! Your dick! I need it right now! Please!”

   Elsa sucked on the clit slowly, rubbing Anna’s pussy, making her scream and beg and plead to cum. Then, Anna stood to her feet, placed the very tip of her aching dick to Anna’s pussy and waited, listening to Anna’s cries. Then she thrust back into Anna and Anna let out the loudest scream so far, clutching at Elsa’s arms, her eyes rolling back into her head, her moans rising in pitch and tone.

   “I’m almost there!” Anna gasped, “Faster!”

    And Elsa obeyed.

   “OH! Elsa, I’m almost there, baby, just a little bit more!”

   Elsa leaned over Anna and ran her fingers through her hair, leaning down and kissing Anna fiercely, stealing any breath the redhead might’ve had left. Anna reached up and pulled Elsa down, screaming out, “OH GOD ELSA!”

   And Elsa’s eyes squeezed shut as she thrust in as deep as she could go, cumming as hard as she could, just as Anna came as well. The white substance gushed out of Anna’s pussy and dripped out, steaming hot, onto the bed sheets. Elsa kept coming for another few seconds, filling her girlfriend up with as much cum as she could until she collapsed on top of her redhead, her penis still inside of her.

   After the two women came down from their high, Anna embraced Elsa warmly and whispered in her ear, “I never told you but…I’m really glad you’re home for the weekend.”

   “Me too.” Elsa lifted her head and kissed Anna gently, “Me too.”

prongsandnoble-deactivated20151  asked:

Modern AU imagine the marauders group chats. James making horrible puns every 5 seconds, Sirius coming up with the worst pick up lines with lots of kissy emoticons, Peters using memes from like 2012, Lily coming up with better puns and sassy comebacks, Remus turned off his phone hours ago because these nerds never frickin stop

[02:17am] James Potter: what if every time you fall asleep youre auditioning for death and when you wake up you didn’t get the part (x)

[02:17am] Sirius Black: Shut the fuck up.

[02:17am] James Potter: im just asking dont get ur knickers in a twist

[02:18am] Sirius Black: I will literally come into your room with a hammer and smash your phone to pieces.

[02:18am] Lily Evans: but i thought you guys shared beds?? #ruineddreams

[02:18am] James Potter: noT MY PHONE U CAN’T TOUCH MY BBY APPLE<33

[02:18am] Sirius Black: You been dreaming about Potter and I sharing a bed, Evans? 

[02:18am] Lily Evans: duh it’s the only thing that gets me going 

[02:18am] Lily Evans: thinking of you two all cuddled up

[02:18am] Lily Evans: a hand sneaking between a thigh

[02:18am] Lily Evans: snores turning into moans

[02:19am] Peter Pettigrew: I feel like its my duty to inform u Evans that they will reenact this for u if u give them any more detail

[02:19am] Peter Pettigrew: stop now and save us all

[02:19am] James Potter: i am mortally offended by the fact that i dont get u goin anymore evans like u could of said smth 

[02:19am] Lily Evans: but peter their performance of romeo and juliet was so good don’t you want to see more??

[02:20am] Sirius Black: You should come over now Evans, I’ll give you something real to dream about.

[02:20am] James Potter: P SURE THATS MY JOB

[02:20am] James Potter: U KNOW

[02:21am] James Potter: AS HER BOYFRIEND!!

[02:22am] Lily Evans: i’ll be there in five ;)

[02:22am] Remus Lupin: lily and james aren’t you guys sharing a bed ? 

[02:22am] Lily Evans: sadly, yes

[02:23am] James Potter: hEY

[02:23am] Peter Pettigrew: there are noises coming from sirius’ room evans did you actually go over there??

[02:24am] James Potter: no she did nOT SHE’S RIGHT HERE NEXT TO ME

[02:24am] Remus Lupin: I can also hear noises coming from sirius’ room

[02:25am] James Potter: she’s literally right next to me rn!!

[02:25am] James Potter: i cant hear any noises???

[02:25am] Remus Lupin: The noises are getting louder

[02:25am] James Potter: wat r u guys talking about???

[02:25am] Peter Pettigrew: definitely sounds like evans

[02:25am] James Potter: ?????

[02:25am] James Potter: she IS RIGHT HERE OMG

[02:25am] James Potter: i hate all of you

[02:26am] Lily Evans: he looks like he’s about to cry omfg i can’t believe i’m dating this nerd

[02:26am] Sirius Black: Believe me Evans, none of us can either.

[02:27am] Remus Lupin: now everyone shut the fuck up 

[03:52am] James Potter:  what if the sound of the instruments u r playing is them crying because ur hurting them (x)

[03:52am] Sirius Black: Evans, will you please punch your boyfriend? Repeatedly? And then grind his stupid iPhone to a pulp? Ta.

[03:53am] James Potter: u guys r mean