This is one of my favorite Daisuke’s moments, but this isn’t the only reason why I made this post. It’s also to answer to a comment I received a while ago.

In this scene we can understand a lot about Daisuke’s character:

He always puts his friends first and he deeply cares about them. But he doesn’t care just about his own friends but even someone else’s. Here Daisuke is crying because he doesn’t want to hurt both Chocomon and Wallace because he feels Wallace’s pain to have to fight against his own digimon.

But then Wallace does something… He gives hope to Daisuke.

In that moment Daisuke recovers not becouse now he is ready to fight and defeat Chocomon, but because he is ready to save him.

Like I said in a previous post about Daisuke, he is THE MIRACLE BOY.

Like Taichi’s bravery, Yamato’s belief in the group, Mimi’s honesty, Sora’s caring, Koushiro’s intelligence, Joe’s protection, Takeru’s hope and Hikari’s light, Daisuke must believe in the fact that they’re going to win. And when Daisuke believes, Daisuke wins.

Wallace did what Daisuke always does for his friends, he makes him see that that’s the possibility to win, even if it’s the tinest one.

That’s all Daisuke needs stand up again. Because he holds himself to this tiny hope and he’ll do the best he can to make that happen. And in fact He succeeds.

This is what Daisuke is. THE MIRACLE.

Hurricanes (Bucky x Reader)

Word count: 700

               You and Bucky snuggled on the couch, watching the latest episode of your favorite show on Netflix. It was a stormy night, and hurricane Matthew was only going to get worse from here. Your whole life you had hated storms, and it didn’t help that it was your first time vacationing to Florida, and a stupid fucking hurricane decided to make an appearance. “Hey Bucky.” You whispered, looking up at the man you were snuggling. He looked down at you, trying to pay attention to you and the screen. “Don’t you think the hurricane is scary?”

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Emotional and Stir Crazy

Stuck inside like everyone else on the east coast. With Little Things nagging at me to play it all the time. Which makes me like this :

Then my boyfriend is barely texting me which makes me like this:

Cause this song makes me think of him so much.. Missing him hard.

I feel like shit.

I just want him to hold me.

I need to get out of the house… Damn Sandy.