• 2p!America:If aliens really landed on earth and be stored in Area 51, why would the government let the base be so iconic? Or do you think that they let it be iconic so no one would actually believe it? What about the people in the base? Would they need to take a vow of secrecy? What about what happens if someone told the median what would the government do the-
  • Dentist:America, when I asked if something was bothering you, I meant about your teeth.
Turns out I'm NOT getting my wisdom teeth pulled today

So, as we were making our way to the place for my ‘surgery’ my mom’s car’s battery starts acting weird. The dials on the dashboard start going back and forth like windshield wipers, the 'check engine’ light turns on, all sorts of stuff starts going wrong. So we carefully drive the rest of the way to the place (it’s too far to walk to) and, once we get there, sit down in the waiting room as my mom calls my dad for him to come pick us up after my 'operation’ is done, so we can have my mom’s car towed. They call me into the room, ask me if I took my pills, and when I told them that I took them with Crystal Light they canceled the procedure! They kept telling us that it was a risk for me to have consumed a 'fruit juice with sugar in it’, but the dummies wouldn’t listen to us telling them that Crystal Light doesn’t have sugar. So they re-scheduled me for tomorrow morning, and I basically went the entire morning without eating or drinking anything for nothing! That’s dangerous for me because I’ve had SVT in the past (that’s when your heart goes irregularly fast) and you know what triggers it? Dehydration! Stupid dummies at the stupid dentist *grumble, grumble*.

Though I can’t help but feel that this was the universe’s way of telling me that I shouldn’t have gotten my teeth pulled today. First the car breaks down, and then they give us some bogus reason as to canceling the procedure. Not to mention that tomorrow I’m going to a hospital instead to get the 'operation’ done. I have a bad feeling that this is a sign that something bad is going to happen to me during the 'surgery’.