Parent calls cops on teen for giving free books away at a free book giveaway

So, this happened: Someone called the cops on a teenager for giving away free books.

At—wait for it—a book giveaway event.

Just last week, we wrote about the difficulties Sherman Alexie’s acclaimed Young Adult novel, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, had faced during its four-year-run as one of the most banned books in the U.S.

Two weeks ago, parents in the Idaho school district of Meridian successfully campaigned to remove Alexie’s novel from its 10th-grade reading curriculum and additional reading lists.

Wednesday night, irate parents literally called the cops to the scene where Meridian teens were passing out free copies of Alexie’s novel. Boise news station KBOI reported that even the cops were baffled about why they’d been asked to police a book giveaway.

A National Book Award-winner, The Absolutely True Diary is a searing coming-of-age story about a Native American teenager who decides to attend an all-white high school outside of his reservation. It’s a powerful narrative about modern race relations in the U.S. But the Meridian school board sided with parents who objected to its alleged sexual and anti-Christian content, along with, as noted by the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, other stuff:

[A]n adult named Lonnie Stiles complained that the Alexie novel contains language “we do not speak in our home.”

Apparently the adults who objected to the book weren’t thinking about the teens living on Idaho’s five Native American reservations


Censorship happens when: the government, a media outlet, or other organisation withholds from disclosure, removes from publication, or shuts down public communication and/or suppresses the ability of people to express thoughts, feelings, ideas, and opinions without fear of punishment

Censorship does NOT happen when: someone disables or refuses to publish your abusive, idiotic comments on his or her own blog, website, youtube channel, etc.

SYABM comic 11: “Dina Rash”

Mighty No. 9 is an upcoming Kickstarted game by Keiji Inafune, the creator of Mega Man. It’s about a blue super fighting robot boy with a cannon for an arm, conceived in response to what many felt was Capcom’s mishandling of Inafune’s franchise.

Needless to say, it’s a spiritual successor to Castlevania.

Some time ago, there was a controversy over a woman named Dina being hired as Community Manager. Among other things, she proposed a female version of the main character, was possibly hired because her boyfriend worked at the company, was a feminist and fan of Anita Sarkeesian, and, oh yes, had never actually played any Mega Man games, by her own admission, which she later deleted.

Some felt that she would have a negative influence over the development of the game. Some feminists and pro-Social Justice folks retorted that such concerns were alarmist and reactionary, and she was just the Community Manager, for Pete’s sake.

Fast forward to Gamergate, where Dina locked people who supported the movement out of the game’s official Twitter and forums, including backers, and retweeted Wondermark’s sea lion comic. In response to being mocked for asking the community manager to manage the community , people start withdrawing their backing from Mighty No. 9, via chargebacks.

That’s right. She’s so incompetent and unprofessional she lost them money. I haven’t actually checked, but I’d bet the mainstream gaming press seems to have ignored this in favor of continuing to call Gamergate a bunch of cishet white virgin misogynerds. Or if they did mention it, they somehow spun it into being about anti-feminist misogyny instead of her behaving in an unprofessional manner far beyond her remit.

The irony is that if you look at the comic, Dina is the one persecuting others for what she feels are unacceptable public remarks, and using it as moral license to punish them in ways that she has no actual right to and have nothing to do with the comment, much like how the aquatic mammal here trespasses in the woman’s home.

Dina’s the sea lion.

It’s her.

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So, if you have a blogspot blog, you’ve probably got the memo from them that they will no longer be allowing nudity/sexually explicit material after March 23.

My current random legacy, the Brannon legacy, will not be affected. Even though I did put an adult content warning on it in case a stray peen showed up, I actually only had to remove one picture to comply with the new rules. And in the future all stray peens will be herded up and contained on my simblr, the land of peen.

Summerdream, however…that’s going to be a huge problem. Even when they aren’t being sexual, my fairies and dragons are routinely nude. Because they don’t have the same kind of hang ups that humans have about peens and ladyparts.

I have not decided what to do about Summerdream yet. Moving it here will be a huge project. It would give me an opportunity to tighten up some of the sloppier bits, however. But I’m cringing at the size of this project.

Anyway, I’ll keep you posted.


You know it’s funny how Marvel is slowly shooting itself in the foot with feminist Thor, first there was that awful fifth issue where feminist Thor punched the Absorbing Man for talking shit about feminism and now there’s a GamerGate “joke” in the latest issue of Loki (even though the actually about ethics insult kinda died out after two months into GamerGate)

It’s like they’re trying so hard to appeal to feminists and “progressives” that they don’t realize that by pandering to these idiots they are alienating their long term readers.

The problem I have with all these hipster fucks writing for Marvel is that they try WAY TOO hard to be funny, seriously did anybody tell these people that internet memes are only ever funny on the internet? Because I don’t know about you guys but when I see shit like this in comics I just roll my eyes and cringe at how goddamn awful and unfunny it is.

Plus I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again I really didn’t give two flying fucks about female Thor when it was first announced because I knew that it was yet another shitty gimmick that was gonna get retconned when the next Thor movie comes out.

But then Marvel had to shoot themselves in the foot with issue five and low and behold they’re still continuing to dig themselves way deeper into the hole that they’ve dug for themselves with this shitty joke.

Loki has already been selling like shit and this type of shit isn’t gonna bring in any new readers especially after the negative feedback issue five got from longtime readers of Thor.

So to recap DC are a bunch of censoring pussies and Marvel continues to alienate their long term readers with shitty writing made to pander to feminists and “progressives”.

Yet another great reason to start supporting independent comic publishers and go underground.

4Kids M!A List (Once you are part of it, you cannot swear or show too much violence or sexual activity, for the kids' sakes. Feel free to add more!)
  • Pokemon:You are now 10 years old and will stay that way for 24 hours.
  • Mew Mew Power:You are a magical cat person! If anyone kisses you, you become an actual cat. Lasts for as long as anon decides.
  • The Cramp Twins:You now have a split personality you call your twin. They are your complete opposite, but you have to deal with them anyways. Lasts for 2 days.
  • Dinosaur King:You are suddenly surrounded by dinosaurs! You have to defeat the evil ones and befriend the nice ones. Lasts for 5 hours.
  • Skunk Fu!:You are now a skunk. Who knows kung fu! You believe that you must train non stop to defeat an evil dragon, or you will be shunned by the other animals and your sensei. Lasts for as long as anon decides.
  • One Piece:There is a special treasure, and you must find it! Imagine all the riches! Lasts until muse finds the treasure or until anon decides. Whichever comes first.
  • Sonic X:You suddenly have the need to... Go fast! You can't stop running. Gotta go faster, faster, faster faster faster! Lasts for 3 hours.
  • Magical DoReMi:You are now a witch. Be careful, though! If anyone finds out, you'll turn into a witch frog! Lasts for as long as anon decides.
I Hate Censorship Sometimes


This is A comparison of the US vs. the Japanese version of an outfit in the game “bravely default” (the US version on the left the Japanese on the right) Now, im not complaining because I want to see the original version, but because this game has a T rating!, it’s not exactly a kids game, this game has death, murder, genocide, and some things that I’m sure a kid could find traumatizing, but they censor a little skin. The thing that bugs me the most (and I’m sure others) is that when something is censored, it’s always something considered too suggestive. Not that I would want anything else in this game censored, hell, I don’t want any story to be edited or censored from its original story just because it’s considered “inappropriate” But it’s always the revealing attire. It says on the back of the game “suggestive themes” you see that? With that, any parent or person who buys the game now is aware that the game might have some revealing or suggestive attire, no need to censor, if this is a problem just don’t let the kid buy it. But for that matter, why is it that America has come to believe that nudity and suggestive themes are the most terrible things out there? Worse than gore, violence, and profanities? And why is it they feel so much more compelled to change and edit it than anything else. True some programs will censor violence and such but they basically would censor anything (we all remember invisible guns and “fruit juice” in wine bottles) but does anyone even complain about these things? Has anyone ever said “this is inappropriate for my kid” and If they don’t think it’s appropriate, then it’s the parent’s job to decide whether or not it’s alright for their kid to play or watch it. I mean, I’m fairly certain the kids wouldn’t mind it, remember that Japanese kids see the original, uncut content, and they are fine with it. We’re basically babying children, and in all honesty it’s pointless. So what you covered a little skin on a swimsuit, if a kid were to go to a beach or pool right now, they would see just as much if not more on a woman. So why are we doing this? There is absolutely no reason, hell the outfit above is part of a joke that the old man who made that suit designed it to be a preposterous suit of a guys fantasies, they do not edit any of the script of that scene, just the visuals, I think that the character unintentionally describes how the people who censor these things must think.

           “Oh don’t look! Its too much temptation for your mind”

Welcome to the real world kids, there are boobs.

Chapter 11 of tg second season left me emocionally cripled.
Because precious son and precious Shinohara-san…..and I didn’t expect the Hide moment.
GDI Pierrot we know there is gore things there and I had emoccionally prepared myself for the thingy about Suzuya (you know what if you read the manga) but again as with Ayato, you censor it….

Also if Touka is hurt someone is going down.

Welp going back to cry and see cryaotic streams~

The UK edits so much stuff from Victorious

  • "She can’t get her boobs in the hamburger"- The Diddly Bops
  • Can sharing -Prom Wrecker
  • Jade helping with shake the ‘vending machine’ - The Great Ping Pong Scam (Why?)
  • "Spazzy boy" - Helen Back Again
  • Checking Trina’s snot and almost drowning Trina- Ice Cream for Ke$ha
  • Etc, etc.

Do you think they could even air The Breakfast Bunch?


Feminists are not here to censor your games except when they are

This is an example of real opression, the opression comes not from men or women, but from censorship

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