So, if you have a blogspot blog, you’ve probably got the memo from them that they will no longer be allowing nudity/sexually explicit material after March 23.

My current random legacy, the Brannon legacy, will not be affected. Even though I did put an adult content warning on it in case a stray peen showed up, I actually only had to remove one picture to comply with the new rules. And in the future all stray peens will be herded up and contained on my simblr, the land of peen.

Summerdream, however…that’s going to be a huge problem. Even when they aren’t being sexual, my fairies and dragons are routinely nude. Because they don’t have the same kind of hang ups that humans have about peens and ladyparts.

I have not decided what to do about Summerdream yet. Moving it here will be a huge project. It would give me an opportunity to tighten up some of the sloppier bits, however. But I’m cringing at the size of this project.

Anyway, I’ll keep you posted.

I Hate Censorship Sometimes


This is A comparison of the US vs. the Japanese version of an outfit in the game “bravely default” (the US version on the left the Japanese on the right) Now, im not complaining because I want to see the original version, but because this game has a T rating!, it’s not exactly a kids game, this game has death, murder, genocide, and some things that I’m sure a kid could find traumatizing, but they censor a little skin. The thing that bugs me the most (and I’m sure others) is that when something is censored, it’s always something considered too suggestive. Not that I would want anything else in this game censored, hell, I don’t want any story to be edited or censored from its original story just because it’s considered “inappropriate” But it’s always the revealing attire. It says on the back of the game “suggestive themes” you see that? With that, any parent or person who buys the game now is aware that the game might have some revealing or suggestive attire, no need to censor, if this is a problem just don’t let the kid buy it. But for that matter, why is it that America has come to believe that nudity and suggestive themes are the most terrible things out there? Worse than gore, violence, and profanities? And why is it they feel so much more compelled to change and edit it than anything else. True some programs will censor violence and such but they basically would censor anything (we all remember invisible guns and “fruit juice” in wine bottles) but does anyone even complain about these things? Has anyone ever said “this is inappropriate for my kid” and If they don’t think it’s appropriate, then it’s the parent’s job to decide whether or not it’s alright for their kid to play or watch it. I mean, I’m fairly certain the kids wouldn’t mind it, remember that Japanese kids see the original, uncut content, and they are fine with it. We’re basically babying children, and in all honesty it’s pointless. So what you covered a little skin on a swimsuit, if a kid were to go to a beach or pool right now, they would see just as much if not more on a woman. So why are we doing this? There is absolutely no reason, hell the outfit above is part of a joke that the old man who made that suit designed it to be a preposterous suit of a guys fantasies, they do not edit any of the script of that scene, just the visuals, I think that the character unintentionally describes how the people who censor these things must think.

           “Oh don’t look! Its too much temptation for your mind”

Welcome to the real world kids, there are boobs.

The UK edits so much stuff from Victorious

  • “She can’t get her boobs in the hamburger”- The Diddly Bops
  • Can sharing -Prom Wrecker
  • Jade helping with shake the ‘vending machine’ - The Great Ping Pong Scam (Why?)
  • “Spazzy boy” - Helen Back Again
  • Checking Trina’s snot and almost drowning Trina- Ice Cream for Ke$ha
  • Etc, etc.

Do you think they could even air The Breakfast Bunch?

I don’t like Amy Schumer but the fact that feminists and progressives are losing their shit over her joke is just more proof that they will only support someone if they pander to their ideology. But if you say ANYTHING that might offend them they’ll turn on you in a heartbeat.

That’s why I keep telling everyone not to pander to feminists and progressives because they have no sense of humor and will turn on you in a heartbeat if you do or say anything that hurts their feelings.

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By no means do I support usage of the Confederate flag or anything, it has ties to racism and whatnot. But here’s the thing.
Removing games containing the Confederate flag from the app store is completely and utterly stupid. It’s censorship.
Censorship is wrong.
And when you remove these things what you are doing is trying to remove it from the minds of people and act like it never happened.
Don’t get me wrong, they’re just apps, and I don’t own any apple products.

But if we censored everything that offended someone, we would live in an oppressive society.

Hint of advice for companies like Apple:

You can’t remove something for hate-speech unless it actually contains hate-speech unless you want to look like a censorship happy dumbass.

The General Lee is not only a symbol that’s become so rooted in pop-culture by things like The Dukes of Hazard and Southern Rock acts that you can’t assume it being used has a white supremacist symbol without context that proves that to be the case, but also has historical value and might show up in literally anything Civil War related like historical RTS games as a part of the setting.

The later is really pure idiocy because no-one would pull Call of Duty, Medal of Honor, or Wolfenstien for containing Nazi Symbols in historical context (well, aside from Germany but you people really need to not suppress the ugly-ass part of your history out of embarrassment because that’s tempting history to repeat itself)
James Robinson Responds To Transgender Controversy Over Airboy - Blee…

Sad to see another person in the comics industry get bullied into apologizing because his work offended people.

Seriously how fucking sad is it that we live in a world where creative freedom and freedom of expression means nothing anymore.

Political correctness is a fucking cancer that kills creative freedom and humor and it pisses me the fuck off that there are people who encourage things to be more PC.

This is why I love listening to Joe Rogan’s podcast, he’s based as fuck and he doesn’t give two flying fucks if you agree or disagree with him on anything. Same reason I loved listening to Opie and Anthony back when Anthony was on the show because those guys came in and didn’t give a flying fuck who they offended and they never once apologized for any of their jokes.

Creative freedom and freedom of expression are two things that are sadly dying in this day and age and it’s sad how progressives and feminists quickly throw anybody that says anything they don’t like under the bus and then try to claim the moral high ground by saying “I don’t like censorship but I want this piece of media censored because it hurt my feelings”.

And this is why I keep saying that progressive and feminists are slowly killing the comic book industry because they keep crying about shit and they demand it to be censored and then claim that they “Aren’t pro censorship”.

It really is sad seeing James Robinson a writer who is very hit and miss with people but someone who is well known in the industry get bullied by these fucking assholes and be forced to apologize all because he wrote something that hurt their fucking feelings.

Fuck these assholes and fuck censorship.
Stupid Tax Laws, Stupid Gun Laws, Stupid Terrorist Laws Threatened Non-Violent Florida Man With 20 Years in Jail
Feds wanted to tack 20 years onto the sentence on tax and gun charges of an Islamic scholar for the books in his library.

An Islamic scholar from Florida named Marcus Robertson was charged and convicted of tax fraud and possession of a gun by a convicted felon and sent to jail in 2011. Since then, the federal government has sought a “terrorism sentence enhancement” that would keep Robertson in jail for 20 years for the crimes of not giving the government all the money the government demanded from him, and seeking to exercise his Second Amendment right after previously having been convicted of a felony—crimes that, at their heart, are non-violent.

Where did the attempted terrorism enhancement come from? The books Robertson was reading. The Intercept reports:

Robertson’s case attracted national attention after prosecutors attempted to argue earlier this year that the contents of his book collection constituted evidence of his connection to terrorism. Prosecutors singled out roughly 20 titles from the more than 10,000 e-books Robertson owned, highlighted a selection of controversial passages, and used that to argue that he should be sentenced as though he were a terrorist.

None of Robertson’s charges — conspiracy to file a false tax return and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon — were terrorism offenses.

Thankfully, this particular federal judge had some sense, and pointed out the federal government hadn’t produced any evidence Robertson actually read the controversial passages, and that even if he had, it would not be unusual for a scholar to have among his read works, extremist material. I would go one further—even if you’re not a scholar in a country that says you have a right to free speech and to be secure in your persons, properties, and papers, that what you read and why is none of the government’s business and certainly no crime, no matter what it is.

POL note: Recall how many people want to try Dylan Roof as a terrorist. This case of Marcus Robertson, a man who did nothing wrong, is a perfect example of what happens when we view every crime (per-meditated murder in Roof’s case) through the lens of the War on Terror.

They wanted to call him a terrorist because of the books he read.

ugh they just had to water down the nali moment, cause of their stupid fucking censorship. and no i am not satisfied with the alternate natsu face planting himself into lisanna’s boobs. lisanna is not lucy, and that nali moment was way more meaningful than those stupid nalu ‘’moments’’ where lucy is naked and natsu ends up involved in it one way or another.

original ftw

I’ve been watching the entire Sailor Moon series (subbed) and I realized how dumbed down the dub is. they barely cover the real story. stupid american censorship. love the anime though, lots of memories!