Having a baby under the age of 20 does not make you a shitty mother

Abusing your children makes you a shitty mom.
Neglecting your children makes you a shitty mom.
Leaving them with your parents to go out and party or drink or smoke makes you a shitty mom.
Never seeing your children makes you a shitty mom.
Missing milestones because you don’t care to be around makes you a shitty mom.
Being under 20 does not makes you a shitty no .

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i saw your post but i still dont get it, why isnt there a white history month? weve gone through lots of trouble too?

???? bitch what???? the only trouble youve had to go through is swallowing mary-anne’s bland ass broccoli and chicken, fuck outta here with that shit

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when i said, white characters get changed into animals too, i meant that it's not just poc's that get turned into animals. It's a common theme in animated movies. When it happens to white characters, you don't care, but have a poc character w/ a similar storyline & it's terrible. There are a lot of poc- lead movies where no one gets turned into an animal to "learn a lesson". Should they make all leads white even tho that doesn't fit w/ the culture being represented so as not to "offend"? no

This ask is a complete mess and I don’t know on which ignorant statement I should start. So, out of 54 WDAS films, 10 feature PoC leads, 19 feature white leads, and the rest are animals or non-human. Only one WDAS film (Beauty and the Beast) features a white character who is turned into an animal for more than half of the film, and he’s not even the main character, so that’s 5.3% of WDAS with white protagonists where the white protagonist/deuteragonist is turned into an animal for more than half of the film (even though the Beast is very humanoid.) 

However, out of 10 WDAS films with PoC leads, 3 films feature PoC protagonists turned into an animal for more than half of the film, so that’s 30%. The disparity is that is instead of equal representation, we have a 2:1 ratio of white characters to characters from every other race in the world instead of equal representation for each race. The other PoC-lead 7 films are Big Hero 6, Lilo and Stitch (shared lead with a non-human), Atlantis (where Kida is a shared lead if not a deuteragonist), The Jungle Book,Mulan, Pocahontas and Aladdin . That’s 5 WDAS films where it is solely PoC lead with noone getting turned into animals, and you’re telling me that we have enough PoC lead films?

I enjoy Princess and the Frog, Brother Bear and the Emperor’s New Groove greatly, but it doesn’t mean that I can’t criticize it. There was no reason that the story could have been changed to a different one where the characters did not have to be turned into an animal for the majority of the film, there’s so many other fairytales from so many cultures that could have been used, but you’re telling me there’s no other way it could have been avoided? Marketing for Princess and the Frog has nearly no merchandise with Naveen as a human except for dolls, so it’s hardly representation for brown children like my sister, when the first brown WDAS character since Aladdin is seen as a frog and not as an actual human being. Children don’t connect half as much to a princess who is a frog for more than half of her screentime compared to a blonde princess who has magical powers and isn’t seen as anything other than human. Merchandise for Emperor’s New Groove when I was a child had hardly any merchandise with Kuzko as human. 

Cinderella, Elsa, Rapunzel, Flynn, Pinnochio, Hercules, Ralph, Milo, Tarzan,etc were taught a lesson without having to be turned into animals, because the basis of most animated films is that the main characters undergo character development, so getting turned into an animal is not the only way to make a story. 

tldr: There is only 1/19 white-lead WDAS film with a character as an “animal” for most of the film, compared to the 3/10 with PoC characters. We don’t have enough representation for PoC, and there are only 5 /54 solely human PoC lead WDAS films, so take your ignorance elsewhere. 

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Look.. I'm so sick of you people posting stuff on tumblr, your art work and writing and stuff and expecting people not to repost it. thats what tumblr DOES. if you don't want it out there, then don't post it.

How I wish my english was good enough to reply  you properly fucking little piece of shit ^_^

Soo, that’s what tumblr does?? If it wasn’t for us artists, you would not have stuff to ruin and repost because of your lack of grey matter. Go fuck yourself reposter! It won’t be too long until someone denounces you. I hope it is me the one to have such a great  pleasure. 

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Can u plz stop posting Ferguson? as far as i know you are from Scandinavia, why does this even matter to u?

Wow really? yes you are correct i am from Denmark which is a part of Scandinavia. to answer you question no i will not stop posting Ferguson because while i may not live in America or even the states this may help spread awareness to the people who do and the people who can make a difference. I don’t know where you live but i hope that if something like this happens in you country or sate for that matter that someone will help you spread awareness.  

Seriously Anons, what if I went around to all the #BlackLivesMatter blogs and asked them if they cared about preborn lives, or if they cared about human trafficking victims, or if they value animal lives since they value Black lives, or how many Black children they’ve adopted from foster care since they care about Black lives so much?

That would be stupid and pointless and pretty offensive to those bloggers, right?

So, this morning I got this anon message:

“I hate to break it to you, but Jim is gay. He and Mayim will never be together. And if he were straight, he wouldn’t be interested in her anyway. She NASTY.”

I deleted it this morning because it was stupid. But I saw it on my email and I got reminded again what I hate about these kind of people.

One: Do you think that someone like me does not know Jim is gay? Like, that is the first thing one will find out if you become a fan of his. And for fuck’s sake, do they think someone who owns multiple blogs and has two fansites doesn’t know he is gay and is in a decade-long relationship with Todd Spiewak? Two: The world is full of possibilities. I can get married to my future clone, Kaley might get another boyfriend or get back together with Johnny, Kunal and Simon might admit they are gay too, Melissa is a Martian, Jim and Mayim might get together. How can YOU predict the future or even say it will NEVER happen? And even if you say I am deadly hoping for it to happen, I will fucking sue you with a libel case. I have respect for Jim and Todd’s relationship and I know Mayim isn’t even up for dating (Yanina might take that up as her no. 1 life goal— it is a joke, in case you are that stupid to not even get that). I like them together as friends too and it’s their lives, who the fucking am I to say who they can date and who they can’t? Three: Are you Jim Parsons to say who is your type and who isn’t? Just because you fucking hate Mayim doesn’t mean you and Jim have the same opinions and life choices. Lastly, fucking whore you do not tell me Mayim is nasty.