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this is a RLY stupid question- too stupid to be off anon, but what Pixel resolution are you set to for digital art? I draw and sometimes my quality is horrendous when I post it,, help a boy out pls

Not a domb question at all, anon! <:oP

This is a default for me- and my quality seems p ok!! 

Hope this helps!!! 

also, yes.. my canvas is massive bec I like to do a million thumbnails

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Hi Leo:) First of all, sorry for my bad English! I am Korean and I fall in LOVE with all of your CCs! Especially deco people you uploaded! They make my houses fuller and more realistic! (and its fun to watch how they are merged into the sims world lol. They're so real that I feel like one of real people are accidentally fell into the game) Please ignore that stupid anon sweetie ;) They are just jealous about how special your are!

hi lovely anon, thank you so much for amazing words. Actually those people are 3d models converted to game. I have no such a talent to make a human model yet but thank you really for couraging words lots of love ♥♥♥


Daily dose of Candy Pop. All credit goes to the original artists
I tried to find as many pictures as possible where the artist signs their name (since I have no way of knowing them in person, and I’m not on the internet enough to actually find them), since some anon messaged me yesterday to complain that I’m not being respectful to the artists.
In the caption, I say it’s not mine and I say the credit goes to them. It’s not like I’m saying I own the pictures or anything like that.
So long story short, if you’re thinking about going anon and complaining about what I post, please don’t. People like that stress me out beyond belief and I get cranky about it sometimes too.

some of these ztans are honestly so embarrassing and hateful, they lack so much brain that they actually have the nerve to try and say that someone is a fake fan because they choose to be smart and not support their fave’s toxic relationship, which clearly hasn’t done him any good, it only makes him look like a fool over and over again, and it brings him more hate from people who aren’t fans for that. or they come at people for not having his album or book or merch because they can’t afford them or don’t have the means to purchase them. imagine being so delusional that you think these irrelevant things make you a fake or real fan. zayn would be embarrassed to know that these people claim to be his fans, and he actually is embarrassed because we all know how much he creeps on every platform. if you really think that not having something your faved put out makes you any less of a fan, you’re so wrong fam. zayn actually sent copies of his book to fans who said that they can’t afford it. do you think he thought ‘oh they’re not real fans if they’re not selling a kidney to buy my book’? no, definitely not. and accusing people of being fake for these reasons is completely pathetic. or trying to say that someone is fake because they rightfully call out their fave’s stupid behavior when he clearly needs to be educated and no, people are not throwing him hate, they’re just trying to teach him (or his stupid team) how disgusting, wrong and cringe worthy a tweet is. no one should ever feel like they’re not fan material for any of the above. get over yourselves.

okay, so, this is a message to the anon who keeps writing to me (they haven’t wrote today though) why me? i haven’t done anything wrong, neither have all the people in the ivar fam, we are all just here to write and express our love for our characters we love. for you to keep repeatedly telling me i should quit tumblr and leave because i suck is low. i’m here to have fun and meet new people who love all the same things i do. and i have met some amazing people on here, i met my best friend on here. why won’t you just show your face and tell me who you are??. and the day you actually have the guts to tell me who you are i’ll be waiting and i’ll forgive you. i’m going through a hard time right now in my life and you coming in and saying everything you have is just breaking me even more. i don’t know if that’s your goal or what, but please, from me and all the other people in this fandom, please stop spreading hate. i don’t care if i suck at writing, i love it and it’s a huge passion of mine. i’m here to write my heart out and spread the sexiness i have for ivar and the fellow vikings. my name’s shelly, and i love everyone in ivars heathen army, i’m not leaving like you want me too, i’m here to stay for as long as everyone in ivars heathen army wants me. i hope you see this and know that i’m not leaving. lots of love and thanks from me


Im on middle of the class but i had to answer this…
Anon, i am free to do whatever i want , just like everyone else, we are free to think and act how WE want to , i love my two boyfriends , and its not weird, they love each other and they both love me, its a healthy relationship and i refuse to let a peraon like you come around and say that is messed up, and yeap, i am ace , there is MANY types of asexual people, i am demi-ace btw
I would write more, but the teacher is staring at me //groan and goes to class
@gabeey (i cant tag sir for some reason?)

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Ugh, another stupid Sleepy-kinq supporter. You say that your blog is a home for everyone, yet you support someone like him. You're disgusting even talking to someone who jokes about rape.

Listen, dear anon. Let me stop you right there. @sleepy-kinq is my friend. You are NOT allowed to talk about him any type of way! He has said he’s sorry on multiple occasions! And as a rape victim myself, it highly offends me when you call ME disgusting! You can call me names all day long! You can slander my blog! You can even send all the hate messages that you want, but you will NOT talk about Skrill that way! He’s made mistakes, but he said he was sorry! You, anon, disgust me. I never say that to anyone, but you, my friend, need to get out of my blog, NOW! I do not tolerate things like this, so excuse me, could you please leave? I know what rape is like, and it’s not ok. It’s horrible, and it stays with you your entire life. I bear that pain myself, but I do wholeheartedly care for Skrill as my friend. He’s helped me inadvertently on countless occasions. His silly antics and funny characters have kept me going. If that isn’t a sign that he’s a good spirit, well, I don’t know what is. He will always be someone I consider a friend, regardless of what his characters do/say. So, dear anon, please refrain from calling people disgusting when you don’t even know the half of it all. As stated before, I am a rape victim and know what it’s like, but that doesn’t stop me from seeing the good in people. Skrill is an amazing guy, and I’m happy to call him my friend. Does he make mistakes? Yes. Has he said sorry? Yes. Is he trying to do better. Absolutely. So please, leave Skrill alone. I don’t care if you mess with me, but don’t mess with him, his boyfriend, his friends, or any of his followers or you’ll personally have to deal with me.

Ant*: you can not like Kylo Ren!

  • and wear a sombrero!
  • and stop stomping the ground, this is triggering me!
  • you can not enjoy Reylo and eat cubed cheese! my ship always eats cube cheese after they had sex! 
  • you can not ship Reylo and wear clown shoes! clown shoes are taken by the PoeFinnC3-POReySkyTwinChewie ship!
  • you can not write Reylo fanfiction and make it about Reylo instead of other ships!
  • keep your cubed pedophile cheese off my dash!
  • you can not ship Rey and Kylo and wear a hoop skirt! Hoop skirts are taken by the LuBB8 fandom, ugh. You nasty Reylos steal everything!
  • can’t we just have like ONE THING?!
  • don’t wave your flashlight back and forth because thats incest, you nasty piece of shit. 
  • stop screaming REYLO IS NEAR - Reylo is never going to happen it is the worst and most stupid ship of all time

Me: oh, really? Well, of course, my friend!

Hey guys so that fuckwad anon that messaged me is apparently going around and messaging my followers spreading hate about me and saying mean things about you guys?

I just want to apologize if you’re getting hate, obvs I never want any of my followers to be a target cuz someone has an issue with me, and since this person hasn’t come right to me and messaged me again, they are obviously too scared to do that, and now are spreading meaningless hate to you guys while on anon.

Definitely delete it, don’t engage with them, you can also block the user even if it’s an anon message ( but I think you have to be on the computer for that, idk if mobile has that option)

Again, if this bitch is coming into your box on anon and saying hateful things about me or about you because you defended me, I’m super sorry, but they obviously have nothing better to do than read/stalk my blog and find stuff to complain about and that’s honestly just pathetic as shit.

You guys know I love and appreciate the support from all of you!

You’re so wrong about so many things and the sad thing is you don’t even seem to suspect it, or do you? When reality is threatened, cognitive bias is a bitch, huh? Being able to admit you were wrong is a good thing, refusing to admit it even though you know it’s the right thing to do is just dishonest, at best.

It’s obvious you don’t actually read my blog because I’ve been talking all year about things I’ve been wrong about.

I’ve also been very “I’m not sure, I don’t have a strong opinion about _____, I’m still thinking it over” and open to publishing differing opinions, so I’m not sure what you think I’m wrong about. 

I find it funny that you could be a pissed Larrie (because I am open to the idea they may have broken up), a pissed anti (because I think that Harry and Louis are/were together), a pissed Harrie (because well, there are lots of reasons for Harries to take out their disappointment and anger on others–bless them), or a pissed Louie (because I don’t like Bebe’s voice and wish Louis’ first single had been all about him).

But the best part of this ask if that you think my reality is “threatened.” And yet you’re the one who is so upset by my posts that you felt the need to send me this ask.

As they say in the South–

Bless your threatened heart, anon.