Remember when the official japanese pokémon twitter went and posted on valentines day a pic of archie and maxie inside a cute little pink heart and commented that “those two from aqua and magma seem to be getting along very well” because im still shook like what a power move


some prom doodles

“did you survive the avada kedavra curse? because you’re drop-dead gorgeous

there’s cheesier ones don’t worry

for @yoiauweek-2017!

more hp au


“a hug is made for two”

aka awkward physical affection between two socially awkward teens

Idea and inks are by me
colors and title are by @brawlerina

Please check out her tumblr. She is an amazing artist and person and knows how to set Lance in scene to let him show his hottest side.

Also please don’t alter or repost without permission or I’ll haunt your scrawny asses! Thanks!