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I had an epiphany the other night…. Arin’s alter can be called evilraptor

I feel satisfied now that I’ve discovered this.

My favourite thing at the moment is reading comments from people complaining about the BBC’s ‘The Muskateers’ because they cast Howard Charles, a black actor, to play Porthos. I’ve read so many comments like 'but there were no black people in France in the 1800s!’ and 'the BBC is just trying to force its multicultural agenda!' 

It’s like these people have never seen a picture of Alexandre Dumas, the author of the novel on which the adaptation is based:

y'know, that black Frenchman, Alexandre Dumas.

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you know up until now i've never really seen stupid things from white//rose shippers,probably cause neptune hasn't been around for a full season and ruby has had no romantic interests, today though i saw someone say that neptune x weiss is gay/lesbian solidarity implying they were only drawn to each other cause they recognized each other as gay and not cause they're canonly romantically interested in each other. why do people feel the need to grasp at straws so much?

I saw someone say that Blake and Sun were actually wlw and mlm solidarity even though there’s no evidence to back that up. I don’t know why they do it, I don’t think like them.

Now that Exodus and Gods of Egypt are total flops, does that mean that Hollywood learns that the audience doesn’t like this stupid as fuck whitewashed epics? That all the big names and big budgets don’t mean anything if they fail to have just the slightest bit of respect to the source material and the persons it depicts?

Just a little rant

Shut up about culture appropriation


Shut up.

Do you understand how idiotic you people sound when you use that term?

Are you trying to enforce segregation?

If a Hispanic person wants to eat Chinese food that’s not culture appropriation.

If a white person wants dreadlocks, that’s not culture appropriation

If a black person wants to wear lolita and speak Japanese, that’s not culture appropriation.

I’d be ecstatic if my white friends wanted to learn more about my culture and adapt to some of them.

Hell, my best friend is Bengali and now I’ve adapted some of their traditions into my life, especially the food.

If that person is not offending the culture but just embracing it and learning from it, let them be and shut up.