stupid walkers


                                         "I’ve been to so many places around the world,
                                          but never been to a place as beautiful as this.”
                                         “I have. Everyday. Every morning I wake up
                                                                 and I look at you.”

Needs Must When The Devil Strives

Ammy here. I have more writing for you, finally (this one isn’t the pirate AU, it’s just pain). I have a friend who gives me writing prompts and she just appeared in my inbox demanding that I make her cry.
So here we go!
Trigger Warnings:
Summary: While destruction may have been his right, it didn’t mean he wanted to destroy things. He’d even done all he could to save Mana–but it seemed there was no escaping who he was. Now he realized the only way to save Mana was to destroy him.
Characters: Neah D. Campbell, Mana D. Campbell, Adam/Millennium Earl © Katsura Hoshino, two unknown exorcists © me

Sunlight played across the gray, cobblestone pavers, warming them enough that if there hadn’t been a press of people crammed into the streets, the two young men would’ve been able to see the waves of heats rising from their surface, or even to see those strange, silvery mirage-puddles that receded just as quickly as they approached.

But as it were, there was no way to see the heat.

It could only be felt, and felt it they did.

“It’s too hot.”

“You’re whining again, Neah,” his sibling commented, his lips pulling up in a teasing smile. “Sometimes I think you whine more than Wisely whines about her headaches.”

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Daryl x Reader - Forgive me father for I have sinned ( 30 Days Series) [SMUT]

Previous chapters are avaiable on my masterlist ♥

Day 14: sex in the church

Fandom: The Walking Dead

Pairing: Daryl Dixon x Reader

Warning: SMUT (doggie style and a little bit of daddy kink…I REGRET NOTHING)


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Group Project: Part 2

Running Title: Group Project.
Part 2
Part 1: Here
Part 3: Here
Sequel to Shelter
Summary: Something has been keeping Cross from being a melancholy bastard, and Kanda gets an apology from someone he honestly doesn’t even remember, but at least he finally got Alma their cupcake. Feat: Timothy wants to be like his Papa. 

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Another AU

Outlast AU where everything is the same except Miles and Waylon tweet stupid updates throughout the entire game


“Just climbed through a vent. Lol.”

“Hiding in a locker from Chris Walker ;D #sneaky”

“New pet name: Darling”


a week ago, at 4am, I had the idea that for one reason or another the people in the Mount Massive Asylum acquire a baby from somewhere, and get damn protective. Eddie calls dibs on being the Dad, Dr Trager and Father Martin are the grandpas, everyone else is an uncle or nanny or something. Miles makes silly baby videos. Waylon is named mommy but doesn’t want to have anything to do with any of it. blaming greenekangaroo who not only encouraged me but gave me specific ideas as well… urgh… you can pinpoint the moment I stopped trying TuT

i’m listening to classical music and all of a sudden i got this concept in my head: renee as a ballerina/classical dancer???

listen ok she uses dancing like sparring with andrew, as a form of recovery and coping and she likes it because it’s hard, it takes a lot of effort and concentration, and it allows her to push herself like exy does

and andrew going to see all her shows/dance competitions, dan and allison sitting front row supportive girlfriends, and then eventually andrew drags neil along with him to one of her shows, and then the whole team shows up, even wymack and abby, and they’re all cheering for her clapping except andrew who is just sitting there silent and stoic in the audience with his arms crossed over his chest, but he secretly loves watching it because he likes the synchronicity and the strength it takes and he sees why renee likes it, it makes him feel kinda calm when he watches it

and neil notices that andrew likes it and he teases andrew about it “u like dancing, don’t u andrew” and andrew just levels him with a look like fuck u ur at 100

Fluffy MacCready/Victoria silliness which has the potential to go smutty. Maybe. I don’t know. Should it?

Mornings were becoming MacCready’s favourite time of day.

Waking up with Victoria, whether in the safety of The Castle, a settlement, or out in the Commonwealth, was a personal, intimate joy he never expected to experience after Lucy. He found himself waking before her some days and instead of going back to sleep he would watch her rest for a while. Spending time observing the way her eyelashes fluttered when she dreamed, and how her hair sprawled out over her cheeks. He listened to the soft sound of her snoring, little grunts and groans when she moved around getting comfortable on the old mattresses or on the floor of where ever they were taking shelter. These were his moments. Private and sacred. Moments he could look forward to the following day.

Through the drone of the generator outside and the regular Minutemen updates, Victoria slept soundly and undisturbed. MacCready began to hear movement outside the walls, settlers beginning their days work, and those who would be looking to tell Victoria of allies that needed their help. He glanced across at the door, wondering if they had remembered to lock it the night before; when Victoria rolling over and nestling closer to him pulled his attention back to her.

“Morning, sleepy head.” MacCready spoke low and brushed his nose over her forehead. “Time to get up.”

“Mhmmnno.” Victoria’s moaned protest was accompanied by her arms winding around MacCready’s body practically anchoring herself to him. He relaxed into her embrace, the two of them lying face-to-face on their sides. “Did you sleep okay?” Asked Victoria, voice laced with grogginess and barely more than a mumble.

“Always do with you.” He kissed her forehead and ran his top hand up and down her back beneath the old t-shirt she wore. “You?”

“Yeah.” She began to stretch and MacCready could feel the muscles in her body tighten, quiver, and then release. She gave a satisfied groan, hazel-green eyes flickering open and blinking away the crust of sleep. She rubbed her hands over her face for a moment before meeting his gaze. A contented, lazy smile - that did not in any way make MacCready’s stomach flip and his heart stutter in his chest - slipped into view. “Hey you.” She inched closer to him.

MacCready returned it. “Hey.”

Victoria angled her head back a little to kiss his jaw and then his lower lip between her own. MacCready captured her mouth, winding one hand into her hair. She sighed into the gesture, pressing her body flush to his and bending one leg to curve up around MacCready’s hip. One of her hands slid up over the back of his neck into his hair bringing the kiss deeper. Her mouth opened warm and inviting, her tongue slicking across his lower lip causing a soft groan to rise from his throat.

Heat spread through MacCready’s veins, seeping down every limb to the very tips of his fingers. Spreading his hands over her back his pushed off the mattress with one foot pinning Victoria beneath him. He raked his fingers down from her shoulder blades causing her to arch up into him. Their mouths parted for a moment so she could moan, only for him to resume their kiss with intent. He grasped her thigh and squeezed at her flesh before driving his hips and the morning erection concealed within his trousers against her.

Not all mornings began like this, though they were becoming more common. They slept together in the innocent sense of the word, and had yet to move further than blind groping. MacCready didn’t care if their mornings resulted in physical satisfation or not. He simply relished the opportunity to kiss and touch and feel.

Feeling her grinning against his mouth and the sensation of laughter bubbling up in her chest, MacCready managed to pull away while still placing soft, lingering kisses over her reddened lips.

“What?” He smirked at her flushed cheeks and shining eyes.

Victoria hummed thoughtfully, briefly biting her bottom lip. “Just wondering if you slept with a rifle in your pocket, or if you’re just pleased to see me.” She grinned.

A low, rough laugh rumbled within his chest. “Holy crap, Vee.” He groaned and pushed his face into the curve of her shoulder and neck. “And I thought I made bad puns! That was the worst!”

Laughing, Victoria smoothed her hands over his bare shoulders. “I had to make it!” Her lips caressed his temple. “You laughed. You thought it was funny.” She added in an undertone.

“Bad funny.” MacCready replied and lifted his head. “Leave the puns to me beautiful, okay?” He pressed a longer, more chaste kiss to her mouth and wound his fingers back through her hair spread out over the pillow when they parted. He peered down at her, chest tight and filled with affection. “Good morning.” He kissed the end of her nose.

“Mhmm.” Victoria agreed with an almost dreamy smile. “Certainly is.”

So yeah… should it?