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//when stupid tumblr doesn’t upload the image the first 5 times;;;

Taji as a bnha oc because I can. Her scarf becomes a tail and sorta a weird mix of Ojiro’s Tail and Sero’s Tape. Still has a personal touch to it. I feel like she would be a general studies student but after being encouraged she wants to aim for the hero course.

Don’t worry, she’ll always be a rwby oc, I’d just like more lore pls. If anything, her and BRYT will prolly be the only rwby ocs to work in both verses since BRYT technically is supposed to form as freshmen when RWBY & co. are sophomores.

Also I think I may have posted this before but drawings of her slightly edited outfit? I’d prolly get rid of the coattail part entirely for something else.

My present to @gleamingandwholeanddeadly for the @hannigramholidayexchange I’m participating in! I hope they enjoy this ^^

HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE! May your sins be sinful and your rude, eaten. =w=

Stupid dumbass tumblr making this image be 500 times bigger than it needs to be but YEAH

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