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My present to @gleamingandwholeanddeadly for the @hannigramholidayexchange I’m participating in! I hope they enjoy this ^^

HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE! May your sins be sinful and your rude, eaten. =w=


Magnus sat heavily, eyes on Alec where he was still reclining and looking tired and confused. But he was alive. He was alive and everything else could be dealt with.

Magnus’ eyes closed, just for a moment, and he tried to surreptitiously wipe at his eyes. He took in a deep breath and did everything he could to pull himself together.

“You should eat,” he said, eyes opening finally. “You’ll need your strength.”


Re-upload because I only just noticed tumblr completely butchered the quality on this. Sad face.

A somewhat quick reference for how I personally see Khadgar’s outfit being layered. I made a few alterations to some areas that didn’t make a great deal of sense, and gave him less wow-tree-trunk-arms-anatomy. The bottom layer is completely made up, but he certainly looked like he needed some socks.

He seems like a socks kind of guy.

I did this so I could more easily keep continuity while drawing him, and so I could being to plot out a cosplay. The model references surge991 made here were also a big help for the second layer.