stupid toad

“Birdilophosaurus” OR “if Ingen was smart and used bird DNA as a substitute to fill in missing gaps instead of stupid toad DNA”.

This Dilophosaurus was inserted with several bird genes to fill in the gaps caused by natural decay over millennia. several species of song bird were used, as well as the common chicken and, since Ingen wanted pizzazz to wow guests with their dinosaurs; a peafowl.
It’s usually a shy creature that hunts alone or in small familial units. if confronted by a larger predator or threatened by another of it’s species, it will puff up it’s feathers, showing amber-yellow eye spots, along with three thin feathers on each side representing ‘claws’ that it uses to help discourage would-be attackers.

(please note: I cannot for the life of me figure out how Dilophosaurus closed it’s mouth comfortably without showing all those teeth, also I’m not the best at anatomy, I just studied a skeleton and added bird stuff to it)