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For the double thing five and then fifteen with either Anthony or Laurens? :)

5 - Home after the hospital
15 - “If you think I don’t feel anything for you, then you’re more stupid than I thought.”

“Brooklyn’s a giant asshole,” you declare. 

Anthony laughs, his hand hovering above the small of your back, ready to catch you should a(nother) crack in the sidewalk take you by surprise (again).  “Maybe if you paid more attention to her, she wouldn’t’ve gotten so mad and broke your ankle,” he teases.  You pause mid-swing, like you’re seriously thinking about smacking him with one of your crutches (balance be damned), but he quickly apologizes and ushers you up the steps to your apartment.

Several swears, a couple knocked shins, a promise to demand the landlord install an elevator into the two-level house, and several near tumbles down the stairs later, Anthony pushes open the door for you.  “Finally,” you sigh.  “Home sweet–  What…  What is this?”

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What were Dan and Phil thinking?!

Aight so there’s this thing that has been on my mind for ages. It’s the clip where Dan plays with Phil’s hair while he’s asleep in the bedroom on their tour bus. Cause like Dan and Phil aren’t stupid. They also know that we’re not fucking stupid. It’s painfully obvious where they are in the clip yet they still decided to share this moment with us. Now I’m just wondering what was going through their heads when they made this decision.

So the thing about this is that, cumulatively, everything in my life has technically culminated in this moment. I don’t know what to think either.

They can’t really fight in the name of the Moon for obvious reasons, and it’s debatable that they’re fighting evil– oppression, certainly. 

But they both have a lot of combat training and one of them has experience using magic~

They do win love by daylight. Each other’s love. Which leads to stupid shit like this. 

“Shouldn’t one of them be Tuxedo Mask?” Get that heteronormative bullshit out of my face son. 

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Here's the quote from Dallas after he goes on about Johnny and Pony wising up. "He said a lot more stuff, but I didn't get it at all. I had a stupid feeling that Dally was out of his mind, the way he kept raving on and on, because Dallas never talked like that, but I think now I would have understood if I hadn't been so sick at the time." Like what else do you think he said, and how out of his mind? Lol

Honestly, I don’t think there’s a definitive answer but this is definitely signs of his being suicidal. I think this is just him reacting to Johnny getting hurt. He knows becoming “hardened” isn’t the best thing to do and he doesn’t mean that Ponyboy should, despite him saying that.

He’s rambling to himself as he accepts it. He’s realizing his metaphorical “walls” are closing in on him. Dallas is trying to harden himself once more, but struggling, and trying to convince himself that that’s the way to be.

He’s feeling, violently and passionately, things he didn’t know he could feel, and he’s in denial.

What else he’s telling Ponyboy isn’t important. It’s probably the same as what he’s already said, rephrased and reworded as he fails to come to terms with his emotions and Johnny’s situation. Again, it’s likely that he’s just babbling about how self-preservation has served him well, despite the fact that it hasn’t.

I find this particular line very interesting and I’ve certainly never noticed it before: “…but I think now I would have understood if I hadn’t been so sick at the time.”

That sounds a lot like Ponyboy is saying he could have predicted Dally’s suicide. I’ve found these excerpts as well, “…I knew that was what Dally wanted.” Repeated again, “But I knew that was what he wanted…” And finally, “…because Dally Winston wanted to be dead…”

This is groundbreaking to me because it involves guilt on Ponyboy’s part that I wasn’t sure existed. This shows that theoretically Pony could have prevented Dallas from dying.

It’s particularly interesting that Ponyboy knew he could have possibly stopped the suicide yet wrote the book in retrospect without including any mentions of his own guilt, regrets. That says a lot about his character, whether positively or negatively I don’t know.

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So I stumbled across you randomly, and you appear to like people asking you questions Phan that you can argue/respond to. So, what do you think about the whole THEY SAY THEY AREN'T TOGETHER thing??? I've always thought Phan was fine but I've never been one to enjoy Phan "proof." I mean, They say they're just friends, and that they're straight, so shouldn't everyone respect that? I do a lot more "intimate" things with my best friend and we're completely platonic. I'd love to hear your opinion! :)

show me where in 2017 they have said that they aren’t together

“but they said they dont share a room-” do you really think they actually expect anyone to believe that phil sleeps in a closet. they aren’t stupid, they know what we assume, and they’re completely fine with it, in fact, they feed it

“but in 2012 dan said-” yeah. you know what else he said in 2012? that him and phil met through a mutual friend, how many lies do you want me to name?

if you dont like phan proof then dont view my blog, its really not difficult 

“they’re straight” that’s the funniest thing I’ve heard all day. no mater what sexuality, dan has made it VERY clear that he is not straight and does not like labels. 

I can assure you that dan does not appreciate people just labeling him as straight just because he doesnt directly come out. imagine if everyone just laughed at you when you tried to hint at your sexuality and told you that you were really just straight

im not trying to say what his sexuality is, im only taking what he gives us and replying with it

so you and your best friends just sleep together, plan on buying a house and dog together, make videos saying how much you non-platoinically love each other, go on dates together- shall I go on?

yo this is a shout-out to people who had to leave school early and didn’t get their school certificate: you’re doing great. you’re not stupid or worthless or anything else people might say. i’m seventeen and i’m never getting my hsc, but i’m still going to university. just not yet. and if you never go to university, that’s okay too!

teachers make a massive deal out of the hsc/finals, and it’s still important, but it’s not the be-all end-all of your life, or even your career. yes, it’s easier to get into your preferred university if you scored well, but there are plenty of other ways to get a tertiary education.

if you’ve left school before finals, for mental health or financial issues or whatever, i’m so proud of you for still being here! someone probably should’ve told you this already, but just in case they didn’t: you are worth so much more than a grade on a paper (and so am i)

Chapter 29 (spoiler)

i know officer bae does some stupid things but wht he did now was beyond STUPID ….. No one knows his at sangwoos house, and no one knows wht his doing… What if he gets himself killed, sangwoo will just go free again. He should have told someone or left a note….

Oh dear lordy loo i hope my boi WILL BE F I NE and AND do the S M A R T thing

Do some of you have this concept that YOU. DON’T. NEED. TO. COMMENT. ON. EVERY. FUCKING THING? Like, I get that your moms told you that you are the center of the universe, but they also should have taught you of this other concept named autocensorship, which is filtering between every single stupid thing that crosses your mind and what comes out of your mouth ( or, in this case,what you write). This is not directed at people who actually have problems with auto censorship, but at people who have the capacity to use it, but don’t, because they believe every single opinion they hold is pure gold. But autocensorship is good, guys. Thinking before speaking is good. Thinking “does the stranger who made a post about the character I dislike really need my comment that I don’t like the character, even though the post was obviously not directed at me” before commenting is good. Yes, you have a right to your opinion, but nobody fucking cares that you don’t like a ship when you say that on an edit made for that ship, by people who ship it, for people who ship it. People go into the notes and tags because we want to see the positive reactions to our work, not because we want to see Karen#100 say “I hate that bitch,” ok, Karen? “ I hate that bitch” isn’t constructive criticism, isn’t even criticism, it’s a comment no one needed. Complain and vague blog on separate posts, like the rest of us, stop ruining other people’s posts. Stop ruining people’s edits, that they actually worked on, while you burped an ignorant comment.

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Man I can't stand trump. I think his ban on trans is so stupid. If you have able-bodied people willing to fight for our country let them. I would understand if he wanted to ban people who were going through transition. Either fight before/after transitioning, but I don't think there's anyone one who would want to fight during that time. I personally don't want to go to war at all I'm so against it, but if someone was willing to go for me heck yes! Let them!

Hey hun, thanks for your message! I want to keep this blog a place for cute things and food only but it seems like it has been pulling towards political issues a little bit. My opinion on Trump is time will answer and I’m with you mate, I don’t like war.

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I got a question! If you had a Harry Potter themed wedding, what is the thing that you must have? (aka two months away from my wedding and trying to make sure I covered all of my bases)

(OOC: Okay so that’s kinda a lot of pressure… so quick disclaimer, I have very little knowledge about weddings/wedding planning. I’ve only attended like 3 weddings that I can remember in my life. This ideas might be stupid or impossible just remember that before you judge me.

I have a lot so I’m gonna put them under the cut.

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Louis' management is making everyone turn on Louis. I love him so much but I can't bear to hear these stupid shit. We give so much promo so their management thinks they're doing a good job and things are well. They want Louis' names in the headlines but in all the wrong forms and in the wrong ways. We support Louis, but a lot of people are slipping from the fandom and from Louis because of this "image". Everyone is mad and upset. This is a mess and we're almost done.

they know they’re not doing a good job, but they don’t care. and luckily everyone i follow can see through it and knows it’s all a load of crap. we’ve gotta hang in there for him and focus on his music and the stuff that matters.


Rumors abound that Hayley Atwell is in Infinity War and Peggy Carter will somehow show up in it.  How?  Who knows.  Maybe it’s a flashback (less exciting), maybe the time gem or the reality gem or any of the gems cause they are stupid powerful comes into play and she is yanked into the present or reborn or whatever (more exciting), or maybe she’ll step out of the screen and be my best friend and I can drive the car and wait around to drive away when she beats people up (most exciting).  There are a wealth of possibilities and I like to think they are all equally as likely.  All of them.  Whatever the thing that gets Hayley Atwell on my movie screen, I am a big fan of it because the world needs more of her Peggy Carter.  Especially now.  She’s like my second favorite superhero to ever show up on a screen at this point and the world needs her now more than every.  I am still kind of mad at every single person who didn’t watch Agent Carter and I don’t want to overstate anything but you’re worse monsters than the Nazis for not getting me a third season.  Maybe it’s all going to be ok though.  She’ll be in the present.  Holy shit, if she could punch people through twitter all of my country’s problems would be solved.  Maybe. Maybe that’s what happens, those infinity gems are really powerful.  Today I want to fuck Hayley Atwell.

So I was making a yogurt parfait, and saw a fly in my kitchen, on my hunt to kill it I found a big ass bug on my living room mirror. I decided climbing a chair to investigate this bug would end up with me on the floor with a broken bone, so I left it for Rich, and continued to search for this stupid fly. Rich came home, and I instantly put him to work to kill this thing that could eat our entire family as a snack. He couldn’t think of a good game plan on how to squish it, so we decided to use the vacuum to suck it up. This mammoth (which turned out to be the king of moths, I shit you not) hid behind the mirror (which weighs like 80lbs, so we can’t just take it down willy nilly). Rich started shaking the mirror, while I hid in the kitchen trembling with fear that I was about to be killed by this….thing. Finally it came out angry as a mother fucker, on a mission to kill us, and leave Liam parentless. So Rich chased it with the vacuum (it was legit flapping its massive wings to get away from that thing) while I ran away screaming with my hands on my ears (I have a fear of bugs crawling into my ears). It finally went by the mirror again, and we either sucked it up, or it’s plotting its revenge to kill us in our sleep.

If you don’t hear from me tomorrow, then it was the latter of the two.

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I never gave it much thought til I read about your recent anon's first impressions of the "Bellarke Sh*t" thing. But bob wasn't at the con where that happened, was he? And Eliza seemed way more relaxed at sdcc when she was joking around with him and the other cast members. I don't think she gets the same level of anti hate when he's there too. Kind of a cool way he keeps her centered in real life. :)

I mean, “moderate” ship wars are one thing. Useless, but one thing. But please don’t drag the actors into it. It’s disrespectful & childish. They can’t comment anything because it will lead into even more wars. Eliza’s comment is the perfect example, antis didn’t even try to understand what she said. Also, she wouldn’t be disrespectful to that extent, I believe. It’s stupid, in my honest opinion, and incredibly childish when actors are put in the middle of it and even receive hate because of it.

I didn’t even notice that connection, but I think you may be right about fans not being as willing to be so antagonistic towards bellarke when Bob is there. It’s one thing to take ownership of Clarke as belonging to CL, and kind of using her in your tug of war. But it’s another thing to face down Bob Morley who is just a really nice guy, and attack him to his face in the name of your shipwar.

I did notice, however, during last years SDCC and THIS year’s SDCC, that Lindsey Morgan stood between Eliza and the shipwar dramas. Lindsey tries to steer the conversation away and lessen the impact of what was said. Eliza’s caught in the middle of it and I think it’s been pretty hard on her.  It seems to me as if Lindsey intentionally tries to protect her from what she can during those cons. But she can’t be with her the entire time. Lindsey was practically manic after that Bellarke shit comment, so chipper and happy and professional, trying to make everything better.

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I have an odd and random question about your tags. I absolutely love the humor and consideration you often bring to them and I was wondering if that's how you talk irl and/or if that's how your mind naturally works. For instance, when you see pictures of tiny things as you're out and about, is the first thing you say/think "mini things!"? Or do you take the time to consider the whimsical phrases or thoughtful answers in your tags? Does this make any sense? If it doesn't just disregard this ask.

This is such an interesting question! And a very kind compliment, thank you.

First of all, I would like to state that NOW I’M MAD THAT I DON’T SEE MORE TINY THINGS WHEN I’M OUT AND ABOUT. I need to improve my life in this area, clearly. 

I don’t think I talk the way I write tags, necessarily? Maybe I do somewhat. I can definitely be relied on to insert stupid jokes into every conversation with little provocation. I DO tend to just…describe things as I see them, like a simpleton. If I see a bird with a large crumb I will be like “you have a large crumb.” Or sometimes “nice work, buddy.” I have a lifetime of weird, weird shared language with my sisters, which is based on such diverse sources as: Gollum, Cookie Monster, Mr. Rogers (“My, what a long ride these crackers have!” Mr. Rogers once observed, on a visit to a factory where crackers were made, upon seeing them on the assembly line), various Saturday Night Live characters, memes (née lolcats), that kid in A Christmas Story who said I LIKE THE WIZARD OF OZ, Flight of the Conchords, and lord knows what else. I try NOT to lapse excessively into Weird Talk when not with my sisters, but it sometimes comes out a little on Tumblr, especially in the tags I think, so that is probably some part of my “voice” here, I guess. 

The majority of the time my tags are just whatever crap comes to my mind when looking at the thing. There is certainly a “language” to Tumblr tags, as well as hashtags as used elsewhere on the internet (which is rather different, which I think is super fascinating – I won’t go off on a whole tangent but I think about internet language a LOT), and I remember first lurking on Tumblr and enjoying people’s comments in the tags well before I had a blog of my own. There’s just a certain dryness, a lack of affect, to it that appeals to me, and I also like that it’s kind of ephemeral because it doesn’t get reblogged with the post and so it’s almost like muttering under your breath, which I am great at, haha. A couple of times, I’ve been making some long-winded point in my tags and I decide that it would be better as an actual addition to the post, and so I try to recreate it as like, normal prose and it sounds WEIRD! So then I’m self-consciously trying to repair these sentences so they sound like a human and it gets really awkward and I can’t figure out what’s wrong, even though I myself wrote it 20 seconds ago. I always find that funny. “Writing” in tags is very different and it’s hard to put my finger on why. 

But yeah, I don’t really plan out my tags if that’s what you’re asking, except I’m a little bit anal-retentive about categorizing because I like to be able to find old posts, so “mini things” falls into that category. If I know I’m going to be using a tag a lot I try to come up with one that I don’t hate (and that isn’t the “real” tag, if I can help it, because I usually prefer not to be “in the tag” if people are searching it because that weirds me out, so I do “ga” and “dd” instead of their full names for example), but that’s about where the thinking ends for those more utilitarian tags. But for the chatty ones, really, the quickest answer is that I just have a running mental patter of stupid jokes in my brain at all times, and tags are a good place for them to go I guess, heh. Thanks, tags!


Haters thinks that we’re dumb, retarded, idiots and they call us “ruin of Dean’s fandom.”.
They claim they’re so smart, more smart than me and us… But they really can’t understand the real problem with them.
We’re not the ruin of Dean’s fandom, they are. Do you know why?
When someone ask me what wrestler I like, I fear for his/her judgement. Because every time I say “I’m Dean’s fan”, they look at me and they say “Are you psychotic like his fangirls? You hate Renee, right?
Because, for them, EVERY SINGLE FAN IS RENEE’S HATER. And this is haters’ fault. They ruin our reputation, every day, with their stupid and childish hate.
On twitter, someone who thinked some stupid things, comes to me and replied a tweet. I show you the screenshots (This is my tweet
You’re really as smart as you think? I don’t think so, since you don’t realize that YOU are the real ruin of Dean’s fandom, a shame for every single Dean’s fan.

Peace and love, Aril ❤️

I read this thing online that says that most of cats behaviors are based from being in a colony in the wild like they don’t bring food because they think you’re too stupid to hunt they bringing food because in the colony there are cats that can’t hunt and they need to be fed. another thing I read might be bullshit but that cats will come and watch you while you take a pee because with other cats they are vulnerable and they’re like oh you got your peep or don’t worry we got you. anyway if that’s true my cats are super real