stupid things i have done in my life

“I just solved a trial! I’ll bet my friends are thrilled for me!”



“I hope nobody notices my ahoge has a mind of its own!”

“Silence, you fool!”

Naruto confession to their lovers
  • Naruto: Hinata... I was wondering if you know...spend some fun time with me and eat together in the Ichiraku Ramen Shop. Also...we could hang out..and...takes things to the next level?
  • Hinata: *blushing so hard*
  • Naruto: t...that a yes or a no? *sweats continuously*
  • Hinata: Yes, yes yes!
  • Naruto: Alright! (This will be he best day of my life, I was so scared if she said no!)
  • ______________________________
  • Sasuke: Sakura *wind blows his hair* I know I have done terrible things in the past and...this time. As I have been traveling. I notice how I was stupid to cut you of out my life. I really want to spend time with you. I really mean it. I-
  • Sakura: Sasuke-kun?
  • Sasuke: *takes out Sakura's hand and puts it on his chest and lets Sakura listens to his heart beat*
  • Sakura: *blushes* Sasuke...*cries a little with joy*
  • Sasuke: I want to be with you.
  • ____________________________
  • Shikamaru: are the only one who knows me well and even though you're scary
  • Temari: *looks pissed* what is that suppose to mean?
  • Shikamaru: woah wooah ....I'm not good at these things but Temari. Even though you are a troublesome beautiful lady, I would like to stick with you and never let you go. Would you like to spend some time with me?
  • Temari: *blushing* ...being with yo me is such a drag
  • Shikamaru: *chuckles* Yeah, I know but I'm sure of it.
  • __________________________
  • Sai: *enters Ino's flower shop* Hey, Ino! I'm looking for a beautiful flower.
  • Ino: What is it for? For decoration? For-
  • Sai: For a girl
  • Ino: *looks a little bit upset* A ...girl?
  • Sai: Yup, she's so beautiful. I think of her whenever I see her and she recused me so that's why she's so precious to me! She's an angel that I can't take my eyes off!
  • Ino: Is...that so...?
  • Sai: I have a drawing of you want to see?
  • Ino: *looks upset* s-sure....w..why not?
  • Sai: *gives Ino the drawing* See? Such beauty....I wish she'll be my future girlfriend!
  • Ino: *sees a portrait of herself*'s me!
  • Sai: *goes closer to Ino and whispers* I know it's you, Ms Beautiful..
  • Ino: you mean it? About me being your...
  • Sai: Why would I lie? *touches Ino's hair* Would you want to go on a date with me? I could even show you more drawings I created of you.
  • Ino:
  • Sai: I'll take that as a yes, my princess *kisses Ino's hand*
  • _____________________________
  • *Kiba and Tamaki walking around Konoha*
  • Kiba: ....Tamaki....
  • Tamaki: Kiba-kun? What's up?
  • Kiba: Remember our first chat together?
  • Tamaki: The one when you were helping your friend to get honey wine?
  • Kiba: Er....yeah
  • Tamaki: What about it? Wait is it about Momo, my cat? Did he say rude things about you?
  • Kiba: No no no..
  • Tamaki: Phew....then what is it?
  • Kiba: *stops walking and goes closer to Tamaki* Damn it! *blushes* I'm not good at these things and i stutter when I say this but it's time that I should do it!
  • Tamaki: Kiba? You're not making any sense....
  • Kiba: Ah, crap.....I really like you...Tamaki....and I thank god that i had the opportunity to see you at Sora-Ku! I would really like....if....we....can...well....consider ourselves as.....
  • Tamaki: A couple?
  • Kiba: *blushes so hard* ...I.....
  • Tamaki: You're so easy to read, dog boy. Of course! I would love to spend my life with a handsome man *puts her arms over Kiba's shoulders* like you, Kiba-kun? Because...I like you...really...I mean it! Me too, I'm glad we met. Even though we are different, who says that dogs and cats can't be together?
  • Kiba: *hugs Tamaki* I'm glad you feel the same, cat girl!
  • Tamaki: me too, dog boy!
  • ______________________________
  • Choji: Karui, you're the woman who doesn't give no bananas about my size and I'm glad that you don't. I'm very happy that we got to hang out more and I really think that i might have feelings for you, chococlate sunshine.
  • Karui: Ehh.....You really think so?! I...well...think the same. You care about my opinions and you are always there for me! You're my big strong butterfly....I'm glad that you like me because I like you too!
  • Choji: So do you want to go to my house and eat something together *holds Karui's hands and blushes*
  • Karui: *blushes* S..sure... I would love that.
  • ______________________________
  • *Lee and Tenten in a training hall*
  • *Lee stops training*
  • Lee: Tenten?
  • Tenten: What's wrong? You stopped training?
  • Lee: ....I.... *takes a deep breath*
  • Lee: We have spend some time together and we have similar connections and i would like if our connections collide into one. Tenten, to me, you're one of the strongest kunoichi that I have seen and I wish to spend more training with you and see you grow! I may be so annoying to you in the past but right now, I just....want you to see me as a man and show you how much I want to spend more time and...l-love with you...Tenten...I
  • Tenten: *kisses Lee's forehead* You are already a man to me and I would like to see our connections grow together and become one...Lee...Yes... I would like to be with you.
  • _____________________________
  • Shino: I know it's weird saying this to you and I'm kinda freaked out on saying this but I talking to you and I wish we hanged out more and well...united....
  • Akamaru: woof....(wtf)
  • Shino: ...damn it.....I can't do one likes me....
  • Insets: buzzzzzzzz (you have us)
  • Shino: I know I have you.
  • Akamaru: Woof....woof woof...(I should find leave and find Kiba)
  • Shino: I'm glad that people wouldn't see me crying as I walk around Konoha.
  • Shiho: *looks at Shino from a distances and giggles*
  • Shino: Huh? *turns around and sees Shiho*
  • *both of them look at each other and blush*
  • *Kiba sees the connection as he walks towards Shino*
  • Kiba: Oooooooo... you have a crush.....
  • Shino: Stop it!
  • _____________________________
  • (Requested) ;---; NejiTen
  • Neji: Tenten?
  • Tenten: Yeah...
  • Neji: In the future, I always think in what will happen to me? Will I die (;-;)
  • Or will I live (;----;) but the most important question is who will I be with before this happens?
  • Tenten: Yeah...okay....what are you trying to say?
  • Neji: Tenten, if the world ends today, I would like to be with you and stick with you. I know you see me as a team mate but i would to expand that. I was a pain to you and harsh before but I want to change! ...and become the man you want! And I'll do it - if you like me....
  • Tenten: You felt this like me?
  • Neji: I will always do you, my ninja twin bun strong kunoichi.
  • Tenten: then, promise me you will stick with me and protect forever.
  • Neji: You don't need to be protected by me! You're so strong. Even I can't touch you...
  • Tenten: Neji....*lays on his lap* I will always stick with you and protect matter what.
  • ______________________________
Quotes from INTJ Characters


I’m okay with anything as long as it doesn’t harm me.
Kyoya Ootori, Ouran High School Host Club

What do you mean? Do you wish me a good morning, or mean that it is a good morning whether I want it or not; or that you feel good this morning; or that it is a morning to be good on?
Gandalf, The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit 

One decision does not define a man.
Marcus Kane, The 100

Love, passion, why do we get caught up by such troublesome feelings? The mind couldn’t ever get things straight, and you lose control to know what is sensible. Deep down it’s all so vexing.
Usui Takumi, Maid-Sama

If you seem slow to me, Sherlock, can you imagine what real people are like? I’m living in a world of goldfish.
Mycroft Holmes, BBC Sherlock

People who say they don’t know their own feelings are deluding themselves. It’s because you refuse to accept what you’re thinking deep down in your heart, you think you don’t understand.
Kenji Yamaguchi, My Little Monster

If you think I’m just a foolish kid ruled by his emotions, that’s fine. Following Itachi’s path would be childish, the whispering of fools who don’t know hatred. If anyone else tries to ridicule the way I live, I’ll slaughter everyone they ever cared about. And then maybe they’ll understand what it’s like to taste… a little of my hatred. 
Uchiha Sasuke , Naruto and Naruto Shippuden

If I was him I’d worry less about the Gods, and more about the fury of a patient man. And as well you know, I can be very patient.
Ragnar Lothbrok, Vikings

A perfect plan doesn’t mean having everything go within expectations. A perfect plan is achieved when it has the plasticity needed to flexibly deal with troubles.
Makishima Shougo, Psycho-Pass

Well, it may have escaped your notice, but life isn’t fair.
Severus Snape, Harry Potter

Psychopaths are not crazy; they are fully aware of what they do, and the consequences of those actions.
Dr. Hannibal Lecter, Hannibal

Everyone’s a whore. We just sell different parts of ourselves.
Thomas Shelby, Peaky Blinders

I am not a good man! And I’m not a bad man. I am not a hero. And I’m definitely not a president. And, no, I’m not an officer. Do you know what I am? I am an idiot with a box and a screwdriver.
Twelfth Doctor, Doctor Who

You’ll never get what you want if you’ll always let people step all over you. 
Plankton, Spongebob Squarepants

When I see what desire does to people, what it’s done to this country, I am very glad to have no part in it. Besides, the absence of desire leaves one free to pursue other things.
Lord Varys, Game of Thrones

My whole life I’d been teased for my six fingers. But that got my thinking about anomalies: things that were odd, unusual, statistically improbable.
Ford Pines, Gravity Falls

Reality is almost always wrong
Doctor Gregory House, House M.D.

I’m good at reading people. My secret, I look for the worst in them.
Elliot Alderson, Mr. Robot

I recognize the council has made a decision, but given that it’s a stupid-ass decision, I’ve elected to ignore it.
Nick Fury, Marvel Cinematic Universe

Sometimes the only sane answer to an insane world is insanity.
Fox Mulder, The X-Files

I’ve tried to live a life of logic and emotion… but, slowly, from the knot in my stomach… I begin to feel I’m playing the fool.
Batman “Bruce Wayne”, DC

But you can sure as hell decide to be miserable. Is that what you want?
Alice, The Magicians by Lev Grossman

Sorry, I’ve gotten used to wearing “trousers of the mind.”
Howard, Fresh Meat

I just realized; maybe it’s maturity or the wisdom that comes with age, but the witch in Hansel and Gretel, she’s very misunderstood. I mean, the woman builds her dream house, and these brats come along, and start eating it.
Miranda Hobbes, Sex and the City

Passion…it lies in all of us. Sleeping, waiting, and though unwanted, unbidden, it will stir, open its jaws, and howl. It speaks to us, guides us… passion rules us all. And we obey. What other choice do we have? Passion is the source of our finest moments; the joy of love, the clarity of hatred, and the ecstasy of grief. It hurts sometimes more than we can bear. If we could live without passion, maybe we’d truly know some kind of peace. But we would be hollow. Empty rooms, shuttered and dank… without passion, we’d truly be dead.
Angel, Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Is it murder if they were my own clones? I’m seriously asking.
Dr. Krieger, Archer

I will not ask for forgiveness. What I have done is unforgivable. I was so lost in hatred and revenge…you stole what was left of my heart. And now I’ve lost you forever. But I swaer, no harm will come to you as long as I live…and not a day shall pass that I won’t miss your smile…
Maleficent, Disney’s Maleficent 

Vision? What do you know about my vision? My vision would turn your world upside down, tear asunder your illusions, and send the sanctuary of your own ignorance crashing down around you. Now ask yourself, are you ready to see that vision?
Huey Freeman, The Boondocks

Before the heart of truth there is no need for words.
Nico Robin, One Piece

Which is the real man, the beast or the angel?
Dr. Henry Jekyll, Penny Dreadful

It is funny to me how relevant BVB are trying to be. If they soon don’t do something with their music they aren’t going to have fans. They are losing fans and trying everything in this power by having a monthly BVB box and the recent T-shirt thing. They are doing everything to keep fans.

You got Ashley who literally vanished from social media. His last post was over three months ago. The only time he posts is when there is drama and needs to reassure the band isn’t breaking up and how he owns the band. Also the band is a business and without his say so the band will not break up. While throwing shad at Jake and being rude.

Next, we have Andy who is in his own world trying to help animals and saying his wife is amazing and beautiful. He constantly denies mistreatment from Juliet. He makes people pay him to see him proclaim to be a vegan while eating non vegan food on his show. The biggest kicker is he is now going to continue to make people pay for his show. But, have it available for YouTube. Makes no sense.

Then, you have speculations of him joining Scientology. His wife is selling everything on Depop that is hers and his for extreme prices. He is doing his solo project. Plus his movie American Satan and not relaxing. Which leads me to believe he is doing all this stuff to continue with Scientology. Since it isn’t cheap. Leading me on my final thought with him that he is alost sole who truly needs help. But fans have tried to help him. But he in turn calls them sociopaths.

Also we have Jake who is in my opinion doing all the live streams and such to build up his fan base. So then when BVB break up eventually Aelonia can become a thing. He has been starting a lot of drama lately by calling Ashley out when fans won’t stop harassing him about him. He talks about controversial topics such as vaccines. Gets everyone rallied up. I’ve noticed a pattern when the BVB army is dry of drama Jake says something and starts it up. To me it brings me back to him keeping his fan base alive and keeps people talking about him so he stays relevant. This is just my opinion.

Finally I can’t say much about CC and Jinxx. The only thing I can say about Jinxx is he most likely got remarried in secret because his ex wife Sammi Doll posted some pretty angry posts the other week. For CC he is off living his life and being drama free and staying away from it as much as possible.

In conclusion, this band has to be the most immature and dramatic group of people I have seen in a band. Sure other bands have been immature and done stupid things. But, not to this level in my opinion. The bands have generally always publicly apologized and got their respect back. BVB say their dumb, disrespectful stuff and have no remorse and never apologize. They get people to dislike them and resent them. I truly believe this band had potential and they literally threw it away. As someone who has been a fan for 4 years it really saddens me what they have become.

Be More Chill AU: Room 402

The nurse buzzed Jeremy in who fidgeted as he adjusted the flowers he held in his hands. The doors opened allowing him to walk forward into the sterile clean hallway. He stopped just outside of room 402.
‘You haven’t talked to him in three weeks Jeremy, you need to approach this carefully.’
‘How am I supposed to approach this carefully? Say, hey Michael sorry I’ve been blocking you from my life, hope you don’t try and kill yourself again?’ ‘Essentially, but with a lot more eloquence.’ Jeremy was mad at the SQUIP but not nearly as many as he was at himself. Two days ago at Jake’s Halloween party Michael had snuck in to try and talk to Jeremy. It did not go well as the two began shouting at each other until Jeremy finally shoved Michael hard enough to knock him to floor. Jeremy knew he had fucked up the moment he saw Michael on the floor with tears streaming down his face. Before anyone could stop him he ran up the stairs, locking himself in one of the bathrooms. An hour and a half later Michael had yet to come out and Jeremy went up to check on him. He knocked on the door that swung open, and that’s when he saw Michael on the floor, his body twitching and spasming uncontrollably. A bottle of prescription meds stolen from the medicine cabinet lay a few feet away letting Jeremy know what happened. An ambulance had been called and as Michael was being wheeled away Jeremy knew deep down that this was his fault. ‘Jeremy, you don’t have to be a supercomputer to know that this isn’t your fault. Michael’s always been out there, you just made the inevitable happen faster.’ Jeremy ignored the CPU, pushing open the door. Michael laid on the bed with a bored expression as he flipped through the TV channels. Jeremy noticed the straps on Michael’s right wrist along with bruises up and down his arms. He flinched as his former friend turned towards ​him. “Michael…hey…"Jeremy barely mumbled this as Michael looked him in the eyes. “I, uhm…I brought your favorites. Flowers, I mean.” “Why are you here?” Jeremy knew that would be the first thing he said. “To apologize, what I did-” “Oh, so now you care all of a sudden,” Michael was starting to tear up. “That’s our little freak Michael! Yeah, let’s all go have a pity party for the fag you told to go kill himself just hours earlier.” “Michael, I’m sorry I called you a fag!” “That’s not the point Jeremy, I don’t care what you call me. The point is you abandoned me when I needed you most! The second you had a chance at popularity, you took it and didn’t give a fuck about me after that! All you care about is getting in Christine’s pants!” “That’s not true!” “Oh really? Then what is it about?” “I don’t know but-” “But nothing! You could have at least acknowledged that I existed, but no. You had that stupid SQUIP of yours block me from your life! Well you know what? I’m blocking you from my life! Now get out!” Michael had picked up the TV remote again, chucking it at the wall near Jeremy’s head where it broke into a bunch of tiny pieces. Jeremy turned around and his hand was on the door when Michael called out. “And don’t you dare say I would’ve done the same thing in your place. First day of Freshman year Jake Dillinger invited me to sit at his table as long as I didn’t bring you with me but I said I don’t go anywhere without my best bud. I guess the feeling wasn’t mutual.” That was the final crack in Jeremy’s heart as he left the room.

Bioshock Infinite: BaS Sentence Starters

Things said in the game Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea Part 1 gathered into a sentence starter meme. Send one or more in for our muses to interact!

❝ We’re closed. ❞
❝ How about we start with a light? ❞
❝ What do you want? ❞
❝ You don’t look the sort who can afford to turn down legitimate work. ❞
❝ You got a name? ❞
❝ What can I do for you? ❞
❝ There’s a girl who needs to be found. ❞
❝ Lost isn’t dead. ❞
❝ Name your rate. I will pay you for this work. ❞
❝ You’d do this one gratis, wouldn’t you? ❞
❝ It seems my instincts were correct. ❞
❝ Something tells me a man with your particular talents could be useful. ❞
❝ Let’s just say I don’t get out much. ❞
❝ You’ve got eyes and ears, don’t you? ❞
❝ If I wanted to share my life story, I would write my memoirs. ❞
❝ My sources are my own. ❞
❝ Where are you taking me? ❞
❝ Did you see the body? ❞
❝ This world values children. Not childhood. ❞
❝ I just get these spells sometimes. It’ll pass. ❞
❝ Leave the distractions to me. ❞
❝ Might be best if we were gone when he wakes up. ❞
❝ Where should we look next? ❞
❝ We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it. ❞
❝ Best quit while you’re ahead. ❞
❝ Why do you fail in this fashion? ❞
❝ My muse shall not be mocked. ❞
❝ There shall be no failure on my canvas. ❞
❝ I need to ask you a few questions. ❞
❝ It is the work of man to ask; it is the work of the artist to answer. ❞
❝ We artists see more than most. ❞
❝ You are more than you claim to be. ❞
❝ I will send you to her. ❞
❝ In exchange, all I ask is a dance. ❞
❝ Show me who you are, and I will show you where you need to go. ❞
❝ Beauty and pain. They can be no more separated than birth and blood. ❞
❝ I tied him to a chair and asked him. ❞
❝ I don’t know what to make of you. ❞
❝ I see suffering in you. ❞
❝ I know how to shine a light on your pain. ❞
❝ A moth will become a butterfly. ❞
❝ I’m not so sure you’ll like what you find. ❞
❝ Everyone has needs. ❞
❝ Takes a cold son of a bitch to do that to a person. ❞
❝ We’re all buried at sea. ❞
❝ Don’t get too comfortable. ❞
❝ Keep your eyes open. ❞
❝ Someone’s coming. ❞
❝ It helps in situations like this. ❞
❝ You look a mess. ❞
❝ I never heard of birds that didn’t like seeds. ❞
❝ I have no doubt you’ll prove persuasive. ❞
❝ Have matters progressed so little. ❞
❝ I could turn this with a rake pick. ❞
❝ Where’d you learn that? ❞
❝ It’s something I picked up a long time ago. ❞
❝ Just let me in, okay? ❞
❝ How could you do this to me? ❞
❝ I got something new in the works. ❞
❝ I’m planning a big comeback. ❞
❝ Did you give him my message? ❞
❝ What’s happened to these people? ❞
❝ They wouldn’t be the first sons a’ bitches who found an answer at the bottom of a bottle. ❞
❝ It’s freezing in here. ❞
❝ You think I’m some kind of idiot? ❞
❝ Can you open this? ❞
❝ Have you forgotten what we came for? ❞
❝ You don’t expect a girl to share all her secrets, do you? ❞
❝ Consider me a means to an end. ❞
❝ Why do I get the feeling I’m being set up? ❞
❝ Why risk life and limb? ❞
❝ Do you have a reason for every stupid thing you’ve ever done? ❞
❝ I have an interest in reuniting you with her. ❞
❝ I can only imagine what they would do with a child in a place like this. ❞
❝ What are you doing? ❞
❝ Do you hear that? ❞
❝ It’s the only way. ❞
❝ If you won’t do it, I will. ❞
❝ Do you want to go home? ❞
❝ Shut down the machine! ❞
❝ You had to have me, didn’t you? ❞
❝ I am so sorry. ❞

Just Shut Up

Summary: Set directly after the last Impossible Quiz video. Dan’s a brat and won’t let a silly game go; Phil just tries his best to help. 

Word Count: 771 

Warnings: Bickering 

Notes: This is the fic for the lovely anon who sent in such a specific request a couple weeks ago-thank you anon! Hope you enjoy! @cantcatchmegaythoughts edited this little oneshot, so shout out to her as well😊 

Hope you all like it! It’s v short, but feel free to drop a request or prompt into my ask box at any point:)

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Percy and Nico’s Canon Relationship

Alternatively, things that people forget ignore about Percy and Nico’s relationship and are also totally ignored in Heroes of Olympus.

This is all 100% in the canon and doesn’t have to be shippy unless you want it to be.

  • Percy spoke up about Nico when Bianca was deciding to join the Hunters, because he felt terrible that she was leaving her little brother behind
  • Percy took full responsibility for all of Nico’s (questionable) actions during Battle of the Labyrinth because he blamed himself for Bianca’s death 
  • Percy stepped up and claimed the Great Prophecy as his own at the end of Titan’s Curse so that Nico wouldn’t have to do it
  • Percy lied to Chiron (and everyone else) about Nico being a son of Hades so that Nico wouldn’t be in any more danger
  • Nico cursed Percy and ran off after Bianca’s death, and Percy responded by scouring the country for Nico
  • Annabeth and Grover are both uncomfortable with Percy searching for Nico and claiming the prophecy, probably because they don’t want Percy to be the prophecy kid because he’s their friend and they don’t want him to get his soul reaped, and Grover even protests that “this kid hates you and wants you dead” like, maybe you shouldn’t go looking for him? And Percy shoots that bullshit down so fast and immediately defends Nico and convinces them to keep searching for Nico throughout the next couple months
  • Percy offered for Nico to stay in his cabin at the end of Battle of the Labyrinth
  • Literally nearly all of Battle of the Labyrinth somehow involves Percy fussing over Nico’s safety
  • Percy is constantly thinking about Nico all throughout that book, and every time he hears of danger, his thoughts immediately turn to Nico
  • Percy finds a fast food wrapper in the Labyrinth leftover from Nico summoning the dead, and takes off running through the Labyrinth, which is insanely dangerous, with Annabeth, Grover and Tyson struggling to catch up to him, because he’s so desperate to find Nico
  • Percy begs Nico to leave Geryon’s ranch and come with them on the rest of the quest. Nico refuses, and Percy only accepts this because Eurytion promises that he’ll look after Nico
  • Bianca straight up tells Percy that the reason she felt like she could join the Hunters was because she knew Percy would take care of Nico
  • Bianca sends Percy Iris-messages about Nico’s whereabouts in the beginning of Battle of the Labyrinth because she trusts that Percy is going to track down Nico and talk some sense into him
  • Nico runs away from Geryon’s ranch and back into the Labyrinth because Minos convinces him that Percy is in danger and needs his help
  • Nico passes out after summoning skeletons to help fight the Battle of the Labyrinth, and Percy immediately rushes over to his side, kneels down next to him and tends to him until he’s confident that Nico is fine
  • When Nico shows up on Percy’s fire escape on his fifteenth birthday, Percy feels really sad for Nico and wonders if he’s ever had a birthday party before or ever been invited to a birthday party, and then invites him inside for cake and ice cream
  • Nico is the one who convinces Percy to take on the curse of Achilles, because he’s so worried about Percy’s safety in the upcoming Titan War
  • “I’m sorry if I’m being too pushy, but two years ago my sister gave her life to protect you. I want you to honor that. Do whatever it takes to stay alive and defeat Kronos” more like stay alive because I care about you and I want you to live
  • Nico panics when Percy climbs out of the River Styx because he thinks that he’s hurt, and right before Percy’s about to go in Nico gets really nervous and tries to talk him out of it, even though it was his idea in the first place
  • Nico breaks Percy’s trust by turning him over to Hades in Last Olympian, and spends the entire rest of the book trying to earn it back. And he really honestly was trying to help and didn’t want to betray Percy; Hades even tells Percy that, “I’m afraid Nico was quite sincere in wanting to help you. The boy is as honest as he is dense.” Hades definitely knows that Nico has a colossal crush on Percy and that’s what he meant by “dense,” I guarantee it
  • Percy and Nico obviously kept in touch between Battle of the Labyrinth and Last Olympian because Percy knows that Nico has been searching for a lead on his family and like this is an extremely personal subject that Nico doesn’t talk to anyone else about
  • Percy and Nico are friends?????? Like, actual friends who laugh and talk about real stuff?????? Like, Percy knows Nico well enough to tease him about stopping in to visit Juniper, and teases him about needing to take a nap after he shadow travels, and Nico has this sarcastic sense of humor that he quips back with? “With great power comes… great need to take a nap. Wake me up later.” Like this is witty and funny??? Nico doesn’t talk like that to anyone else
  • NICO DESIGNED HIS OWN CABIN. this isn’t really relevant to their relationship but it annoyed me that this was apparently forgotten.
  • Like even after they save Olympus and the battle ends and everything, even after Percy and Annabeth start dating, Percy still keeps an eye out for Nico. He takes note that he’s sitting at the base of Hades’ throne during the council after the war, because he cares about Nico. He also talks specifically about Nico’s cabin being built, because he’s been trying for years to get Nico to stay at camp.
  • Because Percy cares about Nico. Like, Percy is a complete mother hen about Nico and doesn’t ever pretend to be otherwise. Did I mention that he literally cannot stop talking about Nico’s safety for all of Battle of the Labyrinth, where, simultaneously, he was also worrying about Annabeth and Tyson and Grover and Camp Half-Blood, but still finds lots of time to worry about Nico, because Percy cares about Nico
  • Percy and Nico are friends. Like, they don’t have a “rocky relationship” anymore, like it says in Mark of Athena. They had some rough patches and they worked through them, and Percy was mildly miffed that Nico didn’t tell him who he was in Son of Neptune, but holy shit like Nico went missing and almost died and Percy thinks about this, like, maybe twice, which is totally out of character for him
  • So you’ll have to excuse me if I really don’t accept that Percy was sort of indifferent to Nico going missing and getting trapped in a jar guarded by two giants, because if Percy was actually in character, he would have spent half of Mark of Athena obsessing over Nico just like Hazel
  • I’m eternally annoyed that Percy didn’t say anything to stick up for Nico when Jason and Leo were like, “Hey maybe we shouldn’t go searching for him because he might be a traitor” because, like, Percy always sticks up for Nico and it’s really not like him to just shrug his shoulders and not care that Nico is in danger
  • And I absolutely will not take the excuse that Percy was too preoccupied with other things to obsess about Nico because Percy is always preoccupied with other things and still finds time to obsess about Nico
  • And you’ll really fucking have to excuse me if I don’t accept “Not my type” as a way to close out their relationship because THAT IS MOTHERFUCKING BULLSHIT, THEY’RE FRIENDS, AND THEY CARE ABOUT EACH OTHER, AND THEIR RELATIONSHIP IS A LOT MORE COMPLEX THAN THAT STUPID ONE-LINER MADE IT SEEM
hamilton starters. pt 1.

change pronouns as you see fit!  /  part two.

  • “  there’s a million things i haven’t done. ” 
  • “ you gotta fend for yourself. ”
  • “ just you wait. ”
  • “ i may have punched him – ”
  • “ talk less. smile more. ”
  • “ he looked at me like i was stupid. i’m not stupid. ”
  • “ fools who run their mouth off wind up dead. ”
  • “ i am not throwing away my shot! ”
  • “ i will lay down my life if it sets us free. ”
  • “ i imagine death so much it’s like a memory. ”
  • “ oh, am i talking too loud? ”
  • “ i may not live to see our glory. ”
  • “ i’m looking for a mind at work. ”
  • “ oh my god. tear this dude apart. ”
  • “ oceans rise, empires fall. ”
  • “ when you’re gone, i’ll go mad. ”
  • “ we are out gunned, out manned, out numbered, out planned. ”
  • “ you look back at me and suddenly i’m helpless. ”
  • “ where are you taking me? ”
  • “ i’m about to change your life. ”
  • “ i’m just saying if you really loved me you would share him. ”
  • “ i’m never satisfied. ”
  • “ when you said ‘hi’ i forgot my dang name. ”
  • “ love doesn’t discriminate between the sinners and the saints. ”
  • “ death doesn’t discriminate between the sinners and the saints. ”
  • “ my mother was a genius, my father commanded respect. ”
  • “ dying is easy, living is harder. ”
  • “ pick a place to die where it’s high and dry. ”
  • “ you shot him in the side! ”
  • “ don’t call me son. ”
  • “ look around, look around at how lucky we are to be alive right now. ”
  • “ let me be a part of the narrative. ”
  • “ history has it’s eyes on you. ”
  • “ you have no control. ”
  • “ history has it’s eyes on me. ”
  • “ it’s much harder when it’s all your call. ”
  • “ you’re on your own. ”
  • “ you knock me out, i fall apart. ”
  • “ why do you assume you’re the smartest in the room? ”
  • “ soon that attitude may be your doom. ”
  • “ why do you write like you’re running out of time? ”
  • “ take a break. ”
  • “ they think me macbeth, ambition is my folly. ”
  • “ i don’t have the means to go on. ”
  • “ stop crying, goddammit, get up! ”

pearwaldorf  asked:

Pike and Scanlan. I could see Pike as a slightly more ethereal bard, but I want to see what a cleric Scanlan would be like.

Fun fact, did you know Pathfinder has a diety that ascended to godhood accidentally and continues to spend his time drinking and carousing and telling tall tales?


Scanlan is ten, maybe eleven, when he sneaks in the backdoor of the tavern that will change his like. It’s name, Freedom’s Fortune, sounds like as likely a place as any to try and talk someone into a meal for the night. He’s getting a little old for the ‘poor child’ routine, and in all honesty, it’s only because humans are shit at telling the ages of gnomes he’s been able to milk this as far as he has. There’s a man sitting at the bar, already deep in his cups with half a plate of food in front of him gesturing wildly to an uninterested audience that has easy mark written all over him.

So Scanlan goes up to him, all wide eyes and ‘gee mister’s and ‘won’t you tell me that one again’s and against his own will, gets sucked into the story. Dressed in simple chainmail, the man at the bar speaks with an authority that belies the number of tankards in front of him. He speaks of the freedom of the open road, of the good that a stalwart adventurer could do in the world, of the joys to be found in a good cup of ale coming in off the road, and he does it all with a glitter in his eye that Scanlan envies. 

Scanlan, because he is just a kid and starving, steals a tankard off the bartop when everyone else is looking the other way, distracted by a brawl between the half-orc performer and an unruly farmer.

He tries to pawn the tankard the next day, and finds it returned to his pack by nightfall, his coin purse eight copper lighter. 

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Leap Of Faith - Three

Spencer Reid

Spencer had no idea why he’d suggested that they go back to his place, he could have found an open coffee shop if they’d have walked for long enough.

He also had no idea why he wasn’t taking this girl to the nearest hospital either. She’d been about to commit suicide so she obviously needed help. Yet there was something stopping him. He didn’t know this girl from adam, but she clearly had a story. One that he very much wanted to hear.

He led her away from the park and out onto the main streets pulling her little suitcase behind him. He noticed the luggage tags still on them, she’d flown in from New York.

“So did you have to get a flight connection via New York to get here?” he asked her curiously, confused as he couldn’t recall a British Airline that flew to D.C via the Big Apple.

“Erm no, I live in New York actually. Have done since I was 22,“ she e replied, digging in her pockets for a tissue and wiping away some of the mascara that had made its way down her cheeks.

“How old are you now if you don’t mind me asking?”

“How old are you Spencer Reid?”

“32,” he looked back at her seeing her eyes widen slightly. She had deep green eyes now he could see them properly, the light from the streets lamps illuminating her face somewhat. It was a shame that they were rimmed with so much red and black right now, he could tell she’d be very pretty without any make up and without the evidence of tears splashed across her face.

“You don’t look it. You look younger than me,” she replied, studying his face as she navigated the side walk expertly in her high heels.

Now they were in the light he could see she was impeccably dressed, her clothes were clearly tailor made for her, him not recognising the brand. He could however see the telltale flashes of red on the soles of her shoes.

Seeing him looking at her expectantly she sighed. “I’m 29. I’ll be 30 in three weeks. Well, 24 days actually. That’s one of the things that triggered this whole debacle actually.”

“Turning 30?” Spencer asked remembering how his team had initially forgotten his 30th, only throwing him an impromptu party at headquarters after he’d let it slip to Emily whilst on a case.

“Yes….. Me and my best friend made lists when we were 15 of all the things we wanted to have achieved by the time we turned 30. She kept them and I reread mine four months ago. From a list of 13, I’ve achieved two.”

“You made the list when you were 15. Things change. How many has your friend achieved?”

“Well considering she’ll never see 30, she’s still managed to achieve eight out of her ten. And nine and ten would have happened within a few years time.”

Spencer turned into a side street leading Persephone with him and up the stairs to his apartment building.

“Wait… Why will she never see 30?” he realised the answer almost as soon as the question left his mouth, feeling like the most insensitive dick around. It was obvious. “I’m sorry Persephone,“ he murmured. “How long?”

“Six months. Her and her fiancé. Car accident. Least they were together, I guess. Her Mum found the lists in Alex’s room. I hadn’t realised she’d even kept them all these years.” She cleared her throat, blinking back tears before closing her eyes. Shaking her head slightly she reopened them, the tears gone and a look of resolve on her face.

“Alex always went after what she wanted and she never let anyone stand in her way. I do. Because I’m scared of the consequences. I generally do what I’m told, when I’m told. I rarely fight for what I want. And that’s another reason I’m in this mess.”

The way she spoke gave Reid the impression that she’d had this conversation before, whether with herself or with another person. Her voice was tinged heavily with regret but he also got the sense that she knew exactly what her issues were. When some people contemplated suicide, they simply didn’t know why they were sad, they just were. In fact, not knowing what was wrong was more common than actually knowing what was. Persephone seemed to know what her problems were, so if that was the case, why didn’t she change them?

“This…. This is me,” Spencer unlocked the door to his apartment, switching the lights on as he went in.

Pleased his apartment was clean he led her in, watching her go straight to his book case, her eyes flickering over the masses of books.

“You like to read I take it?” her hand trailed across one of the shelves before she moved to the wall next to it, seeing his degrees and certificates which his mother had insisted he display.

“You’re 32… Some of these are dated years ago… Are you some kind of freaky genius Spencer Reid?”

“I don’t believe that intelligence can be accurately quantified….. ” he stopped, seeing the look on her face. “Yes I’m a genius.” Sometimes it was just easier.

“And an FBI agent too,” She’d got to his work based qualifications. “A profiler to be exact. So that’s how you were able to read me earlier then. Interesting.”

She read through the rest of the certificates quickly before spinning to turn him.

“So….. Coffee? I’ve kinda got things to do here.”

“Coffee.. Do you want to come through to the kitchen, Persephone?”

“Sure thing Spencer Reid…. Who clearly does that,” She laughed at her own joke. “Sorry. I’m sure you get that all the time.”

“Not since school actually,“ he clicked his kettle on, spooning coffee into mugs and adding sugar to his before sliding the dish over to her.

“How much sugar? Seriously? Why drink coffee if you ruin the taste of it with all that sweetness?”

“I honestly couldn’t tell you. I’ve always drank it this way, and everyone always comments. It’s just habit more than anything now.”

She ignored the sugar, waiting for him to add the water. She shook her head at the creamer he offered her too choosing to take it black.

“So. Here we are. Drinking coffee,” she raised her mug in the air in a ‘cheers’ motion.

“Persephone…. ” he began, but she cut him off, knowing what was coming.

“Seph. And you said you wouldn’t ask why.”

“Sorry…. I just. I want to understand.” Looking at her now in the harsh light of his kitchen, she seemed familiar. Like he’d met her before somewhere.

“Okay… Fine. There’s lots of contributing factors to my decision Spencer Reid. But the simplest way of explaining it is this: Have you ever known where you are now, and known where you want to be, but you have no idea how to get from A to B? And that not knowing builds and builds and it eats away at you until it consumes you entirely. You know what you should be doing, but you just can’t get there.”

“I can understand that feeling, yes.”

“I knew where I was ten years ago. And I knew what I wanted to be by the time I was 30. And I’ve achieved nothing….. Yes alright, I should be happy, I have parents who love me in their own way, up until this morning I had a fiancé, who for all his flaws was a decent enough human being. And I had the bestest friend in the world up until six months ago. I was working my arse off trying to establish my dream as well. I was….. well I wasn’t happy. I’m not sure I’ve ever felt 100 percent happy with my life. But I was coping. I was getting on with it. And I was working towards my dream that would have made me happy. I was existing in an state that I could live with. Until Alex died and every went tits up. And until I saw this stupid list and realised how much I actually haven’t done. My dead best friend achieved pretty much everything on her list and I probably never will now. My whole life has been planned out for me by my parents, and I’m too chicken shit to go against their plans for me. I want more, I have my own plans and my own ideas. Except I don’t know how to achieve them anymore, I don’t know how to do the things that will make me happy. And if I can’t make myself happy then what’s the point. Why carry on? Why put so much effort into a life that’s not going to reward me because I don’t know how to make it reward me. It’s too hard. And I’m not cut out for it. So why bother?”

To some, she may have sounded like a spoilt brat. She wasn’t admitting to being abused, not saying she had any kind of dependency problem. She simply wanted more out of life than what she was getting, but didn’t know how to get it. Plenty of people would see this as no good reason to end a life. But to her, it was all the reason she needed. Why carry on if she wasn’t excited by life?

Spencer got it. He understood her. He thought he’d have cured schizophrenia by the time he was 25 and he hadn’t. The disappointment he’d felt, the self loathing and lack of purpose. There was definitely more going on though, a deeper layer to the issues. But in the simplest terms, she was holding herself back and she knew it. But she felt crippled, unable to do anything about it for some reason.


“Spencer Reid,” she interjected.

“Why do you call me by my full name?” he asked her suddenly.

“Because I must have told you four times already that it’s Seph. Yet you insist on calling me Persephone. I know what you’re trying to do.”

“I’m not trying to do anything, it’s just a pretty name.”

“It’s a ridiculous name. Especially when it’s paired with my surname,” she scoffed.

“Which is?”

Spencer watched as she reached into her purse, tossing her passport across the table to him.

He flicked it open to the photo page seeing her full name.

Persephone Bella-Morte.

“Stupid isn’t it…. And quite apt really.”

“Bella-Morte…. ” he clicked his fingers as it came to him. “I know who you are. I thought you looked familiar.”

                      Markiplier Sentence Starters!: Rage Addition .

                                             (Some NSFW) 

                                     (Can be taken out of context.)                                      . 

The Level of Denial:

“Oh, come on, this is baloney!”
“What kind of malarkey is this?”
“I’m not doing it on purpose!”
“Don’t patronize me, I’m fine!”
“I’m a calm, little butterfly.”
‘I am calm and collected.“ 
“What the fuck am I talking about?”
“ Oh come on, what is with this thing?!”
 “If I fall into the fire I will eat my own eyeballs!”
“I should have been up that pipe ten ways to Sunday.“ 
"This is going to be a bitch and a half.”
“Oh my god, you tried to murder me!”
“I don’t handle frustrating things well.”
“I don’t know why I twirled…”
“Is it a little bit too early to loose my sanity?”
“Stop with the party, it’s not time for that yet!”
“Oh, this was useless…oh, there was no point to this!”
“Well, I didn’t run into a Hammer-Bro-Hammer…just something else.”
“Have I been cursing this whole time? I just said damn…I just said damn again!”
“I would never, ever, never, never, never ever say anything bad about him….or his mother.”
“You know how in Star Wars they say 'release your hatred?’ Yeah, Ross did that!”

 Levels of Rage:

“Frick you…screw your face!”
“It’s about god damn time, don’t you think you should be a little less of a douchebag?”
“Why did you DUCK?!”
“You think you can catch fireballs, bitch?!”
“Missed me, dickbag!”
“I can’t jump when I have something in my hand!”
“What the bullshit, fuck your mother!”
“What am I talking about?! Shut up, I don’t know!”
“Oh, right under your nose, bitch, right under your nose!”
“Thank you, thank you for being late to the party, assbag!”
“Oh shit, you’re fucking dead!”
“Just stop…just stop! JUST STOP!”
"I think she would be a little worried at my constant screaming.”
"That is such a piece of ass!”
“Fudge, come on!”
“Yes, I know this is gross, but I’m talking about it!”
“This is reality!" 
"Oh my god, why is this so hard?!”
“You know, at this point I’m not even surprised at your bullshit.”
“I wanna break it, but it’s not mine….”
“If I crack this open it’s going to be a horrible mess for everyone." 
"I Can’t do this, God damn…I can’t do- Oh…I can’t!”
“I’m sorry, I have nothing clever to say at this moment….I’M DYING!" 
"Would’ve been nice!”
“It might not look difficult, but my voice is cracking and I’m practically pubescent!”
“I am borderline in tears at the bullshit that’s in front of me." 
"When is this fucking things going to behave?!”
“I had it, I had the flower, it was in MY FUCKING HANDS!”
“I am so angry…I might not look it, I might just look tired.”
“That was bound to happen, because I didn’t have WHAT I FUCKING NEEDED!”
“Fuck them….fuck them all…FUCK THEM ALL!”
“That’s wrong…THAT’S WRONG!”
“God damn, give me your shoe!" 
"Just….OH MY GOD!”
“Just me, myself, and my internal rage.”
"Don’t ask me what that means, shut up!“  
"I have never, ever been so angry in my life!”
“You are going to slap me in the face with all your bullshit and then take everything I love.”
“Oh god, it’s my ride!”
“Oh, come on you bastard, you stole my ride!”
“Oh,____’s scary when he’s angry….yeah…yeah…" 
"Doesn't everybody know they’re not supposed to be original or individual?!" 

That level of DONE:

"I am full of lies and stupidity.”
“I am not happy inside…”
“I have no soul…”
“I hate this…and everyone.”
“It’s the little things…it’s the little things.”
“It’s the little, itty, bitty things that make me think dark thoughts….about Ross,”
“That’s what I get for thinking…”
“That is so stupid, I hate this.”
“And yeah,  haha, it’s fun for you guys, but guess who it’s not fun for?!" 
"It’s not okay I have to do this…it’s not okay.”
“I don’t even want to yell anymore.”
“I am not okay right now…”
“…why did I even try?”
“That’s alright, I wasn’t paying attention, so why not take a little life from me?”
“They took from me….everything!”
“And they gave me nothing!" 
"The note just says; ‘Thanks guys, no I’m not your father.’”
“It’s like I can see death moments before it arrives in my face.”
“Oh, you think you are going to get me and the answer is- probably…" 
"I’m a loser, baby, I’m a loser…I forget the rest of the song.”
“This has been ____, I’m going to remove my name from my name, and call myself Dickbag McDicksucker.”

The Tattoo Soulmate

Pairing: Y/N/Luke

Rating: PG-All

Request: Yes

Words: 2.500+

Summary: A short oneshot I wrote just to get a break from working on one of my finals..In which everyone is born with their soulmate’s name on their wrist..

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Walking over to my bed I dropped down on it and screamed into my pillow. I didn’t know if I should be scared, happy, upset, excited, I was just confused all together because this shit came out of left field. I don’t know how I’m supposed to tell my mother this, or how I’m supposed to even tell Cameron’s dumb ass about this. I had half of mind to not even say anything at all but that would be stupid and irritating. I didn’t get myself into this situation by myself, so I’ll be damned if I’m the only one stressing over this shit.

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2 in the morning. Grayson still isn’t home. He told you he’d be back hours ago. You called and text, countless times at this point, but you got no replies. Your nerves had calmed and you finally began to settle into bed, only to be jolted awake by your ringtone.

Grayson’s ringtone.

You snatched your phone off of the nightstand and quickly answered.

“Grayson, where are you?” You cried as soon as you answered.

“I’m almost home. I’m sorry if I worried you. Things just got out of hand at this party, and,-” He let out a loud sigh, “I fucked up (Y/N), worse than ever before.” He explained. You could hear tears in his voice.

“Grayson, what did you do?” You asked as a million and one scenarios played in your head.

“I can’t bare to tell you over the phone. I’ll see you when I get home.” He said, and with that, you heard a click as Grayson hung up. You laid in bed and cried as you waited for Grayson to come home, not knowing what the hell he was going to tell you.

20 minutes pass, but it felt like hours. You heard keys jingle outside the front door, Grayson stumbling as he made his way into the house. You jumped out of bed to meet him in the living room, falling into his arms.

“Oh my god, I’m so glad you’re home.” You whimpered. You felt him wince under your touch. “Oh, did I hurt you?” You asked, scared. The living room was still dark, but you could see his outline against the pale moonlight casting through the window. You flipped on the light, and were immediately in shock when you finally saw him in the light.

His white t-shirt now stained red, cuts and bruises covered his face.

“Grayson, what the hell?” You asked.

“I told you I fucked up.” He said, a hint of sadness in his voice.

“Gray, tell me what happened.” You said sitting down next to him.

“Please, don’t be mad at me.” He began. “I know you told me not to worry about it, but I couldn’t stop myself. I just got so angry, and he-”

“He? Grayson, what did you do?” You interrupted.

You had a feeling that your ex was a big part in this.

“Stop interrupting and I’ll tell you.” He said. “Look, I know you told me not to worry about it, but I just saw him, and we was talking so much shit about you, and us, and it just made me so mad. I couldn’t just stand there and listen to all the absolute bull shit he was saying. I’m not a fighter, and you know that, but I was just so heated, I don’t know what came over me.” He paused to take a breath and wipe his tears. “The next thing I know, were4in the street, and I’m just throwing punch after punch and I was scared that I wasn’t going to stop.” He added as the tears really started to fall.

He laid his head on your shoulder and you rubbed his back.

“Grayson, stop crying. It’s over and done. There’s nothing we can do about it now. Everything is going to be okay.”

“I just don’t want you to be upset with me about what I’ve done. It was so stupid of me.”

“I’m not mad. How can I be mad at someone that was sticking up for me? I’m just glad that you’re home and okay. I was going crazy not knowing where you were.” You said kissing him softly on his temple.

“I love you so much (Y/N). How did I get so lucky to have you in my life?”

“I could say the same thing.” You said, a small smile spread across Grayson’s face, showing off his tiny dimple near his mouth. “There’s that smile I love.” You laughed. “C'mon, let’s get you cleaned up and into bed. I know you’re tired.” You said. You took him into the bathroom and wiped all the dried blood from his face and chest and helped get him bandaged up and into bed.

“You’re the best. I love you so much.” Grayson said as he pulled you into his arms.

“I love you too baby.” You said. You felt his lips press against your head, and you slowly drifted off to sleep.


I’ve been waiting, and I will keep on waiting until the time is right. You are my equal, my partner, my teammate, my best friend. I’ve done so many stupid things that you’ve made me regret—things I hope you will forgive me for and look beyond— but this, waiting a little longer for the love of my life, I can do.Kulti, Mariana Zapata 

givemeyoursoulandillgiveyoupizza  asked:

Hey I saw you talking about Mary so I just want to politely ask you: do you think what she's done (shooting Sherlock, the whole CAM thing, etc.) makes her a) a fitting wife for John and more importantly b) a good mother for their child? Because while respecting that John chose her to spend the rest of his life with, I can't say that I agree that that was the right decision for him to make... (Once again this is not criticism on you, I just wanna hear your opinion on this whole thing)

Hi there!

My opinion is that there is no such thing as a cookie-cutter ‘fitting wife’ and ‘good mother’. Is she the Hollywood stereotype of ‘perfect’ in that she has always had a safe and law-abiding existence, held down a respectable job, met a man, fell in love, married him and had a child? No.

Is she a fitting wife for John Watson, who loves danger, gets bored in suburbia, has a half-mad, genius best friend he runs around and solves crimes with? Yes, absolutely, I think so.

So maybe it seems weird to have a child, seeing as this is the lifestyle they enjoy? No, I don’t think so. You might as well ask why people in war zones have children, why drug lords have children, why people who’ve later gone to prison have children. People who have done bad things in their lives can still love their kids very much, and be good parents. I’ve done plenty of stupid things in my life, and none of them make me a bad mother to my daughter. 

Something to keep in mind is that John and Mary were already married, and Mary was already pregnant, when John found out she was an ex-assassin. If things hadn’t got that far, who knows what would have happened with them? But they did. The question is, after Mary shot Sherlock, would it have been okay for John to wash his hands of his unborn child because he couldn’t deal with it?  No, it would not, and John would never do that, in my opinion. He’s an honourable man, and the child doesn’t deserve to suffer because of a bad decision made by a parent. If he had kicked her out and had nothing to do with her, he would - in my opinion - be a far lesser man.

And finally…these are characters who don’t see the world entirely as other people do. Sone fans can’t seem to accept that Sherlock would forgive Mary for shooting him; I say, the fact he has forgiven her is part of what makes Sherlock, Sherlock. If he understands her reason for doing it, the logic behind it, then he rationalises it as okay. John might have a harder time rationalising it, but (I think) understands that she felt she had no other option. And she really could have just shot Sherlock in the head. And she didn’t. They both know she could have killed him, and she didn’t.

So, anyway. I don’t ship any part of this trio with each other because they are not my personal bag. So I say, in a completely non-snippy light, that I think John and Mary are pretty much perfect for each other, and the three of them together are a great friendship. But that’s all just my opinion, and I respect anyone’s right to disagree.

Thanks for the ask! :)