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Surprise! - Feyre’s Birthday Fic

Hello, hello! Join me in saying:

Happy Birthday, Feyre!

In honor of her birthday today, I have put together a little fluff fic. Thanks @her-misplaced-wings for making sure this didn’t sound stupid.

(This is not part of my writing challenge, which can be found here. But, I will put a link on that page for this fic!)

Summary: In order to give Feyre the birthday she deserves, Rhys gets up early in order to get things ready. Things do not go as planned.

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So last Friday I wrote down things that my friends said and well.

Alexander: Well at least you can draw..
John: *draws badly on purpose*
Alexander: … Never mind….

Lafayette: SIN!!! Why doesn’t this fucking work?!
Hercules: Turn that fucking calculator on first!!!

Aaron: One.. Two.. What the fuck?!

Thomas: *stabs a bottle with a pen*
James: How did you know that was empty?
Thomas: I didn’t…

Washington: Yesterday I thought I was tired of everyone’s shit, then this morning happened…

Alexander: Everyone’s just doing something stupid, and you are stupid!! *points at Thomas*

*whole squad watching “Friday The 13th”*
Thomas: Wait which one was this again, a horror or a porn movie???

Lucky Us: X Years Later...
  • Adrien: *sits up in bed*
  • Adrien: *sleepy blink*
  • Adrien: *furrows brow* I'm gonna kick Nathanael's ass.
  • Marinette: It's three in the morning.
  • Adrien: *lays back down* I'm gonna do it, buginette
  • Marinette: Sure.
  • Adrien: I will avenge you
  • Marinette: If I make love to you will you shut up and go to sleep?
  • Adrien: *snores*
  • Marinette: *is wide awake now, hits Adrien with a pillow* Stupid cat.

dean and cas being all gross and domestic and loved up

and dean (and cas but mostly dean) making stupid puns and jokes about the ridiculousness of their relationship

like one morning sam asks him how he wants his coffee and he says: “how I want my men; strong enough to raise me from the dead.”

and one day dean is refusing to do something for cas, like cleaning the dishes or fetching his book, and cas says: “you raise a man out of hell and he won’t ev-” “OKAY FINE IM GOING”

or their teenage daughter embarrasses herself and dean tells her: “everyone does stupid things in front of their crush, I stabbed mine in the chest.”

or someone asks them how they met and dean tells them: “I was going through a really hard time in my life, it was literally hell, and then I met him.”

and when strangers compliment cas, dean always says: “yeah, he’s an angel”.

Ruby: You guys… you just don’t get it. I know you all have an outside perspective on this. The only things you know are what Craig’s told you about Tweek. 
Ruby: Newsflash. Tweek didn’t love him. He was just a jealous, selfish, person who didn’t want Craig,  but didn’t want anyone else to have him, either.
Ruby: See, they broke up because they always fought with each other. I think the whole last year of them dating was nothing but constant fighting. It was always about dumb stupid things Tweek caused. Then, when they finally broke up, Tweek still kept causing problems. 
Ruby: I can’t even tell you how many times Craig came into my room crying because he left someone for Tweek, but Tweek didn’t want him back. GOD. Every time my brother started liking somebody, Tweek would manipulate him into having sex. He’d do anything to destroy my brother’s relationships.
Ruby: Then in the morning he’d give Craig some lame “I love you but we’re no good for each other” shit. Sure, my brother wasn’t perfect, either, but at least he didn’t fucking use Tweek like that. 
Ruby: Time doesn’t change people that much. Tweek will talk a big talk and be a good little angel for now, but the moment my brother tries to move on again, Kyle will be out the window and Tweek will be back to his old shit.
[Deleted by Craig]

Stay, please

Originally posted by mooseleys

Pairing: Crowley x Reader
Word count: 424
Warnings: Angst

Final part of Lost it All

You were packing your clothes into your suitcase when Crowley walked in without knocking. His eyes followed you for a moment. You were wearing jeans, a t-shirt, and your hair was up in a loose ponytail. Finally, he spoke up. “Please…”

Stopping, you looked over at him. “Don’t.” You told him, putting the shirts that were in your hands into your suitcase. “You got your wish. You got her pregnant.” Turning, you went back to what you were doing. “I’ll be going to a lawyer first thing Monday morning.”

Crowley couldn’t take his eyes off of you. How could he have done this to you? He would likely be celebrating you getting pregnant around now if he hadn’t have been so stupid. You told him that you’d been about to tell him you wanted a family with him, that you were ready. And he’d thrown that all away. Licking his lips, he shoved his hands in his pockets. “I wish you’d talk to me.”


He shut your door and stepped forward. “I haven’t been with her since that night. I promise you that. I’m always here, with you. I have been doing everything I can to bloody fix this. I was a moron, I see this.” Crowley told you, sounding more sincere than ever. “Her being pregnant doesn’t change that. I still want this. I want us.”

You shook your head, crossing your arms and looking at him. “You think that makes this easier?” You asked. “You really think that I want to keep seeing her? Because she’s having your kid, Crowley. That would be unavoidable. Birthdays, holidays, school shit. She would be a constant presence in your life. I’d never, ever be able to stop worrying.” At least you were being honest about your reasoning. “I’d never be able to let my guard down, and I can’t live like that.”

“What do I need to do to prove that there’s no chance of me being with her again?” He asked.

“Nothing.” You sighed. “There’s nothing you can do.” It hurt, it was like finding them all over again. “Clearly you enjoyed sleeping with her. You’re getting your family.” Your chest clenched. “I’m not sure why you married me, Crowley, if…if you couldn’t even be faithful. If you didn’t love me, why bother?”

He moved and cupped your face. “I love you with every ounce of my being.” His eyes locked with yours. “Isn’t that enough?”

“Not without trust.”

“Please don’t go. Stay…please? Let me try!”

You pulled away. “I’m sorry, I can’t.”

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John and Dirk learning about each other’s Very Different Experiences as Gay Dudes is something I live for tbh

John as a kid who lived with a pretty straight-laced dad in the Midwest in the early 00’s and had next to no exposure to any sort of gay culture or media.
Dirk who grew up experiencing the entirety of human culture secondhand online, 200 years in the future and after the Condesce-ization of humanity, and for whom finding out he’s gay was much less of a thing.

I just need John and Dirk skyping at 3 AM, and John’s laughing in that way you only do as Ass O'clock in the morning, realizing all those little things as a kid he did that totally screamed he was gay but he was too stupid to know.

“I just thought I had to marry Rose, you know? It wasn’t even any sort of preference it had just been laid out for me and made sense, I was almost sort of relieved…. that’s stupid though.”
“No. It isn’t.”

“You guuuuuys it’s D&D characters do stupid things all the time it’s not big…”

NO. FUCK YOU. “It’s just a game” is for fumbled dice rolls, giggling bullshit in the background of serious scenes, the fact that these idiots always rush in without any sort of plan and have a bad habit of forgetting their important plot points in the bag of holding.

“It’s just a game” is not an excuse for shitty, stupid, selfish behavior. “It’s just a game,” is not Get Out of Criticism Free card to shut down people’s emotions. “It’s just a game” is not a flag to wave off the consequences of a character’s CONSCIOUS AND DELIBERATE ACTIONS, especially not when those actions have potentially DEVESTATING affects on other characters.

Vax’ildan deserves to get called out for his behavior. I don’t care if it was “in character,” of course it was in character, he’s been a selfish self-righteous dick for months. “It’s just a game” is no excuse.

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It'll never cease to amaze me when ppl come into my work, a DOLLAR STORE, and get upset when I can't break their hundred first thing in the morning and say they don't have anything else. Like? Not my fault you're that stupid to walk in here with nothing but that??? I know they do it bc they can break it without spending hardly anything (I had a lady give me a 100 for a $0.53 purchase once) but they fail to see the flip side of things costing less, which is..... us not having much money

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My question is how do you find the confidence to message him so often? I'm typically a very extroverted person, but I'm just like Okay, one reply is fine. Ahh but I love how kind he is! So presh!

I’m a very introverted person, but I somehow build up enough courage to send him a message every so often. Most of the time, it’s something that I feel is really stupid. So, when he was on last night (early morning for him), I apologized for always sending him stupid things and we ended up having a short conversation (mainly him telling me not to be afraid) and that’s what happened.


Hey, guys and gals. Today is the day! My birthday! (I gotta make sure Twitter is able to read this because I just need to let my Twitter followers know too). So, I honestly don’t know what to do now on Tumblr. I guess I can just wait for some birthday asks or whatever from you guys or maybe get fanart, I dunno. But, I literally was typing this yesterday. I planned on posting this at 12 in the morning, but I didn’t feel like it. Well, actually, I was feeling very freaking tired from school. ANYHOO, I guess I can start by saying thank you to the ones who cheer me up, who make me happy, and who keep me from doing stupid things! Yep, Tumblr helps too.

Here are some people who are really great friends (and family obviously)

@badshoi / @joideanne - @moviec  - @dr-dylex - @kandeekorn - @kingoffantasy516 - @fizziroo - @zoophobianexus - @jayinthezone@alexlememe / @alexlememeyartist - @sterlingfawx

…and people with amazing blogs!

@never-normal-webcomic (One of my favorite webcomics!) @nevercakegames
@timberfilm (I still love it)
@travellertalks (I’m pretty sure he remembers me.)
@zoophobia-comic (Even if its stopped, you might like it! Read from the beginning though!)

I hate going through my following list. I forgot I set my phone to “auto-rotate” so when I had to move it, the list restarted from the beginning!!! But, it’s done now. Finally. Also, I had to make sure any NSFW weren’t shown, if there happens to be a NSFW blog here that I forgot about………I’m sorry.

So, again, thank you to everyone who wished me an amazing birthday, thank you to everyone who is always able to bring me back up from depression to energetic and happy, and thank you for letting me be your friend. Now, I’m gonna hang with my family and have a cupcake. Cheers, everyone~!


*checks the time*  It’s four in the morning.  Looks like I’m on schedule!?

So I promised myself to draw Not Porn today, then wound up drawing Dio eating Jonathan’s booty like groceries so after that I figured ‘No me, let’s draw Jonathan with clothes on also’.  So have this thing I made thirty minutes ago!  You can even tell where I got tired!  It’s silly JonaDio dad(mudad, Jonadad?  Idk… I’m not even particularly crazy into it but it’s just funny how many children Jonathan actually canonically has…) au picture time!!!

So, I was thinking that every year someone gets it into their heads to take family pictures.  And since Jonathan and Dio are So Cool they dress everyone up in matching clothes.  Jorge (who I tried to make look like grandpa George?  But looks like Jotaro and Josuke had a child???) is in that horrible preteen thing where everything is awful and he rebels by putting on stupid jackets.

….I also imagined that Jonathan and most of the kids are physically incapable of taking a picture that looks good if they’re aware they are taking a picture.  They are only photogenic if you capture them in the wild, otherwise they will do that thing where you hold your breath like an idiot.

….also head cannon that Dio doesn’t know how to feel about Ungalo because he looks like his dad.  Cause Ungalo looks a lot like the not pretty side of the Brando tree, I’ve realized.

Tell me about your childhood and things that
make you happy,
Tell me about that time you stayed up all night
crying and why you hate yourself sometimes,
Tell me about your dreams and how you like
your morning coffee,
Tell me about what you’d do if you could change
the world and why.
You could go on talking and I promise I’ll be listening
to each and every word, even if it’s stupid.
You could take me home and teach me how to play
your favorite video game or we could sit on the rooftop
all night watching the stars disappear as the sun rises.
We could do anything you like and I’d be your side.
As long as we’re together.
—  Rida Aamina 
Update: 15/1/2017

Good morning!

So, this is going to be my last full day off from The Day Job until next Monday! I need to make the most of it, not only as far as authoring goes, but also just, you know, in life. I wanted to lay in, but my brain woke me up at stupid o’clock, so I kind of figured I should just get up and be productive!

The plan today is to make a nice dent in the formatting of The Things You Don’t See, and do a little housework. I should also try and write up a post for my website, as it’s been a while since I last put anything up there. Ideally I should be posting there twice a week, but we’ll see.

I feel like so far I’m doing well! I’m setting myself goals and I seem to be reaching them, and all whilst fending off my seasonal depression with a proverbial baseball bat and working a full-time job. 

I’m proud of myself :)

  • ENFJ around everyone: "Hello! Good morning! How are you today? You look fantastic! Let me help you with that. What are your hopes and dreams? Do you need to talk? You know I'm always here for you."
  • ENFJ around their crush: *awkward silence*
  • *avoids eye contact*
  • (thinks)'go talk to them. No that's lame, wait for them to talk to you. Be cool. Don't say anytime stupid. Oh God, they're looking at you. Say something NOW!'
  • "Sooooo... D-d-do you like bread?"

My lizard hasn’t figured out that there’s space under his log to hide for sleeping so instead he just stuck his head under the reptile carpet and when I turned on his light this morning he didn’t know it was day because his head was under the carpet so he didn’t move for the whole day until I lifted his head out from under the carpet and he looked at me like :/ then went back to doing regular lizard things

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((And for something completely different... Simollo winter stuff?))

(Please bear with me if this isn’t good aha I have never tried writing Simollo but they are cute SO TRY I SHALL <3 :>  Also I hope you don’t mind I did a thing where it is more pre-relationship for them ) 

It definitely was not this cold when Apollo left for work this morning.  He had been perfectly comfortable just in his normal work clothes, and yet somehow as the night descended, a damp chill had come over the city, and now it was less than 10 degrees and snowing outside.

When did Los Angeles ever get snow like this? 

Everyone else had already left for the day.  Athena was meeting up with Juniper to go to dinner and then see a movie, so she had taken off earlier than normal.  Mr. Wright was alright with it, though, since things had been somewhat slow.  And then the boss himself took Trucy out to eat when she started leaning on him and saying that she was hungry.  

“Polly, you should come with us!”

“No thanks, I need to get some more stuff done before I go home,” Apollo had responded.  “Besides, I’m not that hungry right now.” 

He felt a little bad when Trucy pouted, but her face didn’t stay that way for long, as Mr. Wright held out her jacket for her.  

(cut for length!)

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  • Kuroo: Bo, are you awake? I have to ask you something. Bokuto?
  • Bokuto: I'm trying to sleep, Kuroo. Can't this wait 'til morning?
  • Kuroo: You woke me up last night to ask if monkeys ever worry about their looks.
  • Bokuto: Oh yeah, sorry. Do you think they do?
  • Kuroo: I already told you, if they worried about their looks they'd wear pants.

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A tim drake thing both my friend and i have done is that whenever we get tired(in my case sleep deprived) we start sending eachother conspiracy theories or making theories about tv shows. One time they sent me a long as text message talking about how aliens were providing for us, while i sent them messages talking about how we're really just brains piloting flesh

tim sending those types of texts to jason at stupid o'clock in the morning and jason is just like “if u dont go the fuck to sleep I’ll come over there and knock u out”