stupid things drunk people do

Sirius Black didn't like to drink.

Sirius Black didn’t like to drink.

Actually, he hated it.

He hated that in weddings, the only thing that adults drank was alcohol.

He hated the drinks. Ron, whisky, vodka, brandy, wine, beer. He hated the lot of them.

He couldn’t stand seeing drunk people. Because drunk people always do stupid things.

No one ever noticed that when he was around drunk people, Sirius was tense. Mostly because when you are drunk, you can’t see what other people are doing.

He hated the sound of bottles breaking, it made him shivers.

He hated that James, Remus and Peter drank in the gryffindor parties. He hated seeing his friends pass out because of the alcohol in their bodies.

He hated that they didn’t remind what happened the night before. He hated that they didn’t care.

He hated that he couldn’t drink to forget because drinking would make him remember.

And he hated to remember.

But every time he saw drunk people, he remembered.

He remembered being eight years old.

He remembered the echoes of his father’s steps dancing in a wedding.

He remembered going home and his father continuing the party by himself, with all the drinks he had in the manor.

He remembered his father calling all of them to the living room. And the bottle in his father’s hand.

He remembered the screams of his father. And his mother trying to calm him down. He remembered the first smack. And the second. And the third.

He remembered being scared. And the look on his brother’s face.

He remembered trying to protect his brother when his father was done with his mother. He remembered the pain. And the bottle of his father breaking in million of pieces after crashing with the wall in an attempt to hit him.

He remembered how his father walked three steps before passing out.

He remembered how the next morning he didn’t recognise what he did the night before.

He remembered how his father didn’t care.

He remembered it.

And he hated it.

Thin Walls *Part 7* (Luke Hemmings)

lmao i realized that this is going on way longer than i intended to, like they shoulve just banged an it wouldve been over but now i have all of this background info and shit its getting deep man

anyway, hope you enjoy!

p.s this is super long but okay anyway hope you like it!

p.p.p.s i used the word “hella” in this please dont send me hate (word tried to send me hate but i just added the word “hella” to the dictionary so ha fuck you word) 

p.p.p.s does anyone actually read this part

p.p.p.p.s. the next part might be coming really soon because im really excited about it

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part 8

“What?” You just stared at him. Honestly, you were still half asleep and you were trying to remember if you had placed the curling iron your bathroom countertop or not, because if you hadn’t that would be very bad.

“The wedding,” Luke grinned, even though he seemed unsure of himself now. “It’s today right?” You nodded, still not knowing why he showed up at your doorstep all dressed up. “Remember, I said that I would go with you. You even called your brother telling him that you were coming with a guest.”

You still gave him a blank look. “When we were drunk.” He added, after clearly noticing the expression on your face. “Oh!” You exclaimed, realization hitting you. “Right, I-”

“I mean I don’t have to go if you don’t want me to. It’s just that you seemed pretty pissed about having to attend so I thought I’d keep you company.” He added, probably still aware of the unsure look on your face.

“No,” You shook head, take a step to the side and opened up the door so that Luke could walk in. “You should come, plus its free food and an open bar. I just need to finish getting ready.”

He nodded, following you into your apartment and making himself comfortable on the couch. You don’t think that you needed to tell him that you weren’t ready yet; you had half of your hair curled, yet to do your makeup and you were in a hoodie and pyjama shorts.

Luke himself had dressed for the occasion, a black button up with a black jacket over top, still in his black skinny jeans (but no rips) and had changed his converse to a pair of black ankle boots. He looked good, to say the least. Good enough to have a blush form on our cheeks at the simple thought of it.

You walked back to the bathroom, leaving the door open so it wasn’t as awkward and you guys would still be able to make small talk. Once you were satisfied with your hair (or as satisfied as you could be) and sprayed an obvious amount of hairspray on it, you got started with your makeup.

You wanted to look really good. Really really good. Since you had cut off your family (and they had cut you off as well actually) you knew very well that they assumed that you lived in the street, hadn’t showered in weeks and had lice. You wanted to do the best “Ha I’m a boss ass bitch, kiss the ground I walk on” look.

You covered your skin with the creamy mixture of your foundation, covering and hiding the redness and discolouration, just knowing that your mom was going to point them out and once again telling you that it was bad that you picked at your acne when you were younger. You swiped some bronzer underneath your cheeks and around your forehead and nose, hoping to at least make your face look more symmetrical than it was. Taking out you liquid eyeliner, you held your breath as you tried not to mess up on your winged eyeliner.

“How do you do that so perfectly?” Luke’s voice came from the entrance of the bathroom, as he watched you recreate the same look on the other eye. “Practice,” You muttered once you were done with both eyes, checking to see if they were somewhat the same. “Seriously, I can’t draw a straight line but I can do anyone’s eyeliner.” You laughed, pleased with how it turned out. You brushed some dark eye shadow onto your eyelids, hoping that you wouldn’t look like you had just gotten punched.

Luke didn’t say anything else, only a soft chuckle emitting his lips at your words. He stood at the doorframe as you completed your eye makeup with some mascara. You could see him watching you from the mirror, watching you trying to brush your eyebrows to get the perfect arch and as you applied a light shade of lipstick.

You admired your appearance once you were done, leaving your entire makeup laid out on the counter. You could clean that up later. “Does it look okay?” You asked Luke, walking to where he was at the door.

He nodded, gaze meeting yours. “Yeah, you look amazing. I mean,” He quickly added afterwards. “Not that you don’t usually look good without all the makeup and stuff. But you look good.” He nodded again, and you felt a blush rise to your cheeks. You smiled, thanking him and quickly moving past him muttering something about having to change and hoped that he didn’t notice your blush.

You walked into your room, shutting the door behind you and pulling off your hoodie and pyjama shorts. You pulled on the dress, not before making sure there wasn’t any lose threads or rips because you knew your mom would give you absolute shit for that.

The dress was deep navy blue, almost black. The bodice had undertones of a slightly lighter and almost sparkling blue, while the rest it flowed out in its dark colour. It came down to a bit lower than your ankles, not quite hitting the ground. It had a slit all the way up mid-thigh and an over one shoulder thick strap. It was revealing, but you still felt classy as fuck. And plus, you felt like a princess when you walked because the fabric would flow behind you.

You held the bodice to your body, not wanting it to fall as you slowly walked out of your room. “Can you zip me up?” You quietly asked, walking over to where Luke was. You turned around so that he faced your back, and felt his fingertips brush against your skin as he tugged the zipper up, moving my hair out of the way. “Valentino?” He asked, confusing you into you realized he must’ve seen the tag on the dress.

“What? Oh, yeah,” You let out a little laugh as you turned around once he had zipped up your dress. “I actually got it at a department store. On sale. I just sewed on the Valentino tag because my family is an asshole.”

You walked back to my room, grabbing your bag which contained some things that you might need for the night. “What’d you get as a wedding present?” Luke asked when you walked back into the living room area where he was. “A plant.” You grinned. Luke’s eyebrows quirked up in surprise. “Really? A plant? Why” Don’t usually people give like bowls and dishes and shit. Plus plants die.”

You smirked at him. “Yeah, like my brothers and mines relationship.” Even though it sounded stupid, it was a nice plant. You had even gotten it a little pot and everything. “What happened with you and your family anyway.” Luke questioned as you told him that you guys should leave right now and maybe drive a bit faster than legal if you wanted to make it on time. Almost walking out of the door but then realizing that you weren’t wearing any shoes, you ran back to grab your black heals and went back to the door. “I’ll tell you on the way, c’mon.”

So you guys made it on time, just barely but whatever. At least you showed up. You drove a little too fast, but it’s okay. You mad it in one piece even though you were sure that your shitty car might not be able to take it.

You realized halfway there that this would be so awkward with Luke, because well it’s not like you guys knew each other that well. Luke on the way here assured you that it was fine, but you still felt a little but weird about it. Seriously, what were you going to say. “This is my hot neighbour who I like but doesn’t know that I like him, we’re just friends. But not even close friends.”

Still you decided to just say “fuck it” along with Luke, because this was your chance to make fun of everyone in your family that you hated.

“Wait,” You said, stopping Luke from walking out of the car, in this parking lot a bit further away from the (typical, straight out of a movie) church was. “I just want to apologize in advance for dragging you into this. You really didn’t have to come.”

He grinned, shaking his head. “It’s fine really, plus Y/N. One does not deny when invited to a fancy wedding with an open bar.” You laughed slightly, but still you don’t think that he understood what you were saying. “Yeah, but I was drunk. People do and say stupid things when they’re drunk.”

Your mind immediately went to when you told him you heard him in the shower and your almost kiss. Once again, just at the thought of it you felt your entire body heat up and you prayed to any God out there that it didn’t show on your face. Still, you were fairly certain that Luke had thought the same thing. Since your attention was completely and solely focused on him, you didn’t miss the quick look he gave your lips, licking his own and going to play with the black metal lip ring.

“Yeah,” He breathed out. Part of you wanted to get of this car because the tension was getting too strong. But another part of you wanted to jump his bones. “But still. I’m not made that I’m here.”

He was changing the subject. Maybe you had just imagined it all. Maybe he wasn’t thinking the same thing as you. “Now let’s go make this wedding our bitch, yeah?” He grinned at you, open the passenger side door and walking out. You took a deep breath, following him out.

You realized the two of you would probably stick out a lot. For starters, Luke was wearing black skinny jeans. To a wedding. Personally, you had no problem with it. He looked good. Also he had a lip ring as an acessorie. Most of these people had Swarovski diamonds hanging from their necks, not holes in their lips. Once again, you sure as hell weren’t complaining.

And you, with your bold eye makeup. Sure, these people put on fake faces most of the time but their makeup was pretty boring honestly, and you had a very winged eyeliner. That looked amazing, thank you very much. And plus, everyone was basically wearing pastels. No joke. Yes, pastels were nice. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s just that seeing so many people wear pastel at once was well, it was kind of sickening. Even the men seemed to have odd coloured suits.

And there was you with you almost midnight black navy dress and Luke with his all black attire. But still, you guys looked hella.

There was arranged seating in the church, so some lady with a headset told you where to go and you listened to her. Once you guys took your seats (not even in the first row, thanks bro) you saw your parents. There were smiling (fake smiles) and people, shaking their hands and laughing. It had been almost a year since you had seen them, and honestly now that you saw them you just wanted to leave.

“Fuck,” You muttered under your breath, earning a dirty look from some old guy in front of you. Your mother had seen you, meeting your gaze and not even breaking a smile. You returned the same look at her, not a glare but it wasn’t exactly a happy look either. You refused to be the first to look away.

A smirk formed on your lips, feeling a bit better of yourself when she was the first to look away, turning to go whisper something to your dad. Probably talking shit about you. “Are those your parents?” Luke whispered, looking to where you were staring. You looked away, and turning to meet Luke’s blue eyes. “Yeah.”

He clearly noticed how tense you were, whether by the sound in your voice or the way you were sitting but he reached down and tentatively interlocked your fingers, giving you hand a small squeeze. “Fuck ‘em. Just forget about them. You’re going to show everyone how amazing you’re doing without them, and then they’re going to cry. Then we’ll take all of their expensive booze and run away.”

You laughed slightly at his words, but shook your head. “No, no we should just leave now before they come to talk to me. My mom can probably already tell that this dress cost me less than a hundred dollars.”

You was ready to stand up, but Luke’s grip on your hand tightened as he stopped you from going anywhere. “No, c’mon like I said. You have to show them how amazing you’re doing.” He kept saying this, but it wasn’t like I was actually doing amazing. You remembered how when you first talked to Luke how unsure he was to talk to you, and now he was helping you with your life choice. You smiled to yourself slightly, realizing that he had simply gotten comfortable around you. “Plus,” He added, breaking you out of your thoughts. “Who cares if that dress was five dollars or five thousand? You’d look priceless in it either way.”

This time you really couldn’t help the blush from making its way onto your cheeks. You felt like this was all you’ve been doing today. “Are you blushing?” Luke asked, grinning down at you. You laughed slightly, shooting him a look. “Shut up.”

There was a comfortable silence between the two of you for a few minutes, as you sat there, hand still intertwined. “Listen, Y/N.” Luke said, sounding more nervous than he did before and speaking at more of a hushed tone. “You know that night we got drunk together? I kind of had been wanting to talk to you ab-“ He got cut off when the sound of an orchestra started playing. Luke looked down, letting go of you hand. “I’ll tell you later.”

Drunk in Love..

Hello! I am back with yet another Phan one shot! This one consists of 1954 words. This one is about Dan getting wasted one night, coming home to a sober Phil only to not remember what happened that night when he wakes up. I hope you enjoy!!

You can read my other fanfics here

“Alright Dan. You’ve got this…” Dan prepared himself, swaying back and forth in front of the stairs. He slowly picked up one foot, holding on tightly to the railing as everything swirled around him. Dan made his way up the two flights of stairs that led to his and his best friend’s apartment.

It was around 1:30 in the morning and Dan had just left the bar with his close friend PJ who could barely make his way to the Taxi without falling face first. Dan was just as bad at the moment. He had had enough tequila and vodka shots that could fill 1000 water balloons for children to play with.  

Once Dan was finally on the flat surface of the main hallway, he gripped onto any wall or doorway that could keep him up, the area around him still moving in a motion that made him feel like he was laying on a waterbed but standing at the same time.

Out of nowhere, his point of direction changed and he ran into a doorway, hitting his head and falling with a ‘thump’. He let out a small grunt, “Watch where the fuck you’re going, mate.” He grumbled at the area where he hit his head.

As Dan tried to stand up, helplessly failing, the hall light turned on. There standing in front of the drunk 24-year-old was Phil, Dan’s best friend. Phil stared down at Dan, rubbing his left eye trying to get used to the sudden light. “Dan? Dan, what the hell are you doing on the ground?” Phil mumbles tiredly, earning a squinty eyed look from the younger man on the floor.

“I fell?” Dan put his face in his knees “I-I think.”. Phil rolled his eyes at Dan’s drunkenness, bending down to help him up “Come on then, Dan. Up. Let’s get you to your bed.” Phil picked Dan up, throwing his limp arm over his shoulder to help his staggering friend down the halls.

“I’d rather be in yours” Dan winked, leaning over and kissing Phil’s cheek. Phil blushed a little bit but leaned away. “Dan you’re drunk.” He said, readjusting Dan on his shoulder.

“Oh but Phiiiiil, you know I love you.” Dan giggled, making Phil shake his head. “I love you too Dan.” Phil mumbled, trying to get a better grip of Dan who was leaning half on Phil and half on the wall. Phil ended up stopping to readjust again. Dan standing in front of him, giggling. Phil glancing at him every other second.

“Phiiiiil” Dan whined, having Phil look at him again.

“What Dan?” Phil said, still half asleep so his mood was basically plummeting.

Dan grabbed Phil’s arm, almost falling but catching himself. He began to drag Phil into the living room, which was opposite of the way to Dan’s room “I wanna- I wanna show you…show you something Phil.” Dan stuttered, hiccupping every once in a while.

“What do you want to show me?” Phil asked once they stopped. Dan stood there staring at Phil, leaving him confused.  “Dan, you need to go to bed. It’s late and I’m losing my patien- “Phil began to rant but got cut off quickly when Dan pressed his lips to Phil’s.

With Phil being taken back and Dan being wasted, they both fell onto the couch with Dan on top of Phil.

Dan pulled away, both of their eyes wide. Phil being confused on what just happened but also, why didn’t he pull back?

The two tired men kept staring into each other’s eyes, Brown on Blue, Blue on Brown.

“Phil I- “Dan started but Phil cut him off with another kiss. This one taking Dan by surprise but they both slowly eased into it. Dan ending up sitting with his knees on either side of Phil’s legs with his hands on the black haired boys face, whilst Phil put his one hand in Dan’s hair and the other on the small of his back.

Neither of them could really comprehend what was happening at the moment but they liked it.

They pulled away from each other, Dan laying his head in the crook of Phil’s neck, wrapping him in a hug. Phil hugged Dan back, kissing the side of his neck softly.

“I really do love you Phil.” Dan mumbled, closing his eyes, falling asleep in Phil’s arms.

Phil stared down at his sleeping best friend. Confused. Different.

“I love you too, Bear.”


               Phil sat there oddly turned on and very confused. He just made out with his best friend who was now passed out drunk on top of him. Phil always knew he himself had more of an interest in guys but Dan? He thought Dan was straighter than a parallel line.

               Phil slowly slipped out from underneath Dan, laying a pillow underneath his head and throwing a stray blanket over top of him. He then trudged to his bedroom, his mind racing with thoughts.

               He’s just drunk Phil…People do stupid things while they’re drunk, especially Dan. You know this.

               But mum always said drunken words are sober thoughts.

               You’re over thinking this Phil. Dan is drunk. Dan is straight. Dan doesn’t like you. Don’t get your hopes up. Don’t get your heart hurt again.

               Phil shook his head, rubbing his eyes as he laid down in his bed.

               “Don’t be so naïve”


               Dan woke up to the worst ringing in his head. He looked around wondering how he had gotten on the couch. The most he remembered last night was PJ offering to buy a round of tequila shots for the two of them.

               He sat up slowly, feeling like he was going to throw up. He swallowed back the feeling, standing up and reluctantly walking to the kitchen. He ran into the glass door on his way into the kitchen mumbling curses under his breath before opening it.

               Dan walked to the counter, noticing a note, two pills, a glass of water, and an apple. Dan smiled, picking up the note.


I went to go pick up my contacts at the ophthalmologist. I’ll be home before one. Take this Advil and eat the apple then go lay down and re-watch Cupcake Wars. You were pretty slammed last night so don’t try and do anything productive today.

               -Your mother, Phil


Dan rolled his eyes chuckling, Phil was always there for him when he had a hangover. Always so protective…So caring…

He gulped down the Advil, took a bite out of the apple and retreated back to the living room. He curled up in a little human burrito like thing and switched on Cupcake Wars. It had become a tradition for Phil to make Dan watch this when he was ill. It started off with Phil forcing it upon Dan to watch it when he had the flu. He said he needed to put less gory, demonic anime sense in his head and watch something more positive that will boost his appetite.

Dan never argued about it ever again, as it worked every time.

Dan watched Cupcake Wars until he heard footsteps coming up the stairs, “Dan? Are you awake?” Phil’s voice sounded throughout their apartment. For some odd reason, Dan’s stomach felt weird.  Not sickly weird but more of a nervous weird. Anxious.

“I’m in the living room!” Dan shouted back, pausing his show and sitting up. Dan looked up as Phil came into the living room with a smile on his face.

“What’s got you all happy?” Dan asked as Phil plopped down on the couch next to him. He felt that weird stomach feeling again and the urge to hug Phil.

What the Hell is going on with him?

“Well, nothing really. You came home piss drunk and it was quite funny seeing you delusional and all. It just put me in a better mood I guess.” Phil chuckled, Dan rolled his eyes elbowing his best friends arm.

“Yeah, Yeah. Let’s make fun of Dan for having too much to drink.” Dan rolled his eyes “I blame PJ. It’s his fault I can’t even remember coming home last night.”

“Wait, so you don’t remember anything? At all?” Phil said sounding a bit disappointed. Dan didn’t know why.

“Nope, nothing except PJ buying a bunch of shots. That’s all… Why? Is there something I should know?” Dan asked looking at Phil who opened his mouth to say something but closed it a couple seconds after, shaking his head.

“Not that I recall.” He said quickly, making Dan suspicious “Now, what are we watching?” Dan didn’t answer because he knew when Phil was lying. His words get faster and he starts to twiddle his fingers.

“We aren’t watching anything until you tell me the truth.” Dan said, turning off the T.V and turning to look at Phil. “What are you hiding Phil? It can’t be that bad.”

Phil looked at Dan with wide eyes, “I’m not hiding anything. Nothing happened. You came home drunk. I helped you to the couch. You passed out. See? Nothing. You’re acting as if we had sex or something.” Phil rambled on and on but Dan stopped him there.

“Wait, what? Phil did we fuck?” Dan said, taken back. He didn’t think Phil’s eyes could get any wider.

“What? No! Dan, No! Of course not!” Phil denied, shaking his head quickly. Dan grabbed Phil’s face, holding it still and looking him straight in the eyes.

“Phil Lester, if you don’t tell me what the Hell is going on and what happened last night I swear to god- “

“We made out, okay! Dan, you got on top of me and we made out!” Phil cut Dan off with the truth.

They stared at each other. Dan’s hands still on Phil’s face. Phil looked like he was on the verge of tears, probably because Dan had pulled him into peer pressure.

“Phil, I…I’m sorry. “Dan says, as a tear rolled down Phil’s cheek. Dan saw it rolling and wiped it away with his thumb.

“N-No, it’s fine… You were drunk…I shouldn’t have even thought of it like anything more…” Phil looked away from Dan, letting out a small laugh. “Dan, I’m gay. I’ve been in love with you for years and last night I just… I was just…I don’t even know what I felt.” Phil came out, bringing his blood shot eyes back to look at Dan’s who were tearing up.

“Phil, I- “Phil cut him off.

“And I understand that you’re straight and that this may totally fuck up our relationship. So, if you want I could call PJ and ask if I could stay with him…I’m sorry Dan.” Phil continued, standing up, letting Dan’s hands fall in his lap.

Dan didn’t know what to think. He didn’t know what to feel. He didn’t know what was happening.

Phil started to walk out of the living room, retreating to his bedroom. Dan knew what he had to do… He had known for a while now.

“Phil! “He stood up and sprinted to Phil’s room. Opening the door to see Phil laid on his bed with a pillow over his face. Dan went over to Phil, basically jumping on top of him and pulling the pillow from his face.

Phil’s face was filled with confusion, seeing Dan’s oddly ecstatic face in front of him. “What are you- “

Dan leant down quickly kissing Phil before he could finish his question. Phil kissed back after moments of confusion and surprise. He put his hands on the small of Dan’s back as Dan’s were on Phil’s face.

Dan pulled away after a few more seconds, “Phil, I don’t think…I don’t think you need to move to PJ’s

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silly law headcanons?

  • Law likes to cuddle in his sleep, whether it be Bepo, his partner, a pillow, etc.
  • One time Corazon caught Law singing along to a song and teased him about it
  • When he’s drunk he tends to do stupid things like mash together animals/people/objects using his devil fruit powers
  • In one such incident Law created the platypus
  • When Law found Bepo as a cub, he couldn’t resist cuddling and snuggling with him 
  • Him liking people playing with his hair and cuddling stems from Corazon’s influence on him basically Law is a mama’s boy…except with Corazon…Papa’s boy? Idk. Mama Corazon is cute tho
A Collection: Thoughts I had as Someone (probably drunk) tried to enter into my Apartment this Morning at 12:55AM

“This shit shouldn’t happen on campus.”

“I don’t want to get blood on my dad’s fraternity paddle.”

“Are they trying to steal my alcohol?”

“This is what I get for staying in tonight.”

“Can I scare them off by blasting metal?”

“I hope they are just drunk.”

“If they are drunk, I hope they don’t pee in the hallway.”

“Doesn’t all the shit on my door tell them they are in the wrong place?”

“Why didn’t I lock all three locks?”

“I don’t look pretty enough to die right now.”

….luckily, someone else was there, and yelled out at the intruder, who had only just opened the door a crack, and then proceeded to take off into the stairwell at full speed. I need to get the hell out of here.

A 1x13 Morning After Coda

Oliver squints against the morning sun and turns back into the pillow, away from the light. He clings to the last dregs of sleep but knows it’s a losing battle and eventually pushes himself up. He sits on his bed, pillows and blankets piled around, and lets his head fall in his hands with a groan. His entire body aches and his head is pounding. He didn’t think he’d had that much last night but maybe this is just another one of the amazing things he gets to look forward to now that he’s getting older. Hangovers that are extra horrific to go with those gray hairs he found last week. Whoop-de-freaking-do.

Throwing off the sheets and comforter tangled around this legs, Oliver heads into the bathroom. After taking care of things, he peels the dry contacts out of his eyes, washes his face, and starts brushing his teeth. The routine helps him feel a little better, a little more human, and gives him a chance to replay last night in his head.

Meeting Connor’s friends had been wonderful. They were all so nice and fun and Connor was nice and fun around them. And Oliver and Connor got to be nice and fun together around them. He had actually been a little surprised how easy they were around Connor’s friends. Meeting the friends always creates some hiccups but there really hadn’t been any last night. They had just been themselves. It had been almost like they were real boyfriends.


Why is that word reminding him of something last night and oh no!

Toothpaste on his chin, toothbrush poised midair, Oliver looks up to see his own panicked expression in the mirror.

No. We’ve waited long enough. I wanna be boyfriends again. 

I wanna be boyfriends again.

Boyfriends again.



He wipes the toothpaste off his chin and rinses his mouth, trying to remember what else had been said in his drunken, handsy, filter-less state. Connor had said something. Something about Oliver getting sober and sleeping and…and what? There was something else. Something more. Connor had said something else and what was it? Then Oliver remembers what he’d breathed out as he fell asleep.

I love you.

Did he really say that? Oliver turns away from the mirror to lean back against the sink and presses a hand over his mouth. Did he really tell Connor he wanted to be boyfriends and that he loved him? Really! That’s really what happened last night. Then and there, Oliver decides he’s never drinking again. 

This is a disaster. He can’t believe he screwed this up so bad. Connor is going to freak out. Connor’s going to freak and he’s going to leave and Oliver ruined everything. Again!

He was drunk. If Connor brings it up he’ll just say he was drunk and play it off like it isn’t a big deal. Because it isn’t a big deal. Drunk people say and do stupid things all the time. It’s not important. It’s not like Oliver meant it or anything.

Except he did. He really, really did.

Oliver lets his head fall into his hands again and just wishes he could go back to bed.

“Hey, you’re awake,” Connor says, peeking into the bathroom. “Here, I come bearing gifts.” He holds out a glass of water and some aspirin, which Oliver happily downs. “So, how you feeling?”

Oliver gives him a look and puts the glass down on the sink. “I’ve been better.”

“Well, I figured as much.” Connor leans against the doorframe and crosses his arms. “But really, how you feeling?”

“I don’t know.” Oliver shrugs. What does Connor want with this? “Head hurts. Don’t feel up for running any marathons.”

Connor hums in sympathy. “But, on the whole, you feeling okay? Or—I don’t know—sober?”

With that, Oliver remembers. I want this and you. I really do…when you’re sober. He locks eyes with Connor and sees more than he ever hoped for. “Painfully sober.”

Connor pushes off the doorframe and crowds Oliver back against the sink. He takes Oliver’s hips in his hands and pulls him close. He leans in until their lips are almost touching and breathes out, “Good.”

Pretty Eyes

Title: Pretty Eyes

tags/ warnings: one night stand, smut, praise!kink, blowjob, dom!phil (kinda) au (they arent youtubers in this)

Summary: Phil meets Dan at a party, not expecting much, but he can’t help but to notice Dans beauty. Soon after, he discovers that Dan isn’t much different than him. They are both looking for someone that can please them, and thats how it all start.

side note: this idea has probably been done a bunch of times but i wanted to write this for such a long time so whatever

Parties were never something Phil enjoyed going to, he preferred to stay inside and watch his favorite tv show. He didn’t mean to offend anyone, but watching people make out against the nearest wall wasn’t his favorite thing. But, for some reason, Phil had decided to attend this party because he had nothing else to do on this Friday night and he felt as if he had been drifting further away from his friends and he didn’t want to end up friendless at the age of 28.

As he walked into the house that the party was being hosted at, the first thing he saw was a bunch of people grinding against each other to the beat of really loud music. The lights had been dimmed down, making the place look a dark purple. Phil assumed that was to make people feel more intimate? Or maybe the person was just showing off that his house had lights that could be adjusted.

Looking around, he noticed that his friend, Chris, that was the one who had invited him was nowhere to be seen. That shouldn’t really surprise him because Chris was usually too busy being drunk and doing random dance moves that he would later regret because someone always thought it would be a good idea to film at a party.

“Hey Phil!” Phil heard his named being called, he turned around to see a face that seemed familiar but he couldn’t place a name on it. Maybe it had been a university friend from all those years ago.

“Uh, hey,” Phil yelled over the loud music, hoping the girl wouldn’t be able to tell that he couldn’t remember her name.

“I haven’t seen you in so long,” she said as he hooked her arm around Phils neck and brought him closer against her own body making Phil very uncomfortable.

“Yeah,” Phil said awkwardly, slowly trying to push her off his body without coming off as rude or something. She obviously didn’t take the hint as she continued to sway all over Phils body, running her hand against his chest.

“Do you want a drink?” she asked, looking at Phil with her bright green eyes.

Phil thought about this for a second. He wasn’t a big fan of drinking as he always saw the stupid things people ended up doing thanks to being super drunk. But then he realized that if he said yes, he would be able to escape this girl which seemed realky rude but he had a feeling that she wanted to get in bed with Phil.

“That would be nice,” Phil said and smiled.

The girl quickly giggled and started walking away, most likely to the kitchen where all the drinks were. As soon as she was out of sight, he started walking away trying to find a place he could hide out and maybe meet a few nice people that he could spend the rest of night with, just having a nice talk.

As he passed by the living room, he noticed that that room was filled with people who were playing truth or dare. He would have stopped and played with them until he noticed that they were all drunk and he realized that their dares were probably either extremely sexual or dangerous so he continued to walk pass that room.

The house seemed huge, each hallway he passed seemed like it had a bunch of rooms which he didn’t dare to go into because all that could be heard was loud moaning and he wasn’t in the mood to interrupt someone having drunk sex.

He soon got to the back of the house, which was a room filled with a bunch of games like table tennis and a large TV that was hooked up to video games. Now, that might have seemed like a good room for Phil to stay at, but no one was actually paying attention to all those things. They were too busy dancing or gossiping loudly about someone that was at the other side of the house.

Phil sighed loudly, realizing that he couldn’t just leave now because what if Chris saw him leave or something. He didn’t want to spend the rest of the night standing awkwardly in the corner of the room though. He debated over if he should stay at the party or go home for a few minutes. In the end, he finally decided that he should go home. He started walking towards the door of the room he was at only to realize that there were two people making out violently against the door frame.

“I guess I’ll just take the back door,” Phil mumbled, noticing that the two people weren’t planning to move for anyone.

He stepped outside of the house, surprised that no one was out here. It was a bit cold, he thought as he shivered. He could hear the loud music but that wasn’t important as he looked up at the sky and saw all the stars shining brightly. He looked in awe and fell in love with the way the bright stars reflected off the dark blue, almost black, sky.

He decided that he was in no rush, and that no one was actually looking for him. He sat down on one of the benches and enjoyed the peace for a while. He found it ironic, it was funny how he felt so calm right now even though there was a party going on in the house.

“Pretty, isn’t it?” Phil jumped as he heard a random voice. He watched another boy sat beside him. He had brown hair, almost in the same exact haircut that Phil had his haircut. He had a small smile on his lips, exposing a dimple on his cheek making Phil feel at ease for some reason. They made eye contact and Phil felt so warm as he stared back at the boy with lovely brown eyes.

Phil didn’t know if it was because he was tired, but this was probably the prettiest boy he had ever seen. He looked so innocent and kind, Phil just wanted to hug him and keep him right beside him at all times.

“Ya, it is. It is very pretty,” Phil finally responded, probably looking very funny as he kept looking at the boys face. The boy left out a small laugh, that sounded so beautiful to Phils ears. He wanted to make him laugh even more now. “My name is Phil, by the way.”

“Hi Phil. My name is Dan. Dan Howell,” Dan introduced himself.

Dan, Phil thought. What a simple name, yet it was so nice.

“So,” Dan continued to talk, “what are you doing out here? Shouldn’t you be inside, having fun?”

“Parties aren’t really my thing. Plus I’m pretty sure this one girl was trying to have sex with me, so that made me want to escape this party even more,” Phil laughed.

“Oh wow,” Dan said, letting out a giggle that made Phils day even brighter. Phil watched Dans lips as he continued to talk. “You know, most people come to parties just to have sex and you just passed that opportunity.”

“Ya, I guess I’m just like most people though,” Phil muttered, looking away from the beautiful boy. Phil could tell from the corner of his eyes that Dan was still staring at him, he secretly hoped that Dan found him attractive as well. But what are the chances of that? For all he knew, Dan was probably already dating some one. How could someone as beautiful as him not be dating someone?

“I like that you came out and looked at the stars,” Dan said, directing his eyes to the sky. Phil looked over and his breath was taken away at the sight of Dan once again.

Dans eyes had a sparkle in them, probably because of the reflection of the stars. His lips were slightly parted as he stared in awe at the sky. His skin and hair looked so soft and delicate, Phil wanted to kiss him. He wanted to touch Dan, make him know how beautiful he was, if he didn’t know already.

Dan didn’t feel much different from Phil, he was just less awkward. Dan could tell that Phil kept staring at him, and he loved that. Dan wasn’t super confident but he knew that a lot of people considered him to be attractive.

Dan was slightly worried, though. Phil had said that he wasn’t really into having sex, or one night stands, with people he didn’t really know. And the reason why Dan had approached him in the first place was because he was hoping that the attractive man with black hair could offer him something that would make him feel loved for at least one night.

“So, are you just planning on staying here the rest of the night?” Dan finally spoke up, after what seemed like forever.

Phil blushed a light shade of pink as Dan looked back at him, noticing that Phil had been staring directly at him for the last few minutes.

“Um, no. I was actually planning to head back home before you came along,” Phil answered, not giving much thought to what he had just said. Dan smiled and casually moved closer to Phil.

“Oh, so why didn’t you just leave? What made you want to stay?” Dan said, placing his hand on Phils left thigh. He knew that he was being risky, he didn’t even know if Phil liked him in that way. But he was feeling lonely and wanted sex so he just decided to go for it.

Phil swallowed heavily, feeling Dans warm hand lay on his thigh. Dan looked so innocent though, it was had to believe that he wanted to do more.

“I guess, I mean, I just thought it would be rude to leave as you just started talking to me, ya know?” Phil said, hoping it was believable.

“Thats cute,” Dan said in a low voice, keeping one hand on Phils thigh as he raised his other one and tangled it into Phils black hair, bringing their bodies closer.

At that point, Phils breathing was much heavier and he couldn’t help but to notice how close Dan was. He could see the way Dans eyes flickered across his lips, making him want to kiss Dan right then.

Phil felt Dans warm breath washing over his own lips. Fuck it, Phil thought as his hand reached behind Dan, grabbing his hair and pulling him closer making their lips collide.

Their lips moved slowly and passionately together. Dans lips were so soft, just as Phil had been expecting and he just couldn’t get enough of them. Dans hand reached behind Phils neck, wrapping around it, and pulling himself onto Phil. Dan rested his legs and either side of Phils thighs, but he didn’t move, he just sat their calmly, kissing Phil with even more passion.

Dan opened his mouth to indicate to Phil that we wanted the kiss to deepen. Phil quickly took notice and worked his tongue into Dans mouth. This resulted in a very messy kiss, they included tongues and teeth but neither of them cared.

Phil couldn’t help but to start to harder under Dans warmth. Phil wanted more from him, he wanted to make him feel good. He wanted to hear what his moans sounded like.

Slowly, Phil broke the kiss but continued to leave kisses down Dans jaw, then to his neck. When Phil started to suck on Dans neck, he heard Dan moan. And as embarrassing as this was to say, it was probably the hottest thing he has ever heard.

He wanted to leave marks all over Dans body, he wanted to make it seem like Dan belonged to him and to no one else.

“Phil, oh my god,” Dan moaned, grabbing more of Phils hair as he continued to suck as Dans sensitive neck.

Dan got even more turned on as time passed, and he needed more friction. He decided he had nothing to lose so he started to grind down onto Phils lap. Phil let out a low groan, feeling incredible as Dan continued to push down onto his hard cock.

“I want- fuck,” Dan moaned,“you. I want you so badly.”

“Fuck. I want you too. Do you want to go find a room?” Phil suggested, palming Dan through his jeans.

“Can’t we go to your house?” Dan said. Dan wasn’t going to have sex on a bed that had probably been used by other horny drunk people already. He wanted to feel special, he wanted to feel like Phil loved him.

“We would have to call a taxi, my apartment is like 10 minutes away if we take a taxi,” Phil answered, kissing Dan on the lips once again.

“Okay, then, lets do that,” Dan said.

Phil gave him one last small kiss before Dan got off his lap so Phil could get his phone. Dan felt slightly awkward as he was half hard and he wasn’t sure if he was supposed to just stand their or continue to sit extremely close Phil.

“You’ll be here in 5 minutes? Okay, perfect,” Phil spoke as he finished up the call. Dan gave him a small smile before returning to his position above Phil.

They continued to grind against each other, placing passionate kisses against each others necks and collarbones. By the time they saw they taxi lights coming by, Dan was a moaning mess and his neck was covered in dark and red marks. Phil couldn’t help but to smirk at the work of art that was now on Dans skin. And Dan wasn’t going to lie, he also loved having love bites because they made him feel like he belonged to someone.

“C'mon, we don’t want to miss the ride,“Phil said in a low voice which only helped Dan to get harder than he already was.

He tangled his hand with Phils, hoping that Phil didn’t mind it.

They quickly hoped into the taxi, Phil telling the driver the direction of his apartment. Dan recognized the apartment buildings that Phil mentioned, thankfully it wasn’t that far away. If traffic wasn’t so bad it would probably take 15 minutes or so.

“I can’t wait to fuck you,“Phil whispered into Dans year, making Dans eyes widen considering that the driver could maybe hear him. Although that was very unlikely.

“Phil, don’t make me even more horny,” Dan complained, not wanting to appear so turned on in public.

“Stop pretending like you don’t like it,” Phil whispered, putting his hand over Dans hard on, palming it slowly. This action made Dan whimper and move slightly in his seat.

Dan wasn’t going to lie to himself, he loved the idea of doing something in public. He loved that other people could see him being claimed by someone. He loved that he would have to keep self control, which was something he wasn’t very good at.

“You’re so fucking hot,” Dan whimpered as Phil increased his hand movement. Dan kept rising his hips, trying to get as much pleasure as possible.

Phil was overwhelmed. He had never seen someone as beautiful as Dan and the fact that he was the cause of all his pleasure was the thing that made everything perfect for Phil.

Phil was in love with the way Dans hair was curling at the tips because of the small beads of sweat that were now forming on his forehead, he loved the way Dans lips were parted, allowing small moans to escape his throat.

“If I could, I would give you a blowjob right now,” Phil admitted, unzipping Dans pants slowly.

“Well why don’t you?” Dan asked, trying to get Phil to do something that he would probably regret later.

“I don’t know, maybe because theres a fucking man a few feet away from us in the same car,” Phil whispered harshly.

Phil took off his jacket and placed it over Dans lap. At first, Dan was confused, but he soon realized what Phil was doing. Once Phil had slipped his hand under the jacket, he took Dans cock out of his pants and started pumping it slowly.

“Oh-fuck,” Dan moaned, throwing his head back.

By this point, Phil was almost positive that the driver had noticed their actions. But Phil didn’t bother stopping because it was London, they had probably seen worse.

“Are you enjoying this? Fuck, I want you to remember this moment. Each time that you touch yourself, I want you to think of the time that I touched you. I want you to remember the way you were so desperate for me,” Phil said in a low voice, moving his hand faster up and down around Dans cock.

“O-okay,” Dan said, giving Phil a small smile. But he knew that he was lying. Dan slept with a different person at least twice a month, if he was lucky. He got off with a lot of people, and he didn’t even remember their named or faces. He only remembered the names of the ones that made him scream so hard. Or the ones that had given him the best orgasm of his life.

When Dan smiled to Phil, he couldn’t help but to smile back. God, he loved that smile. The way his dimple showed up, and his cheeks became pink. He loved Dans smile. Phil was so fucked, he had literally just met this boy not even an hour ago and he had some how found a way to fuck Phil over.

I haven’t even had anything that could of made me drunk, Phil thought to himself.

“Phil,” Dan whimpered,“Stop, you’re going to make me orgasm even before you get inside me.”

Phil thought about it for a second, he could either make Dan come right now and still fuck him later, but he wasn’t sure if Dan was into overstimulation and he didn’t want to ask.

Phil slowly pulled his hand out of Dans pants, wondering how the hell he was going to keep his hands away from Dan until they got to his apartment.

As soon as they walked into apartment, Phil is quick to pin Dan up against the wall. A loud bang is heard as Dans body hits the wall, Phil takes both of Dans arms and pins them above Dans head. Which sounds simple, but unfortunately Dan was slightly taller than him and he had some trouble which ruined the mood a little but he quickly got back into his dominant attitude.

They collided their lips together, moving their heads from side to side. Their tongues sliding into each others mouths, making their moans sound muffled and soft.

Phil was getting tired of his clothes, but he wanted to get Dan naked first. He started working on Dans jeans, sliding them down until they fell at his ankles. Getting the hint, Dan broke the kiss and finished taking his pants off without saying one word.

“Take your shirt off,” Phil instructed in a dominant tone.

Dan bit his lips and started at Phils face as he started taking off his shirt. He felt vulnerable standing in front of Phil, in nothing but his underwear but he didn’t say anything.

“I want you to suck me off,” Phil said, pulling Dan off the wall and Dan immediately sinked to his knees.

Phil worked on getting off his own jeans while Dan palmed himself.

“You can take off your underwear, if you want. I don’t care if you touch yourself,” Phil informed Dan.

Dan quickly pulled in boxers down enough for him to have access to his own dick.

Phil soon pulled out his cock and Dan couldn’t help but to moan as he saw how big Phil was. Fuck, he thought. He couldn’t wait to get him into his own mouth.

“Whenever you’re ready,” Phil said, looking down at Dan.

Dan nodded, and grabbed Phils cock with his hands, pumping it a bit before wrapping his mouth around it. Phil groaned as he felt the warmth of Dans mouth around him, making him want to thrust into him even more.

He wrapped his hand around Dans hair, pulling him closer, wanting to make him take all of his cock. Phil kept his eyes shut, but he couldn’t help but to look down at the beautiful boy.

“Fuck,” Phil said, not regretting looking down.

He watched as Dans bright pink lips worked up and down his cock, he felt Dans warm tongue teasing his slit and sliding underneath his cock.

“You’re so fucking pretty,” Phil breathed, “Look at yourself, being a pretty boy. Taking all of me into that mouth of yours. You love it, don’t you? You love being on your knees, obeying my orders and making me feel good.”

Dan moaned around Phils cock, taking his own cock into his hand and moving up and down it. Dan knew he was close, with all this dirty talk, the teasing and hand job in the car in knew his orgasm was near.

“Make me feel even better, Dan. I know you can do better than this? I want to see your pretty eyes tear up from taking me in so deep. I bet you love the feeling of a cock in your mouth, don’t you? Do you me to come in your mouth, Dan? Do you love the feeling of cum running down your throat?” Phil teased, watching as Dan worked to take him even deeper. He also noticed how Dans moans were increasing and his hand movement was also doing the same thing. He was sure that Dan was close to orgasm.

Phil started thrusting into Dans mouth, waiting for Dans throat to relax so he wouldn’t get hurt so badly. Phil also felt himself getting closer as he felt the vibration of Dans moans around his cock.

“Then what do you want to do, Dan?” Phil asked, “Do you want to me to fuck you so hard that you cry? Or do you want to ride me? I bet you would love that. I would love to see you fuck yourself on me. I can imagine your moans being loud, and how you would be moving so fast although you would be tired. You would love to ride me wouldn’t you?”

Dan pulled away from Phils cock, letting more moans and whimpers fall out and his breathing also increased.

“I’m g-going to come,” Dan whimpered, moving his rapidly across his own cock. After a few seconds, he released onto Phils leg and across some of his own stomach. “Fuck,” Dan moaned, calming down from his climax.

“Open your mouth,” Phil said, wanting to come into Dans mouth.

Dan obeyed and opened his mouth, closing his eyes. Phil started working his hand on his cock, knowing he was very close to orgasm. Looking down at Dan, he saw lips slightly swollen, red, fucked out, lips waiting for him to come all over them. Dan was so fucking beautiful.

With a few more strokes, Phil came in Dans mouth. He groaned as he watched Dan swallow all of it, licking his lips as there was some left over there.

There was a strong silence as Phil came down from his climax. Once Phil seemed to be calm once again, Dan got up without saying anything and started getting dressed.

“Aren’t you going to stay?” Phil asked, confused. He had thought that Dan wanted to continue.

“No, sorry,” Dan said, his voice still sounded rough because of the fact that just a few minutes ago he was giving Phil a blowjob. Even with that, Phil couldn’t help but to notice that Dans voice sounded more.. cold and mean.

“Please?” Phil said, he wanted to have the beautiful boy in his arms. He wanted to wrap arms around him, he wanted to fall in love with him.

“No, Phil. Don’t you understand how nights like these work? We see each other for one night, and then we forget about each other. Plus, I’m sure we’ll never see each other again. Anyways, thanks for the amazing time. Goodbye, Phil,” Dan said, completely dressed now.

Before leaving, Dan left a small, soft kiss on Phils lips then turning and leaving the apartment, leaving Phil to feel lonely and sleepy, once again.

Just For Me Chapter 19

A/N: I feel like the first line of this chapter may come back to haunt me. Sorry for the delay - some stuff happened. And I swear when I sat down to write this, I didn’t intend… well… you’ll see. Just remember two things - who’s my OTP and that, if you’re really concerned, go read Chapter 15 (the one with fetus Karma and Amy) again. Or you could just trust me…

Yeah… I don’t know if I would either.

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SMA Chapter Five: A Christmas Miracle, Sneak Peek

Totally forgot about it this week (exam hell week - FUN TIMEZ), but here’s a sneak peek for chapter five! Should be out sometime tomorrow.

Stefan dropped his head in his hands, wincing through his headache. “Sorry, guys.”

“For what?” Caroline asked as she breezed into the kitchen, her chaotic mess of blonde hair at violent odds with her dainty blue robe, and his stare flicked up through his hands, unintentionally catching on a derailingly feminine expanse of leg before snapping up to her face.

“Everything,” he replied in a humorless laugh. “Setting off fireworks, wandering out into a blizzard—”

“Trying to kiss me,” she tacked on casually as she poured herself a cup of coffee, causing his sentence to snag on his tongue. Bonnie’s stare snapped up from her crossword puzzle, surprise brightening the green, and Damon glanced up from his pancake-flipping with a thoroughly amused look.

“Check Stefan out—makin’ moves on the roomie. I’d like to think this is my influence.”

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