stupid things drunk people do

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They are gonna get round the dubious consent by saying Robert convinced her and because it's possible she had some of the drink. Bullshit basically. If the roles were reversed this would be seen as very different and they'd have complaints. It doesn't matter if Robert was manipulative, so what, he was drunk, drunk people do stupid things it's the tale as old as time. He was also depressed and angry and she knew the reasons why, she was the only one there with a clear head and still did it.

I got nothing to add. 

A Collection: Thoughts I had as Someone (probably drunk) tried to enter into my Apartment this Morning at 12:55AM

“This shit shouldn’t happen on campus.”

“I don’t want to get blood on my dad’s fraternity paddle.”

“Are they trying to steal my alcohol?”

“This is what I get for staying in tonight.”

“Can I scare them off by blasting metal?”

“I hope they are just drunk.”

“If they are drunk, I hope they don’t pee in the hallway.”

“Doesn’t all the shit on my door tell them they are in the wrong place?”

“Why didn’t I lock all three locks?”

“I don’t look pretty enough to die right now.”

….luckily, someone else was there, and yelled out at the intruder, who had only just opened the door a crack, and then proceeded to take off into the stairwell at full speed. I need to get the hell out of here.