stupid text pos

So my grades weren't as terrible as I had anticipated.

Astro I got a B+ which I have noooo clue because I thought I failed both the final and the midterm? I never actually looked at those grades…

Digital Electronics I got a C+ which I’m surprised because I didn’t hand in a single homework assignment all semester and I bombed one test and 3 labs. I’m content with this grade since this was the class I sat on the internet all the time, or slept.

English I withdrew, Math I know I failed because I just can’t do once a week college math with only the test scores counting as grades.

Stage Makeup I got an A+ so yay!

Now I just have to pay for next semesters classes OTL

Super gross picture but pretty much I’m gonna take the buttons off, put the purple on, make the neck piece and the metal bands. Ta-dah. Assuming my wig comes on time and I can get rings