stupid text posts about my life

Being Chris Evans girlfriend younger edition | part 2

⚫Chris supporting you no matter what

⚫Him being the one to tell to take a break when you’re clearly overworking yourself

⚫” Come love, let’s take a nap” “ Don’t look at me with those eyes, you know i am weak”

⚫Taking baths with him

⚫Him kissing the back of your neck and slowly rubbing your body with his hands

⚫Grabbing your face with both of his hands before he kisses you

⚫Him not really liking when you put on a full face of makeup

⚫(he’d rub his beard against your face because of it, cat-like, just so you’d take it all off)

⚫Showing you off for no particular reason on Twitter

⚫” Look at this smart gem !! How did I get so lucky ?? 😍😍” *insert cute picture of you as you are studying*

⚫You’re very friends with his siblings resulting in you being the new favorite one

⚫” We love you Chris but’ve got nothing on [Y/N]”

⚫You helping him with his anxiety

⚫Him sharing very personal things with you because he trusts you so much

⚫Winter aka let’s stay in bed  kissing and cuddling all day

⚫ Missing him when he’s away for a shoot

⚫Him missing you when you have to leave for your internship

⚫”Come home to me ,okay ?” “ Always”

⚫ You being together for years and people actually being surprised about it

⚫ “So Chris ,we heard you are single ?” “ Don’t know who told you that but they’re wrong ! I am very happy with the love of my life”

⚫ You two moving in your first house ( I Am talking 4 bedrooms, big kitchen ,backyard kind of house )

⚫ Sweet endless love making

⚫Fighting about stupid things

⚫Jealous Chris

⚫I mean “Kissing you roughly in front of people just to show them you’re taken” kind of jealous

⚫But you love it

⚫ “ i Am not going anywhere big bear” “ I know ,but they needed to know that”

One thing that’s really been confusing me lately is to see people who aren’t French nor Belgian post memes about Macron as “a cool president”.

‘Cause like. During the elections I heard so many French/Belgian people complaining about him and listing all the ways they disagree with him, and now I get to see his romanticised image in the eyes of foreigners and it’s ??? weird???

(Clarification: I’m Belgian, but French-speaking Belgians usually closely follow French elections because we’re neighbours and share a language and also watch French telly sometimes)

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Am i the only one who truly and with all my heart doesn’t like Clary?

Like really…She’s the worst.

“I know this is your moment guys but we have to run” stuff and then she stops Jace to ask him about how he feels towards her…. OH GOD…. Ignores Simon.. Like he was her life before and now Jace is the only thing that matters to her. 


anonymous asked:

I don't want to bring back the dark past, but what did you say to each other that hurt each other that bad? Was it something stupid?

We see it as stupid, yeah. It was mostly stuff targeted at each other that we know is really sensitive to each of us. I said some horrible crap about Cartman being gay and that being with him…was the worst mistake of my life. I look back on it now and realized how retarded I was for ever saying that straight to his face. It hurt me so much to ever say something like that to the person I fell in deep love with.

I said shit about Kyle being a stupid Jew, the worst person I’ve ever met, about how stupid he could be, and basically anything else I knew Kyle was on the edge about. It was rough, dude. When Kyle said that being with me was the worst mistake of his life, I felt fucking empty. I thought my life was over, nothing was gonna fix it. But somewhere, something happened to both of us that just made it so we were together again. I guess we’re just so made for each other, even God himself pushed us back together. It’s true love, you guys.~

Honestly, I think so. Normal relationships don’t usually last after something like that. We’ve somehow managed to keep it together for 17 years now.

Other people: *makes beautiful, poignant, really touching fanart of the OTP*

me: Shitposts about them constantly. Draws them reenacting stupid memes and text posts. I’d ask for someone to save me tbh but I am beyond saving at this point 

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they’re riding a high, just like the rest of the crew is. things went well. things went great, actually. ray thinks michael might be crying, because sometimes he does that when he’s happy. he’s also just lifted gavin into the air, twirled him for a minute while gavin shrieked and laughed, fingers curled into michael’s jacket. then michael sets him down and wipes his face off, grins something toothy and happy. gavin’s still laughing when michael hauls him in for a kiss.

jack and geoff are jack and geoff so they’re not celebrating the same way michael and gavin are. geoff had heaved the bag of money out of the car and cradled it in his arms, gave it one wet sloppy kiss before he dropped it and pulled jack close to him, wrapping his arms around her and just talking while they held each other. but he does lean over occasionally, presses a kiss to her forehead, or her cheek, or her nose, before they start talking again. quiet. happy.

so fuck it, right? ryan’s next to ray, grinning in a loose, open way ray recognizes but doesn’t see too often, and ray’s grinning back at him. “hey,” ray says, and ryan has time to quirk an eyebrow and think about saying hey back before ray grabs onto his stupid jacket and he’s kissing stupid ryan like he’s wanted to for ages.

I wonder how much of my life has been spent thinking about superheros.

Today I was talking to my crush and we were sitting next to each other. I don’t even remember what I was saying (I probably said something stupid now that I think about it). Then I suddenly realised how close she was and I panicked. I started staring at her lips. It was so embarrassing and I really hope she didn’t notice. She didn’t talk to me afterwards and I don’t know what to do. And now she probably knows that I like her and I’m freaking out. She’s probably straight anyway so I know that she’ll never feel the same way about me.

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I miss you

I miss our stupid texts. I miss seeing your name on my notification. I miss thinking about  the right words to say to reply to you. I miss the way you replied to my texts. I miss our childish joke. I miss smiling just because of your reply. I miss you. I miss every part of you.

Can you please tell me what did I do wrong? Can you please tell me why you suddenly just stop replying my texts? Why? What did I do? Explain it to me. We were fine. There were no arguments, no fighting, nothing. We were just talking like normal then why do you only read my text? Why won’t you reply it? Why are you suddenly gone? What did I do? 

You were the one who texts me first. And now you’re just gone? That’s it? What did I do? Why did you do that? Why?

Do you even know how many times I’ve been thinking about all the things that could gone wrong? But I found nothing. We were fine, for God’s sake. We were just talking like normal then why are you suddenly just gone? Do you even know how many times I’ve checked my phone today just so I can see your name on it? How many times I’ve been re-reading our texts? How long I’ve been looking at your profile just to see if you’re online or not, and how hurt I am when I see the word ‘online’ on it but you don’t even read my texts? How stupid I felt when I see the word ‘read on 7.40pm’ that makes me realized that this is it? That all this day you’ve been ignoring me and you’ve finally read my text?

You made me look like a fool.

And congratulations. You did a freaking good job on doing that.


do you ever say something to someone and then later on you think about how stupid/rude what you said was, and you begin to replay the whole situation in your head, and you feel so guilty and stupid for saying what you said, even though the person was never hurt or offended and the guilt is so heavy you just want to stab your eyes out ???

my response to tumblr user ben-c

DISCLAIMER: I am not posting this to hate on tumblr user ben-c. I simply disagree with much of her philosophy and want to respond to some points she’s made against Johnlock. Fair warning.

Her comments are in italics.

  •  But how can you POSSIBLY try to use “john only got married after sherlock left!!” as some sort of argument for johnlock when that’s a HUGE indicator of the manipulation and abuse in their dynamic? like…..if it takes someone completely and (supposedly) permanently leaving your life in order for you to develop a relationship with someone else, that’s not “cute,” that’s unhealthy as fuck

John had plenty of relationships with other people through the first two series of Sherlock, i.e., Sarah, Jeanette, etc. You’re assuming that his not getting married before Sherlock left had something to do with being “under Sherlock’s thumb” when in reality, who would he have even wanted to marry? Yes, John had casual relationships with women, so we know he was satisfied on a superficial/sexual level, but none of them were outstanding enough for him to consider a serious commitment. This is completely normal. Stop acting like Sherlock was some kind of abusive pimp who kept John from meaning relationships with people outside of himself. He didn’t.

As John said to his counselor after Sherlock faked his death, “My best friend is dead.”

This is huge. As someone with a best friend whom I love dearly, I would be shattered if I was in John’s place. This was not just an acquaintance or fairly good friend, this was a best friend, and best friends are different. They occupy a much larger residence in the heart and mind, and in John’s case, this was a best friend whom he had feelings for, and that takes an even longer time to recover from. John is a man mourning the loss of the person he had begun to fall in love with, not a man mourning the loss of his abuser. Sherlock’s death was not cathartic in any way. It did not free John. It caged him. Sherlock’s effect was positive, not negative, and it was his absence that reopened John’s wounds.

Then he meets Mary, and he’s so lonely and wrecked in the aftermath that he allows her to insert herself into his life, thinking that perhaps she will be his healing. But in the end, Mary lies about her identity as an assasin, shoots Sherlock, tries to get him to keep it a secret from John, is defensive and cold when John speaks to her (forgives her) at Christmas, and exacerbates all the old trust issues he carries. Now that’s unhealthy as fuck.

  • “why do you watch sherlock if you think john and sherlock’s friendship is abusive!!!!!!” well why do you watch hannibal if you dont believe will and hannibal have a beautiful perfectly healthy friendship. why do you watch orange is the new black if you don’t think piper and larry’s engagement was great. why do you watch supernatural if you dont think john winchester was a perfect loving father?

Obviously characters don’t have to have perfect relationships for them to be acceptable for public consumption. Dysfunction is entertaining, etc., etc. But there’s a substantial difference between watching two characters who don’t have the most wonderful relationship and watching two characters engage in emotional or physical abuse. I would put up with the former, but I would never waste time with the latter. I have no respect for relationships, fictional or otherwise, that are seriously harmful. That is, if they actually are harmful. Johnlock, as I have elucidated in this post, is no such relationship. I am a pigheadedly moral person and anyone who knows me in real life can attest to that. I detest abuse, manipulation, codependency, and the works, and I’m very good at spotting it, calling it out, and cutting it from my life. I am many things, but a hypocrite is not one of them. If the hate for Johnlock was authentic and founded in anything other than subtle (and not so subtle) homophobia, bitter complaining, and ignorance, I would agree. But it isn’t, therefore I don’t.

However, the issue here is that ben-c is saying she’s perfectly okay with spending time, money and thought on a show that, in her eyes, perpetuates abuse. This is problematic. Whether in reality something is or is not abusive, if you believe it is, why on earth would you continue watching and supporting it? Why not devote time to something more positive?

  • john only has canon relationships with women and has expressed no attraction to men and uses “im not gay” as an explanation for not being with a man so maybe hes not actually bisexual crazy huh?

One word: Jolto.

Remember what Mary said to Sherlock at the wedding while the two of them watched John and Major Sholto catch up? “Neither of us was the first, you know.”

Which is great, because she herself includes Sherlock in the scope of John’s previous romantic partners.

John totally had a crush on James Sholto and he totally had/has a crush on Sherlock. This is basically canon.

His constant claim of “I’m not gay,” does not mean “I am straight.” There is a middle ground—bisexuality—and no, I’m not abusing it for the sake of my ship. Plenty of closeted bi people have said “I’m not gay,” when confronted over the fact that they seem to have feelings for someone of the same gender. Because they’re not gay. But they’re not straight either. And for some people it’s much easier to play up their heterosexuality, especially in the largely homophobic climate we live in.

I myself am not gay, and don’t experience sexual attraction toward other women, but I do experience romantic attraction toward them on many occasions and when I was younger I would often bewilderedly think “but I’m not gay,” because I also had crushes on boys. Technically I wasn’t gay. I just didn’t understand romantic orientation at the time, nor did I know it was even a thing. John Watson may be in a similar boat. He may not have fully explored the option of being bisexual or biromantic. Or maybe he has, but isn’t comfortable coming out just yet.

But using “I’m not gay” as proof John isn’t bi is an extremely limited take on the subject and propagates the bisexual erasure so many of us dislike.

  • god that “john cant sleep peacefully without sherlock” post is hardcore buggin me because like john couldn’t sleep before sherlock, and it was because of his ptsd……the whole point of him not being able to sleep after the fall was that sherlock hardcore triggered his ptsd and set back his recovery…..idk why u tryna make that some romantic shit that’s unhealthy as fuck man

I agree with the fact that Sherlock’s death triggered John’s PTSD and ruined a great deal of the progress John had made, but on the other hand Sherlock gave John an incredible sense of normality, stability, friendship, and security during their time together at 221B and the loss of that was, I believe, equally traumatizing.

  • y’all romanticize the fact that when sherlock is deducing the jack the ripper he ~hears john’s voice~ but like to conveniently ignore the fact that john’s voice was telling him he was a show-off and criticizing him and insulting him so……..

Even if a voice in your head sounds like someone else’s, it isn’t. It is our own voice masquerading as theirs and our subconscious supplies the dialogue. What we truly think about ourselves is what we hear in our heads. John doesn’t loathe Sherlock; he’s simply hurt and shocked. Sherlock loathes Sherlock, and he’s quite raw over the fact that John hasn’t forgiven him. Raw and guilty and ashamed. In reality, we know John says things to Sherlock like, “Brilliant, fantastic, marvelous.” He’s extremely kind and complimentary. But because Sherlock is feeling so disgusted with himself, his psyche manipulates John’s voice into a critical, malignant one that taunts and disapproves. Sherlock is projecting his own self-hate onto his best friend.

  • johnlockers saying that sherlolly is a bad ship because it’s abusive is literally the most hilariously hypocritical thing on the planet and will never fail to make me laugh heartily

Who said it was abusive? The only reason I don’t ship it is because Molly will never be a priority to Sherlock over John—and I believe she deserves full priority in whatever relationship she lands in—that plus the fact that Moffat has stated Sherlock has no attraction to women, so…yeah. There is that.

  •  TJLCers can make a tag for hating on mary and wishing her dead but we cant have a tag for posting about why johnlock isnt canon because that’s too offensive……….ok

Remind me again who jumped into the fire to save John?

Mary Morstan, or, as we should more accurately address her, A.G.R.A., kills people for a living. Let that sink in. She kills people for a living. Would you be okay if your spouse turned out to be assassin? If so, I am concerned.

She’s a liar. She’s a killer for hire. She’s callous and blank and apathetic. She used John. She used Sherlock. She killed Sherlock. What brought him back? The thought of John being in danger.

What A.G.R.A. did is so beyond the realm of okay. It was horrific. It was abusive. It was done to two men who have already been psychologically traumatized. If you think Sherlock’s death triggered some major PTSD in John, well get ready, because this is going to be cataclysmically worse.

The argument that she shot Sherlock to save his life is nothing short of goddamn stupid. I can think of some better ways to save his life. For example, not shooting him.


As the popular text post said, Mary’s pressure point is Mary. She’s the definition of selfish and it appalls me that anyone would ignore this, but sit around whining about how Sherlock and John abuse each other. Like, get out of my face.  Sherlock made a vow to both John and his wife, and he kept it. He was there. Always. Just as he said he would be. He kept his vows; Mary did not.

I can’t believe there are people out there who want to debate this. I literally cannot believe it.

  • if johnlock not gameender, how come look at each other? Check mate!! #RealIsTJLC

Bruh. You complain about us mocking you but you turn around and do the same thing. Please stop being so infantile.

  • ok but like if your otp has abusive aspects and you don’t recognize them and/or refuse to admit them how can you possibly try degrading someone else’s ship, Christ

Yes, why don’t you ask yourself that, Miss Sheriarty-is-not-abusive-even-though-Jim-tried-to-kill-Sherlock’s-best-friend-and-ruin-Sherlock’s-reputation-and-make-him-feel-small-and-worthless? And yet you degrade Johnlock every day.

Again, don’t be a hypocrite. It’s extremely unbecoming.

  • tjlc is abusive and fetishized trash, plus johnlockers are already obsessed with taking everything for themselves, why can’t we take something back???

You seem upset.