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Superhero Daydreams

Alya: Isn’t it just the best feeling in the world to be saved by a superhero?

Nino: Personally I am a fan of you not being in a position where you NEED to be saved by a superhero. 

Alya: Don’t be such a spoilsport. I mean come on, think about it. What is more sexy than getting rescued by Paris’ heroes? 

::class thinks about it:: 

(Part 2 coming soon) 

For reals, I’m getting sick of seeing Steve Rogers and Kamala Khan turned into violent protest icons and done so out of reasoning and beliefs that are not only completely nuance-free and having a lose grasp on the reality of the political situations going on in this country and the world, but are flat out contradictory to the actual characters. 

Steve has punched Nazis when the Nazis were physically acting as his enemies and as the aggressors in their conflict, or directly threatening the lives of others, and has done so in fights because he’s a super soldier. He does NOT go around punching American Neo Nazis on the street just for existing and for making their hateful ideologies and political standings known in words. Does he like them? Hell no. Does he agree with them? HELL NO. Does he respect them as people in any way? Must you ask? But does he respect their constitutional right to free speech so long as they’re US Citizens? You bet he does. He was seen in a comic trying to shut down the hate speech of a Neo Nazi with words of his own while simultaneously defending the Neo Nazi’s right to said speech from a violent, irrational activist. In the end, they both turned on Cap and acted as aggressors towards him, so he knocked them both out and remarked that with people like them, one is just as repugnant as the other in spite of them standing for different things. And he was not wrong either.

And yes, Kamala would be vehemently opposed to a terribly implemented, seemingly xenophobic Executive Order barring Muslim (or any) immigrants and refugees from coming to the US until vetted, and if there truly was a “Muslim Ban” she’d be all over fighting against it even if she had to take that fight to the US Government itself. But she would NOT be against the idea of vetting undocumented migrants and refugees from known terror-heavy Muslim nations before they can enter the US and gain citizenship, especially if by a process that worked out well without any needless hostility, bigotry, hatred and violence involved. Because as much as she’s against “Islamaphobia”, she’s against radical Islamic terrorism too, and in fact between Islamaphobes and Islamic radicals, while she does not like either of them, it’s the former she has more understanding of than the latter since she blames the latter for inspiring in the former the irrational fear and loathing of any person, even good people, who resembles the latter. She recognizes that terrorists have no good excuse for acting inhumane and committing atrocities against innocent lives other than a depraved belief that their faith or whathaveyou gives them “free licence to terrorize others”. She’s Muslim American but is also a devoted patriot, and national security, thus the safety of millions upon millions of American lives (whether they be white, black, Hispanic, Arabic, Asian, male, female, gay, straight, trans, cis, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, etc., they’re all American), would be a HUGE priority to her. As would be her civic duty of dealing with illegal aliens, who as the word “illegal” suggests, are here against the laws of this great nation - it’s a crime, and superheroes combat crime. AND she would never threaten, attempt, or commit unprovoked physical violence and extremist protest measures like domestic terrorism against the members of the US Government, not even President Trump, if they posed no direct physical threat to her life or any lives. Kamala Khan never throws the first punch when other means of dealing with a conflict are present.

Tl:dr: These superheros you want to imagine dealing with the stuff you want them to deal with would actually do a far better job of dealing with it than you do or ever could.

Drunk amazon - Wonder Woman x Reader

Hey, first girl I get a request for..Perfect. I kept the reader “genderless”, and realized I should probably do that more often so anyone can read. Anyway, thanks @freethecagedeggs for that :) (and also thanks in general, cause I see you often in my notifications, liking my things and stuffs <3).I hope you’ll like it :

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It’s embarrassing really. And such a hassle. She’s so goddamn strong. And her voice is so loud. You were pretty sure she was going to wake up the entire neighborhood…

What the Hell was she singing anyway ? Was it in…Ancient Greek ? 

She leans on you a bit more and you loose your balance, because she’s way heavier than she seems and almost all her weight is on your shoulder, as you support her drunk ass back home. 

You both crash into a wall, and you’re pretty sure you bruised a few ribs. She bursts out in laughter, and multiple voices from around the block are yelling at you two to “shut the fuck up”. You waved at some of them to apologize, and they just gave you the middle finger. Nice. 

She starts singing again, even louder than before, if it was even possible. 

-Diana, please, calm d…oh you better not throw up on me !

You take her arm off of around your shoulders, and she falls to her knee. You don’t even feel bad for letting her go, because damn, she brought that on herself. 

She’s gagging over and over again, but no, she doesn’t throw up. Not on you, nor on the floor. And, carefully, you get close to her again to help her stand back up. 

-I swear to the Gods Diana, this is the last time I help you ! 

-You always say that…

-Well, I mean it this time ! 

-You’re adorable my love. 

-And you’re insufferable ! 


Rolling your eyes, you start to walk back to your shared apartment once again, with an amazon that calmed down just a little bit. She still sings some songs in ancient Greek, but this time, you’re the only one who can hear, and you’d never admit it, but her soft voice in your ear is somewhat soothing and very nice. 

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Here’s my ideal scenario (and I don’t think it’s impossible)

Despite it not being the very reason they got back together, Tweek and Craig do enjoy the attention and money it gets them. It’s just really entertaining to them. Lately people have stopped paying attention to them; they’ve become old news

Here’s what we know about Tweek: he’s a drama queen.

It was his idea to spark up some drama between them and now they publicly post shit about their breakup (hence “you replaced me with a guinea pig? THAT *I* BOUGHT?? YOU’RE SUCH A CHILD!!!”) and then they private message each other and laugh together while they decide what should go down in their relationship next

This would also explain Craig was so eager to be like “I’m fighting with my ex boyfriend by the way I am gay that’s right”, he wants his drama to be HEARD!

Secret Identity Stories
  • Character: omg this superhero looks JUST LIKE this other person I know and love!
  • Me: lol put it together now
  • Character: I mean everything is the same! The mannerisms and eyes and EVEN THE WAY THEY SMELL.
  • Me: like spice and rain and something uniquely them?
  • Me: i had hope for you, but you were spawned by rocks
And Then Some

Prompt: Combination of I love your imagines so much! Could you do a teen batsis fluff pleasee?❤ and I don’t know if I’m too late to request, or if you already did this, but can you do an imagine where batsis is struggling really badly in school and her brothers help her? It’s mainly because I’m struggling and stressing about school right now, and I’m headed off to high school next year and I’m really nervous

Requested by: ANON and cutepanda123417

“I’m doomed.”

    “You’re not doomed, stop being dramatic.” You glare at your brother and consider chucking your pen at him. Stupid superhero would probably just catch it. With a huff, you blow a strand of hair out of your face.

    “Look, I get that all of you excel in school, crime fighting, and whatever else you do. But for me, school is …” You take a breath, “It can be hard.”

    Jason sighs, “That’s normal. School is demanding. It’s a full time job and then some.”

    Tim nods, “But you have to keep pushing through.”

    Dick smiles at you, “Think of Algebra like a villian. Now you’ve got to be Batman, do the detective work, and beat it.”

    You blink at him, “Dick … I get enough superhero BS in my personal life, I don’t need you mixing both messes together.”

    You watch him deflate, but you can’t bring yourself to feel guilty. Taking a deep breath, you simply ask, “Can we go over it one more time?”

    When they all start talking at once, you think about banging your head against the table. When they start arguing about the correct way to do it, you seek out Lucius Fox. At least with him there wouldn’t be any bickering.

Old friends (1/?)

This is my first time writing so I’m sorry if this is terrible! I’d really like any feedback or help ! 

summary:  y/n and Sam Wilson have been neighbors since she moved to NewYork . When Sam started being an avenger they drifted, just random texts or calls . That was until the events between Steve, Bucky and Tony.  Things are all cleared now, everyone is back at the tower and/or avengers facility, including Bucky. But what happens when the reader shows up at the facility looking for Sam?

Warnings : swearing, ( that’s it for now )

Pairing: none yet ;)  Sam Wilson x reader (Platonic)

( things in bold are readers thoughts)

    Its been almost 2 years since you’ve seen Sam Wilson, 3 years since you moved to NewYork  from the small town you grew up in . Sam was the first person to treat you kindly, and you became very close over the years . From Netflix marathons to being his wingwoman at bars, to comforting him when he has nightmares from his time as paratrooper, he became your bestfriend. But since he became an avenger apparently he cant be bothered with visiting anymore. You saw him a couple times between the events of D.C and Sokovia but after that it was radio silence from him. You can’t be that mad though, you know about what happened between the avengers that split them up , and even sent Sam to jail. But that’s over with now, they are all back together somehow, who knows how that worked out.  Even though its been so long , Sam still has a lease with his apartment next to yours. So that means he has been getting a shit ton of mail, whether its important or his weird music & movie magazines . You have at least 7 bags worth of his mail sitting on the counter in your kitchen, and you’ve finally had enough.  “ I cant keep staring at this shit.” You grab all the bags , your purse and your keys and make your way out to your car. Looking at your phone , you see you’ve got an hour before your shift at the hospital. You start making your way to Stark tower, hoping Sam is there so you can yell at him .“ Just because he’s a stupid superhero saving the stupid fucking world doesn’t give him an excuse to not come see me or even fucking call me.”

15 minutes later you pull up to the curb in front of the tower, grabbing all the bags you make your way through the doors to the front desk.

   “ Hello, how can I help you Miss?” says the girl behind the desk . She was young, maybe early 20’s, short blonde hair and green  eyes . Sam had totally hit on her . Poor girl .

    “Hi , I was wondering if Sam Wilson is available, I’m an old friend and I have some of his things here ” you lifted the bags to show her and she just rolled her eyes at you.

   “ Ofcourse you are , listen Miss I get you are a fan, but Mr. Wilson is a hero, he has more important things to do that entertain a fan right now.” Oh hell no, not today bitch .

   “ Listen ,” you look at her name badge, “ Melissa, call Sam down here and Tell him y/n is here . I’m really not in the mood to be late to work today , and frankly I’m not in the mood to deal with someone like you either. So do us both a favor and just call him .“  She looked at you and hit a little green button on the desk infront of her,

   ” Security, I’m going to need you down here .“ Are you kidding me. ” And bring down Mr.Wilson with you . “ She looked up to make eye contact with you, ” Might as well let Sam watch his crazy fan get escorted out , maybe itll make his day .“ she had a little smirk on her face. Oh just wait, jokes on you idiot. You shoot a playful smirk right back.  20 seconds later, two very, very muscular security guards walk up on both sides of you . You look between the 2 and back at Melissa.

 ” Ma'am you are going to have to leave.“  You don’t see Sam anywhere so you sigh and grab the bags of mail and start to walk out. You hear the ping of the elevator that is behind Melissa.

” You called me down here sweetheart? “ SAM.

  You heard her giggle and felt your eyes roll all the way to the back of your head.

 "You had a crazy fan in here for you , I figured you would enjoy watching her get escorted out .”

   You whipped around and saw him leaning on the desk, he look up at you for a second and looked back at Melissa, but did a double take and his mouth dropped open.

“ Yeah Sammy, you enjoying this ? ” you winked and smiled at him .

“ Y/n/n !" 

 You felt your smile get bigger when you saw how wide and genuine Sam’s smile was. He ran over to you and you dropped the million bags of mail to throw yourself in his arms. You didn’t realize how much you actually missed him .  To you , Sam Wilson was your comfort , your home. After leaving your family and friends to come to New York, he filled all the missing spots for you. He was your family, and he was your friend.  But you still have a right to be mad,  You’re mad y/n, don’t forget that. At that thought, you pushed off of Sam and punched him in the shoulder.

 " Ow what the hell y/n ! Why are you so strong now !? and what’s with all the bags?” he rubbed at his arm and glared at you .

    “ You actually know her?! ” Melissa spoke and stared at you and Sam.  ahahah kiss my ass bitch

    Sam laughed and looked at you , “ why didn’t you just tell Melissa you knew me?” Oh sweet sweet Sam. So naïve .

    “ well Sammy, you see I did, and your friend over here so kindly told me to pretty much fuck off and went ahead and called jackup tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum to show me the exit .  And these millions of bags are full of all your mail that has been sitting my apartment since you apparently forgot you had a life before you threw those damn wings on. "  Your voice was raised slightly, and you could feel your heart starting to race . Sam was just staring at you with wide eyes, actually they all were, the guards and the desk snob.

” y/n , im sorry i didnt even think ..“

 " Yeah i figured you didnt. Sammy. ” You dropped the bags at his feet and started to make your way to the doors .You can feel your eyes start to water , but you try to push them back. Dont cry, dont cry.

    ” y/n wait !  “ You felt a hand wrap around your wrist, you turned and looked Sam in the eyes, and you could feel a few stray tears slip down your cheeks. 

“ I’m done waiting Sam. I don’t know what the hell your issue is, but last time I checked friends don’t abandon each other. All I needed was a damn call and you couldn’t pull your head out of your birdy ass to fucking make it ! ” by now the tears were gone and you were pissed. Sam looked terrified, did he forget how you were when you were mad ? All the night you were pissed about work, or your family when he had to calm you down or let you go a round with his punching bag?


Sam opened his mouth to say something but he was cut off before he could.“ Is there a problem out here Sam?” You peered around Sam to see a muscular tall blonde man, and an equally muscular man with shoulder length brown hair and a metal arm peeking out of his tshirt.

  a metal arm? OH SHIT . 

You were staring at Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes. and they were staring right back.  ” No, there’s no problem Steve. Just talking with a friend.“ Sam sounded calm, but you have the feeling he doesn’t want either of them to hear this argument for some reason. ” Really bird boy? because it sounds like you friend was about to hand your ass to you. Weren’t ya doll? “ Barnes smiled at you and you could tell he was trying not to laugh. But you didn’t hold it in,  you laughed and nodded .

Damn.  I just.. damn . How are they so attractive.  

 ” Back off Barnes before I stick you back in the freezer. “ you saw Bucky roll his  eyes and Steve just looked annoyed.

 ” Hello ma'am , I’m Steve Rogers, and this is Bucky Barnes.“ Steve stepped forward and put his hand out.

   ” Hi Captain Rogers, I’m y/n. Its great to meet you  . “You shook his hand, when you let go you looked over to Bucky and nodded you head. He smiled back at you and you heard Sam Huff.

  ” y/n why don’t you just come inside so we can talk .“ Sam gave you his famous puppy dog eyes and pouty lip. You melted a little bit.

Before you could answer Bucky beat you to it.” What the hell is  that face Wilson? Maybe that’s why girls never come up with you “ You couldn’t hold back you laugh and ended up snorting in the process.

All 3 men looked at you and smiled. You feel the blush creep on your cheeks, and look down. ” oh God that was so unattractive" you mentally face palm yourself.

“ I think the exact opposite Doll.” You look up and see Bucky smirking at you, and Sam just kinda looks like he’s going to barf.   “ Can you control yourself grandpa, y/n isn’t interested in old men. What do you say y/n, lets go in and talk maybe ill even make you some hot chocolate.” Sam winked at you ,  Damn he knows how much I love hot chocolate.

 You look down to your phone and see the time. 10 minutes until you have to be at work.  " Sorry Sammy, I have to be at the hospital in 10! “ You started backing away towards your car .” It was nice meeting you guys !“ you waved to Steve and Bucky. Before you could process what you were doing  you called over to bucky,” And Bucky, I’m very interested in older men, especially soldiers “ You winked and got in your car.  You heard Sam yell ” OH HELL NO" and started laughing. you looked in the mirror as you pulled away from the tower and saw Bucky just standing there smiling while Sam stomped around .

  I cant believe I actally said that. what the hell is wrong with me, he probably thinks I’m insane

You pull into the hospital 2 minutes late, and start your 14 hour shift. All you can think about is Sam . You wish you could of stayed , but it wasn’t worth losing your job over. Your boss is not a nice man, and you cant give him any reason to get rid of you . Maybe one day you’ll go back and talk things out with Sam, maybe things could be normal again.   You go through work with no problems,  nothing interesting today . You made it home and by the time you made it to your door you were exhausted.

  I would do anything just to be in bed already . 

When you walked in you dropped your purse on the counter and went to grab water bottle before you make it to your bed. When you go to open the fridge you notice a paper that wasn’t there this morning.  You rip it out from under the magnet,

      Y/n/n ,Bet you’re shocked I still have a key ;) , I know you’re mad, and I don’t blame you.I don’t know you schedule anymore, but I’m at the tower for the rest of the week. Come by and hear me out. 

 love, Sammy.

P.s. Since when did you learn how to flirt, I’m proud . I’ve never seen Barnes turn so red. Good job, but just don’t ever do that infront of me again. Or with him. ever.  

 He’s there until the end of the week, its already Friday. 2 days, 2 days to maybe have a chance back at normal . do it !You put the note on the counter by your purse and head towards your room. 

Nap , shower, then Go see Sam.  Don’t lose your bestfriend again y/n.

Nemesis Mine

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12 Chapter 13

Chapter 14. Baz.

I’m going to die in this fire.

The flames are all around me, making it hard for me to see anything but sparks and thick black smoke, and all I can think is that I’m going to die and Simon will still think I hate him.

I’m curled in on myself, resting my head on my knees, trying to breathe. Trying to stay conscious, though I know it won’t be for long.

I’m thinking about my mother, too, but not about avenging her – because after all, what use is revenge? It won’t bring her back. I’m thinking about what she’d think of me if she knew how I chose to spend all the time I got to be alive.

I bet she would have liked Simon.

I hear a scream, cutting through the crackling of the fire, and I realise that he’s still here. He’s flying through the flames towards me – why is he coming towards me? – and yelling my name. Baz. Not Basilton.

He lands next to me. I look up, and the ceiling is starting to collapse.

Everything is bright red and orange and it feels like my head is on fire.

I can hardly breathe.

‘Get out,’ I gasp.

‘My arm’s dead,’ he says, ‘and you clearly can’t move. I can’t get you out.’ He’s crying. He’s not wearing his mask, so he just looks like Simon with wings and a tail, and there are tears running down his cheeks.

There’s nothing left in my lungs except for smoke and I can’t believe he’s making me convince him to save himself with my last breaths.

‘You don’t need your arm to fly,’ I spit. ‘Fucking go.’

‘I can’t carry you,’ he chokes. ‘I can’t, Baz, I’m sorry.’

‘I know,’ I say. ‘Just go.’

But he doesn’t. He slides down to the floor next to me and shuffles closer until we’re side by side. He spreads out his wings and wraps them around me.

‘What the fuck are you doing?’ I cough.

‘This might help, with the flames. I heard sirens, the fire trucks will be here soon, we might be okay…’

I would shove him off, but he was right; I can’t move. I’m too weak.



‘Why won’t you leave me?’

I’m crying too now. Simon Snow is going to die trying to protect me from this fire. Simon is going to die.

‘Because – because I – fuck, because it’s you, Baz, I couldn’t. I could never.’ He draws his wings more tightly over my head, trying to shield me from the smoke and the shimmering heat. ‘I know you’re supposed to be a villain, and I know you probably still want me dead, but you’re not a villain, you’re just a boy.’

‘I don’t want you dead,’ I sob. ‘I want you to go.’

‘I won’t,’ he whispers. He leans his forehead on my shoulder.

‘You and your stupid superhero complex,’ I mutter.

He laughs. He lifts up his head so his eyes are level with mine. They’re alive and dancing with firelight. ‘Goodbye, nemesis mine,’ he says. And then he presses his lips against mine.

It’s a soft kiss, and he’s pulling away before I have a chance to recollect myself. I close my eyes, and I use the last of my strength to grab a fistful of his shirt and pull him back to me.

This time there’s no uncertainty in the kiss. It’s messy, and desperate, and I can feel the heat of the flames even through his wings and I know that this is the end. I can taste his tears and feel him all around me trying to protect me and as dying moments go, this one’s better than I could have hoped for.

I give him everything I have.

We don’t pause for breath.

Until finally, the fire is too close, and the heat becomes too much, and I pass out.

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Save Me


Spider-Man: Homecoming: Peter Parker x Fem. Reader

Request: None all me. That’s why it’s such trash.

Warnings: Strong language, angst

Word Count: 2,108

A/N: Hey guys! I feel very bad about my work this time because it is very character heavy so you won’t read a whole lot of Penis Peter Parker. I will however, continue this story if it kind of intrigues you. I started to get more exhausted as this story went on because of the time of night I was drafting it. I have not looked it over thoroughly so sorry if you see mistakes within the content. I am trying to get better at my grammar. Hope you enjoy! Oh, and one more thing! Please Request!

The loud music was drumming in my ears. Horny teenagers danced around the room into each other. I watched along the crowd while sitting in a small table in the kitchen. It was bad enough I barely left my house, but when I did it was to a dancing orgy of the youth. Sitting in this packed house gave me a drowning feeling, I hated the smell of sweaty people and overused cologne.  

The weekend was a big time to party and as my eyes scanned the crowd I could see everyone from my school here. It made me self conscious seeing all these Barbie doll girls dressed up while I had jeans and a hoodie. Yet, I swore I would put my big girl panties on and wait for my friends to finish grinding on strangers. My friends were the only people I had since my moving here and I couldn’t risk upsetting them by leaving.

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Things that make no sense

So when white people take roles traditionally played by other races, like black people or asians, it makes people all angry and stuff.

But then those same people want Marvel to have black people or women play traditionally white male superheroes, like Spiderman and Thor.


smallandsundry  asked:

6. piggy back rides for kim and zack from power rangers please and thank you

the knocks on her front door are louder than they were yesterday morning, or the morning before, or any morning before that.  kim knocks twice, always, solid and sure and crisp, because it’s normally trini’s mom who answers and kim is on a mission to charm her and, subsequently, her way past the last bulwark of trini’s lame reasoning as to why they can’t be Officially Dating.

it’s a work in progress, so to speak.

trini’s mom left early today, though.  everyone did.  it’s a field trip day for the twins and her mom is chaperoning; her dad had to fly out to a training in chicago and tiptoed out  at 4:00 to catch a 7:00 flight, so trini is stumbling through getting the stupid coffee maker to work in a timely fashion and trying to find food for lunch because normally there are convenient leftovers wrapped and waiting for her.

“it’s open!” she yells, because the coffee is taking forever and kim can let herself in and nope.  nope.  more knocking.

“k, seriously, what are you–” she stops short with the door yanked open, blinking at kim, who chatters out a cheerful what’s up, hot pants and winks at trini.  then there’s zack, who’s draped serenely over kim’s back, half a sleep and munching lazily on a pop tart.

“hey, crazy girl,” zack says with a lazy wave.  he offers her half of a pop tart.

“hey,” trin says flatly.  “do i want to know?”

“zack bet me i couldn’t carry him all the way to school,” kim says with an easy shrug.  it jostles zack’s head from where his chin is propped on his arm on kim’s shuolder, and he grumbles out a protest that’s at least 82% yawn.  

“uh uh,” trini says.  “what do you get if you win?”

“he has to go to school for the rest of the year,” kim says, knocking her temple gently against his.  “so his lazy ass can graduate.  also so i can have someone to talk to in calculus.”

“you’re in calculus?” trini says, that waking her up almost as much as coffee would have. she’d been in angel grove for over a year before they all became stupid color-coded superheroes and she’d never seen zack taylor in a single class ever, yet somehow he was in ap calculus with generally overachieving kimberly hart.

“we should, y’know, start walking,” kim says, adjusting zack and tilting her head towards the school.

“getting tired, princess?” zack and trini say at the same time.  it’s enough to get zack to wake up enough to open both eyes, a slow smile spreading across his lips, and he lazily throws a hand out for trini to fist bump.

“more like if i’m late to english again i’m pretty sure i’ll get murdered by the teacher,” kim says.  “he already hates me because i told him walden was stupid.”

“i need breakf–”

“you can have zack’s pop tart,” kim says with a grin.  she knocks her temple against his once more.  “give her your pop tart.”

“it’s not fair when you and your girlfriend gang up on me, you know,” he grumbles, holding the pop tart out to trini.  kim cranes her head around enough to kiss him loudly on the cheek before spinning on her heel and setting off down the sidewalk, a bounce in her step.

“come on, hot pants!” she shouts over her shoulder.  zack waves lazily with one hand, patting kim on the top of the head with the other, and trini rolls her eyes.  she locks the door and jogs after them, still coffeeless but awake nonetheless.

I wonder how much of my life has been spent thinking about superheros.