stupid super spy

I prefer editing to drawing tbh but I bought a new tablet last year and I’m trying to find more reasons to use it so … Theron Shan happened.

People going off on twitter about Kerry not getting a nod for Scandal.

She may have been phenomenal in Run, and she may give 150% every time and be amazing every single episode, but you can only be as good as what is written for you. Scandal S4 wasn’t good enough at all. It lost loads of viewers and the final episode only somewhat saved it with Olitz, and seemingly putting BullShit13 to bed. There was no consistency and a few scrambling episodes for sweeps will not cut it. This will give ABC and Shonda (maybe not SR cos she doesn’t care) a lesson that you cant focus on irrelevant characters, almost ruin your major couple that rule your show and continue with a stupid super spy story line, and expect to rewarded. Nope. As disappointing as it is for Kerry, this was inevitable.