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I'm sorry you're getting hate:( that really sucks

Yea, I mean the hate isn’t exactly directed at me, it’s directed at Kate. Normally I can ignore it bc I think if people knew her they would understand that she wasn’t coming from a place of hate. Idk it’s been a rough month so I’m probably overreacting lol

okay so just a heads up, because ive seen a ton of fics that mis-characterize tsukki to the point of rot, and im gonna try to not repeat things that other people have said but just bear with me:

  • tsukki is not cold, he is not unfriendly and he not not not bitchy
  • tsukki is jaded and distrustful and this is completely valid considering his backstory
  • tsukki wants to make friends, but he does not know how to make friends
  • everybody notices that tsukki was yamaguchi’s first friend, but nobody seems to realize that yamaguchi was tsukki’s first friend too
  • this basically tells us that up until yamaguchi, tsukki was alone (except for his brother, but we all know what happened with that), and when you’re alone, you don’t learn how to socialize. 
  • the fact that tsukki is willing to be 100% honest with yamaguchi about his opinions and feelings (even if they’re harsh) shows that he trusts yamaguchi. he allows yamaguchi to see him for who he really is, bitterness and all, because he knows yamaguchi (his only friend) won’t leave him for it. it doesn’t mean he’s mean, or abusive, or anything else. yamaguchi understands this. 
  • tsukki has also been shown complimenting and praising yamaguchi when he feels it’s deserved. This shows that he’s not just a grumpy berry and is perfectly capable of positive reinforcement, if he feels it’s been earned. And why does he need his praise to be earned? Because the last time he gave out his praise willy nilly (his brother), he discovered that everything he’d been told for years was a lie.  
  • tsukki will open up and will become friendly when he’s given enough reassurance that it’s okay. he does not come out of the box being all open and enthusiastic because he’s suffered extreme hurt in the past–hurt that only happened because he was open and enthusiastic. 
  • for proof see exhibit: Tanaka, Kageyama, Hinata and Kuroo
  • So please, fic writers, i beg of you, please stop writing this tiny, scared crow as a bitchy antisocial teenager. please realize that he’s a very multifaceted character that is very easy to misinterpret
  • thank you

“I usually hear that I’m a bit ‘empty-headed’ quite a lot, and there have been times where I’ve even seen myself as a bit pathetic. For quite a while my work was going really poorly. It seemed like I really was stupid, so I tried taking an IQ test.”
“How did the test turn out?”
“My IQ was 156. I couldn’t believe it, and my family couldn’t believe it at first either. But later when I passed the Mensa test, I showed them my membership card. I remember my father being really proud of me. That was the only time my father was able to brag about me.”

“평소에 멍하다는 말을 많이 들어요. 저도 제 자신이 너무 한심한 적이 있었어요. 한동안 일이 너무 꼬였거든요. 그래서 ‘난 바보인가’ 싶어서 진짜 IQ테스트를 한번 해봤어요.”
“결과가 어땠나요?”
“IQ가 156이었어요. 처음에는 저도 안 믿겼고 가족들도 안 믿었는데, 나중에 제가 멘사 시험을 붙어서 회원증을 보여줬어요. 아빠가 뿌듯해 하시더라구요. 저에 대해 자랑할만한 게 딱히 그것 밖에 없었거든요.”