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Magic // Hansol Vernon Chwe


the prompt: vernon never liked schoolwork, and you weren’t one for random adventures. however, things can quickly change when you’re with the right person.

words: 7821

category: hogwarts au + fluff

author note: this took literally a year to write or at least that’s what it felt like. anyway this is for marissa (@midnighthansol) who go check out her scenario blog (@skooluvsaffair) bc it’s one of my favorites and she wrote camp counselor!jun for me and i squealed so loudly reading it lol.

ps i want to write for all of hogwarts!seventeen bc it’s so much fun and I’ve already got a hufflepuff!jun coming up so why not more?

- destinee

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Something like a preview of @creamycomet ‘s BokuMachi fanfic Reconciliation in comic-to celebrate the fic got over 10000 hits on AO3. 

To be honest, this is first time I enjoy a fanfiction so much. It is also a work that keeps me at the edge of chair all the time.

Thanks for making this amazing fanfiction and keep in touch with readers so much. 

Bless you with all my heart. 


Brucas-Proposal Mix Ups (3x18-5x5)
“We’re gonna be a power couple, he’s gonna be a famous novelist and i’m gonna have a fabulous fashion line…but we’re still gonna have time to have a big family…two boys and a girl…and i’ll coach little league…ooh and i’ll bake treats for the team, or buy them…then we’ll spend our summer in our beach house…and winters in the south of France…it won’t matter where we are, as long as we’re together.” 

Background origin edit in illustrator 

Based on @creamycomet ‘s Kensato fic Finish Line

The fic really melts my heart TTTTTTTTT thank you for the meal TTTTTTTT

I want to draw other scenes as well

based on @creamycomet​ ‘s Bokumachi fanfic Reconciliation Chapter 11

When I was thinking what to draw for this fic this is the first thing popped into my head.  Where Yashiro is obviously disturbed by the couple (especially Kenya. 

i love this fic so much but Yashiro is so scary right now I need Kenya (つД∩)

earth calling team sawaya