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Drug cartel nonsense notwithstanding, I think that was a beautiful tribute to Ralph Waite and to Jackson Gibbs, and the father-son aspects of the story were handled with such care and affection.

I loved how the flashbacks gave us some insight into both men, and their relationship with Mama Gibbs and what they lost. And I love how they put a lot of thought into the tribute, including bringing back Billy Dee Williams for what amounts to a cameo. The love they felt for the character and the actor shone through, and I give the show major kudos for that.

(Figures season 11 would end on a funeral.)

Welp. I survived Season 11. Not sure I’m ready for 12.

Ravi composed a song 'So Romantic' for Ken

might as well write him a confession letter that is titled “I Love You”

big credit to: c i n d y ☆ 항상레오편 ✧‏ @taekwoonies - more stuff <spoilers if you may> to know about the ongoing concert

the four horsemen of the apocalypse 

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Great, now I have to ufollow a blog I really liked because one of the mods is an anti. I hope you enjoy knowing one of yours tried to blackmail the Voltron staff with leaked images, and that the staff likes and shows more support for Sheith than it ever has for Klance.

First, put slashes in your asks, second I don’t ship K/ance that much I’m not into it and who in their right mind thinks that I agree with every K/lance shipper? I don’t give two shits about shipping because it’s pretty stupid how everyone gets so worked up over it. So bye I guess?

- Mod Keith

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I'm sure you've heard but what are your thoughts about people boycotting ep 16 because of the POSSIBLE no Magnus? I think it's ridiculous and won't do anything besides make the show less money. Also this is a big episode for Simon and Maia separately and it's just sad to see that nobody really cares.

I mean…. don’t get me wrong, I get that you like one character more than all the other ones on the show. After all, Shadowhunters is still an ensemble show with 7 main characters which you’re all bragging about normally. But when Magnus is not in it, you boycot it? Are you guys for real? 

Boycotting a whole episode just because of the slight POSSIBILITY that Magnus isn’t in it? Which is still nothing more than a fucking rumor (if you even call it this way) and only started when Isaiah said that he won’t be in 2x16. Magnus can still be in it. But yeah, go around and tell people to boycot the show. That clearly helps everyone here. Especially the show and getting more seasons…. oh and yeah, seeing more of Magnus in the future. Honestly, what is this? Kindergarten?

You pick a cause and serve it

You know, after all these years it’s Meg’s words that stick with me the most here. Even she figured out this much. There are certain things that simply define a character. For Dean, he is always gonna put Sam first, above even the world. And Sam, he’s gonna always try to make sure Dean finds some semblance of happiness in this world because goddammit, he’s sacrificed everything else for him. And Mary, well, she’s gonna do whatever she can to take Sam and Dean out of hunting. These things can never be changed. To do so would fundamentally undermine the characters, make them unrecognizable. Every action they do can be explained by looking at these primary causes that they all serve. Even when we don’t agree with their methods, we understand the causes they serve. We always know what we as an audience can expect to happen in the end.

There’s drama when those causes are questioned, but Supernatural always manages to never betray them, no matter the damage to others or the world. Cas follows this as well. He lives to give Dean peace. “I had to bring you a win.” Like every season before, Cas picked Dean’s peace as his cause. If Dean is dead, then Cas has failed himself and became useless in his proclaimed purpose. And it’s something Heaven doesn’t forgive him for, a point the show keeps reminding us of, but does little to reconcile. Every time Heaven gives him a choice, a path to follow to salvation, when that path conflicts with Dean’s happiness, Cas will never follow through.

In 12x19, Cas is given a way to reconcile Heaven’s wishes and Dean’s peace: simply kill the nephilim. Heaven would be happy and Dean doesn’t have to have the blood of a child on his hands. It’s a burden Cas will bear instead, except he doesn’t. It’s everything Cas wants in every way he doesn’t want it and he goes the other way. He goes against his cause. “I was so lost but no more,” Cas says as he is given a vision of the future we can’t see from a being we don’t understand. Has Cas been wrong this whole time? Or has he simply been lost in how to go about serving his cause? The show doesn’t clarify. And we are meant to wonder. Has Cas’ whole cause changed?

And that, friends, is a question you can raise for the audience, but you can not actually alter in the character’s core. If you do that then you completely lose your audience’s faith and love. It is the worst betrayal, from which there is no return. It would be as if back in 10x23 Dean actually kills Sam, after everything. If after everything, Cas doesn’t chose Dean’s peace over his own existence, then there’s simply no coming back from that.

honestly all the reasons women have been giving for not supporting the female doctor seem really stupid to me. stop hiding behind dumbass excuses and own up to your opinions if you’re gonna make them public. not saying everyone should support/like the new casting. just that if you’re gonna post about not liking it just be honest about it rather than political. 

EDIT: though i haven’t personally seen any of it there have been mentions of fandom discourse. and i wanna clarify that this post is directed solely at folks who are saying there shouldn’t be a woman doctor. i totally get it if you aren’t a fan of this casting but saying should/shouldn’t is not okay. for any reason. 

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Hey Bucky, I saw my little brother today for the first time in a year (college) and the little dork is now like eight inches taller than me. How do you deal with that feeling of your tiny now towering over you?

sometimes when steve is being a little shit i just sweep his legs out from under him. then hes short again

other times i just yell PIGGYBACK and jump on him, thus elevating my view above his, as is right

if you bundle a formerly tiny person in enough blankets the forced perspective may make them seem tiny again.

usually i just retaliate by punching him in the arm, and when he complains i just say that i was aiming for his head


Jensen Ackles as Jason Teague on “Smallville”


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Footage source: Smallville Season 4 finale “Commencement”

so anyway.. last time sarah and cosima saw each other they were both under surveillance and were, for all intents and purposes, imprisoned (sarah under DYAD,  cosima on the island) like…. those were Not Ideal circumstances for either of them but like… there was no acknowledgement from either party that like “hey you’re okay i’m so glad you’re safe!” when they finally skyped??

and like… i get cosima getting right down to business because, hey! kira’s in major trouble and cosima’s got Vital Information about all that but…. sarah nearly died??? at the beginning of this season??? trying to rescue cosima from the island??? and we don’t even get to see her tell cosima “i’m so glad you’re okay and that you’re home safe” like?!!?? goddamn that’s all that would be needed, just that one line. just /one line/ and /then/ you can proceed to The Plot okay. 

i love ks but the fandom is a fucking disaster

i’m 98% certain my roommate was just watching an episode of txf and i tried So hard to figure out which one it was but the only thing i could hear was the theme song and scully shouting “MULDER” at some point, which narrows it down to pretty much every episode in existence so. better luck next time, i guess!