stupid shipper heart

I feel almost terrible for doing this. I saw someone today editing this promo image for the second Shingeki no kyojin movie. Making it into Ereri and I don´t know… I suddenly felt this urge to do a levihan edit for my shipper trash heart.

In the end I liked it now so much how my edit turned out that it´s now my new phone wallpaper and I decided to share it with everyone.


Sakura bonsai talk: cos it’s sakumoto~~ (♡o♡)

Cr: Daylight PV Making Of and jweb.

Apologies in advance for translation errors.

Oh man, now I want to write that Poldark AU so bad! Let’s set aside the fact that it would probably take about twenty billion chapters (roughly) to tell the story I want to tell and would involve a ton of research (because what the hell do I know about coal mining operations in West Viriginia?), and I already have a bunch of other writing projects on my plate (and, of course, an actual job and a biological need for sleep)… But, no, all my little shipper heart wants is to sit around and think about modern-day Romelza scenes involving delicious home-baked pies and snuggling on the couch!