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Undercover Jon Theory: How possible is it?

I’ve been on the fence with this theory for a while. I’ve gone between flirting with the idea and rejecting it. My inclination to believe in it came from seeing Jon reacting uncharacteristically in certain moments or some dialogue that seemed too on the nose when it wasn’t backed up by what we were being shown. On top of that, Kit’s acting was inconsistent with what this storyline was expecting me to believe and certain dialogues and actions that seemed to be on script contradicted it too. However, I wrote it off as bad execution in 7x04 and 7x05. Then 7x06 happened and Jon actually bent the knee - while Dany was willing to help him without it - and it made no sense nor did him calling her “Dany” out of nowhere or “My queen”. She came to help them and lost a dragon/child, but giving up his kingdom because of that? That’s not just betrayal; it’s foolish. I couldn’t fathom why Jon would do that. Come 7x07 and the episode expected me to believe Jon had never told a lie or broken a vow in his life (when he had before) and sabotaged a deal which he basically went on a dumb wight hunt for.

His lack of emotion for Arya and Bran threw me off in 7x05, but I just wrote it off as bad direction just so that it didn’t keep me up at night. But then Jon didn’t react to Brienne’s presence and neither did she. He didn’t seem guilty about his decision and how Sansa would take it, when for the first four episodes of this season he’s had quite visible reactions related to her. But suddenly, Jon was all about Dany now and didn’t give a damn about the Starks or the North? That made no sense. So I started listing out the inconsistencies to come to certain conclusions. This post attempts to break down this storyline from various angles to see if there can be an explanation beyond “it’s just bad writing”. It’s pretty long, but I didn’t go into as many details as I wanted to.

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anonymous asked:

Can I send you some prompts? for malec and jaia, you just decide yourself which fits which couple and if you even want to do them :) 1:"who gave you that black eye?" 2:"I didn't know we were keeping track" 3:"how long have you been standing there?" 4:"make me" 5:"I can't stand seeing you like this" 6:"is there a reason you're naked in my bed?"

Alright then, nonny. I’m gonna have fun with this one.

This will be a six-part story, featuring both malec and jaia ;) Enjoy

Part 1: "who gave you that black eye?“

Dating Alec Lightwood had changed Magnus’ life for the better. That was a pretty impressive feat, considering Magnus’ life had already been great. He had his own company running both in the US and overseas at the age of 31, a beautiful penthouse in Brooklyn, and plans for running for mayor in the fall.

So really, Alec was damn amazing to match all of that. And he didn’t only match it, he topped it all.

So yes, Magnus was happy with his gorgeous boyfriend as they made up on his couch. Very happy. So happy, in fact, that when Alec’s younger brother Jace showed up unannounced, Magnus was only mildly annoyed.

It helped that Jace had a black-eye, which felt like pre-ordered revenge. Karma was a powerful force.

“Knocking doesn’t mean you can just barge in,” Alec said as Magnus got off of him. He didn’t even mind fixing his clothes. Jace had a habit of walking on them, so by now Alec didn’t even bother pretending to be modest.

“Yeah.” Jace rolled his eyes, but the gesture made him wince. Grimacing, he turned to Magnus. “Do you have a bag of ice or something?”

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Every Tattoo Gun has its Thorns

Another fic for the roseph discord, for @atlasisreal‘s beaut tattoo artist Joseph and Florist Robert au. The title is the work of @tunaboy2 because I am not that witty :’)  I hope you enjoy it! And beware, there is smut about halfway through.

Robert at least felt a little bit bad, he shouldn’t have had that drink and he knew it. The second one was definitely very bad not good and he felt guilty about letting Val down. But with the third one came the tipsiness and washing away of most of the guilt. At least until morning.

It wasn’t like he was drunk he just had a healthy buzz going.

But more importantly, it wasn’t like he was drinking alone in his house in the dark, which he was pretty sure had been the most concerning part about his habit. He was out at the bar, and not the seedy old place he used to hide at, a trendy new bar closer to the flower shop. There were actual people here instead of just the odd rodent and health violation.

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4 August 2017

[The Woolpack with Robert, Rebecca, Megan and Victim]

VICTIM: *All too cheerful for this Plot* Hi Rebecca! What do you want? (FANDOM: Good question!)

REBECCA: I would really like a double malt because I am as tired of this Plot as the fans. #Relatable

VICTIM: Lemonade it is! Yep, still dictating your life because you’re still pregnant with the BABY! Aren’t you glad to be my BPFF? And because you’re my BPFF, let me check in with your other Plot. That sister’s birth father’s brother still giving you trouble?

REBECCA: Actually, can we not talk about that Plot right now, I really need a break.

MEGAN: Oh hey, I just randomly got this email right now, probably because you’re standing right next to me. I know you don’t want to talk about that Plot, but I think you should see this.

REBECCA: Oh no, an email telling everyone involved with Home Farm the actual truth about my horrible family!

*Robert Enters*

ROBERT: Bex! I just happened to get here at the perfect time. I always have impeccable timing. Something wrong? #MrShifty

REBECCA: *I hate this Plot and my other Plot and I have no idea they’re related Face*

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