stupid republicans

This result doesn't stop with the U.S.A

I’ve seen so many people saying “stay out of this, it doesn’t involve you” but it does. This election is a disaster on a world scale which will have massive effects on the global stock market, international relations and governmental systems world wide. I could not fathom how terrified some Americans must feel right now, I’m an LGBT+ person on the other side of the world and I’m scared. This result is something that will go down in history as one of the worlds darkest days, as qualification and dignity are thrown to the wind, and America makes a choice that sets all of humanity back in our quest for justice, peace and equity. THIS. RESULT. MATTERS. EVERYWHERE.

First. This idiot. And yeah. He was a huge idiot! He left about ten foster children parentless to come out to this redneck party.
Second. He’s seen on tape saying he will NOT be taken alive. He will NOT do one minute in a concrete cell. He’ll die before he goes to jail. Look it up. He was videoed spewing this.
And from his words, I take his hands dropping twice to reach for a weapon, or to martyr himself which is what this cats goal was from the get go in my opinion.

I have NO sympathy for humans that arm themselves to the teeth. Take over a building. Trash the property, and beg for a western shootout. None. Nada. Zilch!

And had this of been a group of Mexicans or blacks, they’d of all been slaughtered the very first day.

No sympathy here cowboy. Sorry.