stupid procrastinating stupid


( ̄▽+ ̄*) stress relief scribbles lmao

he’s very proud of his expensive grandpa sweater (x)

  • ghost: hamlet your uncle killed me so can you kill him
  • hamlet: sure dad i'm on it
  • hamlet: (acts strangely)
  • hamlet: (writes part of a play)
  • hamlet: (kills the wrong guy)
  • ghost: jfc son just kill him already
  • hamlet: okay okay fine i'll do it
  • hamlet: (gets kidnapped by pirates)

klance bartender AU bc i’m so fucking sick of those klance fics where lance is portrayed as mediocre or bad at what he does, and keith is a master at the same thing and it’s all about how lance tries to catch up or whatever. i always see keith being a god and lance is impressed?? where are my fics where keith is equally impressed by lance as lance is by keith?? so here i am,,, with a bartender AU. lance is a motherfuckin’ genius at mixology & always makes the best (and sometimes weirdest) drinks. he’s a huge people person and everyone loves him because he’s just so great?? but then in walks keith and lance loses his mind because hes’s gorgeous. so, he becomes a stumbling, awkward, and very bisexual mess around him, leading lance to believe he needs to prove himself. thus begins the challenges and banters, all without lance being portrayed as not good enough.

when you gotta make an arrest but you don’t have your cuffs on you, don’t worry, wifey’s got you covered.