stupid piece of shit laptop

100 ways to say it (and it’s never enough)

for day 17 of @snowbaz-feda!!

series of 100 word drabbles based on this list | masterpost




I jump when Baz slams his laptop shut and I yank my headphones off.


“Shit!” He shouts again, making me wince. “Shit! Stupid bloody piece of useless shit!” Shoving the laptop away, Baz stands up, nearly knocking over the chair he’d been in as he does.

“What happened?”

“This fucking thing stopped working,” he snaps.

I look at the screen of my own laptop, at the paused show I’d been waiting all day to watch. “You can borrow mine,” I find myself saying, and then I find I don’t actually mind. 

We can always watch it together later.