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Break A Leg

First Part: Brave
Second Part: Breathing Space                                                          
Third Part: Plotting                                                                      
Fourth Part: New Arrangement                                                      
Fifth Part: Spinning                                                                                
Sixth Part: Distraction                                                                            
Seventh Part: Interlude                                                                            Eight Part: Duet                                                                                             Ninth Part: Pep Talk

Part 10 in my developing Roman/Virgil University!AU <3

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They arrive at the theatre far too early to take their seats, but Virgil doesn’t mind. At the very least, it’s giving him a chance to actually look around in the foyer, while Logan and Patton queue to get the reserved tickets. He finds a cabinet displaying photos and cut outs of reviews- and he notes with pride that Roman’s name pops up frequently. There’s a lovely candid behind the scenes photo of Rachel and Roman mid-high-five, and Virgil finds himself drawn to it. He can’t help but smile at Roman looking so radiantly happy in the moment. He catches the eye of his own reflection in the glass, and his cheeks warm a little. Sometimes, he thinks he’s so obvious, it’s a wonder the whole campus doesn’t know…

“He is rather adept at professional make-believe, I must admit.”

Virgil glances sideways to see Logan leaning casually against the cabinet. He smirks.

“Thank God Roman can’t hear you. ‘Professional make-believe’? Pretty sure he’d murder you on the spot.”

Logan shrugs. “Worth the risk.”

“It’s not just that,” Virgil says conversationally. “Have you read Roman’s thesis yet? It’s so cool, it’s like, the power of storytelling and different choices you can make and-” He cuts himself off, realising he’s gushing, and stands up properly.

But, it’s quite obvious that Logan hasn’t been listening to him at all. He’s still leaning against the cabinet, and his eyes have glazed over a little behind his glasses. Virgil follows his gaze, and spies Patton, chatting with the guy behind the box office as he collects the tickets.

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anonymous asked:

Hey I love your writing! Can I please have a Niall imagine where you get into a bad fight and he walks out and comes back later when he's calm down to find you in the bathroom crying holding something of his? Kind of specific I'm sorry!! 💖

~1,527 words


“God (Y/N) i just want to go out with the lads for a beer. Get off my back!” He snapped at you while he stomped out of the bedroom and down the hall. Jumping off the bed you followed him.

“Get off your back?! Niall, you’ve gone out for a beer every night this week and the last. You’re at the studio all fucking day and you come home late. I just want one night with you!” He didn’t even react to your words as he went to the closet and pulled out his jacket and boots. “Are you fucking listening? Sometimes I feel like you don’t care anymore. You stopped texting me during the day, and stopped saying goodbye in the mornings. You haven’t even said ‘I love You’ since last saturday.” Tears threatened to fall from your eyes as you watched him slip his boots on his feet. You hate fighting and you hate acting this clingy but it felt like he wasn’t even in love with you anymore.

Niall finally made eye contact with you, anger was present in his blue eyes. The way he looked at you made your heart drop to your stomach. “Maybe I go out all the time because you’re so goddamn needy. You constantly want my attention. And I have other things to worry about then saying I love you.”  He pulled his hat onto his head, “Don’t bother waiting up. I might even just crash at Bressie’s house.” His voice had no hint of emotion, turning on his heel he left without another word.

You stood, frozen, staring at the closed front door. You’ve been dating for two years and this was the first fight where you actually felt like he was going to leave you. Even when he was pissed he would still say he loves you, but the look in his eyes made you feel as though that love was gone. Niall did have a loose tongue and would say things he didn’t mean but the words he just said seemed like they were from his heart.

The tears you tried to hold back now fell freely from your eyes, drenching your cheeks. Your feet absent mindedly carried you back to the bedroom and into the walk in closet where you found his favorite sweater. The cream colored fabric still smelled like his cologne and body wash. Taking the sweater into the bathroom you closed the door and sank down to the cool tile floor where you then let all your emotions out. Heavy sobs racked through your body as you hid your face in Niall’s sweater, desperate to feel close to the man you loved; even though it was starting to feel like that love wasn’t mutual.


“You good mate?” Deo asked Niall while he nudged his shoulder, “You’ve been zoning in out all night.”

“It’s just- I’m fine.” He responded taking another sip of his Guinnes. His anger and frustration had worn off a while ago and the gravity of what he said, and didn’t say, was just now hitting him. Guilt filled his stomach the more he realized you were right.

“What did you do, Horan?” Another one of the lads asked, all of his friends eyes were on him now.

“I had a fight with (Y/N) before I left and I was a dick.”

“What was it about?” Bressie asked.

“She wanted me ta stay home tonight and watch a movie. She was also upset that I’ve been going out a lot and haven’t really spent time with her.”

“You have been going out a lot though and you’re living in the studio. Why didn’t ya just stay home?” Deo pointed out.

“I- I don’t know, I’m just stressed that the album isn’t gonna be that good and I just wanted a beer. I’m an ass okay, now I wish I just stayed home. Wouldn’t be surprised if I go home and find that all her stuff is gone.” The last sentence almost brought tears to his eyes, he had to bite his lip to prevent himself from crying in front of his friends.

“Why don’t ya just go home, man.”

Niall took a deep breath to ward of his tears before nodding and grabbing his hat off the table, “Bye guys.” He said standing up and leaving without waiting for a response. His boots tapped on the pavement as he made his way to the range rover, telling the fans that he couldn’t stop for pictures. The whole drive back to the house he tried to piece together an apology, he stopped at a gas station and got a bouquet of flowers and all your favorite types of candy. He knew that the flowers and candy would do little to make up for the way he has been acting but it was worth a shot.

When he pulled into the driveway he sighed in relief to see your car still parked but as he looked into the windows he saw that all the lights were off. “Shit.” He muttered under his breath thinking that maybe you got one of your friends to pick you up.

He slowly came into the home and toed off his boots listening for any sign that you were still in the house. Niall had never been so happy to still see your shoes lying on the floor, it was one of his pet peeves that you didn’t put them away on the rack in the closet. He didn’t hear the tv in the den or in the bedroom, it was still fairly early in the evening so he doubted that you had gone to sleep. Wondering around the house he called out for you, “(Y/N)?! Petal, where are ya? I’m sorry I’m such an ass.”

You were still in the bathroom crying, the fight had happened two hours ago but you were still upset. Everytime your tears would slow you’d think about the words Niall said to you and you were right back to sobbing. His sweater was soaked with tears at this point, probably another thing that would make Niall mad at you.

Niall had given up on trying to find you, he walked into the bedroom dropping the bag of candy and flowers on the bed with a huff. He went to go into the bathroom but when he turned the knob and open the door the last thing he expected to see was you sitting on the floor crying with his sweater held tightly in your hands.

Your hair was messily hanging out of your ponytail,  your face was red and blotchy, and your eyelids swollen from crying so much. “Babe..” Niall sighed sinking down to the floor next to you. His presents made you jump, looking up at him you let out a choked sob. All you wanted to do was jump into his arms and hold onto him but he told you you were needy so you stayed where you were.

“Come here princess.” He said sadly pulling you into his chest and rubbing your back. Tears soaked into his shirt but he didn’t care, “I’m so fucking sorry my love. I didn’t mean anything I said. You’re not needy or clingy and nothing is more important than you. I’ve just been really stressed and I didn’t want to burden you with it so I’d just go out.”

“Then why di-d you say that?” You said into his chest, your breath hitched as you tried to talk.

Niall’s heart broke as he heard your voice, “Because I’m stupid and ya know that. I’ve been struggling to get the album together and today was particularly rough, I took that frustration out on you and I’m really sorry about that.”

The two of you sat on the bathroom floor for a good ten minutes before you finally looked up at him, he smiled down at you sadly before pressing a gentle kiss to your forehead. “Do ya forgive me?” Niall asked.

“Yeah,” You answered. “Do you forgive me?”

“There’s nothing for me to forgive darlin’, ya did nothing wrong. You were right, I wasn’t spending enough time with you. So tomorrow we’re gonna go out for dinner and a movie then I want ya to tag along to the studio with me. Sound good?”

You nodded cuddling closer into his chest. “Why did ya take my sweater?” He asked. You blushed not wanting to tell him but you did anyway.

“I-I just wanted to feel a close to you.” You responded, your cheeks even redder now. Your answer made Niall realize just how much you missed him and it made him feel like shit.

“I’m sorry love.” He whispered into your hair. “Why don’t we go lay on bed instead of sitting on the hard tile. I also got ya all your favorite candy and some flowers.” You chuckled at his thoughtfulness and the fact that he got you candy and flowers to apologize.

Niall helped you stand and led you by your hand into the bedroom where you both stuffed your face with candy while you just enjoyed each other’s company.

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Mitch Marner - Hatred

Originally posted by tboobs

Request: “  hey can you do an imagine where the reader is auston matthews best friend but her and marner act like they hate each other when they really love each other? Maybe have them admit that they really love each other after one of them accidently yells it out during a huge fight (maybe the reader is all over one of the other guys on the team and mitch is secretly jealous so he starts an arguement?) and then they both realize what’s up and potential make out sesh :) “

Highkey in love with this request just saying.

Warning: Foul Language

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{Reaction} Their s/o Being Jealous

Hi I love your work I just have have a tiny question can you please do a reaction for bts were your jealous it’s okay if you can’t thank you bye bye

Note: I had fun with this ngl. Enjoy!~ ♥

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/images used.

Min Yoongi/ Suga

Originally posted by yoonseok

Yoongi is a logical person, and doesn’t really care for extreme jealousy. He’d understand if he gave you a reason to be, or if the reason is legitimate, but if it’s over something ridiculous he can turn a little irritable over it. However, there is one thing that he doesn’t mind you being jealous over. His shirt. Whenever he’s in dance practice, he’ll be sure to invite you along. He loves the way that you bit your lower lip when his shirt is so close to showing off his chest but doesn’t. It drives you crazy, and he knows it, so he plays on it, knowing what’s building up within the two of you that will be let out like wildfire when you get to the privacy of your place or his dorm room.

{y/n}: “It’s not fair. Your shirt gets to hug you all day and all I can do is watch.” *playfully pouting*

Yoongi: *smirks* “Feel free to take it off. You know my body is as good as yours.”

Jeon Jungkook

Originally posted by jeonify

Jungkook is the least likely to make you jealous over anything because he spends so much time showing how much he loves you. Sure, he spends a lot of time in his job and a substitute of time with his friends, but you knew what you were in for when you agreed to a first date. So what does that leave you to be jealous of? Him, himself, of course. Jungkook has dance moves as sweet as a ballet performer, or as sexy as a stripper, he likes to remind you of that on a daily basis. But he’s well aware of this admiration and jealousy, and so he was nice enough to teach you a move or two.

{y/n}: “Jungkook-ah, I don’t think getting me to grind on you isn’t teaching me anything, it’s just making me frustrated. If we don’t stop I think I’m going to need you.”

Jungkook: “That was my intention the whole time, Jagiya.” *wraps his arms around you, smirking*

{y/n}: *mumbling how you’re going to ask Jimin for lessons next time.*

Jungkook: *growls and pushes you against the wall* “I don’t think that will be necessary” *who’s jealous now?*

Kim Taehyung/ V

Originally posted by chimneytaels

Since Taehyung spends a lot of time working and on tour, it is understandable that you would feel lonely and perhaps a little jealous of his friends because of the time that they get to spend with him. Not only do they work and tour with him, they also live with him. You’re not spiteful of it, and you would never dream of ever making a fuss over it, but it can be a little frustrating when sometimes you can’t even have him for one night.

Taehyung: “I know I can’t be home a lot. I’m sorry. You know how much I love you Jagi. I get a few months off after this comeback and I promise to make it all up to you.”

Kim Namjoon/ Rap Monster

Originally posted by rapnamu

What else is there to be jealous of Namjoon than his smart brain? It’s not like th rubs it in that he’s so incredibly smart, but he totally does. You’ll be learning English/ Korean, and he’ll just walk by, oh so innocently pointing out that you’re wrong. He only does this because he knows how much it motivates you. With each time he tells you there’s room for improvement, you’ll try even harder, and to him, that is the most important thing in the world. There’s also the fact that he simply likes to just see you frustrated, and well, when it comes to more ‘intimate times’ he likes to be proved how much more dominant and smart you are.

{y/n}: “Stupid, am I? Do you think I’m stupid? We’ll see how stupid you are when you can barely remember your own name.”

Namjoon: “Bring it baby.”

Jung Hoseok/ J-Hope

Originally posted by itsrapmonster

This piece of shit. He will intentionally do things to make you feel jealous. Nothing major, but like, small things. Hugging a bear instead of you, sending you selcas of him kissing another member’s cheeks much to their dismay. It’s all good fun for him until you start playing his little game. He’d pout childishly during a break in the dance rooms, he’d be so caught up in his own jealousy as he stares at a photo of you kissing Kim Wonpil’s cheek that he didn’t hear Jungkook and Jimin snickering beside him. They were pretty proud of you for comeback of his antics tbh.

Hoseok: *comes home* “Do I need to show you why I’m the only person you kiss?”

{y/n}: “You should take your own advice.”

Hoseok: “… so that’s what that was all about. Okay fine, fair play, but don’t you dare kiss him again.”

Park Jimin

Originally posted by minblush

He’d be the kind of person that hates the idea of you getting jealous as he wouldn’t want you to ever be annoyed at him for something. If you’re acting off with him, he will be the member that would worry about it the most as he would be so anxiously trying to think of what he could have possibly done wrong since he always tries to hard to make you happy. When you’re jealous, or he can sense something is off, he will do everything to make sure to make you happy and hope that you will tell him what’s wrong. Most of the time, you’re not annoyed at him, and you might just be having a bad day or just forget to text him back, but on the odd occasion that you are annoyed at him he will ensure to talk things through and make it to to you.

Jimin: “I hope we can sort everything out Jagiya~”

Kim Seokjin/ Jin

Originally posted by bwiseoks

Jin would more than likely be rather annoyed if he found out you were jealous, especially if it was over something stupid. He’d be understanding if it was something legitimate, because he gets jealous too; he’s only human. If he found out that you were jealous he would more than likely be rather sarcastic with you and sassy in the way that we all know and love of our Jin. he’d more than likely stay like this for a while before realising how he’d been a little bit unreasonable with you and would then apologise to you and make it up to you.

{y/n}: “So I’m not allowed to be jealous? I’m not allowed to have feelings?”

Jin: “No, I’m expecting you to be a fucking robot.”

{y/n}: “Un-fucking-believable!”


Jin: “Jagi I’m sorry, I didn’t mean what I said.”

you take me by the heart when you take me by the hand (stenbrough)



this is a modern au so they have phones and dvds oOooOOo

Bill was going to kill Richie Tozier.

He just kept – touching him. Bill knew he was being stupid; Richie had Eddie, and he’s not that kind of guy. Eddie was even around to see it, for the most part - Stan being dragged into the bathroom at school by his shirtsleeve, leaving Bill with a “Richie’s got a, um – problem? I gotta go,” and Beverly and Eddie trailing after them. He didn’t want to intrude, but Stan didn’t like being touched, he could see he was uncomfortable – his eyes always flickered to Bill before he left. Whenever Bill built up the courage to barge into wherever they were and demand to be told what was going on, he would always see Richie quickly hiding something behind the lockers, or Beverly shoving a piece of paper into her pocket, or hear Stan hissing “He’s coming!” So, he left it. If Stan wanted to tell him, he would. He hoped.

After yet another incident of being mid-conversation with Stan and having him be dragged away by Trashmouth (and Ben this time? What the hell?), Bill took out his frustration on Mike.

“D-d-di-did I do something? I juh-just want to help Stan, o-o-or apologise, h-he gets so n-n-nervous around me n-now! And since wuh-w-when did he l-l-let Richie anywhere n-near him? I c-c-can’t even touch him – n-not that I want to! I’m not…M-Mike, did he s-s-say anything?” Bill’s face was flushed – he wasn’t jealous, Stan could be touched by whoever. Who cares.

Mike sighed and put his hand on Bill’s shoulder. “I really don’t think it’s my place to say, man. Stan’ll tell you when he’s ready.”

Bill nodded, expecting his response. “I guh-guess.”

At the end of the day, Stan rushed up to Bill, breathing heavily. He was twitching, and he was quickly stuffing something into his pocket - weird. “Bill! I just wondered if you maybe wanted to come over tonight? Richie told me about this really cool movie, and I found the DVD, and I thought- “

“Will Ri-R-Richie be t-there?” Bill interrupted.

Stan looked puzzled, and his small smile turned into a frown. “Do you want him to be? I can only really deal with him for 8 hours a day at most, but I could- “

“N-no!” He interrupted again. “Just us.”

“Just us,” Stan echoed. “Yeah.”

“I-I-I’ll see you l-later then?” Bill said, watching Richie swaggering towards them, grinning, Eddie smiling slightly at his side.

“Around seven?” Bill nodded.

“Billy boy! Ready for a cosy night in with Stan? Y’know, the movie I suggested gets pretty romantic, you and Stan might need to listen to a bit of music beforehand to set the mood.” Richie waggled his eyebrows, causing him to be punched in the arm by Eddie, which was accompanied by a “Shut it, asshole!”

Bill narrowed his eyes, and Stan laughed nervously. “We have to get home, we have to do that – thing, remember?” Eddie looked at Richie pointedly, and his face immediately switched to a failed attempt of seduction; “Tell me more, Kaspbrak, you know I’m up for anything.” Another punch in the arm for Richie. “Ouch, okay! I’m done! Bye, Bill. Use protection!”

Bill waved confusedly, and saw Richie put his arm around Stan, whispering into his ear and making weird hand gestures – it kind of looked like he was strumming a guitar, but he couldn’t tell. Stan was nodding along and repeating the gestures, while Eddie reached into his fanny pack and handed him something small and made of plastic.

Maybe Bill was only going to injure Richie slightly – if Eddie was involved, it can’t be too awful.

A few hours later, Bill dumped his bike outside Stan’s house. He hadn’t been alone with Stan for so long, he was too busy with the other losers. Probably had something to do with the whole thing he wasn’t involved in, he thought bitterly. Before he could knock, Stan had opened the door, looking at Bill with an odd mix of intensity and nervousness. His hair looked messy – but in a good way, like it had been styled that way. And he had on a new shirt, light blue, ironed perfectly – was he wearing pink lipstick? He’d seen that exact shade on Beverly before. Bill swallowed. Stan seemed to glow.

“Hi! I’ve got, um, everything set up already? So, come in.” He seemed scarily cheery, and he kept adjusting his collar and clearing his throat. Bill smiled, and stepped into the house - “H-h-have you lit c-c-candles?” There was a soft glow around the living room, and the smell of fresh linens surrounded him. Stan bit his lip, and his curls flopped into his eyes. “Is that okay? Stressful day, y’know?” Bill nodded – he knew that when Stan had a bad day he’d put on a soft oversized sweater and light candles while doing homework, or poring over the latest book Ben had recommended to him.

“A-a-are you stressed b-because of R-R-Richie? I k-k-know he’s been t-t-touching you a lot, and y-you don’t even let m-me do t-t-that.” Bill asked, and wow. He could hear the hurt in his own voice. “Actually, Richie has been helping me a lot recently, so I let that asshole do whatever, for some reason we can’t have a proper conversation for more than ten minutes without him prodding at me,” Stan rolled his eyes. “And I mean, you never try to touch me, so I guess you wouldn’t know if I liked it, you know? – I, wait, no, I didn’t mean, um. Water? D’you want water? People like water, I’ll just go get some.” He rambled, walking fast out of the room and tripping over the blankets laid out perfectly on the floor.

Bill watched him with suspicion as he walked up the stairs rather than into the kitchen. Walking quietly towards the staircase, he faintly heard the sound of muffled curses and a heavy object hitting the floor. “Oh fuck! Richie’s gonna kill me, oh no, please don’t be broken, shit!” Bill made his way over to the living room again, sitting on the sofa, repeating to himself he’ll tell you when he wants to, give him time. He wished he was as rational as Mike sometimes. When settling down with some blankets and frowning at the supposed “romantic” movie on the screen (do romance movies have tanks in them?), he heard a loud PING! Stan’s phone.

Trashmouth: Have you done it yet?

Trashmouth: I swear you better not have broken it

Trashmouth: I’ll have you know that took me a lot of paint and stickers to make it look as beautifully punk as that

Eddie: I took his phone away. Good luck! Love Bev, Ben, Mike and Eddie xoxo

Good luck? Bill frowned. What is going on?              

It was then that Stan crashed down the stairs. With a fucking guitar. On it there was obnoxiously bright lettering spelling out EDDIE

“Okay, so,” He was sitting down right in front of Bill, barely even looking at him, smoothing out a piece of crumpled paper. “Richie said this would be a good idea, and Ben tried writing me a poem but I didn’t feel like that would be sincere enough, and Beverly told me to kiss you without any warning, which is totally awful, and Mike was being way too logical and telling me to just spit it out but how could I do that like a normal, functioning person?” Stan breathed out slowly, looking at Bill pleadingly. “Please don’t hate me. Just hear me out?” Bill looked deep into Stan’s eyes, and nodded. He noticed that the paper had a bunch of chords on it, and in big block letters, B I L L Y.

Stan shakily began to strum a familiar tune, and his voice cracked as he began to sing –

Oh Billy

You’re so fine

You’re so fine you blow my mind

Hey Billy!

Hey Billy!

Oh Billy, what a pity

You don’t understand

You take me by the heart

When you take me by the hand

Oh Billy you’re so pretty

Can’t you understand

It’s guys like you Billy

Oh what you do Billy, do Billy

Don’t break my heart Billy!

The strumming stopped, and Stan’s blush mirrored Bill’s perfectly. “O-o-oh,” Bill stammered.

Stan got up abruptly, shaking his head. “I’m sorry, this was so stupid, I’ve just been trying to figure out how to tell you that I liked you, and I let fucking Richie tell me what I should do, like, how idiotic am I? You can leave if you want, I’m so sorry-“

Bill flung the blanket unceremoniously to the ground and stepped towards Stan until their noses were almost touching. “I l-l-l-like you too. I don’t t-t-think I r-r-realised how muh-muh-much until I s-s-saw you with Richie all the time.”

The curly-haired boy grinned. “Really?”

Bill somehow managed to step even closer, whispering a sincere “Yeah,” before crashing his lips against Stan’s.

Bill fucking loved Richie Tozier.


the end.

thankyou for reading! i hope you enjoyed!

also when i wrote the serenading part i was listening to toothpaste kisses by the maccabees so consider that the soundtrack for this fic

(eddie’s idea for helping stan to confess was faking an asthma attack and then saying to bill “you took my breath away” - richie is a bad influence)

(Translation) Koibito vs. Nijigen vol. 1

恋人 vs. 二次元 第1巻「オタク彼女の場合」(R18!! Please proceed only if you’re above 18!)

CV. Murata Taishi

T/N: commissioned! one of my favorite CDs EVER, i love this cd ASDASDHDAF!! i swear every 5 seconds i end up laughing like a damn seal!! lmao like. every damn line is a grim nostalgic reminder of hisayuki and i. can’t. fucking. take it.

actually, you can see how much i enjoy translating this cd because. y’know. you can just see it. sorry. i’m guilty.

honestly when i heard of this cd i was 101% HYPE but ngl also hiding 0.2% of uncertainty because face it, it could be either comedy or, yan. i mean yeah, the cover doesn’t seem yan but i’m sure those who have been a loyal customer of the otome cd industry like ri and chi yes this is a callout post for both of u :♥ would advise, don’t judge a cd by its cover or synopsis… unless it’s kuroi yume

ok for reals before i make things worse, let’s jump ahead to the cd and enjoy this totally embarrassing piece of adorable cupcake made of 100% organic cutes and pures. srsly he’s so good @ milky chain pls make a sequel for this series…pls… i will sacrifice my firstborn and my left asscheek pls pls pls

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anonymous asked:

Dabi reacting to his s/o dying slowly in his arms bc they protect them from a mortal hit, causing that the half-dead body fell in his arms and his s/o used his last moments to tell him that they are in love with him (sorry for my bad english btw)

Just… just trust me on this one…! [Part 1]

Warnings: Angst, Descriptive Gore at the very end.

Word Count: 2,354 (I’m sorry this is a monster of an imagine)

The press didn’t hold back. Who would with such a great scoop?

Mysterious Hero is Finally Unmasked in Brush Against  League of Villains

Her battered and charred face was plastered on every newspaper, TV, tabloid, and magazine for the world to see. It was a story that everybody and their mother gobbled up, which caused her fame to spiral upwards. If [Name] had been and up-and-coming hero before, today she was The Hero of the times, the latest fad in her gossip even.

It was both a blessing and a curse. Sure, her pay increased and it was sure nice to be stopped on the street by the young children that admired her. Yet, the demand for her work was high and the interviews were starting to get annoying. They got nosy about her work fighting against, ironically, the other biggest trend in the villain world, her beauty routines, and, worse, her love life. She answer the questions to the best of her ability: she had to give vague information about her work by telling them that she was working to the bone to apprehend all of the villains linked to the League; her biggest beauty secret was moisturizer; and, currently single. The host would always seem to clap her hands and coo, “you heard it here, ladies and gentlemen, she’s looking for a sidekick, if you know what I mean.” Our unmasked hero always clenched her hands tightly on her lap as she remembered about those certain nights. It was nights when she just couldn’t reconcile any sleep that she would feel those dark flames licking the flesh of her arms and legs again, and worse, sometimes she felt them reaching into her chest and eat away at her heart when she recalled that look on Dabi’s face.  

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Lights out Rated R Chapter 1

Jungkook x Y/N x V non idol based story. Jungkook and Y/N are forced into an Arranged marriage. They move into a mysterious house in Busan. Y/N has the ability to see the dead and help them move on into the light. When Y/N meets V a spirit roaming the house. She wants to help him move on. Will she be able to? Things aren’t always  what they seem.  WARNING THIS STORY COULD BE TRIGGERING TO SOME READERS IT DEALS WITH SUICIDE,SELF HARM AND DEPRESSION. ALSO HAS EXPLICIT SCENES.

The car came to a stop, You’re eyes were glued to the building. It feels as if You traveled back in time. The house looked like it was from the 1900’s. It was a Beautiful sight, the house was built nicely with a Victorian edge to it. Under the sun, it gleamed a deep blue, with pale ivory running along the edges outlining the house. The house in general, gave a feeling of calmness to all who passed by.It had three floors total, windows popped out of every direction, but didn’t make it looked overdid with windows. Lastly, indentation of small figures were carved into a surrounding line outside the attic window.  The yard looked healthy,  Vivid green grass and trees scattered around. Bright red roses were planted along the front pouch. You didn’t realize the car door shutting. You saw Jungkook walking in front of the car to greet the movers. You got out off the car to follow Jungkook inside. You both walked in and You were completely amazed at the woodcarvings on the walls. “Stop staring and start taking your boxes up stairs” Jungkook hissed. You quickly grabbed a box and went up stairs. There was 3 rooms. You looked at the 3rd door  opening it to see a large sized room. A king sized bed  was in the middle of the room against the wall. The walls had wallpaper with lace style print.The window had a built in seat. You placed the box down and went to the window staring out at the view.  You could see how nice the neighborhood looked.The feeling in the room changed, You sensed something. You shook your head and pushed that thought away.  You turned around only to be scared by Jungkook. “Jungkook!” You yelled. “You nearly scared me to death”                                                                                          He had his usual cold expressionless face. “Glad to see you found your room.”You nod your head and watch as he comes to the window.

“My friends are coming over for dinner tonight to celebrate my position as the new ceo”

You sighed internally because thought of gatherings with Jungkook’s friends were the last thing you wanted to do. Starters they disliked you due to Jungkook and every time they see you they completely ignore you acting like you don’t exist. “Wear something nice” He said and looked over at your outfit. You felt cold under his gaze. You were wearing a plain white top and black skinny jeans. He turned around and began walking towards the door. He stopped in his tracks and turned his head to the side. “Don’t say anything stupid in front of them” He mumbled before disappearing out of the room.  You started unpacking the clothes in the box and  putting them in the wooden drawer. You never wanted to be married to him. It was an arranged marriage to bind your father’s company to his father’s company. So they make twice the amount of money. You fought with your parents about the idea of the marriage. But they didn’t care to listen because everything was already planned from the start. The damage was done. You closed the drawer and went down stairs to get the other boxes to further unpack.  Two hours has passed your room looked complete. There was twinkle lights draped around the room.  The lamp sat on the edge table next to the bed along with some picture frames. A wooden trunk was in front your bed for extra storage space. Your phone was buzzing in your pocket. You pulled out your phone and answered it. “Y/n! I miss you so much” Your best friend cried. “I miss you to S/n” You say taking a seat on the window seat. “I can’t believe you moved 5 hours away, Who am i supposed to hang out with now” She continued to whine.“I promise when it’s the holidays  I will come down to seoul to see you.” You replied. “Alright you better” She chuckled. “Is dickhead still being the same? She asked.“Yes he is, I hardly doubt things will change” You say.  “His friends are coming over for dinner.” “You better not let them push you around like a rag doll y/n.. I mean it” She sternly replies.“I won't” You quietly say. “Look I have to go I need to get ready for when they come.”                                                                                                         “I love you y/n I only want you to be happy” You smiled softly at her words.“Love you too” You reply. “I will talk to you tomorrow okay? Bye” You hung up  checking the time. It’s 5:30pm, Which means you have sometime to get ready before they come around 7:00pm. You get up heading towards the bathroom. You remove your clothes and turn the water on. You took a quick shower so you could spend more time on your hair and makeup. You chose a 2 piece outfit. A lacy white bralet that has  a matching white lace pencil skirt. You pulled your hair up into a high ponytail curling the ends of your hair. You apply some makeup on. A winged liner and mascara. You finish your look off with natural lipstick. You hear muffled voices coming from down stairs.You get up putting on your nude heels. You go down stairs too see all of them chatting and laughing. They’re all seated around the dinner table with wine and beer. The food is laid across the table. You walk into the room and everyone gets quite. Jungkook clears his throat. “Y/n come sit” He says gesturing to the empty seat at the other end of the table. Everyone remanded quiet. “Everyone let’s eat” Jungkook said awkwardly breaking the silence as he grabbed a plate. You didn’t feel like eating. They began to eat and talk again about the company. “It’s so nice to have you back man” Nam-joon said as he ate his food. The others nodded in agreement.  “We all missed you so much” Ji-eun smiled as she ran her hand down Jungkook’s arm. He smiled back at her placing his hand on top of hers.She was beautiful. She had pale skin, round brown eyes and dark hair. Last and not least she was petite and skinny. “You guys look like a couple from a magazine cover” Hoseok said in adoration.  “Too bad you guys aren’t together anymore” Jin added as he served himself more wine. You watched  the water melting down the side of the glass cup.What they were saying didn’t affect you, Because you didn’t love Jungkook. They continued  talking and You got up to leave. “What’s wrong y/n?”Jungkook asked before taking a sip of his beer. “I don’t feel well” You said. “Goodnight” You bowed before exiting the room. You heard their comments aimed at You. Dissing You and saying how You ruined Jungkook’s life. You kept walking upstairs to your room. You remove your clothing  switching into some pajamas. You climb into bed feeling Your eyes closing, soon falling to sleep.

The next day you woke to sun rays hitting your face. You looked over at the clock and saw it was 8am. You went downstairs to get something to eat for breakfast. You started pouring some orange juice and heard foot steps. “Jungkook aren’t you supposed be at work?” You said turning around with the mug in your hand.  You see there’s no one there. A chair quickly slides out from the table  slamming into the wall. Causing you tense up with fear. You look to your right to see a figure. It was a young man. He looked a year older than Jungkook.  He was handsome. His lips where plump and his skin was sun kissed. Before you could take your eyes off of him his brown eyes met yours. “You can see me” He says staring at you. Your mug drops and you quickly get to the floor to pick up the pieces. “Shit” You cursed as you cut your finger on the glass.“What the hell is going on in here!” Jungkook snapped as he came into kitchen  with his suit on.“Nothing I just dropped my drink” You say as you get up holding the broken pieces of glass to throw away. Your eyes look to where the figure was. He had disappeared.“Stop dripping blood everywhere y/n” Jungkook glared. “I can’t even eat breakfast now knowing your blood is all over the damn place.” He stormed off slamming the front door. The blood dripped down your arms painting the floor with blood. You wash your hands in the stink. You wench  as the cuts burn under the water. “Let me see your hands” a deep voice behind you says. You're  heart nearly stopped . You stop the water and turn around to see him holding some band-aids. “You don’t have to..” You say but he ignores  putting the band-aids on you. His hands feel  cold against yours. He finishes putting on the band-aids and stares at you. “How can you see me?” He asks with confusion.

“I can see dead people” You reply.

Getaway Part Nine

A/N: Remember Parts will be posted every Friday until this series is over! This story will always be written from Calum’s point of view, because things get more interesting that way. Assume it’s Calum’s P.O.V unless stated other wise. Also… HERE IT IS PART NINE AFTER SO MANY YEARS!

Words Count: 1.4k +

Warnings: Drugs, detailed murder, abuse, gangs, violence, profanity



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I woke up to the sound of light shouting from downstairs. I got out of bed with a loud groan and rubbed the sleep out of my eyes. I looked to my left and noticed Y/n shifting in her sleep.

She stirred awake and sat up, “Good morning.” She said with a raspy voice that made me smile.

“Good morning baby, hopefully you slept good?” I questioned as I got out of bed and threw some joggers on over top of my boxers. Y/n giggled and nodded her head.

“Yeah, I slept just perfect finally knowing that we can be together without anyone caring. Well, the people here not caring, apparently to everyone it’s the craziest thing in the world.” She grumbled that last part unhappily.

I nodded, “That’s true, but at least our family doesn’t care. Now that would be terrible.” I added with a smile, just to hear her giggle and nod.

The shouting from downstairs continued to grow louder and I looked towards the door, “I think I might need to see what’s going on, want to come with me?” I asked as I shuffled on a shirt. She nodded and walked to me and grabbed my hand before she pulled me with her downstairs.

When we got down there, I noticed it was Michael and Ashton yelling at each other.

“Michael! Just shut up I want to wake them up!” Ashton yelled while waving two pans around frantically.

“Please! I think this will be more fun! Just imagine their faces when they wake up soaked!” He pleaded as he showed Ashton the water gun that was in his hand.

Y/n giggled from behind me softly, “I think we should tell them.”

I chuckled, “Tell them that we’re here?”

She nodded and walked closer to them. “Um, guys? You do know we’re standing right here?”

Both Ashton and Michael’s eyes widened as they turned to look at her with the most innocent faces they could pull.

“Oh, hey Y/n, Calum,” Michael started out slowly with a nervous laugh, “We weren’t talking about you guys, we were talking about… Luke! Yeah, yeah. Luke’s still sleeping and we wanted to wake him up.” Michael said as Ashton nodded.

Suddenly, Luke walked in the living room from the kitchen and gave us a weird look, “I was eating breakfast, what are you talking about?”

Y/n burst into laughter and pointed at Luke. Luke! They, they said,“ She couldn’t even finish her sentence she was laughing so hard.

I chuckled and shook my head. I walked to her and grabbed her from behind her waist, "Calm down, it wasn’t that funny. It was more stupid honestly.” I chuckled.

She eventually stopped laughing and nodded, “Ok, I’m done. Do you want to do something today?”

I stared at the floor guiltily, “We cant today, Tyler called a last minute meeting with everyone, and I would ask you to come, but you’re on house arrest. I don’t want you getting hurt.”

She looked at me with a stink eye and backed up with her arms crossed over her chest. “What makes you think I want to be on house arrest?” She sassed.

I stared up at her with wide eyes and a slightly open mouth. “Baby, don’t be like that, it’s only for your protection. I don’t want anything to happen to you.” I said as I tried to get closer to her but she backed away.

“So you don’t think I can handle myself? I have to stay cooped up in this house for how long? Days? Months? Years even?” She scoffed, “Fuck. That.”

I stared at her, trying to compose something to say. “No, Y/n, I know you can handle yourself. You’re one of the best we have here, you wont have to stay for long, just until we can get the Killers dead and off our radar.”

She looked to be in thought, then eventually sighed, “Alright, whatever Cal.” She said sadly as she walked back upstairs.


Fuck this shit. I am not going to stay in this house any longer than I have to. I haven’t even gotten to go outside in days! When they leave to see Tyler and Josh, I’ll be there following them. And nothing is going to stop me.

I smiled to myself as I trudged up the stairs and sat on my shared bed with Calum. It’s still my room, but Cal just stays in here every night.

I took out my phone, and lied down while listening to some music from my shuffle list. Just when a sadder song came on, Calum walked in.

“Baby, I’m sorry.” He said in a whining but cute voice. I tried to stop myself from looking at him so my sad and disappointed demeanor would stay and he wouldn’t see through me.

“You know I just want the best for you. You’re my princess,” He said as he kicked his shoes off and climbed into bed behind me so we were spooning, “I don’t ever want anything to happen to you. You’re the best thing I have in my life.” He said as he dug his face in the crook of my neck.

I felt bad. I almost wanted to give in and tell him I wasn’t actually sad. I was still pissed, but I didn’t want him to think I was mad at him. I sighed and turned myself around to face him. “It’s fine Cal. I don’t care anymore.”

He studied my face searching for lies. Truth be told, I was getting a bit nervous. Calum was known for being able to tell when someone was lying, but I was known for being the best liar.

He smiled at me, “That’s the spirit princess.” He said right before he kissed me. “I just want the best for you, and I think this is going to keep you safe in the best way we can.”

I nodded and nuzzled my head into his neck. Might as well enjoy some time with him before he leaves. No use being mad, I’m going, and that’s final.

He chuckled, “What would I do without you princess?” He asked, then kissed my shoulder blade that got exposed while I was moving towards him. I giggled into his neck and planted a small kiss there.

He let out a breathless chuckle, “I love your kisses princess, but I’ve got to get going now. I’m not sure how long we’ll be, but we’ll be back. Everyone’s coming, so keep the door locked, and you know how to use a knife, and a gun. Put those skills to use if needed.”

I rolled my eyes and chuckled, “I’ve got it dad.” I said and placed another kiss on his collar bone before scooting away from him. He whined and I raised my eyebrow, “I thought you had to go?” I asked rhetorically.

He pouted, “I do, but you’re so nice and comfy.”

I rolled my eyes, “Sorry baby, but you’ve got to go.” I said and pulled him out of bed. He put his shoes on and we walked downstairs hand in hand.

At the bottom of the stairs, most of the guys were standing in the living room or the connected kitchen. I whistled to get their attention. “Be safe, make sure all you boys come back, and you all come back in one piece.” I said in a warning tone, but then I smiled and shook my head. “I’m not sure why I said that, you guys can kick ass so I’m not worried.”

Everyone laughed and Calum slung an arm around my waist and kissed my temple. “Bye baby.” He cooed quietly.

I giggled, “Bye.”

Ashton came rushing towards us and pushed Calum’s arm off of me and replaced it with his own. He kissed my temple too and gave my hair a ruffle. “Be safe kiddo, don’t do anything stupid while we’re away.”

I mock saluted him and he chuckled. Everyone piled outside and Calum waved before he shut the door behind him. I waited a minute or two so the last car could leave the driveway then I bolted upstairs to get that tracking device to put it on me. I needed to be prepared incase I lose the guys and don’t know where I am.

I grabbed my phone and raced outside just as I watched the last car leave the street. Smiling in victory, I raced to my beautiful getaway car. “Oh, sweet child of mine how I missed you.” I cooed as I ran my hand over its glossy black paint.

“Cute,” An unrecognizable voice called out, “You talk to your cars.”

And that was the last thing I heard before a needle was injected into my arm and I blacked out.

Almost got caught (Part 2)

I was deep into my thought that i didn’t notice my members entering the practice room on bye one until i felt someone tapped my shoulder. I jumped at the sudden gesture by none other than jimin hyung. Why is it got to be him. I can feel myself blushing when i remembered what happen earlier on especially with jimin hyung infront of me.

“Kook, why are you so out of it? You seemed troubled by something. Are you okay?”

I melted at how caring jimin is. This is one of the reasons i fell for him. He is just too kind and always looked after me ever since we met. I was an awkward teenager last time but jimin hyung didn’t hesitate to approach me at all even though i would always push him away. I was always flustered and felt my body heating up whenever jimin hyung touched me or said something sweet to me. Now i know why i was like that. I have always felt something for him all along. Now that i have come to terms with my feelings, i felt happy but sad at the same time. Happy that i fell in love with such an amazing guy but sad that it will always be one-sided love. There is no way jimin hyung would like me the same way i like him.

“Nothing hyung. I was just thinking about the dance steps we are learning. Trying to run it through my brain”

I, as always made up an excuse. That was smooth of me to be honest. I am proud that i am able to lie easily but it hurts everytime that i have to deny. I put up my best smile to assure jimin hyung that i am fine. Jimin would always sense something is wrong even though you would tell him you are fine. That is what makes jimin so special. He just know.

Jimin slightly tilt his head to the side as if he was trying to read my mind. Can i input something here? Okay.. jimin looked so cute right now while tilting his head. OMG. He really got to stop being so adorable. I want to reached out to his cheeks and pinch it so hard but of course, i have to control myself. I know he is not doing it on purpose. He is just cute naturally. He would always says that he cannot do aegyo but actually his existence itself proved his statement wrong. He get really really cute without him noticing. I would always found myself smilling.

“You sure kook? If you have anything, don’t hesitate to share with me. We are friends afterall”

Ouch. I just got friendzoned. I can hear my heart breaking into pieces at that statement. It hurts so much but what can i do? This is all we are. We are just friends. We can’t be more than that. If i make the first move, everything will go down the drain.

“I’m fine hyung. Thank you” i tried my best to not sound rude or different. I guess i succeeded.

“If you say so..lets start practicing.” I nod abit before standing up. Jimin went off first to talk to taehyung. With his back facing me, i looked longingly at him. I smiled sadly at how stupid i am. Falling in love with someone i cannot have. Plus.. i bet jimin hyung would be disgusted if he knew that i liked him. That thought made me more sadder. I bet jimin like some cute girls and those shorter than him. I am no girl and neither am i shorter than him. I can feel my tears threathening to fall down my cheeks. I quickly turned around facing the wall. I looked down on the floor while closing my eyes shut desperately trying to stop my tears. Another thing i am good at.

I felt someone hold my right shoulder. I looked to my right to see jin hyung looking at me with concern. I bet he saw my pathetic face. I gave him a small smile to assure him that i will be fine. He squeezed my shoulder lightly as a way to comfort me. I feel so grateful to have jin hyung around me. Without him, i would be so lost and broken.

“Thanks hyung. Needed that. I will be fine so don’t worry”. I spoke softly to avoid jimin from hearing us.

“Stay strong jungkook. We will talk later okay? Lets focus on practice first”

I nodded at him in acknowledgement. We quickly went to join the others as they are all already starting. Again, i made eye contact with jimin hyung but i can see that he did not look really happy. I wonder what happened?..

After hours and hours of practice for our upcoming concert, we are finally done. The clock hit exactly 2am in the morning as soon as we are done. I grabbed my water bottle and sat down on the floor with my back against the wall. That was refreshing. Dancing took away some of my worries. I am glad we have practice. We are going home soon after resting. I can bath and sleep. The thought of sleeping makes me excited. I can’t wait to reach home and rest. Since we finished our promotion, we don’t have anything from tomorrow onwards.

Finally we reached our dorm. I sat down on the sofa to have a quick rest before bathing. The other members went to shower first. I guess i have to be the last one to shower . It was quite weird actually.. jimin hyung did not talk to me at all. Ever since we made eye contact in the practice room, he did not talk to me at all after that. As if he was trying to avoid me. Not that i am complaining. It is better if we keep this distance since it can help me move one(hopefully) but it still hurts? Or maybe..shit maybe he knows about my feelings for him and he feels disgusted?! Is that why he avoided me? The thought of it makes my head spin and i can’t imagine what will happen to me if jimin hyung hate me. What do i do? Should i ask what is wrong? I was fidgeting with my fingers nervously.

“JK…hello?Earth to JK?(In engrish)”

My train of thoughts came to a stop. I turned my head to see jin hyung looking at me worriedly again.

“Oh hyung. Did everyone finish bathing already?”

“Yes. Except yoongi. He is still in the bathroom right now. He just went in. Come on, lets talk in my room”

Oh yeahh. The talk.. i forget about it.. i followed jin from behind to his and yoongi’s shared room.

As soon as we are inside the room, jin hyung locked the door to make sure no one comes in.

“How about yoongi hyung?”

“He will take quite long and he will knock so don’t worry.”

I sat on yoongi’s bed while jin on his bed. It was quite for the first few seconds. I was looking down on the floor. It was as if jin hyung was thinking on what to ask me.

“Are you okay?”

I looked up to look at jin hyung. He looked really worried. I guess i cannot lie about it. I smiled sadly.

“I want to say i am but honestly.. i am not okay at all..”

I waited for jin hyung to ask me something but i guess he wants me to continue speaking.

“I-i feel so stupid. I know that this won’t work out at all but i am still hoping. Hoping for something. It hurts like hell. I try to always be normal around him but its getting harder and harder each day. I..i am scared that one day, i might explode and what we have now will just vanish just like that. The thought of jimin hyung hating me makes me want to puke. I-i hate it. I love him but i wished i never did..i wished i never feel this way about him. Its tearing me apart. Everyday i try to act normal around him and i am glad that it worked out.. i am glad it did but its hard hyung. Its hard. Its painful but i never regretted loving him but i wished i didn’t in the first place. What can i do hyung? What should i do? H-help me..”

I poured everything that was pooling inside my mind and before i knew it, my tears was streaming down my face continuously without stopping. I bit my lips trying to prevent myself from sobbing too hard. This is embarassing to be honest.. i rarely cries in front of people especially my members. I wiped my tears with the back of my hand but more tears keep streaming down my face. I am at the stage where i am pratically sobbing right now. I can feel jin hyung sitting beside me. He put his arms around my shoulder while rubbing the sides of my shoulder gently as if he was trying to comfort me. I continue crying letting everything out. Jin hyung just sat there listening to my cries. At times he would squeeze me shoulder to ensure me that he is there for me.

After few minutes of me sobbing, i finally came to a stop. This is embarassing to be honest but i felt better i guess?

“Thanks hyung.. for listening to my pathetic love story haha” i tried to lift up the mood by making a joke but jin hyung still stayed quiet.


He finally let go of my shoulders. I looked up from the floor after hearing jin hyung calling me.


“I know its hard. I can totally see that you really love him. I am sorry that you had to feel this pain. I really wished i can take away some of your pain but it doesn’t work that way does it? You always stay strong for us but i am glad you opened up to me. You can always come to me for anything. Don’t ever hesitate. Don’t lose hope jk. Don’t ever give up. It was never a mistake. I am sure jimin won’t ever hate you. If you have to let it out, just go for it. If he ever hates you, i will knock some sense into him but i can never even imagine jimin hating you. He really treasures you alot. So, don’t worry too much.. You can count on your handsome jin hyung!”

I let out a tiny laugh at his last few sentence. As expected of our handsome jin hyung. I felt abit better.

“Thanks hyung. I felt abit better. Thank you for listening.” I gave him my most sincere smile to show him that i really appreciate everything he did for me.

“I am glad you did jk.” I was about to say something when someone knocked on the door. Must be yoongi hyung. I stood up from the bed with jin hyung trailing behind me.

I unlocked the door to see yoongi’s grumpy face as always. I chuckled at his face.

“Why did you lock the door? I wanted to sleep as soon as possible”

Yoongi being yoongi again.

“Sorry yoongi hyung. I was talking with jin hyung about something. Sorry to take your time.”

I made yoongi hyung stand outside his own room just to talk about my stupid crush which made me feel really bad. Yoongi hyung looked at me. I saw his eyes softens immediately.

“Its okay kook. I was being a jerk. I think i know what happen. Stay strong okay? We are here for you.”

“Yeapp! We are here for you kookie so don’t hesitate” jin hyung lightly squeezed my shoulder.

I guess yoongi hyung saw my puffy eyes. I guess they really knew about me being in love with jimin hyung. I am so glad they are not disgusted.

“Thanks yoongi hyung and jin hyung. I will go now. Goodnight”

I feel abit better now. I guess i will take a bath now.

After bathing, i went to the kitchen to grab some milk to drink. I jumped on the spot when i saw jimin hyung sitting down on the couch in the dark.

“Woah hyung! You scared me. What are you doing in the dark?”

“Jungkook? Why are you still not sleeping?”

“Hyung, thats what i should be asking you though? I am going to grab some milk to drink then i will go to sleep.”

I wonder what is jimin hyung doing up so late.. i went to the kitchen to do what i need to do when i hear footsteps approaching behind me.

“I was just thinking..”

Thinking? About what?

“Hmmm. You want to share? I can be your listening ear”

While waiting for jimin hyung to answer, I took out a carton of milk from the fridge and poured some into my cup.

“Its.. its nothing”

I turn around with the cup in my hand. I lean against the kitchen table to look at jimin hyung. Wow damn. I didn’t get to look at him properly in the dark just now but now that i can see him clearly, he looked so damn cute in that oversized tshirt. His face is more cuter without make up. His natural blush makes him looked so soft. After taking a sip of my milk i raised my eyebrow in confusion.

“That don’t look nothing to me”

Jimin seems flustered that i didn’t take the bait. Is he okay? Is he worried about something? Is he insecure about something? I became more and more worried.


I heard him sighed in defeat. My curiousity grew bigger and bigger.

“You?” I tried to get him to continue

“I.. i had a nightmare.. thats all..i can’t sleep..”

I sighed in relief. I thought it was something serious or what..

“What was the dream about?”

I saw him fidgeting.

“I..i forgot..”

Why is he so nervous though?..

“You okay? You should try to sleep. Since we did alot of dancing today.”

I saw him nod lightly. I quickly finished up my last sip of milk before placing the cup in the sink.

I walked out of the kitchen expecting jimin hyung to follow along but he just stood there. Its as if he wanted to say something.

“Hyung? You okay?”

I saw him nod again. He is so weird today.. now he is so quiet.

“Um.. jungkook. Is it okay if. Um.. if i sleep with you?”

I choked on my saliva as soon as i heard that.


“I-i can’t sleep. I wonder if i can sleep with you for tonight?”

I can feel my heart beating so fast. Calm down jungkook! Its just a friendly request. Why are you so flustered about?! Jimin hyung had a nightmare and that is why he needed someone to be with him. I was trying to calm myself down. I saw jimin looking at me waiting for my answer.

“Kook? You know. Um its oka-”


Hi looked down sadly. Oh shit.

“I mean yes hyung. You can. I thought you are going to change your mind. That is why i said no. Sorry hyung. Hahaha. Come on lets go.”

For some reason, i held out my hands towards him. He looked at my hands for awhile. I am gonna feel stupid if he didn’t take it. He held out his hand and place them in mine with a small smile on his face. I i held them gently. I smiled at the way his small hands fit in mine.

“Thanks kook” i lead him towards my room hand in hand with jimin hyung trailing behind me. I smiled softly. This feels nice. My heart feels so warm right now. It feels so fluffy.

“Anything for you hyung.”

I gave his hand a light squeeze before opening the door to my room. After we are both inside, i closed the door. Since i have the room to myself, i won’t have to worry about waking up anyone.

“Go and lie down first hyung. I am going to charge my phone for a while and off the light.”

I let go of his hand failing to see a small pout on his face. After quickly doing everything i need, i went back to the bed. Jimin hyung is already laying down. I lay down beside him. Even though having him so near like this makes me go crazy, i have to endure it for his sake.

“Goodnight hyung.”

I was about to close my eyes when i feel a small tug at the sleeve of my shirt. I opened my eyes to see jimin hyung still not sleeping yet.

“Is something wrong hyung?”

He seems to think for a while before answering me.

“Can.. can we cuddle?”

My heart skipped a beat at his request. How can i ever say no to him. I smiled softly at how cute jimin hyung is.

“Of course hyung. Come here”

I turned myself to face jimin. I lay out my right hand for jimin to put his head on. I tapped my arms as a signal. He lifted his head from the pillow and place his head on my arms. His fluffy hair is so soft against my skin. I smiled at the feeling. I know that my heart is beating quite loudly right now but who cares. I placed my left hand on jimin’s small waist to pull him nearer to me. I can feel him breathing on my neck. It sends shivers down my spine but its a good feeling to have him in my arms. He fits just perfectly. All my worries gone. With jimin here, i feel at peace.

With my left hand, i embraced jimin hyung tightly leaving no space between us. I placed my chin on top of his head. I used my right hand to stroke jimin’s hair gently. I can feel both of jimin’s hands on my chest. I bet he can feel my heart beating fast. I can also smell the shampoo he used. He have this vanilla smell that i love. I took a deep breath. I really really love him so much. I would give him the world. If i ever reborn in my next life, i want to fall in love with jimin all and over again. I closed me eyes feeling satisfied. If i can’t have him, i have to treasure this moment.

“Thanks kook”

“No problem hyung. Now go to sleep. Goodnight”

“Goodnight kook”

My eyes flew open when i feel jimin hyung giving my neck a peck. I gulped. Is it my imagination? No its not. It really happened.. omg. I wanted to ask jimin but i can already hear soft snores coming from him. He’s asleep already. I guess he was too sleepy that he did that unconsiously. It meant nothing anyways.. and again i felt so shitty. Come on jeon jungkook! Stop sulking. He is here in your arms right now! Treasure it! Don’t be a pussy!

I let my negative thoughts out of my mind. I bring him much closer than before. I can feel him nuzzling at my neck./p>

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Mmmmm my friend. My pal. My dude if I may be so bold. Please hook me up with some sweet, sweet novahd, I love the way you write them my guy. Fake Chop? Even better. But seriously some fresh boys in dumb love trying to take on the world together? Be it on YouTube or in the crime ring, I'd love seeing some more of your stuff. Also I love you even if you don't want to write any more. Okay kisses, bye. <3

Anon, you are the best (and sweetest) person ever, and for that, I give you this. Please excuse the spelling errors, It’s 5AM here and I’m tired as shit (I will look through this after some sleep), but I wanted to post this before going to bed. I hope you enjoy this and tired me thank you for your kind words.

From the beginning, since the first moment he met the smug bastard, Aleks knew he’d follow James anywhere. It hadn’t been a conscious decision on his part. He didn’t look at the guy and think, yes, this dude, he’s that missing piece of me I’ve been looking for; nothing quite like that, but he had this feeling in his gut that told him, no matter what went down, no matter how much they argued or disagreed, he’d always be one step behind James.

It’s James’ idea to start a crew. A fuck you to every other crew in Los Santos; a way to show that they could become something more than a two-bit assassin and a self-proclaimed thief.

Aleks has his doubts. He’s never been a part of a crew, and the last crew James had been with ended up leaving him bleeding out in a gutter. What if they screwed up? What if they ended up dead? What if they couldn’t find anyone to join their crew? What if they did and these people ended up betraying them? What if? What if? Question after question that kept him up at night and left his stomach in knots.

James, however, is determined, and Aleks can’t deny that he likes the idea of having his own crew once he pushes past the anxiety. He likes knowing that, if he can’t be there with James, he’d at least have someone there watching his back, even if he insisted he didn’t need the backup. He’s stubborn and reckless and unpredictable, and Aleks knows he’ll sleep better at night knowing the idiot will actually make it home in one piece.

Plus the grin James gives him when he agrees is an added bonus, but no one askes and he doesn’t tell.

Before James, Aleks had spent most of his time stealing shit for people. Paintings, jewels, money, cars; anything and everything as long as they paid up after the job. From a young age, he’d been really good at getting in and out of places without being seen; a living ghost.

He’d learned to pick pockets early in life, taught himself how to pick a lock, spent hours in internet cafes trying to figure out how to hotwire a car. He hadn’t meant to become a thief, he’d been more curious about the process than actually doing the act, but he figured why waste his talents? Every crime boss needed a good thief, and if he could make himself the best he’d always have a job.

He’d met James when his crew hired him to steal some documents from some high-security mansion. Aleks’ job had been to infiltrate the place, find the documents, and bring them back before anyone discovered he’d been inside the place. They gave him an hour; he’d done it in thirty minutes. The easiest fifty grand he’d ever made.

He hadn’t been planning on sticking around after the job, never really had before so why start now, but someone handed him a beer and another and another and soon he was pleasantly buzzed, sitting on a couch, listening to the radio playing some stupid pop song he had heard a hundred times.

Someone plopped down next to him, took his beer from him, and said, “Thank you.”

“Hey!” Aleks turned to the guy, reaching out to take his beer, but the guy held it out of his reach. “Give it back.”

“Nope.” The guy took a drink, draining the last dregs, and set the bottle on the rickety coffee table. “Want another?”


“Do you want another beer?” The guy jumped up, nodding towards the kitchen. He held out his hand, wriggling his fingers, waiting for Aleks to take it. “Come on, before there isn’t anymore.

Aleks sat there for a few seconds before sighing and grabbing the guy’s hand, letting him drag him to his feet. He offered him a smug smile, shook his hand, and said, “James.”

“More like Jackass.”

James snorted, dropping Aleks’ hand, and headed towards the kitchen. Aleks waited a few seconds before following him.

Their first job as a crew goes terribly. They’re not the best at planning, and the new dude, Trevor, is so green he’s probably never stolen anything before in his life, but he had been cheap and they aren’t exactly rolling in the dough right now.

Aleks takes a bullet to the shoulder, James ends up with a concussion, and Trevor gets lost trying to drive them back to the safehouse, but they’re alive. A little worse for wear but breathing.

When they eventually make it back to the safehouse, Aleks is woozy and James is moody and Trevor is frantically running back and forth between the two, trying to tend to their wounds, but he’s shaking so bad it’s any wonder he’s still standing.

Irritated and most likely on the verge of shooting Trevor, James fumbles with his cell, scrolling through what little contacts he has, putting it to his ear when he finds the right number.

“Brett,” he says into the phone. “Aleks is shot and this idiot-” he throws a dark look at Trevor who shrinks back, “-is about as useful as wet toilet paper.” James hums, listening to whatever Brett is telling him, and hangs up a moment later. “He’s on his way.”

“How does he know…?” Trevor starts, but James throws another dark look his way and his words falter.

“He’s on his way,” he repeats and Aleks nods, pressing harder on his shoulder wound, feeling a little bad for Trevor.

Just a little.

James’ crew betrayed him on a Thursday. It’d been an uneventful day on Aleks’ end. He’d mostly spent it with his cat and dog, watching stupid shit on TV, wishing someone would call for a job. He’d been willing to do anything, even a simple breaking and entering. Anything to appease the boredom that had settled around him; anything to escape daytime television.

When his phone rang, he practically pounced on it. Finally, somebody was putting him out of his misery. He answered the call without looking at the screen, happy just to be getting a job, only to nearly drop his phone when a soft voice said, “A-Aleks? A-Aleks, help me.”

“James?” Aleks stood up without really thinking about it, already looking for his keys. “Where are you? What happened?”

“H-help…” the line went quiet and for a moment Aleks actually thought James had hung up, but he heard his rattling breathing followed by a barely audible street name, and Aleks rushed out of his apartment.

He found James lying in a gutter, bloody and bruised and barely breathing, and his heart nearly stopped. Since the job he’d pulled for James’ crew, he and Aleks had hung out on and off, they were friends, and to see one of his friends like this had his blood boiling.

James had been hard to move, more deadweight than anything, but Aleks managed it and drove him to the nearest hospital.

The doctors had been surprised when James pulled through, but Aleks knew, deep in his gut, that he’d survived out of spite. He also hadn’t left his side the entire time, telling the hospital staff he was his brother so he didn’t have to leave.

When James finally woke up, he met Aleks’ eyes and hoarsely asked, “You here to betray me, too?”

“Wasn’t planning on it. Why?”

When James told him what happened, how his crew betrayed him, his voice had been void of any emotions, and afterward, when he told Aleks he was going to get his revenge, Aleks knew right then and there he was going to help however he could; no matter what it took.

Joe’s an old friend from James’ childhood. Aleks mistakes him for the sweet, innocent type until he sneaks up behind a guy and easily slits his throat. He’s never doing that again.

When James brings up the idea of letting Joe join their crew, Aleks has no problem with it. When he sees how buddy-buddy they are, however, he can’t deny the small bout of jealousy that settles in his gut.

He ignores it as best as he can, mostly because acting like a jilted lover is the last thing he wants to do, but one day, before he can stop himself, he blurts out, “Were you and Joe ever a thing?”

“What?” James’ head snaps up so quickly Aleks winces when he hears his neck pop. “Ow! Fuck!”

“Shit, dude. You okay?”

“No! Goddamn that hurt!”

“Lemme get you some ice.” He heads towards the freezer, digging around for the ice cube tray, closing the door, only to jerk back when he finds James standing directly behind it, dropping the tray.

“Fuck,” he mutters, stooping down to collect the ice scattered across the floor.

“Why’d you wanna know if Joe and I were a thing?”

“I don’t,” Aleks answers quickly, face red, eyes downcast. He picks up all the ice, pushing himself to his feet, and hurries towards the sink. “Forget I asked.”

“You thinking about fucking him?”

“What?” Aleks whirls around, nearly missing the flicker of anger that flashes in James’ eyes. “God, no! Why? Jealous?”

“Fuck off.” James stalks away and they don’t talk the rest of the day.

They had met Brett by accident. James wanted to try his hand at assassinations, something he figured would help fund his revenge plan on his old crew, but Aleks didn’t have any contacts that could help him. They poked around for a while, trying to find someone willing to take pity on a loud, abrasive man with a short fuse and a modest body count.

They found some small crew willing to pay if James had been willing to kill one of their enemies. He agreed, mostly because he got to kill someone, and they handed over a file.

He managed to take out the target, but he’d gotten caught leaving the building. Socked in the face, tossed into a trunk, and driven back to some warehouse. He didn’t exactly tell Aleks what went down, but he when he returned he’d brought Brett with him.

“What’s he doing here?” Aleks had hissed while Brett wandered around their apartment.

“He’s a fence,” James answered, watching Brett uncertainly. “Or so he says.”

“You really shouldn’t conduct business where you live,” Brett called from the kitchen. “Cops ever tracked you down, they’d have enough evidence to put your asses away for life.”

“What are you, our dad?”

“No,” Brett replies, returning to the living room, holding a mug of whiskey, “I’m your new business partner.”

Aleks doesn’t mean to fall off the ladder. One minute they’re escaping the cops, the next his foot slips on the rung and he’s falling to the ground. He blacks out the moment he hits the concrete, coming to a few seconds later to James trying to haul his ass off the ground.

“Come on,” he shouts, and Aleks is too dazed to fight him, allowing him to drag him to his feet. Everything tilts and he’s pretty sure he’s going to throw up, but he puts one foot in front of the other as both stumble out of the alleyway.

“Stupid, useless, fucking plan,” James complains, panting with the effort of keeping Aleks upright and them both moving. “Told you…. the fire escape…. was the worst idea.”

“‘m not the one ‘fraid of heights,” Aleks murmurs, fighting to keep his eyes open. “Chicken shit.”

“Fuck… you…”

Aleks loses time.

When he’s conscious again, he finds himself lying on a scratchy couch, a leather jacket draped over his shoulders. He hears someone talking quietly, but he can’t make out the words. He listens for another few minutes before losing more time.

The next time he wakes up, he’s more coherent, and he can hear snoring coming from somewhere near his feet. He sits up, grabbing for the couch’s arm when the room tilts, and murmurs, “Shit.”

“What?” the snores cut off and Aleks feels the couch jolt. “Aleks? You awake?”


A light snaps on and he shields his eyes from the sudden glow, holding his head in his free hand. He winces when someone gently probes his skull with their fingers, squeezing his eyes shut, breathing deeply through the pain.

“You know I can’t do stitches worth shit,” James says softly, moving his hand from Aleks’ head and resting it against his neck. “Probably should have risked getting Brett’s contact here, but we didn’t have time.”

“Did I fall off a ladder?” Aleks asks softly, shivering when James’ thumb brushes his pulse point.

“Yes, dumbass.”

“And you came back for me.” It’s the worst moment to tease James, he knows it, but he can’t help it.

“Fuck off,” James replies but with zero heat behind the words.



James set his old crew’s hideout on fire six months to the day of their betrayal. He dragged Aleks out of bed, handed him a ridiculous mask, and they left Brett passed out on their couch.

It wasn’t a long drive, but for Aleks, it felt like it took forever. When they pulled up to the old apartment complex, less inviting than the last time he’d been there, James got out of the car.

He ducked down, looking into the open doorway, and said, “You don’t have to come with me if you don’t want to.”

“Fuck off.” Aleks got out of the car, trailing after James, looking up at the place. There was no one inside, James had made sure of it. He’d told Aleks he wanted his old crew to pay, but he didn’t want them dead, and Aleks could respect that decision. They’d been a big part of his life, a second family to him; old feelings didn’t die overnight.

It doesn’t take long for the place to go up in flames. It’s old and probably not up to safety code. They stood there for a few moments, watching the fire before sirens broke them from their reverie.

“Let’s go.” James grabbed his hand, dragging him towards the car.

Once behind the wheel, James started the car and sped off in the opposite direction of the sirens. He drove for a good ten minutes before pulling over onto the side of the road.

Neither one said a word for a long moment, but Aleks finally sighed and said, “You okay?”

“Not sure.”

“It’s not every day you burn down your ex-crew’s hideout.”


“I’m sure, you know, in time, you’ll come to…”



“Shut up.”

They’re not an established crew, not by a long shot, but Aleks figures they have time. They’ll find their niche, find some allies, make some more enemies, but until then they’ll just have to keep moving forward and hope for the best.

And if moving forward meant walking straight into hell. Well, he’s been worst places.

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Characters: Baekhyun x You

Genre: Fluff

Series?: Yes

Requested?: No

Summary: Baekhyun and you hang out the day after your phone call

1 / 2 / 3 


Groaning, you turned off your alarm. “5 more minutes.” You promised yourself. Because of Baekhyun, you didn’t go to sleep till like 5 am. After the little “thing”, you guys chatted for awhile before you dozed off. After 10 minutes, your eyes shot open in fear of being late. Getting out from your bed, you collect your shorts and head to the shower. 

“Good morning.” Your roommate (sorry, i forgot to mention that), Saeri greeted. She was literally watching your every move as you scurried to get ready.  “Do you have anything to apologize for Y/N? I wonder what noise that was I awoke to in the middle of the night.” Saeri reminded you sarcastically. Your cheeks grew red just at the thought of last night. “Oh, um; sorry about that Sae, couldn’t help myself.” “Mhm, have a good day roomie.” Saeri said to you as you answered back on your way out.  

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More than one secret

🌸 PART TWO (2) | (1)

Originally posted by kkngie

Characters: Reader X Changkyun, some other members along the way

Genre: fluff and a lil angst

Length: 1498 words

Warning(s): just some swearing

Summary: When you thought life couldn’t get any more dull, an old acquaintance makes a sudden appearance and changes the course of it.

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Clumsy Love

Rating: G

Warnings: Clumsy Jinki

I’m always the one who doesn’t understand

Jinki stumbles over his feet and almost drops the books in his arms. Taemin chuckles and bends down to pick up a paper that Jinki has dropped when he stumbled.

“Here,” he says and puts it on top of Jinki’s books. Jinki smiles.


Jinki turns towards Minho and Jonghyun who are sitting on the desks in front of them. Minho sends him a wide smile and Jonghyun tilts his head in question.

“What are you carrying?” he asks and Jinki slowly puts the books down on his desk.

“It’s the architecture books for history,” Jinki says. Minho leans over and grabs one of them and frowns a little. Taemin looks over his shoulder and frowns as well.

“But this is victorian architecture?” Taemin says and Jonghyun stands from where he’s sitting and grabs another book. Jinki looks at his friends in confusion.

“Yes?” he says when neither of them say anything.

“We’re writing about classicism,” Minho helpfully supplies and Jinki frowns.

“No, we’re not?” he says but Jonghyun nods a little.

“Yes, we are…”

There’s silence in the classroom while Jinki processes the information. He sighs and plops down on his chair and buries his head in his arms. Why is it always him that misunderstands the information? Taemin pats his shoulder reassuringly.

I arrive on the wrong day

Jonghyun opens the door with wide eyes. Jinki smiles and lifts the bottle of vodka he’s carrying to show Jonghyun. He’s dressed in his best clothes, a pink shirt and a skinny jeans. Jonghyun is dressed in a wife-beater and grey slacks.

“Jinki?” he says and sounds confused. Jinki frowns a little when he notices the apartment is silent. There should be people and loud music. They’re having a party. Jonghyun is awfully sloppy dressed for a party.

“What are you doing here?” Jonghyun asks and Jinki shakes his head slightly and returns to reality.

“Dorm party?” he says. When the silence stretches on, Jinki begins doubting. “Right?” he asks in a small voice. Jonghyun shakes his head a little.

“Next weekend, Jinki,” Jonghyun says and sends Jinki a small smile. Jinki deflates and looks towards the floor.

“Oh,” he says.

“I’m sorry,” Jonghyun says. Jinki shakes his head a little and looks up with a wide, fake smile.

“No, it’s just me! I’m clumsy and all. You know. Ha ha, I’ll just come again next weekend. See you!”

Jinki leaves before he can embarrass himself further but when he turns the corner and steps into the elevator he bangs his head against the elevator wall. Stupid Jinki, stupid. Always the one to get the date wrong.

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This is it. Failsafe. The episode that broke us all in the span of twenty-five minutes. The episode that changed everything in the Spitfire ship forever. The episode that mind fucked us all because it was so much more intense than a “someone-is-actually-dreaming” scenario. The episode that showed us that nothing good ever happens in the Arctic in Young Justice. A fan favorite. A glorious roller coaster of feels. 


Some people said that, in hindsight they should have known something was up because there was a distinct lack of time-stamp at the beginning of the episode. And while that’s true, what sort of time-stamp could possibly be used for outer space like that? It opens near the moon in outer space, there’s not exactly a sense of time or place out there, they couldn’t have time-stamped it. However, I suppose they could have time-stamped after that. (but I think we all knew something more than meets the eye was going on when the JL members seemingly got vaporized… we just didn’t know WHAT. And it was glorious)

That rather silent ass shot of the alien ship floating into view is so cool. Like, silent, impending doom approaching in the cold dark that is space. 

John Stewart! <3

CASUALTIES, WE HAVE THE FIRST CASUALTIES. (man I love how you can see their fucking skeletons as they disintegrate. And I know that sounds really fucking morbid but I’m just appreciating the level of detail and, frankly, the darkness of it. That’s pretty fucked up and I love the stuff YJ was able to get away with.)

I like how J’onn, Atom, Supey, and Marvel were just waiting in the fucking launch bay of Batman’s jet like they’re living missiles or something. “FULL DEFENSES DEPLOY. FIRE ZE MISSILES!” 


Batman’s like “THEY GOT ME? THEY ACTUALLY GOT ME? WHAT THE FUCK I AM BATMAN I DON’T GET GOT.” (also every time I watch this and Batman gets ejected from his vaporized ship, for a split second I always think he’s floating in open space in just a goddamn pilot’s chair instead of an enclosed pod, and I’m like what the fuck Batman you can’t survive that kind of– oh, wait, nope. He’s in a pod.) (like I know he’s Batman but I can’t imagine space being so scared of him that it decides NOT to instantly suffocate him in it’s vacuum, ya know? “Oh shit sorry Batman, sir, didn’t realize it was you, I’ll just make sure you have plenty of air, sir. Pardon me, sir.”)


Oh, wait, they DID show a time-stamp once it gets to Red Tornado and the Team watching on the screens. So that really wasn’t any kind of giveaway, imo; in that regard, things are going pretty normally, tbh.

“But should we fail, the responsibility falls to you.” But, you know, no pressure. We’re just the entire fucking Justice League, full of power houses that are older and stronger than most of you because we have more experience, so if we die you’re actually rather fucked, but hey! Give it the ole’ college try, as they say, okay? (I’m not actually shitting on the Team here, I lava them to bits and they’re capable, I’m just being a little shit. Because as capable as the Team is, that’s STILL the ENTIRE Justice League and holy shit, that’s intense)


Okay, so when I started watching Young Justice, my knowledge of the Flash fam was next to nothing (that seems so funny in hindsight, because now I love them to bits and learn as much as I can about them). So I had no idea that Iris was married to the Flash, so I didn’t get why everyone thought this scene with Iris and Flash was so sad. But now I KNOW and it’s just heartbreaking to watch! Like, holy shit. Iris had to act like she doesn’t know who he is, and then he gets fucking vaporized and she’s just– UGH KILL ME. THIS EPISODE IS AWFUL BUT IN A GOOD WAY.


I like that you can see the wing bones on Hawkgirl and Hawkman.


Whelp. Good-bye Justice League.

Nothing out of place here.

“So what are we waiting for, a theme song?” No, we already did that, Conner, get with the times.

Okay when Robin highlights all the aliens on the map, the way all the red splotches look kind of reminds me of Plague Inc. (Robin totally plays Plague Inc. Probably Wally, too. They’re diabolical little shits that destroy the entire world every single time. Ruthlessly, without mercy!)

“Yeah, break it down, build more! Hit those ugly aliens with their own mojo! Ow!” “Martian and Kryptonian in the house.” (Wally stop pretending it actually hurts when Artemis elbows you, you know you just like that she’s touching you/standing close to you, don’t even lie)

“Not that all aliens are automatically ugly.” Nice save, Wally.

I suppose the Arctic is the best place to build a Fortress of Solitude, considering no one in their right mind would come out there willingly unless they’re a fucking climate scientist or something. Or a penguin. (Superman befriends penguins don’t tell me otherwise)

Gotta love the snow stealth outfits! <3


You’d think Conner would have heard that, too. Poor Wolf, sacrificed himself for his grumpy daddy. :(

You can tell that the death of Wolf jars them, for sure, but it’s not enough to cause Megan to take control of the scenario and make them forget it’s all real. I think that was kind of an interesting thing there, that when Wolf dies it’s the first time we see them get at least mildly shaken, but they’re able to shrug it off and keep going because, well… yeah.


(I’m so cruel, why do I have this screenshot? Oh yeah, SO I CAN HURT PEOPLE, MWAHAHAHAHAHA– and myself *cries*)


I remember, there were some people trying to claim that Miss M influenced Wally into being so upset about Artemis dying, and that is the biggest crock of shit. M’gann didn’t make anyone FEEL anything, all she did was make them forget. SHE forgot and they were all connected to her, so they forgot, too. and anyway, by that goddamn logic, don’t you think the rest of the Team would have been screaming and crying and swearing vengeance just as hard as Wally? Because if M’gann was making Wally feel that way, it would be affecting the other’s too. They all care about Artemis and they all mourned her, but M’gann and Wally took it the hardest, because Artemis is M’gann’s fucking earth sister and Wally fucking loves Artemis and doesn’t even realize it, and now she’s fucking GONE. (anyway I’m moving on, you’re wrong, good-bye)

Can we just appreciate Kaldur’s anger and how he just like… pwns the fuck out of that ship like a boss? I always thought those were some pretty sweet moves, especially the icicle spikes. Katara would be proud of your waterbender mastery, Kaldur. 

God, Wally’s voice. The way he says that, that’s the kind of like… that kind of uncontrollable emotion, like, you’re feeling something so goddamn deeply that you can’t even keep a lid on it, you can’t sort it out, and it’s just roiling right underneath the surface. Like, Wally just hasn’t even fully processed what the fuck just happened, all he knows is that Artemis was there, and now she’s gone, and there’s something twisting in his stomach and all he can see is red at that moment, because those stupid fucking aliens took her away from him, and he wasn’t even fast enough to try and save her, and why did she have to be so fucking stupid and sacrifice herself like that? “They’re dead! Every single alien, if it’s the last thing I do!” He’s fucking pissed. If he hated those aliens before, it’s nothing compared to raw fucking hatred burning through him after they take Artemis. He only wanted to stop them before, now he wants to make sure every single one of them dies the same way Artemis just did. (intense emotions!Wally is the greatest thing ever. He’s so much more faceted than just being a clown/goofball, and people tend to forget that sometimes, maybe even me)

Then they’re on the Bioship and Wally is still fuming, he’s still hurting, and seeing her empty seat in front of him isn’t helping anything. And there’s probably a god awful ache in his chest where her sarcasm and banter used to be and he feels more empty than he ever thought he could just because she isn’t there, she’s not there and she’s not coming back because he saw her bones in the snow, and why wasn’t he fast enough? And I love the way he just loses it and screams and beats the consoles with his fists; I love that raw explosion of emotion, like, he can’t even speak, all he can do is just scream because everything hurts and nothing’s right anymore and he just wants her back because he needs her there, he needs her elbow digging into his side and he needs her sassy remarks and he needs her not letting him get away with nothing, and he needs that chance back. That chance for something with her that he barely even understands, but he just knows it’s gone now, the chance is lost, and he’ll never get to find out what it was. 

Go away, Eiling, you piece of shit. We all know your game.

“We will help you salvage as many of the alien’s cannons as we can.” Uh, what good would that do? I mean, the Bioship was able to integrate it into her systems, but what the fuck is the military going to do with detached cannons? what could they possibly attach them to to use them? Or would they simply try to drive one of the alien ships? (idk)

“They’re really gone…” 

And now Wally begins grasping at straws. Just sitting there listening to the convo, and then his scientific brain starts reeling, and his heart starts thumping a little bit because hello, Wally! Teleportation! (nevermind the fact that you saw their bones

“I knew it, look! It’s giving off Zeta beams! The same stuff that powers our Zeta tubes, t-this thing doesn’t disintegrate, it teleports! Artemis is alive!” He sounds so fucking ridiculously happy, oh my god it hurts me. He’s like, 100% convinced there’s a chance that she’s alive, that she’s waiting somewhere for him them, that they’ll find her and she’ll snark about them taking so long and he’ll run at her and hug her and then make some lame excuse for it after he puts her down. Like, there’s this balloon of happiness and relief expanding in his chest because she’s actually alive somewhere, all they have to do is find her, and oh god he wants to find her, he needs to see her again so that he knows for sure, something solid and tangible. 

“Maybe…” “No ‘maybes’, they’re all alive!” He’s grasping at it so hard that he won’t even give Robin the chance to puncture a hole in it. He’s desperate. He needs her to be okay. There’s no other option, because the only other outcome is that she really is gone, and he can’t fucking handle that, he can’t even fucking fathom that idea; she can’t be gone, she’s a spitfire, his spitfire. So he latches onto the idea of Zeta radiation with all of his heart and that’s the only thing that keeps him going for the rest of the episode. And Robin knows it, so that’s why he uses it.

Kaldur and Conner aren’t convinced either. Only Wally and M’gann are optimistic/desperate enough to believe it. Oh god, can I please just hug them both until they can’t breathe? Precious bbys.

“That… didn’t feel like…” Teleportation. T_T

Kid Flash starts to help and Kaldur’s just like NOT TODAY! And shoves him through. 

Conner jumping into the Zeta tube instead of just walking seriously reminds me of how in World of Warcraft there’s an inexplicable need to jump INTO the dungeon instance portals rather than just walk straight into them. XD

Good-bye, Kaldur. :(

I love how Happy Harbor bay near Mount Justice is somehow completely untouched by the alien invasion. Wat?

“If we really believe the aliens are teleporting their victims.” “We do!” Oh, Wally, baby…

“Worst case, he’s teleported inside, and we set him free along with Artemis. And uh, Aqualad, and everyone.” God, he’s so concerned about seeing Artemis again that he literally doesn’t even give two shits about anyone else. They’re safe, they’re all safe, but the only one that matters is Artemis. 

“HUZZAH!” Damnit, Alfred! XD



“No, my mind is clearer now, the disintegration beam is exactly that. There is no detention facility, no prisoners to rescue. Our mission holds no purpose.” “No! You’re wrong! The Zeta radiation proves she’s alive, she’s–!” “Stop it, KF! I’ve been scanning for League and Team signals since we got inside. They’re not here. Artemis is gone.” 

Wally is so fucking desperate and you can hear it in his voice. I feel like maybe a small, logical part of his mind, somewhere deep in the back, he knew that the beams weren’t teleporters. But he was so goddamn desperate for her to be okay that he latched onto it anyway and made himself believe it as hard as he could, told himself that he would see her again if he just kept trucking through. Robin knew that was the only thing keeping Wally going, too, without being wreckless or useless, and so he used that to his advantage. It’s part of the many things that make him say “I don’t want to be the Batman, anymore.” in Disordered. He hated fueling Wally’s false hope, but he had to.

And then I think maybe Wally goes back to anger. But it’s a defeated kind of anger, like, he can’t fucking take this shit anymore. She’s gone, but maybe she wasn’t, but now she really is. His emotions have been yanked all over the place and beaten to a pulp and now all he wants to do is blow this ship up and everything inside of it. He swore before that he would destroy every single alien, and now that’s what he intends to do. It won’t bring her back, nothing will, but maybe he can get some kind of revenge for her.

“You knew. You knew from the beginning why we were really here.”

^ That is the face of a boy that has been defeated. Istg. Wow. Okay. Fuck you, Failsafe.

“16 seconds and counting.” It’s always 16 seconds. 16 seconds and counting, 16 seconds til ceasing… ffs! XD I think I hate the number 16 because of Young Justice. 

“We’ll follow as soon as we blow those doors.” Right. Wally and Dick never had any intentions of leaving that ship. Goddamn that tears me up. Holy shit NO. WHY. STOP SACRIFICING YOURSELVES OH MY GOD THESE POOR CHILDREN, NO FUCKING WONDER THEY NEED LIKE TWO FUCKING WEEKS AND PROBABLY MORE OF THERAPY!

And they’re not even scared about it. They just look at each other and nod. Because there’s literally nothing fucking left for either of them. This is their last fight, they’ve done all they can do.

And Wally literally thought, as he died in that fiery explosion, that he the last thing he ever did was destroy every single alien. He went out thinking he had blown their entire fucking armada up with Dick. And that probably gave both of them some kind of piece right before they went, too. (my shipper heart is telling me his last thought was of Artemis, too, considering how much he mentions her throughout this episode)


Goddamn, that part where J’onn STABS M’gann is like the most intense shit. Actually, this whole fucking episode is hardcore as shit, but like, he STABS her! Like, you see him use his fist but if you look at her back you can see it come to a FUCKING POINT, LIKE, HE MORPHED HIS HAND INTO A POINT AS HE WAS PUNCHING HER, SO THAT HE ACTUALLY WINDED UP STABBING HER. HOLY SHIT.


That huge gasp of air as if she’s coming up from the water, or, you know, WAKING FROM A GODDAMN NIGHTMARE SIMULATION OR SOMETHING.

“Exercise?” God… jesus FUCK, they’re all so confused. 

“But all that changed, when Artemis died.”



The Night You Met

“So here’s the thing.” You started off tapping your finger at the edge of the café’s table trying to set a timeline of how everything went. Your brother nodded his head, as his mushroom cut hair moved accordingly which made you inwardly smile to yourself and you cleared your throat, preparing yourself for one hell of a story.


“Hey.” You greeted once he answered his phone. He hasn’t been answering your text for a while now and when he did it was cold and brash. It felt as if he was mad at you and as you wrecked your brains for the reason of his cold treatment. You decided to give him a call. Kiseok could never held in his smile from being heard in his voice and when he just hummed out in reply. You were surprised, did he answered the phone or is the line disconnected already. You pulled your phone away and looked at the screen.

The time was still ticking.

“Can you talk?” you tried one more time.


He should have just nod with how curt his answer was you thought to yourself.

“Oh, how are you?”

You didn’t even get to complete your initial plan when he cut you off. “Busy.”


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CH 6: A Very Sendrick Reunion

A/N: Here it is. The last and final chapter that we’ve all hoped and dreamed for. I truly hope I did your hearts and hopes justice with this one, I love how it turned out - totally not how I planned, but that’s the best stuff. Thank you thank you thank YOU for all of your love with this fic, I’m not normally a fic writer but something about this lit a fire under my ass and I loved each and every minute of writing it. That being said, I’m gonna start taking minific prompts! So just hop on over in my ask and hit me with yer best shot, eh? Hope you like, i love all of you assholes. xx

Chapter One, Chapter Two, Chapter Three, Chapter Four, Chapter Five

“Up to me, huh…” Anna smirked, still not removing her forehead from Brittany’s.

“Mmmmhm..” she tried to hold back a smile, but clearly she wasn’t as strong as she’d planned on being in this moment, whenever it came. Anna reached up and wiped a tear from Brittany’s cheek. Her finger burned at the touch and they both let out a small un-easy laugh before Brittany grabbed Anna’s finger as it finished running down her cheek and kissed it.

“We don’t have to do this now, ya know. We can wait, we can talk, you don’t have to do anything. Ugh, I shouldn’t have even sai-“ Anna threw her hand over Snow’s mouth.

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Screw Rogers

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Based on Anonymous Prompt: Steve & reader: the reader is Tony’s sister (or Clint’s or Bruce’s, whatever suits better for you) and is in secret relationship with Steve and one day the reader’s sibling is like “Screw Rogers” and the reader replies with “I’m trying!” and the reader’s brother’s reaction?

A/N: YAY!  Another prompt done!   I think it’s easiest for me to write fluff as opposed to angst…?  I don’t know, you tell me.  Hope y’all like it! 

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“Damn stupid…annoying…PIECE OF SHIT!” Tony says, walking into the lab and slamming his coffee mug onto the table so hard it almost cracks.

“Love you too, bro,” you say drily.  “I take it you’re having a good morning?  Stellar?  Stupendous?  Unparalleled by any blissful morrow you’ve ever witnessed?”  Tony rolls his eyes and glares at you.

“While you are a piece of shit,” he replies sardonically.  “I’m not talking about you.”

“Ah,” you reply.  “To which piece of shit are you referring?”

“Are you guys really doing this?” a beleaguered Bruce asks from his corner of the lab.  “It’s too early for it.  I need more coffee if this is the start of the Stark Brother and Sister Act.”

“Steve Rogers,” Tony barrels on.  “Steve Rogers is the piece of shit to which I am referring.”

“What did Captain Spangles do to piss you off?” you ask, pouring a cup of coffee for Bruce and delivering it to his desk.  He gives you a look that is both grateful and mildly annoyed.

“He’s so self-righteous,” Tony starts.  “Except, that’s just him.  As a person.”

“So, nothing,” you say, cutting off a rant you’ve grown very familiar with.  “He did nothing.”

“He didn’t need to,” Tony replies.

“Have you considered that maybe he does it on purpose?” you ask.  “That maybe he’s trying to piss you off?”

“He’s too innocent for that,” Tony says dismissively.  

“I doubt it,” you smirk, before turning back to your work.  Tony’s eyes narrow and you can almost feel his eyes boring into your skull.

“What are you trying to say?” he asks suspiciously.

“Nothing,” you reply, maybe a little too innocuously.  The truth is that you and Steve have kind of started dating, but you’ll be the last person to admit that to your brother.

Luckily, Tony shakes your comment off and continues on his tirade.

“He’s just so self-righteous,” Tony says.

“You’re being repetitive,” you roll your eyes.

“Fine,” Tony retorts.  “He’s so…fakely genuine.  And perfect.”

“Only you could hate someone for that,” you shake your head.

“You know, honestly,” Tony sighs.  “Screw Rogers.”

“I’m trying,” you mutter under your breath.

“Tell me I didn’t just hear what I think I heard.”  Your eyes widen as you realize that you just spoke aloud.  You’re used to making snarky comments in your head, even sharing a few of them with Nat, but you definitely did not mean to let one slip now.  Your eyes meet Tony’s and you do your best to maintain a poker face.

“I said I’m dying,” you say, desperately trying to backpedal.  “Like, I’m dying because you won’t shut up about this.”

“I don’t think so,” Tony says.  “J.A.R.V.I.S., pull up the security feed from a minute ago.”

“Oh my god, you’re really going to do this,” you laugh incredulously.

“Right,” Tony says, glaring at you.  “Enhance audio.”  He presses a button and your voice plays through the room, unmistakably saying ‘I’m trying.’  If this was a cartoon, Tony’s face would be red and steam would be blowing out of his ears.  “Something you need to tell me, (Y/N)?  Does someone have a crush on the Star Spangled Man with a Plan?”

At that point, you realize there’s no point in lying to Tony anymore.  You take a deep breath and stand up.

“I’m dating the Star Spangled Man with a Plan,” you say quickly.  “Okay, bye!”

You run out of the lab and down the hallways, ignoring Tony’s shouts behind you.

“J.A.R.V.I.S., where’s Steve?” you shout.

“Mr. Rogers is actually right-”

“You get your answer as you collide with Steve, knocking the two of you to the ground.

“Hi,” you say breathlessly. 

“Hi,” he replies, his cheeks flushing.

“We have to get out of here.”


“Remember how you were saying that I should tell Tony that we were dating?”


“Well, I did.  And now we should probably flee the country.”


“Fine, just the state.”


“Ok, let’s get out of the city.”

“That bad?”  A pencil soars overhead with such force it lodges itself in the wall.

“Yeah,” you say.  “That bad.”

“Right,” Steve says.  He pushes himself to his feet, grabs your hand and takes off running.  “Let’s head to the garage.”

“Perfect,” you say.  “Give me your phone.”  Steve hands it over unquestioningly.  You pull yours out and drop them both in a passing flower pot.


“He’ll try and trace them,” you explain.  “I’ve got a burner, Nat will call when it’s safe to come back.”  

The two of you burst into the garage, heading straight for Steve’s motorcycle.  You swing your leg over and wrap your arms around Steve, lurching forward as the bike roars to life.  Within seconds, you’re out of the garage and out on the busy New York streets.

“Where are we going?” Steve asks.

“Get us out of the city,” you say.  “North.  I have a cabin.  Tony doesn’t know about it.”

“You’re not kidding,” Steve says.  “Is Tony really that protective?”

“You’re talking to a girl who wasn’t allowed to go to prom with a date,” you reply.  “Because Tony extensively vetted each and every one of them and proceeded to blackmail them into leaving me alone.  I am 100% serious.”

Steve’s quiet and your heart drops as you suddenly wonder what’s running through his mind right now.  

“He’ll come around,” you say haltingly as the two of you stop at a red light.  “And, I mean…it’s not…we’re not…”

“What?” Steve says, turning back to look at you.

“It’s probably a lot more trouble than I’m worth,” you say, keeping your tone brusque.  “Tony’s…a lot.  And…I know we’re not super serious, so if you want to break things off…I would understand.”

“Are you serious?” Steve asks and you feel your heart break.

“Of course,” you reply.  “I don’t want you to feel like you owe me anything.”  Before you have time to react, Steve’s lips are on yours.  Suddenly, every fear and worry buzzing around your brain disappears and all you can think about is him.  In the back of your mind, you hear car horns beeping, but you find it hard to make yourself care.

“I’m not going anywhere,” Steve says as he pulls back.  “Scary brother-in-law or not.”

Your eyes widen as you realize what he said.  He seems to realize it too, and you catch the way his cheeks tinge pink as he turns back and starts the motorcycle.  You can’t help but smile as you lean forward so that your lips are just a few inches from Steve’s ear.

“Sounds good to me.”

BTS reacting to you (their younger sibling) coming out.

As requested, here you go! Since I’m not gay, I’m not sure I was able to transfer the feeling of fear, but I truly hope that this isn’t offensive in any way and that you like it. :) 

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Maybe the night would take me home. // C.H

“Divorce And The American South” 
Part 1 of approximately 6

Inspired by the album  “We Don’t Have Each Other” by  Aaron West and the Roaring Twenties.

A/N : This imagine series will deal with sensitive topics that I can’t go into detail about or I might spoil it for you. Please proceed with caution. Also there’s mention of smoking and alcohol.

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