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Trying to explain Clint Barton to my friends who don't know marvel (apart from the MCU) proving difficult. Especially because the MCU gave him a wife, kids, and an honest to god farm. Any recommendations on how to describe my favorite character? (So far all of my attempts either lead to rambling about ceiling vents and the circus or hysterical laughing because "successful long term relationship" and "Clint Barton" are in the same sentence. Unsurprisingly this just leads to more confusion.)

Well, the problem begins (as problems often do) with comics.

See, comics are a sort of ‘soap opera with capes and tights.’  Comics are ‘fanfic but written by mostly straight white guys who are chosen by other straight white guys.’  Comics are a never ending arms race of suffering, and that’s the problem.

So it’s hard to pin down a character.  Because it’s not one character.

Every writer wants to make their mark.  They want THEIR version of the character to be the one that people point to and say, “THIS.  THIS is the quintessential Hawkeye.  THIS is the reason I love Hawkeye.”

Because they’re not going to write the character forever.  That’s comics.  There’s always someone right behind them, nipping at their heels, someone who wants nothing more, in most cases, then to sweep their careful work aside and make THEIR mark on the character.

There’s not much you can do to stop that from happening.  You can write a really good book, you can be clever and creative and still not hit the readership the right way.  You can write A GOOD BOOK and you’ll still end up in the trash heap of the 25 cent bin, because the promotion team or the movie schedule or the competitor’s event cycle screwed you over.

It’s much easier to make a lot of noise.  To be remembered, rather than beloved.  To get people tweeting and talking and protesting and fighting, because that means when you tossed off this book, there’ll be another one waiting for you.

Don’t believe me?  I mean, someone keeps giving Nick Spencer new books.  (shrug)

So there is no one Hawkeye.  The Hawkeye of the early West Coast Avengers has little in common with the Hawkeye of Fraction and Aja’s solo book run.  The Hawkeye of the most recent Secret Avengers by Ales Kot would be unrecognizable to the Hawkeye of the Ultimates verse.  Movieverse Hawkeye is almost a mirror image of Hawkeye of Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

When you love a character, the question is, which one?  Because even if you take fandom interpretation and fanon out of the equation, there’s a lot of them to choose from.  And while canon feeds fanon, fanon bleeds back into canon.

Describing the character you love takes some effort, some cherrypicking.

For me, it’s this:

On the surface, he’s ordinary.  And his awareness of his ordinariness is part of what makes him so extraordinary.  He’s raised himself to his current position by sheer force of will and a refusal to stop.  He’s bullheaded and snarky and has a chip on his shoulder the size of the island of Manhattan.  He’s not as stupid as he thinks he is, and he’s not as good as he believes he is, and both of those facts are a little heartbreaking.

He’s a man who destroyed his own hearing, because he knew if he didn’t, he was going to hurt someone he loved.  He’s also a man who entered canon trying to rob Tony Stark, which was universally regarded as a very bad idea, since that’s how a lot of people end up dead.

He’s not a god or a genius or a super soldier.   He is a man who looked at the end of the world, and said, fuck you, I’ve got a COUPLE OF STICKS AND A PIECE OF STRING and I’m still going to KICK YOUR ASS.  There is something comforting about that, for most people.  

We want to believe, after all, that if push came to shove, if things got bad, then we would stand up.  With all the risk, and all the fear, and a very good chance that we would not win, we want to believe, that we would still stand.

So all the other stuff, the ragged ends and the bad choices, the stupid plots and the OOC moments, the embarrassing contradictions in canon and the writers who can’t figure him out or don’t want to bother trying, it melts down to one truth at the core of his character, every time.

He is a man that doesn’t feel too different from you or me.  And he stands.  He makes bad choices, he screws people over, he ruins relationships and cheats on partners and girlfriends, he does stupid, stupid things, because this is a soap opera, and half the writers don’t remember what the last one did and the other half don’t care.

For all the parts of him I don’t like, he’s still my favorite.  Because he shouldn’t be there.  He has no place there.  He’s outgunned and outflanked.  Everyone around him is smarter than him, better trained than him, better equipped than him.

And still he stands.  With a bow.  He stands.

And says, come at me, bro.

Why I’m not okay with the pewdiepie thing

As a jewish person, I don’t care if pewdiepie is not actually anti-semitic. I don’t care if it was just a joke, I don’t care if it was “out of context” on the media. It doesn’t matter. It’s worse enough with the context.

The guy has 50 million subscribers, you don’t put that kind of message and laugh it off. You don’t help normalizing this kind of stuff. It’s fucked up.

There is an ENDLESS LIST of stupid funny shit you can have them write on that sign, was “death to all jews” really necessary? 

Death to all jews it’s not just some thing people said 70 years ago - No, we actually get it a lot. There are probably people out there who watch this video and smile because here is their stupid fucking radical opinion on a popular video. (the daily stormer actually calls him “our guy”). 

This sentence is not supposed to look like a joke to you, or something that can be used for a stupid meme. Please don’t be forgiving towards anti Semitic remarks while Antisemitism is clearly alive and well.

Air Signs and Anger

Air signs rationalize their anger away because they’ve had repeated/prolonged exposure to people who don’t control their emotions. They observe how such people thoughtlessly lash out. The air sign native might’ve been a target for some one else’s anger outbursts. Alternatively, they may have been the witness to a victim’s abuse at the hands of an enraged aggressor.

Air signs’ anger stems from a sense of injustice: why does an innocent person have to suffer of because someone else’s issues? How stupid do you have to be to take your anger out on others, without regard for the consequences? What does that accomplish?

Because in a lot of cases, anger is stupid. Air signs see it manifest in stupid (read: emotional) people. They see how it makes them even stupider. They see a child throwing a tantrum over something utterly trivial.

Anger (along with other irrational, unproductive emotions such as self-pity, despair, and jealousy) is disgusting to air signs, unless it’s for a damn good reason.

Anger that motivates people to change, defend the weak, and reshape the future is acceptable. Anger on behalf of someone who was wronged, anger that results in justice, anger that brings people together and strengthens the call for revolution, is the only type of anger air signs respect in others and allow themselves to experience.

Air signs experience anger as much as anyone else. If the anger is over something trivial (being cut off while driving, working with an incompetent person in a group project, that sort of thing) they rationalize it and (think they) let it go.

This is not easy. It doesn’t come naturally. But, it’s the smart thing to do. Conversely, fuming, yelling, and having a fit would be a stupid way to act.

Air signs take pride in their intellect. They want to be perceived as smart. They believe that they’re smart. So, every action is motivated by whether it’s the ‘smart’ thing to do.

If the anger is over something that actually matters, they calmly channel it into a productive action.

Unexpressed anger at the little things festers and becomes cynicism, a contempt for others, and turns into arrogance.

Air signs are arrogant. Geminis lie because they think others are too stupid to understand the truth. Libras take it upon themselves to maintain peace because they think others are too stupid to avoid awkwardness and meaningless fights. Aquarians are famous for their god complex and special snowflake syndrome.

We’re all human. We need to express our emotions. If you don’t express it one way, the emotion will find some other outlet. Air signs’ anger can be vastly productive and beneficial to the world at large. However, their unexpressed anger at trivial matters becomes arrogance.

Duality is inherent to air signs: Gemini, the twins/lovers, Libra, the scales. Aquarius is symbolized by a single waterbearer; however, waterbearers carry two gourds connected by a stick. Air sign anger also has a dual nature.

This anger is a double-edged sword: their righteous anger brings people together, but their arrogance creates distance from the rest of the world.

Arya and Lyanna Stark

I always found interesting the parallels Martin draws between characters. When it comes to Arya and Lyanna Stark their similarities run to an extreme, and it’s impossible to miss them.  It’s almost like Arya is Lyanna’s clone, the Lyanna of the next generation. And since Arya is the main character and probably the one the author conceived first, I’m betting that the whole Lyanna’s characterization was based on her.

Unfortunately, after the latest game of thrones episode aired I’ve noticed lot of people mixing up Lyanna’s characterization. That comes from her wedding scene in which she’s dressed in a delicate dress and she’s smiling and so she has given the impression that she was actually lady-like to some people. I beg to disagree. Every woman would wear a beautiful dress on her wedding day and she would be smiling (well,unless she actually disliked the groom). 

In any case, since I don’t like to see Lyanna’s characterization being butchered and her parallels with Arya being ignored, I decided to write that meta. So, let’s begin!


Both Lyanna and Arya share the traditional Stark look. That’s not something exclusive to them as Jon, Ned and his brothers all also have the Stark look. However, Ned Stark makes a direct comparison between Arya and Lyanna’s looks, which means that their similarities in look run deeper than just the typical family look:

[…]You remind me of her sometimes. You even look like her.
"Lyanna was beautiful,” Arya said, startled. Everybody said so. It was not a thing that was ever said of Arya.

Later on, Bran Stark sees a vision of Lyanna and Benjen as children and mistakes his aunt for his sister. He has to look at the boy on his vision to realize that the girl isn’t actually Arya (because if she was, then the boy would have to be him).

Now two children danced across the godswood, hooting at one another as they dueled with broken branches. The girl was the older and taller of the two. Arya! Bran thought eagerly, as he watched her leap up onto a rock and cut at the boy. But that couldn’t be right. If the girl was Arya, the boy was Bran himself, and he had never worn his hair so long. And Arya never beat me playing swords, the way that girl is beating him[..].


According to Old Nan all the Starks have wolf blood but it is stronger in some than in others. It’s interesting that among all the Starks we know only Brandon, Lyanna and Arya are linked to the wolf blood in text.

“Ah, Arya. You have a wildness in you, child. ‘The Wolf Blood’ my father would call it. Lyanna had a touch of it, and my brother Brandon more than a touch. It brought them both to an early grave[..]


Everything we know about Lyanna’s personal traits, are characteristics that Arya also possess. I already mentioned the wildness of them in the paragraph above. Another trait they have in common is their eagerness to hold a sword and practice with it.

[..]Lyanna might have carried a sword, if my lord father had allowed it[..]

I didn’t pick a specific quote about Arya and her relationship with swords because anyone who has read even one asoiaf book or watched one got episode knows that Arya carries a sword.

Moving on, both of them are characterized willful. What it makes the parallel more powerful is that in both cases Ned is the one who describes that trait of them.

About Lyanna:

“She was,” Eddard Stark agreed, “beautiful, and willful, and dead before her time.”

About Arya:

[…]This willfulness of yours, the running off, the angry words, the disobedience[…]

Furthermore both of them dislike teasing and they have a strong reaction to it.


The dragon prince sang a song so sad it made the wolf maid sniffle, but when her pup brother teased her for crying she poured wine over his head.


Behind them, Gendry groaned. “Lords and ladies,” he proclaimed in a disgusted tone. Arya plucked a withered crabapple off a passing branch and whipped it at him, bouncing it off his thick bull head. “Ow,” he said. “That hurt.”


Another thing they have in common is that both are brave and they won’t hesitate to interfere when they see an unjust act.  Both of them jumped in to protect a weaker person from their bullies. In Lyanna’s case it was Howland Reed and in Arya’s case was her friend Mycah. I think it is interesting to note that in both cases, the boys they defended were from a lower class than the girls. 


‘'That’s my father’s man you’re kicking,’ howled the she-wolf.“
"A wolf on four legs, or two?" 
"Two,” said Meera. “The she-wolf laid into the squires with a tourney sword, scattering them all[…]


[…] A bright bud of blood blossomed where his sword pressed into Mycah’s flesh, and a slow red line trickled down the boy’s cheek.
“Stop it!” Arya screamed. She grabbed up her fallen stick.
Sansa was afraid. “Arya, you stay out of this.”
“I won’t hurt him … much,” Prince Joffrey told Arya, never taking his eyes off the butcher’s boy.
Arya went for him.
Sansa slid off her mare, but she was too slow. Arya swung with both hands. There was a loud crack as the wood split against the back of the prince’s head, and then everything happened at once before Sansa’s horrified eyes […]


Harwin, whose father was master at horse in Winterfell and therefore knew both girls well, compared Arya’s horse riding skills to Lyanna’s.

"You ride like a northman, milady,” Harwin said when he’d drawn them to a halt. “Your aunt was the same. Lady Lyanna. But my father was master of horse, remember." 


Two girls who enjoy doing “boyish” things actually like flowers? Well, yes they do! What I like about Martin’s characters is that they aren’t one dimensional (unlike the characters of a certain tv series..) and don’t fall on stereotypes. 

Both Lyanna and Arya are fond of flowers.

[..]Ned could recall none of it. "I bring her flowers when I can,” he said. “Lyanna was … fond of flowers." 

None of which stopped Arya, of course. One day she came back grinning her horsey grin, her hair all tangled and her clothes covered in mud, clutching a raggedy bunch of purple and green flowers for Father. 


Many of you will disagree with me on this, because Arya has said that “ singing is stupid” but in my opinion people don’t always say what they mean. Let me elaborate on this.  

First of all, I think it’s necessary to look at Arya’s quote:

"Singing is stupid,” said Arya. “Singing makes noise. We heard you a long way off. We could have killed you.”

As you can see, Arya  declared singing stupid but she also went on to explain why she thought so. According to her singing makes noise and noise is dangerous for someone who wants to remain unnoticeable on the road.

In my opinion, her explanation make it seem like she didn’t dislike singing in general, just that she thought it was a foolish thing to do in their current situation.

Besides, finding singing “stupid” didn’t stop her from enjoying Tom and Hot Pie’s song later on:

Tom and Hot Pie resumed their song on the other side of the brook, with the duck hanging from Lem’s belt beneath his yellow cloak. Somehow the singing made the miles seem shorter.

As for Lyanna, she enjoyed Rhaegar’s song:

The dragon prince sang a song so sad it made the wolf maid sniffle, but when her pup brother teased her for crying she poured wine over his head

I think that I demonstrated why Lyanna and Arya are so similar with all these reasons I provided. It’s interesting that not even Lyanna’s son, Jon, shares so many similarities with her -and he’s certainly not compared to her like Arya is. I’d go as far as to say, that no other asoiaf characters share so many and obvious parallels as Lyanna and Arya Stark.

Okay yall binder question:

I taught this morning and then ran a workshop (on mental health in the classroom yeahhhhh) at a conference this afternoon and I’m only just getting home and I’m doing all the deep breathing stuff but are there any particular stretches or something that work well for post-binding all damn day (8.5 hours, I didn’t get home as early as I thought I would)?

Thank yall and so much love to you!!!

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i love ur blog and don't want to upset you or "call you out" but stupid IS an ableist term... casual ableism is still ableism ;; any terminology that insults the intelligence of those its directed at has historical roots in ableism. i understand it can be hard to shed language that we've naturally come into but... you can't just ignore someone's concerns just because an idea might seem erroneous to you...

An ableist slur is a word that is used in an offensive context and refers to a history of institutional or systematic oppression. Ableism invalidates somebody because they are disabled in one way or another. Stupid means lacking in common sense or intelligent. To say that the term “stupid” is an ableist slur is basically saying that disabled people are inherently lacking in common sense or intelligence. There is no history associated with the word “stupid” like there is with other ableist slurs - for example the term “retarded” is an ableist slur because at one point, this was a diagnosable mental illness. It’s a kick in the teeth to anybody who has been diagnosed with such to think these two words are even remotely comparable.

i don’t get people who are against science.


if someone asks you what science is, you can tell them this.

‘Oh hey, look at that thing.’
‘Whoa, I wonder why it does the thing.’
‘Huh…. maybe because *insert stupid explanation*’
‘… I dunno, dude, that seems sketchy.’
‘I’ll totally prove it! By doing *insert stupid and probably dangerous experiment*’

At that point, the experiment fails, so we get:

‘Whatever. We still don’t know why the thing does the thing.’
‘Huh. Maybe if we try *insert stupider experiment*’

 Or the experiment works, so we get:

‘But maybe that’s just a fluke.’
‘BRO. You hurt me. Look at this. *insert redoing the experiment a bajillion times*’
‘Alright bro, you were right, the thing does the thing because of the thing.’

And just to be even more sure, you do it again in front of all your other bros, who are justifiably wowed by your discovery and accept that the thing does the thing because of the thing.


(also, noting shit down because to redo an experiment a bajilion times, things need to be the same things than when you made the thing do the thing.)

Just in case:

Italy had a song about the society of today, the “love” for the Oriental culture without a sense, only because it’s “cool”, the human being becoming more stupid than the gorillas where it came from, the teen-agers that think only at the phone and the selfies…

gabbani in my italian heart

“I’ve always tended to not let some dumb RP’er ruin my view on characters, but I can’t look at Liechtenstein the same way after being borderline harassed by a Liechtenstein RP’er.  I was playing as Belarus and the Liech RP’er forced BelaLiech down my throat even though my Nat is a heterosexual aromantic.  I received insults and was accused of being ‘homophobic’.  The Liech RP’er tried to be all ‘yandere’ on my character.  Seriously, the femslash can be just as worse.”

For the RP’ers out there: NO means fucking NO.

If someone says no or is not interested in your ship, do NOT shove or push yourself on them or their character.  Do not guilt trip, do not insult, do not harass, do not go “yandere” (fuck off with that stupid shit - it’s not cute), do not be a piece of shit.  

Not everyone’s going to agree with you, so get over yourself.  Either suck it up and RP, or find somebody else who’ll agree.  Either way, be polite and again, no shoving.

- Mod V

Let Me Be Your Light ~Phan~

Oneshot. A blind fan meets Dan and Phil and asks them to describe each other, and confessions are made.
Rating: T- quite a few swears oops sorry
Warnings: Mild self-hate. Brief mention of cancer

You are the loveliest people omg xxx reviews are the food of love and I am peckish, so please tell me what you thought!

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I understand where people are coming from on Isak’s speech about racism. I get it, I really do. I agree, that sentiment would’ve meant something different if it came from Jamilla or Elias; messages are so much about delivery and context and not just content. Sana has an excellent point. Their struggles are not the same, never will be the same. She is perfectly right in telling him that. I would’ve too.

BUT, Isak is comparing homophobia to islamophobia because that’s his frame of reference for discrimination. When he talks about having to educate people when they ask stupid questions or say stupid things, that’s the experience he’s had. He said something incredibly stupid to Eskild, who, despite being obviously angry and sad, educated him. How many stupid questions do you think Magnus, or shit any of the boys, have asked him? This has been his experience that he’s trying to share with. He cares about his “best bud” and he’s trying to help.

They’re having an open and honest conversation. Those are always bound to get uncomfortable. Emotional. You will try to get you point out as best you can but it won’t always come out right.

Neither of them are perfect. Far from it. They’re beautiful and flawed in their owns ways. Can we all consider where Isak is coming from on this for a minute before we take him to task?

Don’t. Move. || Demon!Jimin x Reader

Pairing: Jimin x Reader
Genre: Smutty smut smut, and Demon!Au
Word Count: 2,806
Warnings: Dirty stuff, choking, tootching, Demon, blah blah blah
Author: Admin Vis

Summary: Your friend convinces you to go out on Friday the 13th to an abandoned house, her friends have the idea to try “Summoning” something…that something happens to be incredibly attractive, and finds you particularly interesting.

Admin Notes: I know I promised to write a full version of This Drabble two months ago, but it’s been some busy ass times, SO IT’S FINALLY HERE. Enjoyyyyyy. Plus I’ve been constantly thinking about Demon!BTS recently and god kill me.

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Hey- I'm super uneducated on ableism and want to be more informed, so I apologize if anything I say is ableist because I ABSOLUTELY do not mean to come off that way. So, I was wondering if using language like "dumb" is acceptable when referring to an idea that seems unintelligent rather than a person? Like "This Obamacare replacement is just dumb" or whatever. Like if you legitimately think the idea is not a smart one. Again, sorry if I'm coming across as ableist. Thanks!

this is a tricky one because you’re working under the assumption that the obamacare replacement is unintelligent.

it’s not unintelligent. donald trump and the republicans know EXACTLY what they’re doing, which is denying poor people an essential right to free healthcare. it isn’t anything to do with them not being smart, it is to do with them not giving a shit about anything other than how much power and money they have.

don’t give the bad guys the benefit of the doubt of “not being smart”. at first glance donald trump doesn’t know jack shit about anything (and indeed, he does talk on topics he knows nothing about, but that’s arrogance not unintelligence) but take a look and realise that he was smart enough to trick almost 50% of the country into voting him. he’s not “stupid” - he’s an arrogant, selfish asshole who cares about nothing but money and power and subjugating anybody who disagrees with him. that’s why he’s shutting down research into global warming. because it doesn’t fit with his politics, not because he actually doesn’t believe in it.

calling donald trump and his policies stupid because we disagree with him is like calling lord voldemort and his beliefs stupid because we disagree with them - they’re not stupid. they’re intricately designed and planned to fuck over people who aren’t as lucky as themselves because they believe they are inherently better than everybody else.

not only is calling something unintelligent because it’s wrong paint actually happenstance unintelligent people badly (which like, isn’t their fault! it isn’t somebody’s fault if they don’t know something), it also does a disservice to discourse about politics as it allows people like donald trump and other republicans to get away with what they’re doing as just being unintelligent - when it’s not. it’s intelligent. it’s planned to hurt people of the working class and give more power and money and safety to rich people like himself. that’s always what the right-wing and capitalism in general has been about, and we can’t stand by and call that “unintelligence” - it’s wrong and it’s selfish and it’s evil

Bad Boy Part 2

He held onto your waist and pulled you back down before smashing his lips onto yours, “No thank you.” He flipped you both over and got up before walking away, “Oh and…call me sometime…Y/N”, he winked.

Your eyes went wide with horror as you laid on the floor of the school cafeteria, dumbfounded.

“Hey…Y/N right? I think you’re in my swim class”, a girl with strawberry blonde hair came up to you the next day.

You gave her a skeptical look. You weren’t a fucking idiot, you knew why she was the tenth student in almost a year to talk to you today. You only gave her a genuinely fake smile, “Yes and you know what I think? I don’t know your name, I finished swim class last year, and I know the reason why you’re pretending to know me”, you shrugged before continuing your walk to the memory filled cafeteria.

“She’s the one he kissed?”

“It’s gotta be some joke!”

“You’re a fucking liar!”

“There’s no way in hell that actually happened”, were all things that were said that day. You half wished that it hadn’t actually happened, maybe people wouldn’t be approaching you left and right trying to be your best friend. Maybe people would also stop pretending that they were your friends since kindergarten. But maybe you wouldn’t have had your first kiss yesterday–wait, no– you definitely wouldn’t have had you first kiss yesterday. People wouldn’t pretend to know you and things would be normal again.

You walked through the cafeteria doors and looked at a crowd that was forming, you guessed that you were somewhat old news now. You did a double take before realizing that the crowd had formed around your table. The table that no one else had sat at in almost a year before Shawn. You let out a groan as you threw your hoodie over your head and proceeded to get your lunch.

“How’s you day Y/N”, the cafeteria woman asked you with a smile.

Great, her too! “Just peachy”, you sent a fake smile her way before tucking your hoodie even further up your head and grabbing your lunch. You tried to find an empty table as you walked up and down the aisles, laying as low as possible.

“Hey there, princess”, your hoodie was tugged from your head.

“What the fuck”, you turned around to be faced with a smirking Shawn. You crossed your arms, “Will you please just leave me the hell alone. That kiss was nice and all but I really don’t need you or your fake ass posse to make my life ‘better’ when it’s really become a shit ton worse in a course of twenty-four hours”, you hissed with your index finger against his chest.

“Woah, woah, princess, I didn’t tell the whole world I had sex with you. I kissed you in front of the whole school. The same people that I can recall that you’ve called idiots, scumbags, and people you don’t give a shit about, what’s the difference now”, he threw his hands out in exasperation.

“What’s the difference”, you let out a dry laugh, “I don’t care about what these people think because they obviously couldn’t give two shits about me, boy I was wrong. Or maybe I wasn’t, maybe they actually care about you and don’t give a fuck about me. Ever think that?”

“I liked you at first, I truly did, but I’m not sure at the moment because the girl who didn’t give a shit about people isn’t really here right now”, he rolled his eyes.

“Well guess who doesn’t give a shit about you and your stupid kisses, stupid leather jacket, and stupid messy hair? This girl, the same girl who you’re claiming gives more than two shits about what people think”, you threw your hands up as you began walking backward as he stayed silent, “Bad boy is baffled now, isn’t he?”

The whispers are still happening, the acknowledgments….not so much. People really don’t give a shit about girls who start scenes in the cafeteria, Mean Girls has ruined reality once again. This was fucking ridiculous! Actually, it was a lot like one of your books. Your Wattpad books to be exact, where the lonely girl meets bad boy and he fights her on the fact that she doesn’t care about him, but in all reality, she just wants to live happily ever after with the douchebag.

You rolled your eyes at your thoughts as you doodled in your English notebook, 'Shawn Mendes is a leather jacket wearing piece of shit who is ruining my life’, you wrote in it.

The person who sat next to you, Nicole Jensen, looked at your notebook with disgust as your eyes met with her glaring ones.

“Mind your own fucking business”, you waved her off before closing your notebook and placing your head on your propped up elbow.

“Psst…”, Jason Lopez, the guy who sits behind you, tapped your shoulder.

You turned your head in annoyance as he motioned to Shawn who was looking at your desperately. You rolled your eyes before mouthing, “Fuck off”, and turning back around.

Five minutes later you felt something light, which you assumed was paper, come in contact with the back of your head. You ignored it and tried to pretend it wasn’t there. Then it was a pencil, then it was a paper airplane, then it was a paper airplane with a pencil in it, then it was a fucking rectangular eraser.

You let out a loud huff before grabbing the eraser and turning it over to reveal in somewhat neat handwriting, “Princess?”

You turned your head to reveal a sad Shawn looking out the window, avoiding your gaze. You fought the urge to go through with your next move, were you seriously about to do this? You hesitantly wrote what you needed to on the eraser before tossing it back and returning your gaze to the teacher.

How did you let him take over you so fast? Why did you not regret it? Who the hell was this kid?

Your thoughts were interrupted with a buzz coming from your pocket. Shit! He did what you thought he was gonna do.

You slowly unlocked your phone and opened the text:

My stupid kiss, stupid leather jacket, stupid messy hair, and stupid self, says hi….princess ;)

Hey let’s all take a minute to think about how Lup had such a rough childhood and yet emerged with such a strong impulse to protect the weak and found enough joy in life to withstand something that would psychically destroy most people. Let’s also think about the fact that both of those things tacitly or explicitly are because of her relationship with her brother, who was always there for her and who she was always there for. Let’s think about this stupid the-magic-of-siblings podcast run by these stupid brothers who are making me have stupid emotions.


Are there seriously still people like that on tumblr? Seriously? Can you grow tf up please? I don’t understand your logic. If you don’t like the ship why don’t you just fucking ignore it? Nobody fucking cares if you don’t like it, I’ve dealt with so many people on the novahd tag, who came over and wasted their fucking life just to say “oh I don’t like novahd.” O-okay? Did we fucking ask? I mean I get i get it everybody has an opinion, but some people need to keep some in there stupid blabber mouths, because they’re unnecessary and stupid. And you know what I’m not gonna lie, I did that a long time ago, and I regret it, I even said sorry for it. But the fact that people STILL do this with shipping, is fucking retarded, it’s 2017, grow tf up. Don’t start stupid ass ship wars for no reason. I’ve seen enough ship wars I don’t want to see anymore. And I’ll even say I have a notp right now myself, and I hate it with a fucking passion. But do you see me going on other ship tags to say “Hey, I hate this ship, just wanted to tell you that.” No i don’t, because why would I do that when my ship is ten times fucking cuter anyways? *clears throat* Sorry..and I’m sorry if your dead ship won’t come back so you have to hate on others ships. Tch feelsbadman. Look do you need tips on how to ignore a ship and keep your fucking mouth shut so you don’t get it slapped off by karma? Cause I’ll help you…fuckin…we have other problems in the world and you’re bitching about a notp??? Some people..also don’t. say. sorry. After you just shit on something we like, it’s stupid and you clearly don’t mean it. Stay in your fucking lane. We’ll talk about our ship, and you talk about yours. Fair enough? Okay now shut up. 

keepmyserenity  asked:

1. Either 2. Molly, what do you do about men? They're so like.... you know. You know how they are. They're horrible and precious and stupid, and I'm stupid, and we're all stupid. And it's all so human, and I'm so bad at humaning, and I don't know how to do things. It's just scary and everything goes wrong, but it goes wrong because I get scared that it'll go wrong and I sabotage everything, and its just like what even is anything. I don't know.

i think the question that has plagued people who are attracted to men since the dawn of time is, “what do you do about men?” so far nobody has a great answer, other than, “yell at them.” and that’s very tiring. i rarely have the energy to yell at men unless they’re my dad or my congressman.

luckily for me, it doesn’t sound like your question is What Do We Do About Men, but actually What Do We Do About The Fear Of Being Vulnerable With People We Love Or Might Love? and unfortunately we can’t necessarily blame men for that fear, as much as i love blaming men for things.

it doesn’t make you bad at humaning to be scared of getting hurt. in fact, i think that’s just about the most human thing there is. sometimes it feels like we’re all walking around with these tiny breakable glass hearts in our hands, and it’s very natural to want to put that heart in a box and that box in a bigger box and that bigger box in a hole in the ground where it won’t be disturbed. it’s very scary and very brave to trust that beautiful little spun glass sculpture to somebody’s else’s care and ask them not to crush it. we’re a very crushable species.

here is what i think: hearts break. it’s about the only thing they can be counted on to do. but they heal, too. there isn’t any way to make it through life without carrying hurt around in your heart. even if you were to never open yourself up to ~romance, you are going to get scarred in other ways: friendships that end, loved ones who die, opportunities that go to waste, distant tragedies and tragedies that are right up close. and through all of that heartbreak, you’re going to keep moving forward, and keep finding things to laugh about, and keep being human. that isn’t a choice. it’s just the way being alive works.

so. be brave. you don’t have to be brave every time. wait until you find someone that is worth being brave for. it isn’t something that will happen just one time. you’ll have to be brave again and again, and you might not even get rewarded for it. it might not last. that doesn’t mean that you or they or the relationship failed, just that it ran its course.

you’ll survive it. you are stronger than you think. so when you find someone that makes you want to take the first step, trust yourself enough to take it, even if you don’t know what the second step will look like, or the third, or the fourth. being scared isn’t bad and doesn’t make you bad. it just means you’re human, and you’re doing just fine. <3