stupid people watch


Don’t ever ask me what the hell I was thinking ‘cause I don’t know either.

simon disabling his comments is like when you’re younger and your sibling does some stupid shit and your mum punishes all of you


is it in poor taste to still use jontron reaction gifs even though he’s now completely outed himself as ignorant scum?

because damn if those gifs don’t still get a chuckle out of me, and i stg it’s the worst feeling to still like a good amount of someone’s content (not all, of course) while being perfectly willing to push them into an open manhole after braining them with a vodka bottle.


that people who didn’t watch produce 101, go trough the internet talking shit about the show and saying “samuel deserved better”.

Well, yes HE DESERVES THE WORLD, but we can’t do anything about nation’s producers pick and totally we CAN’T do anything with mnet’s shit. EVERY DUSTY ASS WHO IS SAYING “MNET IS A TOTAL SHIT” READ ME, YOU ARE DOING NOTHING WITH THIS.

Yes Mnet it’s a total shit, and they evil editing sucks, every single thing about mnet sucks, not gonna lie. But as someone who followed the show constantly, it kinda annoy the fact that people who don’t know anything about other trainees or the shit that happened with other ones, talk shit about something they don’t know.

I’m actually very upset about Samuel ranking, and i know he deserved better, and jonghyun and dongho too. But, being brutally honest, samuel, jonghyun and dongho are not the only ones who deserved better. When Eunki and Hwangwoong, Justin, Kenta, Donghyun, Donghan, or any other trainees were eliminated i’ve never seen a post (of someone who weren’t in the fandom) saying Kenta, Eunki, HwangWoong, Donghyun, Justin or Donghan deserved better.

So, don’t come here and say that Samuel deserved better when you don’t know what even happened on the show.

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I'm sure you've heard but what are your thoughts about people boycotting ep 16 because of the POSSIBLE no Magnus? I think it's ridiculous and won't do anything besides make the show less money. Also this is a big episode for Simon and Maia separately and it's just sad to see that nobody really cares.

I mean…. don’t get me wrong, I get that you like one character more than all the other ones on the show. After all, Shadowhunters is still an ensemble show with 7 main characters which you’re all bragging about normally. But when Magnus is not in it, you boycot it? Are you guys for real? 

Boycotting a whole episode just because of the slight POSSIBILITY that Magnus isn’t in it? Which is still nothing more than a fucking rumor (if you even call it this way) and only started when Isaiah said that he won’t be in 2x16. Magnus can still be in it. But yeah, go around and tell people to boycot the show. That clearly helps everyone here. Especially the show and getting more seasons…. oh and yeah, seeing more of Magnus in the future. Honestly, what is this? Kindergarten?

can we please get rid of the idea that you have to play hockey in order to know the game because that’d be nice

No offense but uuuuh why do we as a society make fun of people with “irrational” fears??? We??? Don’t know what’s causing that fear? Maybe it’s a trigger? Maybe the person has some type of mental illness or is otherwise nuerodivergent? Maybe it’s none of our fucking business? Maybe we should all shut our fucking mouths?

PENELOPE (2006) Sentence Starters

Change pronouns, adapt dialect accordingly.

“That was the last of the ho-hos!”
“Rich people suck!”
“They were invited back to the house, where they were legally gagged into secrecy.”
“lf being ugly were a crime, I’d have to arrest half the people in this city.”
“He said ‘shit’ to me twice. And then he just stood there staring at me.”
“Do you have any idea what a story like this will do to me?”
“Hang in there.”
“I’m sorry you got stuck with me.”
“Hold on honey, you can do it.”
“I’d given up all hope of ever finding a woman who truly understands me.”
“I had given up all hope that is … until I met you.”
“She’s gotta pee. You got a bathroom? I’m going to get some punch.”
“No one ever seems able to see past that.”
“Curse or no curse, if I am more than my name and my face, well then, surely you are more than yours?”
“Let me in.”
“And, like, what guy looks at me and thinks picket fence?”
“My mother did what any loving mother would do: she faked my death. And had me cremated.”
“Why can’t I have bacon?”
“So, what? Are you hiding from the law, or is that a bad nose job?”
“How can he not see me, you know? I’m on a Vespa with wings.”
“Once the curse is broken I’ll be just like anybody else.”
“Either you ______ or so help me god I am going to rip your guts out.”
“I have to pee and I can’t leave you alone with the phones.”
“lt’s not the power of the curse, it’s the power you give the curse.”
“I like myself the way I am.”
“You have ruined my life!”
“But this isn’t me. The real me is inside here somewhere just waiting to get out. (And you can make that happen.)”
“____, let me in.”
“Unfortunately, my believing you isn’t going to do either one of us any good.”
“Five thousand bucks worth your while?”
“I used to spend every weekend there just hanging on a bench writing stupid love songs. People watching.”
“That’s what mothers do with daughters! They talk about how to look prettier.”
“Once the queen’s dead the king’s useless.”
“God! He licked me.”
“Alright, keep in mind; never bet a better.”
“I fear I did you a terrible disservice that day.”
“What if the curse isn’t broken. What if —  what if the curse can never be broken?”
“I felt the rush of a thousand heart breaks.”
“We have both always known there was no guarantee.”
“Are you freaking out or what?”
“Sorry. Ridiculous.”
“You shit! You lied to me!”
“I’m sorry I dragged you down with me.”
“Are you in or out?”
“Listen, I’m sorry I ran from my feelings.”
“What the hell have you been chasing all these years?”
“Listen you little worm, I know your kind: spoiled rotten mama’s boy —”
“Oh, now I’m the bad guy!”
“I don’t have the power to break the curse.”
“I knew you would run. I wanted you to, but perhaps if I had taken the time to really listen to you, maybe we could have helped each other find our way.”
“You see, like you, I felt imprisoned most of my life.”
“No, you have beautiful ears. Beautiful. They’re beautiful.”

Playing Devils advocate

I’ve been hearing a lot of things about the new movie get out, and I’m very interested in watching it. I loved key & peele and after peele’s history in comedy it’ll be interesting to see how he handled a thriller.

Although, the one thing I will say is its pretty sad that I’ve also seen a lot of people using the movie to be racist as all hell to white people afterwards. I’m not talking about the “oh well black people were portrayed as gangsters and thief’s for years, and now all these white people are mad because of how they’re portrayed,” type of prejudices, or anything small like that. In fact, it’s not about how whites are portrayed, it’s the reaction and stupidity that surrounds people after watching it. Ive been seeing posts of people saying after seeing the movie they want to avoid all white people, people saying they were skeptical of their white gf/bf afterwards, I even read a column in cosmopolitan were the author used the movie “shows what people of colour knew all along, that white people are not to be trusted,” amongst other terrible, racist things in the column

Social commentary is not a bad thing, if the purpose of the movie was to connect to a black audience and allow a white audience to understand how African Americans may feel, but for the love of God don’t use it to make it about racial supremacy. It’s a fictional movie that has a social message in it but that is not a trigger for people to be bigoted.

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OK so Oikawa on a reality tv show right? And the producers want to make drama so they ask him and this girl to pretend to hate each other so they pretend to be exs and they keep coming up with crazier and crazier reasons as to why they broke up, or what the other person did to them but the entire time off camera they get along really well and start falling to each other. You don't have to write this if its too far out there. The idea just kinda popped into my head and I thought you might like it

Sorry for taking so long, but I absolutely had to write this!

Oikawa Tooru

“Cut!” the producer screamed for the hundredth time today. He jumped off of his chair and walked towards Tooru and the girl in front of him. He pointed at his chest while his fierce eyes seemed to pierce through Tooru his own.

“You have to be angry! She just cheated on you with the man behind the counter!”

“The man behind the counter?” Tooru asked. “I thought it was my dad?”

The girl giggled at his answer but the producer didn’t seem to think it was funny. 

“Your dad? That was last week!” he hit Tooru with the script and sighed deeply. “Keep your facts straight boy, or I’ll search for someone else.”

He walked back towards his chair and massaged the side of his face frustratedly. Tooru watched him for a little, while he and the girl took their positions back. He didn’t have the time to ask for her name yet. This week of filming was stressful and busy that he simply didn’t have the time to take a little break.

She nudged his side playfully and grinned; “Next week he would let me cheat on you with your dog”

Finally the day ended and Tooru walked outside, immediately spotting the girl who played his wife. She stood there alone. She was holding her bag above her head to shelter her from the rain as she seemed to search for someone.

“Are you waiting for someone?” Tooru joined her, sharing his umbrella.

She smiled and nodded at his friendly gesture as she shuffled a little closer to stay completely dry under the shared umbrella.

“Yeah. My uber driver texted me that he’d be late. You’re Oikawa right?”

Tooru nodded and scratched the back of his neck awkwardly.

“That’s me. I can bring you home if you want, eh..?”

“L/N, L/N Y/N”

“Ah, I finally know your name” Tooru smiled.

He walked towards his car. It didn’t go as easy as he thought it would be. Sharing an umbrella while walking is actually pretty difficult. He opened the door for Y/N as she chuckled and took a seat.

“What a gentlemen” she wiggled her eyebrows as Tooru took his own seat behind the stearing wheel.

“Everything for a pretty lady” he shot back what made her laugh.

The friendship bloomed pretty fast after this. Tooru made sure to bring two coffees everytime he had a break so he had an excuse to talk to Y/N again. Talking while shooting a scene didn’t count to him. They were both someone else and very different from their own personalities.

“You want us to divorce?” Y/N raised an eyebrow at the short man.

“Exactly” the producer, who finally stopped with the weird cheating scenes, crossed his arms and pointed at Tooru. “And you’re going to throw everything in reach towards him.”

“What if I accidentally hit him?”

“That would be even better” he left again, leaving Y/N and Tooru alone.

“This man is absolutely crazy.”

They thought it would stop after the divorce. But it didn’t. Oh boy it didn’t. More people seemed to watch this show now, for whatever reason it may be. Tooru would never watch this show if he saw it on tv. It was weird, unrealistic and too many things were happening at once.

“Cut! Take a break guys. You did well.” 

Y/N immediately hurried towards Tooru who was making weird movements with his jaw. 

“Oh dear, I hurt you with the book didn’t I?” she asked worried. 

“Yeah” he chuckled but stiffened as Y/N placed her hand on his jaw. 

“I’m so sorry”

“It’s.. okay” he said, looking the other way to hide his blushing face.

Two months of weird stories for the break up and many scenes where they threw stuff at each other later, the producer hurried into the studio again. He was waving the new script in the actors their faces.

“Good news guys, you’re going to get back together. We asked for some opinions from people who watch the show and they seem to really like you as a couple!”

Tooru grinned at his comment. He took is personally even though he was very aware that they were both very different from their characters. Even Y/N seemed to have a little blush spread across her cheeks.

“How exactly do you want us to get back together again?” asked Tooru and raised his eyebrow slightly. 

The producer clapped in his hand and licked his lips. He jumped slightly from enthusiasm and gave the two lead characters a weird look. 

“A romantic scene, in the rain, with tears and a very passionate kiss”

Tooru his eye widened. He didn’t dare look at Y/N her reaction about this. Sure, he had kissed many girls before for a film, but this was different. He started feeling more towards the girl instead of colleagues. 

“A kiss?”

“A kiss” the producer nodded. 

And so it happened. Both Tooru and Y/N were soaked and currently standing on the set where the fake rain would start pouring down any minute. He felt his hands shake a little. He wanted to slap himself. Why would he be nervous? It’s just a kiss. Just a stupid kiss for a stupid serie that only stupid people watch. Y/N gave him a small smile and he felt his heart flutter in his chest. Even when she was soaked by the fake rain, she still looked gorgeous as always. 

“Ready? 3, 2, 1, ACTION!”

Y/N immediately got into her role. She started crying and screaming as Tooru looked hurt and shocked. 

“I never cheated on you with anyone! I just felt like you were losing interest in me and I needed to something to get you back!” she screamed and walked towards him. 

“God I’ve been so stupid!” Tooru put his hands on his head and started laughing through his tears as the fake rain ticked on the ground. “I love you” he said, swallowing deeply. 

It felt like he was confessing his love for her right here right now. And her reaction seemed to think the same. She got out of her role a little second and blushed. The corners of her lips twitched as if she wanted to smile. 

“I love you so much. I thought you really did cheat. I wanted you, no, I want you. I need you.” he took a couple steps closer to her small form. 

“Kenji” she whispered. 

“Safu” Tooru answered softly. 

They both swallowed deeply. Tooru saw her eyes flash to his lips. They ignored the rest of the scene as they particularly jumped at each other. The kiss was rough, messy and needy. Tooru his hands drifted of to her hips and she jumped in his arms, her legs locking around his waist as his arms rested underneath her. 

“And cut!” the producer screamed. 

Tooru slowly let Y/N down. They were both silent. Tooru felt awkward and he tried to avoid looking at her. The producer walked towards them and threw his arms around their shoulders, laughing loudly. 

“Perfect! Absolutely perfect! I felt the emotion. This ending is genius and I’m sure everyone will want a season 2!”

Tooru took a deep breath and walked towards Y/N. They had been avoiding each other a little. They were both busy getting everything out of their dressing rooms now that the shooting was over. Tooru knew that if he didn’t confess his feelings right now, he wouldn’t see her until they would shoot a season 2. 

“Hey” he said. 

She turned around and gave him a little smile. 


He scratched the back of his neck awkwardly. 

“That wasn’t how I expected our first kiss to be” he chuckled. “Do you want to go get coffee together before we try it again?”

Idiot. Fucking idiot Tooru. You sound desperate and you’re a creep. Why didn’t you just-

“Yeah.” she laughed. “That sounds lovely”