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Hogsmeade Dates

Draco Malfoy x Reader

Summary - Pureblood Reader is trying to win over Draco with being friends with his fellow friends but little does Reader know they are already on Draco’s radar.

((Sorry this is so short.. But I tried to make it fluffy? Excuse my bad writing.. I tried…))

Key - 

Y/n = Your name

Y/h/n = Your house name

F/h = Favorite Hairstyle

         Today was the first day back from winter vacation. You were running down the halls into y/h/n common room. “Y/n!” You heard Pansy calling from down the corridor. Your head turns to her, and you raise an eyebrow. She always was getting on your nerves and you could do nothing about it as you were trying to get closer to Draco -your current crush. It wasn’t like you couldn’t just talk to him, it’s just that you knew that if you did you would say something stupid. “Hey Pansy, did you need something?” You asked Pansy quickly trying to get back to your common room. “Do you think I should ask out Blaise to the next Hogsmeade trip?” She questioned and you nodded quickly turning on your heel. “I’ll talk to you later Pansy I have to go finish homework I forgot about!” You began running as Pansy yelled ‘bye!’ You scurried into the room and up the stairs to the roomy bedroom you shared with your roommate Carlie. “Y/n your back from quidditch practice!” Carlie came out of the shared bathroom her brown eyes excited. She was always like this. She had a very kind nature and was good with plants but didn’t go along well with people that often since she was shy and socially awkward. “Yeah, I was going to take a shower and then go to sleep. I’m pretty tired.” She nodded and laid down on her bed, her dark hair tumbling around her shoulders. You went into the bathroom and got a soothing shower and brushed through your hair and went over to your bed closing your eyes. Sleep overtook you as you continued to think about the one and only Draco Malfoy. As you felt light hit your eyes you slowly groaned and turned over as you had to get up even though it was a Saturday. If you wanted breakfast which was may I add, very good, then you had to get up in time. You crawled out of the comfortable protection of your bed and pulled on your cloak. You did your hair and rapidly made your way down the stairs to get to the dining hall in time. You may have ran over some Gryffindor students in the hall but thats okay because it was for food, so it was worth it.. Right? You made your way into the hall filled with students milling around with muffins and such. You sat down in between Pansy and Astoria since it didn’t matter where students sat in the morning and it was a weekend anyways so most people were sleeping in. You grabbed a breakfast muffin off the plate as your hand brushed against a pale one in front of you. “M-morning.” You stuttered as you looked into the beautiful grey eyes of Draco. “Morning Y/n, sleep well?” He asked politely picking at the muffin he grabbed a minute ago. “Yeah, I guess. Carlie kept me up half the night with her snoring but other then that…” You bit into the muffin as Blaise who was sitting next to Draco lightly hit him in the stomach and motioned to you. He glared at Blaise and turned back to you his pale complexion now slightly pink. “So Y/n… I was wondering if you had a date to Hogsmeade later today?” He asked and shock filled your expression and automatically shook your head ‘No.’ “Well would you think about going to Hogsmeade with me?” Draco questioned and of course your automatic answer was “Yes!” 

       As you got ready for the trip you put on your nicest clothes and did you hair in f/h. You walked into the long corridors and Pansy walked straight over to you - much to your dismay. “I asked Blaise and convinced Draco to ask you since he was nervous and it’’s obvious you like him!” Pansy’s shrill voice cuts the air. “Thank you Pansy.. I hope Blaise and you have fun!” I hit her shoulder and she pranced over to Blaise holding his hand in hers. “Hi.” The smooth voice of Draco came from behind you causing you to jump. “H-hey!” He smirked and grabbed your hand as we left for Hogsmeade. We arrived at Hogsmeade and Draco had his arm around your shoulder. “So Y/n.. We have four hours here so..” Draco’s smile melted your heart and you blushed pointing to the nearest shop which happened to be Honeydukes. “Candy? Alright..” Draco and you looked around the shop and then you saw them - Fizzing Whizzbees. Let’s just say you loved them A LOT. “You want them?” Draco asked and picked up two boxes. “Yeah, I really love them.” You turned to the counter and went up pulling out the given money from your parents when Draco pushed your wallet down. “No love, I’ll pay.” He pulled out a wad of cash and placed it on the counter and grabbed the candy putting it into your hands. You looked at him smiling and blushing as he returned the smile. “You know Y/n.. I’ve always been keen for you and my parents and yours know each other and are good friends, which means father would approve. But what I’m trying to ask is.. Will you be my girlfriend?” He nervously played with his fingers waiting for your response. “OF course!” You squealed as Draco pulled you into a tight embrace. “I love you..” He murmured against the skin of your neck causing your face to turn beet red. “I love you too Draco.” You whispered as he breathed slowly against you. He broke the hug pulling you out to face him. His face got closer and closer until is soft lips touched yours as it started snowing lightly. He broke the kiss to say “Cliche.” Then continued to kiss you slowly as students passed by you in shock. He held on tight to you as the hours passed and you went on being an ordinary couple. Let’s just say that Hogsmeade was officially your favorite place now.

  • Draco: Boyfriend? I don’t want to be Harry's "boyfriend"
  • Pansy: Well...what do you want then?
  • Draco: I don’t know! I just wanna be with him all the time. I wanna hear about his day and tell him about mine. I wanna...hold his hand and smell his hair. But, I don’t wanna be his stupid "boyfriend”
  • Pansy: Draco, what you just described is literally a boyfriends relationship. And a pretty clingy one at that
Bookmarks and Chocolates - Pansmione Valentine’s Day One-Shot

So I always default Drarry for things, but when I noticed the Be Mine Challenge by @slytherdornet and @hprarepairnet it was a good excuse to write some Pansmione!! I don’t write f/f pairings often enough! Got tad longer than I’d planned though…

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Bookmarks and Chocolates - 2.4k - First Valentine’s Day Together

Hermione twisted a piece of her hair nervously. The package in her pocket felt heavier than it ought to. Even in the library, there was no escaping what day it was. Valentine’s day. There was whispering, and some snogging in between the shelves. There was pink everywhere, which Hermione had scoffed at. Too cliché, she thought. Too easy to give a girl something pink and flowery, and covered in hearts.

Her eyes darted over to Pansy. The Slytherin was leaning back in her chair, which was turned out slightly, with one foot resting on the seat next to her, and her book resting on that raised thigh. It was a tad scandalous, given that her skirt has slid up, revealing a rather large patch of inner thigh. Blinking, Hermione glanced back at her notes.

The package only felt heavier, which was ridiculous given what it was. It had been an impulsive purchase, and really, she regretted it. Ever since then, she’d only felt stressed about it. They obviously weren’t exchanging anything, or Pansy would have given her something already. She wasn’t one to waste time.

They could hardly call what they were doing dating anyway. Hermione didn’t care for labels, but one would be helpful, on such a day, just so she’d know what to do. They’d never really gone out anywhere for a date. And they’d only kissed a few times. Well, several times really, but nothing further. They did spend almost every day together after class, in the library, but Hermione was studying. Pansy didn’t really study, even though she got good grades. She was always reading a book though, and she always had a different bookmark.

Which was why Hermione had felt the impulse to buy the one she’d seen in Hogsmeade. Which was stupid. Pansy probably had one like it anyway, in her apparently vast collection. Biting her lip, Hermione looked back down at her notes. She’d written nothing in over an hour.

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Hermione Granger x Pansy Parkinson
Warnings:  HP spoilers

Pansy Parkinson felt lonely.
And she never thought she actually would be.


After the war, there was a small percentage of students returning to Hogwarts to finish their schooling. Pansy Parkinson, Draco Malfoy, and The Golden Trio were some of them.

It was mid-September when Pansy realized Draco wanted absolutely nothing to do with her. She had tried, for days, weeks. Poured her effort into a friendship that had developed into being tragically one-sided. A relationship that was probably damned from the start.

And when Draco began dating Harry Potter, it was if Pansy has never even existed to him at all.

That’s when the loneliness began to settle in her chest - like a helpless man trapped in quicksand.


By the end of September, the staff at Hogwarts decided that because of the underwhelming number of students attending school this year, all four houses would be bunking together, additionally to provide a sense of closeness and house unity.

Pansy considered it a bad omen when she was placed in a dorm with Hermione Granger - and only Hermione Granger. 

The two girls completely ignored each other for five days.


The thing that had finally caused a conversation between Pansy and Hermione had been, interestingly enough, literature.

Pansy had been sprawled across her bed, laying on her stomach, quill scratching against parchment for a Transfiguration essay with an approaching deadline.

The Great Gatsby?” Hermione suddenly blurted out from her side of the dormitory, causing Pansy’s head to snap up, her short hair brushing alongside her neck.

“What?” she said, peering at the bushy-haired girl across the room.

“You’ve read The Great Gatsby?” Hermione reiterated, bobbing her head toward the old paperback resting on Pansy’s bedside table.

“Oh,” Pansy said, glancing at the book before turning back to Hermione. “Yeah. I think it’s the best book ever written - that I’ve yet to read.”

“Really?” Pansy found Hermione’s surprise a bit amusing. The dark-skinned Gryffindor pushed herself up on her own bed and folded her legs underneath herself. “I wouldn’t say it’s the best, but easily in my top fifteen.”

Pansy couldn’t stop the smile from creeping onto her lips. “Top fifteen? You’re insane, Granger.” She sat up and pushed her essay aside.

“I’m not insane, I just like books,” Hermione said, pushing a strand of brown hair out of her face. “And apparently you do too.”

Then they talked about books, amongst other things, into the night.

That’s how the two formerly opposing roommates became an unlikely pair of friends.


Pansy eventually opened up to Hermione about all her regrets. How she felt it wasn’t fair - it wasn’t fair that Draco had seemed to be completely forgiven by almost everyone - and she had received the short end of the stick.

It had always been hard for Pansy to communicate her true thoughts and feelings - but Hermione had managed to draw it all out of her.

And Pansy was trying to convince herself that she wasn’t developing feelings for her.

But it was so damn hard - Pansy was enthralled by so many aspects of Hermione Granger. 

The way she would gently bite her lip as she diligently completed her homework. The way her bushy hair would bounce as she walked across the room. Her utter fascination with books, and her constant push for Pansy to read all of her favorites. The way she would pour her heart into things she felt passionate about.

The way she had forgiven Pansy for who she used to be.


Pansy decided to do it one cold winter afternoon.

She was going to kiss her.

She didn’t know how; she didn’t know when. But she wanted, no, needed to do it.

And it was rushed and sloppy, the way that it happened.

Hermione was slightly bent over Pansy’s sharp shoulder as she explained a potion they had to make for class. Pansy’s pale fingers clutched the duvet of her bed as she watched Hermione’s lips move, bend, curve, press -

She leaned over suddenly and kissed Hermione hard on the mouth.

And she felt the other girl’s surprise, and worried for a moment that she had made a huge mistake. Ready to apologize, Pansy started to pull away -

But Hermione grabbed both sides of her face and kissed her back, even harder. Pansy grinned against Hermione’s silky lips.

After all, Slytherins have always had a knack for getting what they want.


After speaking to Hermione in depth about it all over several weeks, Pansy was finally convinced to do the thing she had been itching to do every since they all returned to Hogwarts.

It was a Wednesday, and Pansy had approached Draco and Harry at their spot in the Great Hall, an encouraging Hermione watching from not too far away.

“Hey,” she said hesitantly, glancing between the two boys. “Can I talk to you for a minute?”

Draco blinked at her, and then cleared his throat and abruptly stood up. “Yeah, sure. I -”

“Sorry, not you,” Pansy blurted, not actually meaning to sound so rude. “I meant Harry.”

Harry looked surprised as he stared at her, but nevertheless obliged right away. “Alright,” he said, placing his left hand on Draco’s shoulder as he stood up. The blonde boy sat down slowly, all whilst looking at Pansy as if she had sprouted an extra head.

Harry followed Pansy around the corner and out of the Great Hall, and she could feel Draco’s eyes digging into her back like sharpened daggers.

“What’s up, Parkinson?” Harry asked, crossing his arms over his chest and peering at her with his emerald green eyes.

“I just wanted to say-” she began, before realizing how difficult it was to actually say the words. “Erm, I, um…”

Harry Potter grinned at her, and she couldn’t help but envy his easiness around everyone, even her. His smile did seem to put her a bit more at ease - maybe it was contagious.

Pansy pressed her lips together and returned the grin. “I wanted to apologize. For everything I did, how I acted before the war. I just feel horrible about who I was. And, um-”

She began to get flustered, so naturally her fingers brushed through her thick hair. She just had the words a moment ago, but they had managed to fall into some abyss, unreachable.

Harry sensed it. “It’s okay, Pansy.” That stupid, effortless grin was still strewn across his face, but this time Pansy could tell it was wider.

“But it’s not,” she said. I almost turned you over to…”

She couldn’t finish the sentence.

“Really, it’s fine,” Harry reiterated, uncrossing his arms. “I forgive you.”

She had never heard those words before. They echoed in her ears for a moment, and she felt like a weight had lifted off of her shoulders. Her slightly chapped lips cracked into a smile as she replied, “Thank you. That means a lot.”

“Of course,” Harry said. “And, if it means anything, I’m really glad you’re with Hermione.”

Pansy’s grin grew for miles.


They were intertwined.

Figuratively, and, quite literally, as Hermione’s head rested comfortably on Pansy’s chest, their ankle bones clashing as their feet twisted together underneath the cotton sheets of Pansy’s bed. A low-hummed song was pouring from Hermione’s lips, and Pansy was inhaling the sweet scent of her hair.

Pansy’s fingers trailed lightly up and down Hermione’s arm, and she could feel the goosebumps protruding from her skin.

Even Pansy wasn’t expecting the words to fall off her lips.

“I think I’m in love with you.”

A stifling silence filled the room then, as Hermione abruptly stopped humming. Pansy’s fingers lingered over one section of Hermione’s arm as she realized what she just said out loud.

“Really?” Hermione whispered, barely audible.

Pansy swallowed. “Yeah. I, uh, I didn’t mean to say it right then and there, but… I meant it.”

Hermione turned her head to look at her then, and Pansy’s chest filled with relief as she saw the enormous smile on her love’s face.

“You’re a dork,” Hermione said, smile not fading in the slightest.

Pansy knew that was just as good as I love you too.

Nothing on you //Draco Imagine//

Requested by: ladykatyhunt

Request: A Draco imagine that takes place during the time in Half Blood Prince where he knows he must kill Dumbledore and he is distressed and sad with himself and the position he is in. The scene where he’s crying in the bathroom comes to my mind. I want it to be like him maybe consoling in Y/n or something like that, have fun with it!

Pairing: Draco x Reader

Warnings: none

A/n: Why did this take me so long…idk but so sorry for the wait!! Hope you like it!

The sound of your shoes hitting the stone ground echoed through the empty corridors of the school as you made your way towards the great hall where you were meeting your friends for lunch as usual. You let out a small sigh as you turned the corner and lifted your head expecting to see an empty hallway, but instead you saw a small group of Slytherins moving in your direction. It was your boyfriend Draco Malfoy and his small group of friends including Crabbe, Goyle, Blaise, and Pansy

“Draco.” You called as you began walking towards their group, your robes twirling behind you as you quickened your pace.

“Sorry Y/n but I can’t talk now. I’ll talk to you later.” Draco replied without even slowing down. You stopped and watched as his group continued to walk away, Draco not even glancing back at you. Pansy turned around and stuck her tongue out at you though. You scoffed lightly before turning on your heels and continuing down the corridor towards the great hall.

“What’s the long face for Y/n?” Your best friend Luna asked as she lowered her newspaper and looked at you.

“Nothing.” You mumbled as you played with the bread of a BLT sandwich.

“Yeah right,” Your other best friend Cho scoffed. “Something is obviously wrong. Just tell us, you can trust us.”

You sighed and sat up straight. “Draco has been avoiding me lately and I don’t know why. I mean he is kind of naturally distant but this is weird. Every time I see him in the hallways he is walking with either Crabbe, Goyle, Blaise, or stupid Pansy and every time he barely even acknowledges me. And he tries to make up for it by setting up a date but at the last minute he cancels because he ‘has something going on’.” You rolled your eyes and leaned your chin on your hand. “I’ve been thinking about breaking up with him. It’s no use being together if he’s just going to ignore me all the time.”

Cho and Luna looked at each other. They never really did agree with you on your decision to date Draco but they both had put their opinions aside and managed to live with it. But whenever you complained about it, they were always there with the “We told you so” statements.

“Have you noticed him hanging out with Pansy more?” Cho asked as she picked at her food as well.

“I haven’t really thought about that…I just saw them in the hallway, except all the boys were there too. She stuck her tongue out at me. Ugh she drives me insane sometimes!” you complained and Cho nodded her head in agreement.

“I’d watch out for her Y/n. She and Draco have a lot in common and she totally has a thing for him. She’s one step away from stealing him from you.” She warned as she bit into an apple. You rolled your eyes but deep down you knew she had a point.

“Well why don’t you just ask him yourself. He’s right there.” Luna said as she pointed over her shoulder. You looked up and sure enough, there was Draco. He was standing in the middle of the room, looking towards the podium where Dumbledore gave his inspiring speeches. You sat up straight again and watched as Draco’s eyes darted around the room. He lifted his hand to his tie and began tugging on it as he turned around and strode out of the room.

“I’ll be right back.” You said as you lifted yourself out of your seat and ran towards the doors Draco had just gone through. You made it just in time to see him disappear up a staircase leading up to the third floor. You went up the stairs taking two steps at a time hoping to catch him before he disappeared.

You made it to the third floor just in time to see him turn the corner leading to the bathrooms. You, panting heavily from sprinting up the stairs, mustered just enough energy to run after him again. You were about to turn the corner when a strange sound made you stop in your tracks.

It sounded like crying. Someone was crying. You turned the corner slowly and saw Draco leaning on one of the sinks, his sweater vest thrown to the floor and his hair messy and disheveled.

“Draco..” you called softly, your voice just louder than a whisper.

Draco whirled around, his gray eyes opened wide. He seemed to relax a little when he realized it was you. He turned back to the sink and let his shoulders fall again.

“Draco what’s wrong baby?” You asked as you moved swiftly down the hallway to your distressed boyfriend, ignoring your lack of energy. You placed a hand on his back and craned your neck to look at his damp face.

“Nothing,” Draco sniffed. “I’m fine.”

“Draco Lucius Malfoy” you said harshly and Draco stood up, looking at you stunned. “You’ve been ignoring me for a long time now and I’m getting tired of it. The least you can do is tell me what is wrong.”

Draco didn’t say anything. He looked at the ground, sighed, and then slowly pulled up his sleeve. You gasped. Draco was a death eater.

“I have to kill dumbledore.” Draco sniffled again, his voice cracking. “I have to kill him or he’ll kill me.”

You didn’t respond. Instead you fling your arms around his frame and held him tightly to you. You sank to the floor, bringing him with you. You rubbed his back gently as he cried into your shoulder.

“You’re not going to break up with me?” Draco asked as he pulled his head away and looked at your face.

“Of course not Draco. This isn’t your choice…I know the real you. The sweet and sensitive one that I fell in love with. The rest of the world only seems to see the side of you that your parents raised.” I wiped away some of his tears and he smiled.

“I’m sorry I’ve been ignoring you Y/n. I-I’ve been so stressed about this that I’ve been blocking everyone out and it drove us apart and I’m sorry. I really am darling.” Draco spoke quietly but you heard every word.

“It’s okay Draco. I’m glad you cleared this up though because I was starting to get the idea you were falling for Pansy.” You Blushed, embarrassed now at how stupid it sounded.

“Pansy?? No way Y/n. Pansy’s got absolutely nothing on you. You’re my everything.” Draco smiled as he leaned his forehead on yours. “Thank you for understanding.” He whispered.

Love & Hate

Harry Potter x Pansy Parkinson

She wasn’t sure when it hit her. 

Maybe it was in third year when their arms brushed walking down the hall and she pushed him away, or maybe it was in seventh year when they locked eyes for a moment before she turned him over to the Dark Lord.

To Pansy, it was all a blur.

She loathed him, she really did. 

She didn’t understand how no amount of product could make his hair lay flat, or how he couldn’t figure out some kind of spell or potion to fix his eye sight to get rid of those awful frames. She was confused by the fact that his eyes were as green as her Slytherin robes, and that his hands were abnormally soft for all the Quidditch he played. It just wasn’t right. He was completely divergent.

Just like her.

She was a walking contradiction. She was as sly as a snake, yet she had an inner flame that never burned out. Her eyes were compared to the sea, but she could feel her inner rage burning through her gaze. Everyone told her she always looked calm and collected, her face seemed as smooth as a stone, until he came along and told her otherwise.

He fucked her up, he really did. 

He made her question her motives, he made her question her sanity, and most of all, he made her question if she was wrong about him.

Pansy did not like being questioned, but he was always asking questions, even if he was not speaking. He would gaze her way and she knew what he was asking. He seemed to read her like a book, and it made her feel exposed. She was taught vulnerability was weakness, she had been told that she never appeared vulnerable. He made her see otherwise. 

The first time they hooked up, it went so fast that Pansy couldn’t catch her breath. The blood pulsing through her veins was boiling, and her desire was screaming at the back of her throat. Potter had a wild side she did not know existed. She even had to admit she always thought he should have been in Slytherin, but after that night, she knew his sorting was correct.

He was wild, he was free, he was reckless, he was bold. He was able to let go in a way she could not. She hated him for it. She hated that she could not be like him. She had always dreamed of being so free. 

She promised herself it was a one time thing, she really did. They were both incredibly drunk, they both had just gotten over heartbreak. They only did it to make themselves feel full again, if only for a moment.

What Pansy didn’t realize was that when he left, she felt empty again. It wasn’t from regret either, which she hated. It was because she now yearned for him. She could not stop thinking about the way his nails dug in her back, or how she felt like she was going to jump out of her skin when he kissed her neck and left marks. Marks she wanted permanently tattooed on her skin. 

The idea that Potter marked her put her in a mental frenzy. It made her giddy, and that annoyed her. Pansy did not get giddy, she was always self-contained. 

She refused to owl him though, she would not be the desperate fool. It had been a few weeks since she had seen him. 

She now saw him at the same muggle pub. He looked worn down, but she was not going to be drawn in.

She got up to leave and tried to only focus on her heels clicking on the floor. She almost got away, but she felt his hand stop her.

Her heart started beating erratically, and she internally lectured herself. She told herself to get a grip. 

“Parkinson,” he said, “Where have you been?”

She told herself to play it cool, but she could not think of elegant words to speak. She just shrugged.

“I wanted to talk to you, about a few weeks ago.”

He looked uncomfortable. He regretted it, she knew it. She should be regretting it, too.

“It’s fine, scar-face. I hardly remember.” She lied.

“What happened to calling me Harry?” He asked her. 

“Friends call each other by their first names, we are not friends.”

She expected him to look relieved, but he looked hurt. He confused her, she did not get it. He looked in her the eye again, and she could see he was seeing through her wall, the one she fought so desperately to keep up.

“I don’t believe you, Pansy.”

Chills ran up her spine as he said her name. She knew he noticed, and she tried to ignore the smirk now on plastered on his face. She focused on his ghastly hair instead, which always infuriated her.

“Pansy, let’s get out of here,” he casually said, “I’ve had a long day”

All she could do was nod and walk out of the pub ahead of him. She felt his hand softly touch the middle of her back to lead her out. 

She tried not to focus on it. 


She promised herself it would be one time, but one time ended up being seven times, and then it ended up being twenty times. She honestly lost count.

It was the same every time. They would end up at the same pub, they would have a drink and talk, and then they would leave and have a casual fuck.

The only thing was it wasn’t casual for Pansy anymore; she needed him. 

She yearned for his arms around her, she silently begged for more. 

Potter was addicting, and the worst part was, he knew it too.

She rolled over to see him lying in her bed now. He was sleeping with his glasses on her bedside table. She could not help but smile slightly at how disheveled his hair was. She did not hate it anymore, and that is what made her hate herself.

He woke up groggily and caught her staring. She turned her head away quickly hoping he wouldn’t notice. He did not notice, though, he always did. She saw him smirk in her peripheral vision. She felt herself flush; Pansy never flushes.

“Like the view?” he asked her.

“No,” she lied, although she sounded confident, “I was actually thinking about how awful your hair is. Didn’t your grandfather create some potion that is supposed to help that disaster?”

He chuckled slightly and replied, “You know more about my family than I do, to be honest with you. All I know is, if that is the case, my own dad did not use my grandfather’s potion.”

Pansy turned to look at him now, she felt sorry for him. 

Pansy never felt sorry for anyone.

“Don’t pity me, Pansy,” he told her, “Just let me pity you.”

She felt rage burning up inside her again. She would not be pitied.

“Excuse me?” She asked him.

“Do you think I don’t know, Pansy? The front you put up. You act like nothing hurts you, that you are so self-contained. Vulnerability is okay, you know. I know everyone sees you as someone who is always under control, but I see the frenzy behind your eyes. You have rage burning inside you, Pansy. You’re like me.”

“You don’t know me.”

“Pansy, we have been fucking for six months.”

Six months. She could not believe it had been six months. 

She was angry at herself for letting it go on for so long; she was always angry at herself that it didn’t seem like it has ever been enough time.

She decided not to answer him and got out of bed. The covers dropped, and she felt the cool air hit her bare body. She felt his eyes on her. 

“Why won’t you just admit it?” He now asked her, “That you see what I see.”

“I have nothing to admit. I don’t know what you’re seeing.”

“Stop it, Pansy. You know what I’m referring to.”

She actually had no clue, but she would not admit that to him. She decided to turn around and face him now. She was still naked, but she could no longer focus on that fact as soon as she looked him in the eye. He was reading her again, and it was entrancing. She tried to look away, but she could not. It was as though she did not care if he saw her for who she really was anymore.

“You really have no idea what I’m referring to?” he asked her, “For someone so insanely brilliant, you are really daft.” 

She was about to argue with him; she felt the rage building up within her, but he started speaking again before she could get a word out.

“You’re in love with me, Pansy.”

Her skin turned cold; she could no longer breath. She avoided those words, she avoided that thought. She could not be in love with him. That’s why she fought it.


“Stop being stupid, Pansy.”

He was up from the bed now and walking toward her. He had put on his glasses and boxers; she had not seen him do so. She swallowed roughly, trying to prepare herself for the next lie she would tell.

“You don’t want to admit it, because I see through you. I have always seen through you. I have seen through you since I first really saw you third year. Do you remember that? Do you remember pushing me down in the hall? I saw the rage in your eyes, the fear you always have within you. I was entranced, I always have been.”

She was silent, she could not speak. He kept going and cupped her cheek as he did so.

“I know you feel guilt for trying to turn me over to Voldemort, but don’t be fooled, I also saw how much that tore you apart as you screamed those words. I have always known you, Pansy, you only did that to protect those you love. It wasn’t out of selfishness, it was out of fierceness, protectiveness. I remember in that moment I could not even be angry with you, I was more disappointed that I was not a person to you. That you did not love me.” 

She could feel tears welling up in her eyes, but she did not let them fall. She tried to look away from him, but he turned her attention back to him.

“You’re like the ocean. You’re fierce, you’re full of rage, but you are also the calm of the storm. You are serenity. I’m fire, Pans. I always have been. I char everything in my path, I destroy. You are the only person that has not looked at me as something indestructible. You have also never looked at me as something special. That’s all I want, to be normal.”

She felt immense guilt now. She did find him special; he was different than everyone. She viewed him in a way he did not want to be viewed.

“You’re wrong,” she said, “I do view you as special. You are far from normal, Harry.”

She saw his face soften as she said his name. He stayed quiet so she could continue. She appreciated him not interrupting her, people in the past always did.

“I hate you, Harry. You’re everything I’m not, you’re everything I wish I could be. I want you to mark me as your own. I have never wanted to be anyone’s before. I have always been independent, I have never needed anyone. I also hate your hair, it is ghastly. I hate your glasses. Your hands are way too soft for someone who plays Quidditch. You have never made sense to me. I can make sense out of everyone. You’re a contradiction. I hate you.”

He smiled slightly as she finished her speech. He pulled her closer to him, and she felt goosebumps rise from her skin.

“I hate you too, Parkinson. More than you could imagine.”

He then kissed her, but it wasn’t like all the other times before. It was soft, it was gentle. It lacked the strength she was used to. It made her become unglued.

It was then in that moment that Pansy realized something special. 

You could never hate someone so much unless you loved them.

Love and hate were combined, they held the same passion within them. 

You could never hate someone unless they made you feel something deeply. That’s why love is scary; it is unpredictable, it is hard to distinguish. To hate someone, you let your walls down. It is the same with love. 

Life is vulnerable. You just have to find someone who hates you as much as you do, and loves you as much as you do, too. 

  • Breakdown: *Is working out but very injured*
  • Knockout: Are you fragging insane??
  • Breakdown: Nope! :3
  • Knockout: You know, it would be easier to count the number of your parts that aren't broken!
  • Breakdown: Work through the pain~
  • Knockout: And how exactly are you gonna work when your frame malfunctions?
  • Breakdown: Please, Knockout. That won't happ- *Falls over* Frag it!!
  • Knockout: Oh nooo~ Someone's getting all huffy~
  • Breakdown: Stop being stupid, Knockout!!
  • Knockout: Don't you call me stupid!
  • Breakdown: Ok, then how about "Gitch"?!!
  • Knockout: You big stupid lug!!
  • Breakdown: Pansy aft!!
  • Knockout: Frag you!
  • Breakdown: Frag you!
  • Knockout: Frag you!!
  • Breakdown: FRAG YOU!!!
  • Knockout: ....Our berth, 10mins~
  • Breakdown: O///O
  • 10mins later: 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
When Draco won't shut up about Potter
  • Draco: He thinks that he's so perfect, saving everyone all the time. It makes me sick
  • Draco: How'd he even make the Qudditch team in first year anyway? Who does he think he is?
  • Draco: And his hair's always a mess but somehow he manages to pull it off, like how does he do that. Stupid Potter.
  • Pansy: Honestly, you won't stop talking about Potter. Potter this, Potter that. Anyone who heard you would say you have a crush on him or something.
  • Draco: A crush?? On P-Potter?! You're mad! As if I would ever have a crush on Scar-head! Sure he's a not a bad looking bloke and all that, and he has nice eyes I suppose...And his smile...
  • Draco's thoughts: Well, fuck.

Human Tavros does not really get Human Gamzee’s musical preferences, but he tries. (in a world with no juggalos, i do believe in gam’s adherence to rude boy early ska/punk Special’s style shit while attempting to get in to his older bro’s more aggressive style of punk). 

Wanna Hear A Secret?

NaLu Week Day Four: Secrets

Summary: Lucy’s drunk and has a secret to share. Natsu is all ears.

Notes: This was supposed to be a drabble, but then I started writing more. I was also supposed to do day 3 but I went out of town yesterday and was lazy didn’t have the time to write it. Maybe I can write it out and get it uploaded by the end of the week.


Read it here on

“Hey… Hey!” came the bubbly, giggly voice of a drunk Lucy Heartfilia. Natsu didn’t bother to hide the exasperated groan as he stared into her glazed brown eyes.

Ever since he found his partner chugging down bottles of beer with Cana, he knew it wouldn’t be a good night. Well, at least not a good night for him. Because if Lucy was drinking then that meant he’d have to babysit her. And it had to be him because the second a drunk Lucy sees Natsu in her peripheral vision, she runs to his side and latches onto him; not wanting to be near anyone else. Then she would proceed to do silly things that only a drunk Lucy could do.

And while Natsu wouldn’t mind seeing Lucy do silly things while piss drunk, the fact that she was so weird when she was around him put him off. She was supposed to be the sensible one who freaked out if he even so much as put his arm around her, not this…this…bouncy, blonde flirt who liked to pretend she was a cat and hang off his arm.

He’s not used to her being this way, and for reasons he never understood, it freaked him out.

Heeeeeeeeeeey,” came Lucy’s voice again, this time her tone taking on a whiny approach. Natsu decided to grit his teeth and prepare to either purr or give a piggyback ride.

“Yeah, Lucy?” he asked warily.

The drunk blonde giggled as she batted her eyes up at him, “Wanna hear a secret?”

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“Of Gods and Men”

Summary: There is something profoundly strange about the forest behind Will Solace’s new house. The trees, it seems, breathe magic. The truth is this: there are things that the forest hides that humans cannot understand.

Nico di Angelo is one of them.

The first time they meet, Will is seven.

His new house is big and foreign, way too large for a family of once-four-now-three. The halls reverberate, bleed silence; when Will walks through the empty corridors, his footsteps are spat back out at him. They sound like gunshots in the quiet, rounds of bullets emptied into him, and he hates it.

Will hates lots of things, which is a little funny, because he’s a pretty small kid, all things considered, and small kids shouldn’t contain that much hate. He hates it when his juice boxes don’t have a hole where the hole should be. He hates when his socks have tears in the toes. He hates it when his mom and big sister, Kayla, talk in whispers about his dad and money, using big words and small voices, so Will can’t understand.

He hates the house most of all.

It’s in the middle of nowhere, tucked into the words like an afterthought, something half-forgotten and almost lost. The stairs creak, the windows screech when they open, and Will’s bedroom smells musty, damp. The outside is painted a pale green, and knobby, twisting trees are encroaching on the yard, stretching greedy fingers towards the elderly building like they want to claim it, take it as their own.

Will hates the house, but he does like the woods. He likes the gnarled, grandfatherly appearance of the underbrush. He likes the way the sunlight filters through the branches and turns the whole world yellow. And he likes the way the air smells like magic.

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The Wrong Sort - Draco x Reader


I just stumbled across you blog and I have to admit that I adore all of your fanfics. I saw that your requests are still open so I was hoping you could make a Draco x Reader fic where the reader is a Hufflepuff and Draco is constantly teased for dating her? Thank you so much for considering <3

Thanks for the request! There goes my terrible titles again…


Y/N = Your name | Y/H/C = Your hair colour | Y/E/C = Your eye colour

Originally posted by imaginesandmoreforfandom

Y/N walked down the halls, books clutched to her chest. Turning a corner, she found Draco leaning against a wall, surrounded by his friends. She quickly retreated into the shadows - she knew they didn’t like her much, despite Draco being her boyfriend.

“Sod off, won’t you?” Draco snarled, hands balled up into fists.

Blaise smirked in amusement. “Is that the best you got now, Malfoy?”

Draco closed his eyes, taking ragged breaths. He imagined Y/N’s contagious laugh, the way it sent a jolt through him every time.

“She’s made you weak, Draco.” Pansy frowned, placing a hand on his shoulder. He harshly slapped it away, taking her aback.

His icy grey eyes pierced into theirs as he pushed off against the wall, arms crossed. “Maybe she’s just made me a better person.”

Pansy raised an eyebrow at Blaise. She shifted her gaze towards Draco again, her dark hair whipping behind her. “A better person?” She scoffed. “How cute.”

Draco scowled at her as she took a step closer to him, smiling. “You could do so much better than a stupid Hufflepuff, Draco.” Pansy rolled her eyes.

He suddenly stomped his foot against the wall behind him, the sound rippling through the whole castle. Pansy and Blaise jumped, startled.

“Shut up.”

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The Long Lost Heir ( Part 1)

Summary:  The reader get’s thrown into the world of Death Eater’s in the most unexpected way, enjoy :)

Pairing: Draco x Reader

Word count: 3071

Warnings: I truly don’t know, perhaps teeny-tiny bit of angst

Originally posted by imaginesandmoreforfandom

“No Draco, that can’t be true, he wouldn’t put you in such danger! I’m sure he didn’t know what’s going to happen.” You say to Draco as he looks at you with sadness in his eyes.
“ My father has no control over this situation, he hasn’t had for a while now.” He replies as he looks away. You were sitting in the astronomy tower on a sunny spring afternoon. It had always been the spot that the both of you claimed to be “our place”. No one ever came here, at least no one had ever done it when you had been there.
“ I’d say he’s a coward, you know,” you say after an awkward silence.
“Who? My dad?” Draco asks, he didn’t seem mad, he seemed a bit carried away in his thoughts.
“No, I ment you-know-who. Using you to get to Dumbledore is not very honourable thing to do, or what do you think?” You said as you placed your hand on Draco’s.
“ Sometimes I wish I was born in another family, for exaple think about Pansy’s family. How easy would my life be? But no, I’m a bloody Malfoy and I have to be responsible for all the mistakes my dad has made. That sounded a bit over dramatic but you got the point. ” He exhaled loudly and you suddenly felt so sorry for him. You knew that the Malfoys who had been an honourable family had now become family that the darker parts of the wizarding world joked about. It got even worse a few weeks ago when the rumours of the “werewolf puppy” started.
“I know, I know. Sometimes I wish I was born as famous rock star’s daughter but let me tell you a thing - life is always unfair and no matter how much you want it you can’t change your origins. Can we switch the topic please, it’s getting very very deep already and it’s never good to have extremely deep conversation just before writing an history essay.”
You grinned at Draco. He looked at you and started smiling.
“ Why is that not good?” He asked while smiling one of those extremely misbehavious smiles.
“Because I’ll get too poetical and the essay will be full of metaphors and you know what happened last time I wrote an essay like that.”
“ Yes, Professor Sprout was extremely confused why you had wrote that one of the plants looked like a baby on fire who is dancing waltz and you had no idea how to make her see the baby in that old tree.” Draco said as he stood up.
“ What is it? What’s wrong?” You asked.
“ I’ve got a bad feeling about tonight.”
“ What do you mean? Do you have any plans for the evening?” You knew that Draco was acting different after he had unwillingly joined the Death Eaters but that was something new.
“ No I don’t, it’s just a stupid feeling. Like I’d know that something bad is going to happen but I can’t prevent it. Do you know the feeling Y/N?” He asked as he grabbed you by your waist.
“Yeah I know that feeling,” you placed a kiss on his cheek. “We should be going back inside, it’s cold here.”
You spent the evening on your bed while writing the history essay. Pansy was one of your roommates here in Hogwarts, she was not the brightest nor the nicest girl in the school but you two got on well. “ ….the topic was even published in the muggles’ news papers although they said that it was an extremely strong storm. The end ! What do you think? ” You asked Pasny after you finished reading your essay out loud.
“ It’s brilliant, as always. You know you’re good with writing essays and other stuff like that.” Pansy said. “ So you think it’s OK? Good. Now let me hear yours .” You replied.
“ In 1876 the Minister of Magic stated that he had been involved in the …” You got carried away in your thoughts. You were somehow afraid. It wasn’t only because Draco had said that he had a bad feeling about the evening, it was the fact that you both felt the same way. You hadn’t told him but you also felt like something’s going to happen in any minute now.
“ How was it?” You hear Pansy ask.
“ OK, I guess.” You said after a moment of silence.
“ Great, let’s go to the common room, come on.” Pansy said as she pulled you by hand. You looked around when you arrived in the common room, you couldn’t see Draco.
“ Do you know where Draco is?” You asked from Goyle.
“ He went to sleep, I think.”
“ Oh, OK.” If you thought about it then it seemed absolutely normal it was quite late already.
After a while you also went to sleep. When you woke up on the next morning you had forgot the weird sensation you had had last night. You woke Pansy up and the both of you changed your clothes and went to have brakefast.
“ Y/N ! Can I talk to you for a minute? ” Professor McGonagall said as she rushed to you as you entered the hall. Everyone suddenly shut up and looked at you. Some of them were whispering something.
“ But of course.” You replied to McGonagall. She led you to her office and asked you to sit down. You had always had really good teacher- student relationship with professor McGonagall.
“When did you last see mister Malfoy?” She asked. You felt like you had just banged your head into a wall or something, this can’t be happening.
“ Last night, at about 5 o'clock. ” you said finally. “ What’s this about?” You asked with a shaking voice.
“ Well Y/n, it seems like Mr Malfoy has disappeared from the school territory. ” You were covered with cold sweat almost immediately.
“ This can’t be happening!” You said, this time out loud.

***Time skip***

“I heard, I’m so sorry Y/N,” Pansy said when you went back to your room, she had already had breakfast. You had never thought that Pansy would be so much help but she comforted you and helped you to get things straight inside your head.
“Can I borrow your owl? Mine is away at the moment,” you asked from Pansy.

“ Yeah, of course. We have to go to class now, you are still coming, right?” She replied.

“Yeah, you don’t have to wait for me. I’ll have to find my things before.”

“Are you sure? Just don’t do anything stupid, ok?” Pansy added before she walked out from the door. In the exact moment when the door closed you ran to your table, took a piece of paper and started writing a letter to your mom. Your family was not an usual family- your dad worked for the ministy and your mom worked for the Daily Prophet and they were both Death Eaters. The funny thing is that for Death Eaters the blood status is really important, so why did they have to adopt you? You once asked your dad about it but he ended up telling you about the neighbours cat and not answering your question. Your parents always told everyone that you were their child and only a close circle of friends knew that you were adopted by the age of 1. Somehow there were no rumours about your “parents” being Death Eaters, it was probably because they were both Ravenclaws and they tried to keep a low profile. Lately the things got a bit more difficult for your family. The Dark Lord had start to use your dad more and more to get information from the ministry- soon both of your parents had become part of The Dark Lord’s inner circle. You had managed to keep yourself away from it but you knew that the day when you’ll be threwn into the Dark Lord’s world, was getting closer and closer.
You looked at the blank paper and started thinking what to write. “ Is he away for the thing? I just need to know. I’m OK if you were wondering. Love, Y/N!” You couldn’t ask anything that would give out any clues of what are you writing about, the ministry had started to check some of the owls. You put the letter into an envelope and closed it. You grabbed your books and ran into the corridor, it didn’t matter that your parents were Death Eaters, you still didn’t risk to be late for Snape’s class.
The class was boring because you were supposed to sit alone, you usually sat beside Draco. On the next brake you sent out the letter to your mother. The rest of the day was also boring. You didn’t want to talk a lot because you were worried about Draco and also others didn’t want to talk to you because they knew you’d probably just say something sarcastic and walk away.
You were a bit disappointed when you didn’t receive a letter on the next day but you also knew that your owl wouldn’t have made it there and back again in such a short time. On the third day while you were eating lunch, an owl came. He wasn’t Pansy’s or yours, he was someone new. You read the letter.
“ Yes, I’m sorry but we need you too. Come to the room of requirement at 1AM and make sure no one follows you. Take the stuff you need with you. Oh and the owl you sent was not ready to fly back yet, this one is called Wilbur.” Not OK, not OK, so not okay. The potions class and defence against dark arts were a blizz. You kept thinking over and over how this is going to be the worst night of your life. You didn’t want to join the Death Eaters, you just wanted to live your life normally or as normally you could live it while being raised by two Death Eaters and dating another Death Eater.
***Time skip***
It was half past 12 at night and you started to pack your things. You quietly packed your bag and started to leave this place, suddenly you stepped on something that made an awful lot of sound. Pansy woke up
“ Where are you going?” She asked.
“To the toilet, just go back to sleep.” You never thought that this would work but Pansy did go to sleep.
You got out of your room and walked through the corridors of Hogwarts. You arrived on the corridor where the room of recuirement was supposed to be at 00.55 AM. The door appeared after you walked past it for three times, you were thinking about someone who could come to take you away. When you went in you saw a lot of objects laying around everywhere in the room, bottles, books, brooms, wands, papers, jewllery and lots of other stuff.
“ Finally, I’ve been here for a few minutes already. We better start going.” A strange woman’s voice said. As you walked closer you recognised her - it was Bellatrix Lastrange.
“I did come on time.” Was all you replied.
“ So nosey, you’re not like your parents then? They’re never stand out for themselves or something. ” Bellatrix said.
“Shut up!” You replied as you watched her straight into the eye.
“ Usually I could kill you right here and they wouldn’t even notice that there’s someone missing, so keep your inputs to yourself. But since The Dark Lord personally wished to see you I can’t do it,pitty.” Bellatrix had grabbed your hand. You pulled your hand out from Bellatrix’s grip, the Dark Lord wishes to see you personally? Why would he even know who you are? You were pretty sure thet the Dark Lord isn’t spending his free time with learning the family trees of all the Death Eaters.
Bella opened a cupboard looking wooden box that could fit at least 4 persons, “ It’s our ride to the manor,” she said as she stepped into it, “ Come on,” she added when she saw that you were not following her steps. You felt a weird dazzling sensation for a moment, then Bellatrix opened the door. You were not in Hogwarts anymore, you were in a room that must have looked marvellous about a 100 years ago, now it just looked old.
“ Y/N! Are you ok?” You heard your mom ask.
“ Oh yeah, Bellatrix took a good care of me as you can see,” you replied when you hugged your mom.
“Y/N, it’s not a time for your stupid jokes, this is all very serious. The Dark Lord wants to meet you, he didn’t tell us why exactly but we presume that he’s got an important job for you.”
“ Ughhh, that doesn’t sound too good does it?” You asked your mom when Bellatrix had left the room and there were only you two in the room.
“No, no it doesn’t.”
“When am I supposed to meet him?” You asked with a shaking voice.
“ He’s actually waiting for your arrival, he’s in the great hall.”
“ WHAT? Now? Right now???” You half screamed.
“ Yes, you better start going now and be polite! ”
“ Do I have to go alone?” You thought that you might get an heart attack.
“ I’m sorry but yes. Come on,” your mom said, she started to walk away and you follows her. You went upstairs and through a corridor. At the end of the corridor there was a huge door with a doorknob the size of a melon, you walked to it, your mom said something to you but you were too nervous to understand what she wanted to fell you. Your mom left and there you were, a frightened teenage girl who was about to meet Lord Voldemort. You knocked on the door and it slowly started to open up. “ I was expecting you Y/N!” You heard a man say as you stepped inside.

The first thing that you saw, when you stepped inside was a huge, and if you say huge you mean freaking gigantic snake, that must have been Nagini. You’ve heard stories about Nagini but you never thought that she would be so big and terrifying.

“I hope that you had no inconveniences with arriving in such an late hour?” a deep man voice said from your behind,you turned around and saw Lord Voldemort standing on the other side of the room.

“I’ve never traveled with a cupboard before but I’d say that I had no inconveniences with it, sir.” you replied but just as you had finished your sentence you felt like you should be a bit more careful with what you say.

“Sir? It’s been ages since I was last called sir, they usually finish their sentences with “my lord”, why did you use sir? Your foster parents use “my lord”.“ Voldemort said while he started moving closer to you.

” With all due respect, sir, I think that Death Eaters use “my lord” because you literally are their lord, I’m not a Death Eater so I thought that using sir would be more appropriate.“ You somehow managed not to mumble. Although you started wondering if using the word literally would be such a good thing to do when you are talking with the darkest wizard of all time.

” You’re kind of a brave girl, aren’t you?“ he replied. That’s it now he’s going to kill you, bye bye world- you thought.

"I wouldn’t say that, sir.” you replied quickly.

“ You know there is not many people who would turn their back to Nagini, but you did.” Damn, now he’s scaring you with his scary pet Anaconda. How many people would turn their back to Lord Voldemort you thought, but managed not to say it out loud.

“I’m not sure what to answer, sir.” You couldn’t reply something like “ Well I fear you more than I fear your snake.” now could you? Suddenly you felt something cold but smooth moving on your back, you turned your head a little bit and saw Nagini’s head on your shoulder, yes Nagini’s head on YOUR SHOULDER!!!!

“Nagini seems to like you Y/N, that’s not common.” Voldemort said.

“Y/N, ” Nagini said from your shoulder, you freaked out- this has never happened again, you did not speak parseltongue or at least you hadn’t spoken it or understood it before. Your face must have turned white or blue or whatever it turns when you freak out.

“ Nagini stop it, no need to scare her like tha…”

“Why do I understand parseltongue?” You asked with a terrified voice.

“This has nothing to do with Nagini, a person understands parseltoungue or doesn’t understand it, simple as that.” Voldemort replied.

“ I guess that they haven’t been very talk active then,” you said as you sat down on the floor next to Nagini “ sorry if that offended you somehow, I didn’t mean to.” You added when Nagini moved closer to you.
“That was the last missing piece, I’m sure now.”
“Sure of what, sir?”
“It’s a longer story but I’ll tell you the most important things. As you might have already understood family didn’t mean much to me, my parents… It’s not important, a few years ago I heard a rumour about having a younger brother, I didn’t know much about my family so I decided to find more out. Time went by and I found out that the rumour was true, I had had a brother, dead by now, and he had a daughter. He died not long after her birth and the girl was given to a friend of his to take care of. She raised her up with her husband. I thought that it will be it but a few months ago I got an idea, some of my duties that I let some death eaters take care of were done and followed with a lack of respect. I would like if she would be presented to the world as my heir and she will start helping me with smaller things.” Voldemort said.
“ And why am I here? Do I know her? Is she someone from Slytherin house?” You asked.
“ You know her very well Y/N, you are her." 

End of Part 1

Draco Malfoy Imagine - Pansy Parkinson is Stupid

Hey, could you do a Draco imagine where you’re a Ravenclaw and all the Slytherins are teasing you because you don’t do as well academically as a normal Ravenclaw does and Draco ends up standing up for you or comforting you?? - requested by  letmedrainwiththestars

Here you go!  Enjoy!

     The letters on my quiz swam before my eyes - well, all except one.  The big, red D (for Dreadful) scrawled across the top of my paper was the only thing I could see.

     It was my third failing score in Charms in a row, and I wanted to die.  I tried to discreetly tuck my paper into my bag, but I heard the familiar, awful voice of Pansy Parkinson behind me.

     “Did you really get a D?”  Pansy sneered, “I don’t understand how you are a Ravenclaw.  I thought Ravenclaws were supposed to be smart.”

     I turned back around to face the front of the classroom, trying to keep my face emotionless.  Secretly, I agreed with Pansy.  I had been struggling with my classes since my first day at Hogwarts, and I was up late almost every night studying.  And still, I couldn’t perform as well as my classmates.

     The Sorting Hat had only been on my head for a second - I had barely enough time to notice the blur of student’s faces around me - when it shouted, “RAVENCLAW!”

     I still remember how the Ravenclaws had leaped to their feet, clapping and cheering, as I walked to the table.  Sometimes I wonder if their reaction would have been the same if they knew how poorly I do in school.

     “She’s so stupid.”  Pansy murmured from behind me, just loud enough so I could hear her.

     “Pansy!  Enough,” hissed a boy.  I didn’t recognize his voice, but I sneaked a glance behind me and saw Draco Malfoy glaring at Pansy, who had gone bright red.  I couldn’t help but smile a bit.

     Draco Malfoy.  Not only had I never talked to him, but I had never even really looked at him.  I mean, the whole school knew about his and Harry Potter’s rivalry, but no one took it seriously.

     He did seem rather smart, though.  And kind.  I knew his family was rich.

     Before I knew it, class ended, and Pansy rushed past me, in a hurry to leave the room.  I had never seen her so flustered.  I began packing my things into my bag, and typical, clumsy me dropped my quill.  I bent over to pick it up and bumped hands with Draco.

     I blushed and grabbed the quill off the ground.  “Thank you,” I mumbled quietly.

     Draco studied me as I finished packing my bag.  “Pansy was just being dumb.  She’s the stupid one, not you.”

     I sighed and stood up, not quite meeting his eyes.  “With the test scores I’ve been getting, it doesn’t seem like it.”

     “She got a T in Divination last week.”

     I giggled.  Everyone knew Divination as the easy class - the one you could do the homework for 15 minutes before class and still get an O.

     “If you ever want to study together sometime, just let me know.”  Draco smiled at me kindly.  “Not everyone can get passing grades in class without even trying.”

Welcome Home

Summary: Dan lives in an abusive household and always escapes to Phil’s house.

Words: 1,316

Genre: High School!AU, Fluff, Angst

Warning: Mentions of drug use, child abuse, swearing, homophobic slur

Dan lives in a scary household. His mother was a heroin addicted who left when he was three to marry her dealer, his father is an abusive alcoholic, and his younger brother is following the same path of their mother. In his father’s eyes, Dan was the odd one out, the one who didn’t fit in with the rest of the family. The one who was normal. The one who wasn’t addicted to anything. The one who could get through a day without relying on some substance. Dan wasn’t addicted to something illegal and harmful, he was addicted to a person. He was addicted to his sophisticated, high class boyfriend.

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An evening by the Lake

Pairing: Draco Malfoy x Reader 

Warnings: Fluff, kissing 

Request: Hi! Could I request something with Draco? It could be any plot but if you could make it as fluffy as it could be for Draco? Thanks a bunch!

Requested by: Anon 

Word count: 1515 

Author’s notes: I’m so sorry it took forever, but I was finally able to write the request. I hope you enjoy the story!

Stress was one of the only feelings you were able to feel at the moment since there was only one week left until the final exams of the school year would start. Since a few days you spent most of the time studying in the library or your common room because you wanted to archive the best results possible. You didn’t even have much time for your boyfriend Draco and although he was understanding you could read in his eyes that he was more than upset to not come in the first place.

You were currently sitting in the library and rereading the notes you took in Potions when you heard footsteps approaching you, but since you were so deepened in your school work you didn’t bother to look up and hoped that whoever it was would just continue walking and leave you alone.
But of course this was not the case.
“Hey love,” the voice that belonged to you boyfriend said. He kissed you on the cheek and sat down on the chair next to you. “Hey,” you just replied absentmindedly and without looking up from your notes. A frown appeared on Draco’s face, but you didn’t notice it because you were too busy reading.
“Love? Don’t you think you’ve studied enough for today? You could at least take a break,” the boy said calmly.
Now you finally decided to put down your notes and looked at your boyfriend. “Draco, don’t you think you should study too? Besides, you know how important it is for me to get good grades,” you explained.
Draco sighed quietly. “I’ve done my studying for today and yes I know that this is very important to you, but you’ve been ignoring me since days and I really want to spend some time with my girlfriend,” he told you and you looked down for a moment, feeling guilty that you let him down the last days.
You looked up at him when you heard his voice again. “I have an idea, why don’t you finish this quickly and meet me at 6 pm at our tree?” the blonde boy asked you with hope in his eyes and voice.
You contemplated this for a moment before finally giving in and nodding at him with a smile.
“Alright love, I think I can do that,” you accepted and could see a wide smile appearing on his face. He leaned forward and pecked your lips before standing up again.
“I promise you won’t regret making this decision,” Draco finally said enthusiastically and turned around to leave the library. You quietly chuckled to yourself and picked up your notes again to continue your studying and deep inside you knew that you really needed a break.

When it was almost 6 pm you put your notes back in your dormitory in the common room and made your way to the tree Draco and you called “your” tree. It was basically just one of the big trees next to the Great Lake, but Draco and you were often spending time there together because it was at least somewhat private and the two of you had a great view on the lake.
A smile formed on your face when you left the castle an inhaled the fresh air on this beautiful evening. It was warm, yet not too warm to be outside, and the sun was shining. A small breeze blew through your hair as your made your way to the Great Lake. Only a few minutes later you could see Draco sitting under your tree, watching the water in front of him. He was sitting on a blanket and next to him was something that looked like a picnic basket. When he heard you approaching he turned his head towards you and smiled widely. 

“Hey love,” you could hear him say when you were close enough. You sat down on the blanket next to him and gave him a sweet kiss on the lips. “Hey Draco,” you whispered against his lips with a smile. “What’s this all about?” you then asked after you’ve leaned back and took a look at the basket next to you. “I’ve managed to sneak some food from the kitchen and thought it would be nice to have dinner in private today,” he answered with a sympathetic look. A wide smile formed on your face and you were somehow relieved that you didn’t have to listen to Pansy Parkinson’s stupid stories during dinner in the great hall. “That’s a brilliant idea love,” you told him and kissed his cheek before opening the basket and getting a plate and a glass. “Did you expect something else from me?” he asked teasingly before getting a plate himself. You chuckled slightly at his reply. “Of course not,” you reassured him before taking a look at the food inside the basket, not noticing the proud smile that formed on his face.

After both of you had filled your plates you talked about a few things that have happened to you the last days since you didn’t get to spend much time together. Draco told you a funny story about Pansy and her desperate attempts to get his attention in absence of his girlfriend and although you didn’t have that much to tell him because you spent most of the time learning, he was happy to have some interaction with you.
When the two of you had finished your meals Draco placed the plates and glasses back in the basket and pulled you into his lap. You giggled slightly and pretended to struggle against him but that only made him tighten his grip on you, which, in return, made you giggle even more.
He placed small kisses on the back of your neck and after some more seconds you stopped to struggle and relaxed in his grip. You sighed satisfied and took a look at the lake in front of you.
“It’s so pretty here,” you mumbled while cuddling more into the chest of your boyfriend. “Do you know what else is pretty?” Draco then asked you, placing a small kiss behind your ear. “You?” you asked him with a cheeky smile. You heard him chuckle at your response. “True, but I was actually referring to you right now,” he explained with a low voice and kissed your cheek before tiling your head slightly in his direction and kissed your lips.
You kissed him back as best as you could from your current position and smiled against his lips when he pulled back slightly.
Then you decided to turn around so that you were able to straddle him and looked directly in his beautiful grey eyes.
“I’m sorry that I didn’t spend much time with you the last days,” you admitted honestly. Draco only smiled slightly and brushed his thumb across your cheek. “I know, it’s okay love,” he responded and before you could thank him for being so understanding he pulled you in another passionate kiss.
Your lips were moving in sync, but you soon felt his tongue brushing across your bottom lip, asking for entrance to your mouth. You happily obliged and parted your lips to give his tongue access. The two of you tasted each other and you knew that you could hardly be any happier than in this moment.
After a few more seconds you pulled away to catch your breath and felt him resting his forehead against yours.
“I love you Y/N,” he whispered to you and you smiled widely at him.
“I love you too Draco,” you replied before giving him another small peck on the lips. Then you sat down next to him again and took his hand while resting your head against his shoulder.
The sun started to set now and the sky was already getting darker.
Together you sat in silence for a few minutes and just enjoyed the view and company of the other and you felt warm, inside and out.

You didn’t really know how much time passed by until you looked on your watch. “Hey Draco, we should probably go back to the castle now. It’s curfew soon,” you explained and Draco chuckled. You knew he probably wouldn’t care about sneaking in and out of the castle after curfew, but you didn’t want to get in trouble now that you’ve spent so much time studying. It shouldn’t be for nothing. Draco, however, seemed to sense the serious tone in your voice and stood up after kissing your cheek.
When the two of you have packed everything together you took his hand and started to walk back to the castle.
“Thank you… For this beautiful evening. I really needed it,” you said quietly. Your boyfriend next to you smiled down at you before replying: “Anything for you Y/N,”.
You smiled at these words and knew that Draco Malfoy would be the right one for you.

The End.

Give Me a Break

Characters: Blaise Zabini, Pansy Parkinson, Draco Malfoy, Hermione Granger

Pairing: Draco x Hermione

Words: 1,120

Written for: @emotionalxdramione ;)

Blaise can’t catch a break. Everywhere he goes, Draco and Hermione seem to be, exhibiting some rather inappropriate behaviours. (warning: implied sexual situations)

Blaise was quickly starting to despise himself for ever thinking that moving in with Draco and Hermione was a good idea. Thank Merlin he’d persuaded Pansy to move in too (she had, after all, still been mooching off her parents and he believed it was high time she lived independently) otherwise he didn’t know if he would be able to maintain his sanity. It had been fine at first; fun, even! Draco, Pansy and himself had all been good friends since as far back as they could remember, and with Draco having been dating Hermione for the past three years, she had also became a part of their ‘group’. They lived together quite easily, with arguments and tiffs only popping up a few times (mainly between Draco and Hermione) and everything seemed great…for the first couple of weeks that is.

Pansy and Blaise weren’t a couple and therefore didn’t need to share a room, but of course when they had first moved in, Pansy claimed the biggest bedroom — besides the main which belonged to Draco and Hermione — as hers without even giving a thought that Blaise might have wanted it. Because of that, his bedroom ended up being the one with the adjoining wall to the master bedroom. Not known for being a social bunny, Blaise often spent a lot of time in his bedroom doing various hobbies he enjoyed when he wasn’t spending time with his flatmates or at work, and all had seemed swell until that one night where the first bits of Blaise’s sanity began to rot away…

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