stupid optimism

Stupid optimism is the most disappointing thing of all. By ‘stupid’ I mean the faith that adjustment to certain forms or practices of living and thinking – for example, the prospect of class mobility, the romantic narrative, normalcy, nationality, or a better sexual identity – will secure one’s happiness. Achieving conventionality … is not the same as achieving security.
—  Lauren Berlant, Cruel Optimism (126)

Forget what I said in my last post, these trees are right down the street from the trees in my last post and they are magnificently hairy. Not only do they have more coverage they have more variety too.

I was going to post photos of the current state of growth on the titular logs but was too saddened by their total lack of development. How can I not take it personally? I have been at this for 2 years and essentially the big zip in lichen. Tomorrow I am stopping on my way home and treating myself to a couple of lava rocks. Ugly though they may be, boy can they grow lichen. At least they grow it everywhere else, we’ll see how they do in my yard. I remain stupidly optimistic.

I close with violets because they were growing along my attempted run (which actually turned out to be a walk) and because why not.
Lichen on!

One thing I want to do someday

One day, if I have kids, I want to encourage them.

I see and know and experience what so many people go through when parents, usually with good intentions, crush their kids’ hopes and dreams.
I want to encourage my future kid or kids to do whatever they want, and acknowledge that, while it may be hard, strive to be the best you can be at what you love.

Encourage learning and exploring interests, and explain to your kid that it may be unrealistic and that there will be problems and challenges, without pruning that interest and curiosity.

I hate how Spark is portrayed.

Let me correct this a bit.

I hate that Spark is often portrayed as downright stupid. He’s one of Willow’s assistants. And making him stupid plays into the really awful “optimism is stupid” trope. He leads an entire goddamn team, and his research is based on breeding. Something that would require tracing entire bloodlines or calculating chances and such. He’s not stupid. Pls. Stop.

A lot of people make him seem like he’s got the mentality of a small child and he’s simply being indulged.