stupid oppars

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dear immature fans

Dear immature fans.

well, I don’t even consider you to be fans. In all honesty, you are like that pimple on my ass that I have to pop, but everytime I sit down I can feel the sting of it and it hurts. You just never go away. Bringing another group down to brings yours up IS NOT OKAY. Shaming an artist/idol/group IS NOT OKAY. Cursing at them, invading their privacy, calling them lazy, useless, IS NOT OKAY.

Watching a group improve and grow through time is amazing to watch, so don’t talk shit because they might not be as good as your other favorite groups (sorry this has to do with comments i read on exo’s mr removed videos)

Don’t be so obsessed and delusional in your “love”. Remember that before they are idols, they are humans. They eat, sleep, shit, like us. They have feelings and emotions *SHOCKK*. So, don’t get your panties in a twist if they choose to date. Remember that they have their flaws and that’s okay, they’re not perfect, nobody is. Know when they are wrong, your oppars and unnies do make mistakes. Denying that fact is a little coocoo, but it doesn’t mean you can’t love them anymore because you can. Support them and love them, they might not know you by name, but they do appreciate it and love you back.

Know your boundaries and don’t create fanwars, they are stupid. And if your oppars and unnies can get along, so can you. Plus, they would be so disappointed in your immaturity.