stupid neon


high school yearbook awards:
rats-and-asters asked: nge + most likely to end up in jail

↳ Kaworu Nagisa

songs for doug eiffel // a wolf 359 fanmix

8tracks // playmoss

1.Cream and Bastards Rise // Harvey Danger
[someone has to win and you know what that means / it means someone's gotta lose / it’s probably you, oh whoa ho ho ho]

2.Infinitesimal // Mother Mother
[millions and billions and trillions of stars but I’m down here low / fussing over scars on my soul]

3.Spaceman // The Killers
[and you know I’m fine / but I hear those voices at night sometimes]

4.Rapid Decompression // Against Me!
[take a look at yourself / how can you expect from someone what you won’t do yourself?]

5.X-Kid // Green Day
[and you were searching your soul / and you got lost and out of control / you went over the edge of joking, died of a broken heart!]

6.People II: The Reckoning // AJJ
[the world won’t care whether you live or die / in fucking fact, mrs robinson / they probably hate to see your stupid face]

7.Neon Orange Glimmer Song // the Mountain Goats
[got a friend of mine living in Dallas / and that’s a two days’ drive from here / and I, I am a monster / I can’t believe the thing I’ve done]

8.Nobody Loves You Like Me // Jonathan Coulton
[air in my lungs, a cough and a wheeze / holes in the bellows and blood on the keys / you move along, there’s nothing to see / nobody loves you like me]

9.Space Lullaby // Chris Hadfield
[you say i’ve been away too long / i’m only here, and then i’m gone / but i am coming home to tuck you in to bed]

lovelace // minkowski // all