stupid myungsoo

Infinite mood boost:

just “some” clips/fancams of Infinite that would make your day better :)

  • 4K of The Eye perf. it’s lit
  • being thankful for this cute ass perf of Thank You
  • Sungyeol imitating Sungkyu singing 60 Seconds. 
  • Sungyeol in a suit, and chilling with a lil cutie
  • Nell Fanboy
  • that same lil cutie from the video above chills with Dongwoo
  • Woohyun and Howon gets gold medals and they’re too hype
  • idol sports way back when and infinite dancing heh
  • Sungkyu (and others) being embarassed by Woohyun dancing to Jewelry’s One More Time
  • woohyun swoon
  • have you ever watched sung-myung-jong trio dancing to Bangkok City
  • Hoya making gross hearts and forcing sungkyu and sungjong to throw up hearts. 
  • water bottle
  • sungjong laughing at sungkyu heh
  • hoya dancing ah-choo
  • heh sungyeol, man in love
  • aegyo set: Howon & Woohyun
  • 100 second aegyo 
  • sungkyu trynna dance but it aint going well
  • that one time infinite proved they sing well live ;)
  • pick me pick me pick me (sungyeol ft. howon)
  • myungsoo trynna rip sungyeols shirt off heh
  • myungsoo running back to his spot
  • sungyeol laughing at myungsoo running back to his spot
  • sungjong + soccer ball = not good day
  • everyone copying sungjong 
  • don’t
  • poor sungkyu & pt2
  • 뚜루 뚜루 뚜루 뚜루루
  • nam woohoo
  • 동우 성규
Drunk ▏Hoya

Request(s): Hoya scenario when you was in love with him for about 3 years and confessed him 3 timesand he always say NO to you coldly and when in your 4th time you got rejected you decided let go your feelings for himand when you finally had a boy who’s wooing with you, he start with jealousy actitud. Happy Ending PLS!

Can I have a Hoya scenario?? where you get drunk and cry bc he rejected you once again (2nd time) but in reality he feel the same way as you but he’s afraid bc his career can hurt you. I will be wait ing for the scenarios patiently ^^
Comments: Midterms are over, hallelujah :D This one came out really long, but I hope you like it. This wasn’t the angst scenario I was planning on posting though, so that means I have another angst scenario to post soon that may or may not get your feels erupting :3

“But the house gets cold when you cut the heating. Without you to hold, I’ll be freezing.”

            Saturday night, just past 11 o’clock, but I knew more than anything that despite this late hour, Hoya was still up at his place, probably dancing or writing lyrics or making fun of someone, because that’s what he does best.

            I would like to say that I didn’t take forever putting together a decent outfit or attempting to fix my hair, or anything else of that sort, but that would be a complete and total lie. From the second I woke up this morning, I spent my entire time getting ready for this very moment, and hoping the entire time that I wouldn’t be met with rejection again.

            When I finally got to his door, I took a deep breath and thought again about this idea. Should I even do this? What if he says no again? He’ll probably think I’m desperate or something by now.

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It’s 4:30AM as I type this up and on nights like this, the nights I can’t seem to fall asleep, I have a small playlist that I just lay in bed and listen to. It’s a pretty good playlist if you like soft beats and wanna cry as you go through a song from basically every era.