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Which scm gods you should fight

(sorry if this was already done I can’t help it)

(btw totally not biased at all)

Leon- Yes. Fight Leon. FIGHT HIM. Punch him square in the jaw. Call his mother a hamster and that his father smells like elderberries. Idk man, he’s the Minister of the Department of Wishes. I think he’s strong enough to kick your ass without much effort.

Teorus- Distract him by telling him that there’s a vendor selling ice cream. When he’s not looking, kick him where the sun doesn’t shine and run. Call him a cow for extra points. 

Dui- Don’t fight Dui, you love Dui. Seriously look at him smiling and being a cute dork. Besides, even if you did fight him, Shadow Dui will show up and fuck up your shit big time. Just eat cherry pie with him instead.

Scorpio- Nah man; I wouldn’t risk it. He will glare you into the ground before you even took a step towards him. Fighting Scorpio is not advised.

Huedhaut- Aww c’mon that’s not fair, he’s all sad about his former lover being dead and shit and now you want to hurt him some more. Monster.

Ichthys: Why? Why do you want to fight Ichthys? Why do you want to hurt this precious fish baby? What possessed you to do something so cruel and evil?


The King- no. just no.

I’ve said this before and been wrong, but I’m pretty darn sure this will be the last season of AOS. I mean, I suppose Marvel/ABC/Disney will drag it all the way until 2019 to cover the Avengers movies, but I’d be surprised.

And since my dearest wish is for FitzSimmons to leave SHIELD and settle in the Scottage, this is what I want to happen:

For the brief, wonderful moment that Hunter is back (I suspect it will only be an episode or two), I want him to be all “You know, it was a sucky time right after we got frozen out, but things turned out great. Bobbi made an honest man out of me. We’re talking kids. I work private security and she splits her time between a bio lab and teaching young girls self-defense. We get to sleep in on weekends and go out for dinner. Sure, that can get boring sometimes and maybe someday, we’ll decide to go back to risking our lives to save the world, but for now we’re getting to live our lives.”

And I want that to plant a little seed that blossoms by the end of the season.

I can only think of two ways to close the earnings gap between men and women. You can judge for yourself if they’re good.

  1. Pay women more than men for doing the same job, in some cases even pay women more for working less hours. 
  2. Force women by threat of prison to work specific high-paying jobs. 

One would destabilize the economy and probably have insanely negative effects on smaller businesses. The other would be a pretty obvious human rights violation and basically require a totalitarian state.

Please, make it stop!

Today I saw this with like thousands of shares and likes…

The blonde girl in the pictures is the famous 50s pin up model Betty Brosmer, she is known for being the most high paid pin up girl and she also has a long career in the fitness and bodybuilding movements:


For those who are curious, this is model Betty Brosmer in nowadays:

also, I’ve seen many comments saying that her body was all photoshopped and all I can say is: No.. It was a result of waist training. And there was no photoshop during the 50s.
Thank you.

@cyikemen are you guys okay, or dead, or…?

So, can I get a holla if I’m not the only one eventless?

Edit: I was just informed that it starts on the 2nd for me because of my timezone; I hadn’t seen that there was a time for it, or else I wouldn’t be wondering why it hasn’t started. Thank you, @oresama-otaku!

Ignore me - I’m being stupid as per usual, guys ;-;


(Omg this is probably so bad I’m so sorry)

So kynimdraws​ mentioned she wanted to draw her amazing fakemon, Vahirom (by the way if you haven’t checked itself or her fantabulous nuzlocke comic out I HIGHLY encourage you to do so) in Pokemon Amie. So I, being the weirdo who loves imagining huge and fierce pokemon (eg Dialga and Reshiram) as oversized baby teddy bears, tried to get a shot at it xD

I’m kind of in hospital rn so I couldn’t draw a full-art with nice lineart and shading, so yesh that’ll do for now ;v;