stupid mutt

stuffing your face as usual.

i gotta have a good meal

garfield, you fat cat, you are so big and fat, why are you so fat

I eat, John.
it’s what i do
it’s time to kick odie of the table

dont do it garfielf, that’s our pet dog odie

you’re going into orbit, you stupid mutt

[bones breaking]


time for a nap. I’m a cat who loves to snooze

garfield you lazy cat

I hate alarm clocks
I’m am hungry I want some lasaga

you’re eating us out of house and home, garmfield

enough with The Chit Chat
let’s get some grub going


where Are the 3-cheese pizzas

I ate those food

where Are the taco shells ?

I ate those food

where did all the hamburger helper go


You’re such a bad kitty that’s it I’ve had it with you that does it I’m done that’s the last straw grarfileld

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: stuffing your face as usual i gotta have a good meal garfield you fat cat you are so big and fat why are you so fat i eat jon it's what i do it's time to kick odie of the table dont do it garfielf that's out pet dog odie you're going into orbit you stupid mutt GARFIELD time for a nap i'm a cat who loves to snooze GARFIELD YOU LAZY CAT i hate alram clocks i'm am hungry I want some lasaga you're eating us out of house and home GARMFIELD enough with the chit chat let's get some grub going where are the 3 cheese pizzas i ate those food where are the taco shells i ate those food where did all the hamburger helper go !!BRUP!! you're such a bad kitty that's it I've had it with you that does it I'm done that's the last straw grarfileld

My Dad Started Acting Weird 

by reddit user kingslayer111

Now that I think of it, my first indication things were wrong is that day when we heard dad shouting loudly upstairs. “Bad. Dog. Bad Fucking Dog. Stop looking at me you stupid mutt. Stop it.”

My sister Jill and I were glued to our phones, Ma was reading her finance books as usual. The three of us looked up in surprise. Upstairs, the yelling continued, increasingly harsh, as dad threatened to kick the dog.

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Trigger warning: Animal abuse


“Stupid mutt”, I heard J growl and then a small  whimpering sound. I saw Rufus, my dog, running into the room I was in with his tail between his legs. I growled and got on my knees to rub his back. “How’s it going doll”, I heard as J walked in. I looked up and glared at him. “What did you do to Rufus?”, he shrugged like it didn’t matter, “He was in my way”. “I only love two things in this world. Rufus and you but, right now I only love one thing.” I got up and picked up Rufus looking J in the eyes, “I hope you’re happy”. He looked taken aback by my words and growled, “Get over here NOW”, I shook my head. “Don’t talk to me unless you want to apologize to Rufus”, I walked out of the room and into our bedroom. “I’m sorry baby”, I murmured kissing his head. Rufus looked up and licked me happily. I giggled and fell asleep cuddled up to my pup.

“Doll”, I heard as someone gently shook my shoulder. I swatted their hand away and rolled over. The person sighed and climbed on the bed. They hugged my hips, resting their head on my stomach. I opened my eyes and saw J’s green hair and pale arms. He looked up at me and smiled slightly. “I’m sorry”, he murmured petting Rufus’s head. I ran my fingers through J’s hair and sighed. “Thank you. Now come up here and cuddle with me.” He chuckled and got under the blankets with me. He wrapped his arms around me and I buried my face in his chest. Rufus crawled between our legs and laid down. I fell asleep to the sounds of Rufus snoring.

Sorry this was late, I just don’t feel very good.

How I write my ships
  • Jellal: *is sad*
  • Erza: There's always a brighter tomorrow. Don't give up.
  • -
  • Lucy: *is sad*
  • Natsu: *comes up with a million fun and goofy things to cheer her up*
  • -
  • Natsu: *is sad*
  • Gray: *all the hugs*
  • -
  • Rogue: *is sad*
  • Sting: We're a team, okay? We're partners, and I'll be with you no matter what.
  • -
  • Jackal: *is catatonic because near drowning brought back traumatic memories*
  • Lahar: Oh my God. Snap out of it already you stupid mutt. We have a job to do and I'll be dammed if I have to handle your half of the work because you're busy acting like some total drama queen.

Adam: “Call us: Liars, degenerates and killers, psychos, heartless, insane criminals!”

Blake: “Stupid mutts and nothing but pure evil, primal bloodshed–it’s all that’s left to do!” 

(Song lyrics from “From Shadows” by Jeff Williams)

You’ve got to love foreshadowing.

I was in a Tauradonna mode, and I remembered that they’ve got a duet together. Haven’t listened to the whole song in awhile, and had totally forgotten the lyrics in the second half.

After recent episodes, now I’m just amused at the lyric choices.

Stupid mutt

Yeye,some Kyle and Jenna bonding…For fuck’s sake please don’t ship this they’re literally owner and pet,therefore family
Basic plot summary - Jenna got hurt by one of Lizzy’s underlings and Kyle goes into owner mode (I’m kinda (read- most surely) ripping off a story from Archive of our own where Crash got hurt and Neo patched him up hahaha I can’t think of anything on my fucking own)
I sat down,clutching my arm.
A whimper must’ve escaped,because I heard Kyle sigh impatiently.
“What now,you stupid mutt?”
“Erm…Nothing. Don’t mind me…I’m just…Tired,is a-”
“Nice try,idiot,” she said angerily “but I can see you bleeding. Get your furry ass over here.”
I got up and stumbled a little.
Kyle almost ran towards me.
When I managed to get to her,she tore off some of her lab coat.
“But…That’s y-”
“I don’t give a damn,General. Bleeding out is a nasty way to go…Now,I know this isn’t exactly the best either,but uh…I’m not really well rounded in the medical field,so…”
I tilted my head slightly. She didn’t usually speak softly,caringly or the like towards me. She also never called me by my name through out this whole thing…My real name,might I add…
“Now then. Let’s go find Ash and Tami-tam.”
I smiled and nodded.
“Yeah! L-Ow!”
“Does it hurt?”
“…Yeah,kinda. But I’ll be fine.”
“Let’s hope…”
I laughed.
“Don’t worry! I’m Jenna Wolf! I’m practically made of iron!”
She shook her head but smiled slightly.
“Stupid mutt…”