stupid moronic idiots with their stupid moronic looks

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You and your anons are morons. So, the photoshopper was clever enough to find swimsuit shots of Skippy & Lara was s/he...or is this another disembodied head on someone else's body situation? The photos have not been photoshopped to the degree you are suggesting. Stop lying, you stupid jobless, attention seeking cunt. (And, *sigh* no, I am not Meghan. Just someone absolutely sick of your stupidity and deceit).

We are the MORONS but you are a blind IDIOT who clearly needs GLASSES with those thick LENSES. Look at all the mistakes in those FAKE pics and answer why didn’t they show them on DM and all the major tabloids around the world but only a Z-LIST TOILET MAG BAUGHT THEM??? Please your an embarrassment to yourself and a CLOWN SO OPEN YOUR EYES IDIOT!!!! Go and look closely at them again and again and again and again. Also explain how did Harry go from abs to a gut in 1 hour of pics????  I know you can’t answer me these questions because you are clearly not that SMART so BYE BYE. 

SJWs are trying to trick Plebcomics into harassing people

Some idjit is saying that if Pleb is using actual dialogue from various posts as content for her comics, then she should also creep through those people’s blogs to find a selfie of them to use in the comic so it’s “more accurate” or whatever.

But when you do that, you’re drawing a caricature of a real person and portraying them in a negative light. Pleb’s comics basically boil down to “Look at these idiots and the stupid shit they’re saying”.
She’s (rightfully) making fun of these morons, or rather, the moronic things they say.
These people aren’t celebrities or politicians, they’re not public figures, they’re just random schmucks on the internet, and that’s the difference between a satiracle caricature and targeted harassment.

When Pleb makes a comic, she’s not making fun of a specific person, but rather the stupid shit a person is saying. THAT is the focus of the comic. That’s why what the person looks like in real life is 100% irrelevant, because she’s not satarizing the person, but what the person said.

If she were to use the person’s actual likeness without permission (because who would give permission to be made fun of?) then that person would be able to cry “harassment!”, report her, and I’m sure she’d be suspended.

And that’s what this idiot wants to happen, that’s why they’re pushing for Pleb to use real people’s likenesses in her comics. They’re trying to trick her into letting them get a leg up over her.

but like Pleb said herself, she’s made of legs, and they’re all up.